Turning Point – October 2007 – Jody Matthews

  • Sunday, March 23, 2008 9:22pm

I was very fortunate to have a person in my life who introduced me to the arts (at a young age) — Opal Maxwell, a teacher in the Everett school district who was Aunt Opal to me. … One day I saw that they were requesting help for the symphony. I started as a volunteer putting on events, which were (skills I used) in previous positions. I had my own marketing company at the time. I then was asked to come on as part-time help and just do events. I did so well doing that, they asked me to come on as development director for the capital campaign. … When the executive director moved on from this position, the board asked me to come on as acting executive director. Within a few months, they gave me a vote of confidence to stay on. The rewards are so wonderful. … It’s just so much my heart.

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