Police beat

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  • Friday, February 29, 2008 11:35am

Here are selected reports from Shoreline and Lake Forest Park police.

March 12

DUI. 16200 block Bothell Way NE. A traffic stop resulted in a DUI arrest.

Confiscated property. 300 block Richmond Beach Dr. A mother found what she assumed to be a handgun under her son’s pillow and brought it to the police station. The gun was actually a paintball gun.

Larceny. 16100 block Greenwood Ave. A man reported he left his wallet on a bench inside a school gym and someone stole it.

Assault. 16700 block Aurora Ave. N. Someone was assaulted in the parking lot of a local casino. The victim was punched in the face.

Theft. 1500 block NE. 145th St. Someone grabbed beer and ran out of a convenience store.

Bomb threat. 800 block N. 190th St. A woman reported her ex-husband threatened to put a bomb in the boiler room.

Larceny. 1500 block NE. 205th St. An unknown male suspect pumped gas and left without paying.

March 13

DUI. 15700 block Bothell Way NE. A traffic stop resulted in a DUI arrest.

Vehicle prowl. 16900 block NE. Shore Dr. A man reported someone entered his vehicle during the night. Nothing was taken.

Larceny. 17700 block NW. 14th Ave. A woman received a call informing her that someone tried to cash a convenience check from her account. The check was taken from her mailbox.

Auto theft. 19000 block NW. Ninth Pl. An unlocked vehicle was stolen overnight while parked in a residential driveway.

March 14

Runaway. 17200 block NE. 35th Ave. Parents discovered their daughter left the residence through a bedroom window without permission.

Drugs. 6600 block NE. 182nd St. A juvenile in his vehicle was found to be under the influence of marijuana.

Malicious Mischief. 19100 block NE. Ballinger Way. Someone reported an unknown person smashed the driver’s side window of their Honda.

Accident. 14800 block Bothell Way NE. A vehicle veered to the right, striking a light pole. The impact snapped the front axle in half and forced the vehicle on its side. The driver suffered injuries.

Juvenile Runaway. 300 block Richmond Beach Dr. A juvenile girl had been reported as a runaway for the past week until she was caught shoplifting and was returned home.

March 15

Theft. 14700 block NE. 38th Ave. A resident discovered their mail was stolen when contacted by a bank regarding someone trying to cash their checks.

Phone calls. 15000 block NE. 12th Ave. A woman reported that for the past three weeks she has been receiving threatening and sexually explicit phone calls.

Forgery. 500 block N. 166th St. A woman who runs a business from her home and keeps her customers’ credit cards on file with their permission said her niece stole a card and made $1,393 in purchases.

Larceny. 600 block N. 202nd St. A victim had mail stolen from their mailbox.

Phone calls. 1500 block NE. 148th St. Employees reported receiving numerous harassing phone calls aimed at their business’s ethnicity.

March 16

DUI. 14500 block Bothell Way NE. A man had been drinking at a local club and attempted to leave in his vehicle when he collided with a parked car. He fled the scene but was shortly after arrested for DUI.

DUI. Ballinger Way NE and Bothell Way NE. A traffic stop resulted in a DUI.

Vandalism. 19500 block NW. 12th Ave. Damage was done over the weekend to an elementary school building by unknown persons.

Drugs. 19300 block NW. Third Ave. Two students were caught smoking marijuana at a local middle school.

Larceny. 19300 block Wallingford Ave. The principal of an elementary school reported that over mid-winter break, two Motorola radios were stolen from the office of the school.

March 17

Accident. 17000 block Bothell Way NE. A driver attempted to make a left turn, but failed to yield, resulting in a collision.

Larceny. 18000 block NW. First Ave. Someone reported the motor was removed from a boat parked in their driveway.

Assault. 16500 block Aurora Ave. A vehicle rolled back, pinning a victim’s leg. The owner of the vehicle refused to move the vehicle and threatened to further harm the victim.

March 18

DUI. 15700 block Bothell Way NE. A traffic stop resulted in a DUI arrest.

Larceny. 14700 block Greenwood Ave. Someone reported a letter containing a check was stolen from his work mailbox.

Editors note: In an attempt to make readers more aware of domestic violence in their communities, the Shoreline Enterprise reports the number of domestic violence calls in this police beat section. Other details on incidents are withheld out of respect for alleged victims.

Domestic violence calls: Two domestic violence calls were reported between March 12-18.

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