Republicans need to take ownership of party

  • Tuesday, October 14, 2008 5:52pm

Recently, in a letter to the Enterprise, I assailed Republicans as being embarrassed to be Republican (“GOP ashamed of Republican label,” Letters, Sept. 24). Sunday night, I received a phone call from a stranger that called me a socialist and a communist. He reminded me of a boss that I once had that said, “There are two parties in this country, the Republicans and the Communists.”

I had expected to ruffle some feathers and knew that some people would be offended by what was said. My intent was to call upon Republicans to take ownership of their party. They should end the subterfuge and deceit and not shy away their party. They should be proud to be Republican and not disguise the fact. Democrats and Republicans should go toe to toe and have a public debate over the issues. I’m tired of politicians that say anything except what they truly mean.

Stan Terry


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