Police beat

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  • Friday, February 29, 2008 11:35am

Here are selected reports from Shoreline and Lake Forest Park police.

July 2

Vandalism. 14500 block Bothell Way NE. A man broke a window to an apartment where his wife was staying.

Vandalism. 18000 block 25th Ave. NE. A woman reported her front window was damaged and 10 rocks were found nearby.

Suspicious circumstances. 15100 block First Ave. NE. An allegation of inappropriate touching was reported at a retirement home.

Larceny. 16800 block Fremont Ave. Overnight, someone stole a chain fence from someone’s front yard.

Fireworks. 600 block NW Richmond Beach Rd. A local market was selling smoke bombs in violation of city code.

Auto theft. 14800 block Aurora Ave. N. A car was stolen from a motel.

Auto theft. 19200 block Aurora Ave. N. A 1994 Honda Accord was stolen from a park and ride.

July 3

Residential burglary. 300 block NE 194th St. Suspects entered a garage and stole gardening tools.

Suspicious circumstances. 19800 block 30th Ave. NE. A man in a white Toyota was reported to be watching children.

Residential robbery. 15100 block Stone Lane N. Three people waited for a handicapped male to enter his home and then robbed him by knife point.

July 4

Fireworks. 1300 block N. 169th St. Suspects ran away after lighting off illegal fireworks in the roadway.

Accident. 14500 block 20th Ave. NE. An officer driving a police vehicle struck a car that failed to yield for emergency lights and siren.

Theft. 19100 block 45th Ave. NE. A generator was reported stolen.

July 5

Arson. 16000 block 26th Ave. NE. Fires were started by two people with sparklers wrapped in foil.

Bombing. 700 block N. 182nd St. Mailboxes were damaged from an explosion.

Residential burglary. 17500 block Fifth Ave. NE. Someone entered a home and broke the toilet.

Vandalism. 17200 block 12th Ave. NW. Someone reported their pathway light was blown up and fireworks were set off at their front door.

Larceny. 17100 block 33rd Ave. NE. A woman had a bank check stolen out of her mailbox.

Vehicle prowl. 4900 block NE 193rd St. A vehicle was broken into and a cell phone and stereo stolen.

July 6

Commercial burglary. 15200 block Aurora Ave. N. A restaurant was broken into and money stolen.

Attempted residential burglary. 1300 block N. 167th St. An unknown person opened a window and attempted to enter a home.

Fraud. 17100 block Bothell Way NE. Someone received a counterfeit check and attempted to cash it at the bank.

July 7

Indecent exposure. 17400 block Second Ave. NE. Someone in the back of a car exposed himself to two young boys.

Phone threats. 17100 block 15th Ave. NE. A woman received phone calls from an ex-boyfriend, threatening to kill her.

Larceny. 1600 block N. 157th St. A car stereo was stolen.

Residential burglary. 3500 block NE 187th St. Suspects entered a home through an unlocked door and stole three gold rings and a gold bracelet.

July 8

Weapon. 19300 block Richmond Beach Rd. A juvenile and adult male were reported to be prowling cars and had a stolen gun in their possession.

Editors note: In an attempt to make readers more aware of domestic violence in their communities, the Shoreline Enterprise reports the number of domestic violence calls in this police beat section. Other details on incidents are withheld out of respect for alleged victims.

Domestic violence calls: Four domestic violence calls were reported between July 2— July 8.

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