Police beat

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  • Friday, February 29, 2008 11:35am

Here are selected reports from Shoreline and Lake Forest Park police.

Dec. 11

Phone calls. 15500 block Meridian Ave. N. A woman reported she was being harassed by phone, likely by an ex-boyfriend who calls 60-100 times per day.

Dec. 12

Larceny. 14500 block 15th Ave. NE. A woman left her purse at a grocery store and when she returned to claim it, her purse was missing.

Auto theft. 18200 block Aurora Ave. N. A car was stolen from a fast-food parking lot.

Larceny. 18800 block Stone Ave. N. Upon returning to his car, a man noticed his passenger side door open. Tools were missing from the trunk.

Vandalism. 100 block NE. 147th St. When trying to start her car, a woman discovered spark plugs and wires sitting on the top of the battery and engine.

Drugs. 14800 block Aurora Ave. N. Someone was arrested for having 1.5 grams of rock cocaine in their motel room.

Dec. 13

Larceny. 700 block N. 201st St. A woman reported her car stereo was stolen. There was no damage to her vehicle and all doors were found closed and locked.

Commercial burglary. 19500 block Ballinger Way. Cash and checks were taken from a closed business, although there was no sign of forced entry.

Fraud. 2100 block N. 160th St. When calling his bank to find out his account balance, a man noticed $25 was missing.

Prostitution. 14800 block Aurora Ave. N. Someone was arrested, cited and released for street prostitution.

Forgery. 1100 block N. 205th St. Someone attempted to purchase items with a check and fake ID.

Forgery. 18000 block Eighth Ave. NW. Someone cashed a forged check at a bank.

Dec. 14

Trespass. 15700 block Aurora Ave. N. A business owner reported a customer asked for a kiss and exposed himself to her.

Vandalism. 900 block N. 200th St. Someone poured soap in a gas tank.

Phone calls. 17700 block 12th Ave. NE. Someone reported receiving six prank phone calls from an unknown male juvenile.

Larceny. 1500 block NE. 145th St. Someone stole a stereo from a car.

Dec. 15

Commercial burglary. A church storage unit was broken into and items taken.

Larceny. 18000 block Second Ave. NE. Christmas cards were taken from a mailbox.

Auto theft. 19500 block Seventh Ave. NE. A car was stolen from a private driveway.

Dec. 16

DUI. 16500 block Aurora Ave. N. A woman was arrested for DUI.

Assault. 18000 block Meridian Ave. N. While in custody, someone spit in the face of a sergeant.

Larceny. 18000 block Second Ave. NE. A former tenant, who was evicted, damaged and stole some of the homeowner’s property.

Elderly abuse. 2800 block NE. 145th St. A nurse reportedly held down a patient to draw blood, which is against nursing care policy. The patient said she felt abused.

Commercial burglary. 17500 block Midvale Ave. N. A chain-link fence was cut at a boatyard and an outboard motor stolen.

Suicide attempt. 20400 block 19th Ave. NE. Someone attempted suicide by kneeling in front of cars.

Dec. 17

DUI. 17800 block Dayton Ave. N. Someone was arrested for DUI.

Larceny. 16500 block Evensten Pl. N. A car was prowled and items taken.

Residential burglary. 16700 block Third Ave. NE. Someone attempted a burglary through a back door. Nothing was reported missing.

Auto theft. 900 block N. 178th St. A car was stolen from a city street. This was the third time a car was stolen from the location.

Auto theft. 15000 block NE. 171st St. Someone test drove a vehicle and did not return it. The title was in the glove box.

Suspicious circumstances. 1100 block Aurora Ave. N. A business received a letter that appeared to be threatening.

Vandalism. 1100 block NE. 194th St. Someone came home to find their blow-up Christmas decorations cut up in their front yard.

Larceny. 1700 block 192nd St. A wreath was stolen from a front door.

Editor’s note: In an attempt to make readers more aware of domestic violence in their communities, the Shoreline Enterprise reports the number of domestic vice calls in this police beat section. Other details on incidents are withheld out of respect for alleged victims.

Domestic violence calls: Zero domestic violence calls was reported between Dec. 11-17.

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