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  • Wednesday, November 12, 2008 3:41pm

My name is Alex Heck and I am in Mr. Shepard’s fifth-grade class at Seaveiw Elementary in Edmonds, WA. Our class is learning about water quality. A couple of days ago we went to Perrinville Creek to execute some water testing. Our goal is to raise salmon and to release them into the creek if the flow is adequate and the level of pollution is low. The results of our water testing show: the macroinvertebrate count was great, the water temperature was 51degrees, which is reasonable for fish survival, the ammonia level was good, and the pH level was fair.

Why should we care for our water? We should care for our water because 70% of earth is water of which only 1% is fresh water. If the fresh water gets polluted, water animals could go extinct. Once one animal goes extinct, many other predators are affected. One small change can ultimately change the entire plant or animal kingdom.

I think some people are making bad choices for the environment that we should work to change. One example of this is global warming. We have to find a way to stop it! It all has the same cause. PEOPLE! I want the environment the same for my grandkids as I now enjoy.

How can we save the salmon? That is easy! You may think that people need to not fish at times when it is illegal to fish. But, did you know that storm drains go straight into the Puget Sound. That means that if you wash your car with bad chemicals and allow them to wash down a storm drain; you could be killing the fish. Also, have you seen the plastic pop can holders? Because of their size, fish can become tangled in them, unable to swim and die. It is best to cut the rings apart before throwing the holders into the garbage. Another way you can help is by making sure that harmful chemicals do not run off into the streams when fertilizing your plants or lawn. Next, if you cut down trees near a stream, river or lake, make sure there is still shade for the salmon to swim in or else the salmon might die from the heat. Lastly, remember not to liter because if it ends up in the storm drains, it will lead straight to the Puget Sound.

How can you help to preserve our water? You can help in many ways. One way is by telling people what you’ve learned about the importance of water quality. Remind them to dispose of chemicals from your car properly and avoid storm drains. Did you know that just 1 cup of oil can kill fish in up to 1/4 of a square mile? Also, business owners should ensure that they are disposing chemicals in safe ways in order to help the environment!

Alex Heck

Seaview Elementary

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