Shoreline Christian School revives golf program in ‘03

  • Charlie Laughtland<br>Enterprise writer
  • Thursday, February 28, 2008 9:30am

Shoreline Christian’s golf program has made a return to the links this spring after being shelved for a year.

“We’ve had a real good turnout,” first-year coach Oyvind Brandal said.

Brandal decided to fill the coaching vacancy when his two sons — Garth and Grant — showed interest in the sport.

One of two juniors on the roster, Garth lettered as a freshman. The rest of the Crusaders are relatively new to golf.

“We’re concentrating on building an understanding of golf,” Brandal said. “It’s so much different than other sports. So far, they’ve enjoyed the challenge of learning the rules and how to apply them.”

Junior Jason Ching, sophomores Daniel Stover and Jordan Tolentino and freshmen Kyle Paulsen and Dilan Smead fill out the boys ladder and sophomore Sarah Smart and freshmen Alexis Leckenby and Emma Parker make up the girls team.

“They’ve got a lot of athletic ability,” Brandal said. “Now we’ve got to fine tune it into golf ability.”

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