Readers Choice: Best Shopping

  • Shanti Hahler<br>Enterprise writer
  • Thursday, February 28, 2008 6:17am

There is nothing else in this world like a crisp fall day in the Pacific Northwest.

The change in seasons sends signals that the holidays are just around the corner in the crunch-crunch of colorful fall leaves on the ground and that distinctive coolness that bites at your nose on that first fall day. By the time the clocks fall back an hour and we dig our ice scrapers out from their resting spot in the trunk of the car, you can almost smell the turkey cooking and fresh pine needle decorations that are sure to fill your house for the next month or so.

And, it signals one of the best times of year to shop.

Along with the aformentioned fall attributes, I also love bundling up in coat and gloves, wrapped in a warm scarf and walking from shop to shop in outdoor markets and shopping centers. Add a steaming mug of hot spiced cider and you’ve got a perfect day in my book.

Recently, a friend who shares my love for this particular type of outing recommended I go to Country Village, located on the Bothell Everett Highway south of Mill Creek.

And I must say: it was wonderful.

The village is chock-full of about 40 or so stores selling a variety of gifts, from candles to kid’s games, books to crystal jewelry.

I even stumbled upon a bit of childhood nostalgia when I found a rack of books from the Serendipity series, including Leo the Lop, Butterwings and Kartuch.

Many of the stores at Country Village sell seasonal gifts as well – I also went home with cider mix, lobster and spinach dip mixes for holiday parties and several early Christmas gifts for friends. Mini-gourds, pumpkins and other festive fare also is abundant throughout the village.

In addition, some stores are connected by wooden walkways surrounded by little ponds that house ducks happy to take some of that kettle corn off your hands.

So if you’re looking for something to comfort the soul and soothe the senses with a little holiday cheer, Country Village is the place for you.

It’s certainly become one of my favorite places.

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