Primary election endorsements

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  • Thursday, February 28, 2008 9:07am

Lake Forest Park Mayor

In the Sept. 16 primary, Lake Forest Park voters should send City Council member Carolyn Armanini to face Mayor Dave Hutchinson in the general election.

Armanini has a solid knowledge of the budget and issues facing Lake Forest Park and has innovative ideas. She is not afraid to ask tough questions and to be direct in her leadership.

Don Quayle is a one-issue candidate with an ax to grind. He admits he is not familiar with the city’s budget or any other issues aside from the senior housing overlay council recently approved and he fought against.

Armanini would be a strong challenger to Hutchinson in the general election Nov. 4. Voters should send them both to the general election.

Shoreline City Council pos. 2

In the Sept. 16 primary, Shoreline voters should send incumbent Rich Gustafson to the general election. The other two candidates are a toss-up.

Gustafson should move forward because he has a broad knowledge of the issues facing Shoreline and strong community connections.

Cindy Ryu would bring a passion to the council that is lacking right now, and George Daher brings well-meaning community involvement that deserves respect.

But neither of the two challengers seems to have a clear understanding of the process of city-council government. Neither challenger talks of how they plan to interact with the council and move an entire body to decisions. The race between Ryu and Daher is a toss-up.

Shoreline City Council pos. 6

In the Sept. 16 primary, Shoreline voters should send Bob Ransom and Brian Doennebrink to the Nov. 4 general election.

Ransom has served on the city council for eight years and has the knowledge needed to continue in this race. Ransom knows the ins and outs of a broad spectrum of issues that would serve the council well as it faces complex challenges with future budgets and capital projects.

Doennebrink brings fresh ideas to this race. He seems to understand a variety of issues well from his work on the planning commission. He is committed to implementing the Aurora Corridor project, but also commits to listening and working toward building community consensus, which is sorely needed.

Janet Way brings passion and an activist’s perspective to this race; however, she is better suited to the activist role. Her warnings that the city should pay more attention to environmental issues are well placed and Ransom and Doennebrink should take heed.

Ransom and Doennebrink deserve to advance to November’s general election.

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