Safety Watch

  • Tuesday, February 16, 2010 8:57pm


Feb. 12: Vehicle prowl. 7500 block 237th St. SW. A neighbor saw someone break into several parked vehicles.

Feb. 11: Theft. 21900 block Hwy 99. Someone was arrested for stealing Red Bull and toothpaste.

Feb. 11: Assist. 7000 block 196th St. SW. A father called in for a welfare check on his adult son who was on a hunger strike.

Feb. 10: Domestic violence. 8100 block 240th St. SW. A man and woman got into a verbal fight about a mattress that got wet in the back of their truck.


FEB. 11: ATTEMPTED RESIDENTIAL BURGLARY. 2900 block 216th Pl SW. A Brier man reported his 19-year-old son attempted to enter his residence without permission by removing a back window.

Feb. 11: THEFT. 18700 block Alderwood Mall Pkwy. Three 13-year-old females were arrested for shoplifting.

FEB. 11: THEFT. 4800 block 180th St. SW. A woman reported a UPS package stolen from her doorstep.

FEB. 10: PARKING. 20000 block 68th Ave. W. A woman is suspected of unauthorized handicap hangtag usage.


Feb. 10: DUI alcohol. 16100 block Mill Creek Blvd. Officers discovered a vehicle parked on the road with its lights on and the engine running. The driver appeared to be passed out behind the wheel.

Feb. 9: Accident. 1500 block 136th St. A Bothell woman drove her vehicle into the outside wall of the Jackson High School library.


Feb. 11: Burglary. 4700 block 216th St. SW. A witness broke up a fight when he saw a couple guys kicking and punching a male on the ground. The victim denied the altercation.

Feb. 11: Information. 21400 block 52nd Ave. W. A female found child pornography on her laptop which she assumed was her estranged husband’s. Police found hundreds of pornographic images on the computer, but none that met the criteria of child porn.

Feb. 11: Shoplift. 4300 block 212th St. SW. The manager at Albertson’s followed a suspected repeat shoplifter through the store. The suspect stole allergy medication, scissors and an umbrella.

Feb. 11: Shoplift. 23100 block 56th Ave. W. A Roger’s Market employee stole a case of Rockstar energy drink.

Feb. 8: Domestic, no assault. 4300 block 223rd St. SW. Father and son got into a verbal argument with the father calling his son “a little bitch.” The father pinned his son down after the son, feeling threatened, shoved him.


FEB. 9: CAR FIRE. Firefighters responded to a car fire in the 15400 block 50th Pl. W north of Lynnwood.

FEB. 7: BURN INJURIES. Firefighters were called to a Norma Beach home to help a woman injured when her pajamas caught fire after she fell asleep while smoking in bed. The woman was transported by medics to Harborview Medical Center.

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