Police beat

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  • Friday, February 29, 2008 11:35am

Here are selected reports from Shoreline and Lake Forest Park police.

June 10

Forgery. 20300 block Ballinger Way. Someone passed a forged prescription at a local pharmacy.

June 11

Larceny. 1500 block NE 205th St. A gas station employee reported someone pumped gas and left without paying.

Residential burglary. 2100 block N. 155th St. Someone entered a home by breaking the screen to a bedroom window.

Larceny. 17000 block Meridian Ave. N. Someone entered two vehicles in a school parking lot and stole purses.

Residential burglary. 20100 block 24th Ave. NW. Someone entered a home and took speakers. They entered through a basement door.

DUI. 18500 block Ballinger Way NE. A traffic stop resulted in arrest for DUI.

DUI. 17700 block Beach Dr. NW. A driver was arrested for DUI after he was reported to have kept hitting a concrete wall while trying to turn his truck around.

June 12

Vandalism. 18300 block Aurora Ave. N. Someone cut the phone line to a business.

DUI. 17000 block Fremont Ave. N. A man was arrested for DUI.

Larceny. 17500 block Linden Ave. N. A vehicle was broken into while parked in front of an apartment complex.

Residential burglary. 1400 block NE Perkins Way. Someone entered a home through an unlocked door. They remained in the home for a couple of days and ransacked it.

Drugs. 4600 block NE 175th St. A traffic stop resulted in an arrest for cocaine.

Auto theft. 3600 block NE 155th St. A woman reported her 1989 Toyota was stolen during the night.

June 13

Auto theft. 19500 block 27th Ave. NW. A 1995 BMW was stolen.

Auto theft. 700 block NW 185th St. A 1989 Honda Accord was stolen and then left several blocks away.

Accident. 4000 block Ballinger Way NE. A driver lost control of their car and went over the curb. They struck a sign.

June 14

Threats. 14800 block Densmore Ave. A man was arrested after threatening to kill his roommate with a kitchen knife.

Vandalism. 1600 block NE 189th St. Someone punched a windshield, causing damage.

Larceny. 1500 block NE 205th St. Someone drove off without paying for gas.

June 15

Vandalism. 15000 block 25th Ave. NE. Someone keyed a vehicle and put fingernail polish on the windshield while it was parked in a school parking lot.

Residential burglary. 20100 block 24th Ave. NW. A house was forcibly broken into. Nothing was taken.

Auto prowl. 5500 block NE 193rd St. The drivers side window was broken on a car. Nothing inside was taken.

Drugs. 14500 block Bothell Way NE. An officer stopped a car for operating without headlights after dark. The occupants were arrested for using marijuana.

Auto theft. 15000 block Bothell Way NE. A 1989 Chevrolet truck was reported stolen.

June 16

DUI. 1200 block NW 201st ST. A man was arrested for DUI after crashing into vehicles.

Assault. 2300 block N. 196th St. Someone punched their counselor in the stomach and hands.

June 17

DUI. 15000 block 15th Ave. NE. Someone was arrested for stalking and DUI.

Commercial burglary. 16500 block Aurora Ave. N. Someone pried open the door of a gas station and stole rolls of coins.

Accident. 18200 block Ballinger Way NE. A vehicle lost traction and slid across a lane of traffic. The driver suffered minor injuries.

Editors note: In an attempt to make readers more aware of domestic violence in their communities, the Shoreline Enterprise reports the number of domestic violence calls in this police beat section. Other details on incidents are withheld out of respect for alleged victims.

Domestic violence calls: Two domestic violence calls was reported between June 10— June 17.

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