TV has changed a lot since Patches’ days

  • Thursday, February 28, 2008 10:50am

Thank you for the recent article on our old friend J.P. Patches. It does seem that a statue in his honor would be in order. He achieved his greatest success when there was a plethora of children’s programming available. Unfortunately, commercial television has already expressed itself regarding Patches’ career. He has been replaced by those stellar children’s attractions “Dr Phil” and “Oprah”? Probably “Judge Judy” replaced “Wunda Wunda.” Did Lassie ever come home?

Television programming has an amazing and amusing history. Years ago there were two prize fights every week. Now there are none. For a few years every show was a western. Now there are none. One Christmas season every show was a take off on “Scrooge.” Another year all were based on Christmas Eve births. Lately, programs seem based on forensic investigations of twisted, bloody, sick crimes, preferably involving some kind of kinky, perverted sexual activity. The more obscure the fetish being revealed, the better.

Fortunately, commercials warn of various venereal diseases like genital herpes. Prescription aids to correct erectile dysfunction are generously advertised throughout the day. Could it be possible that network TV is also involved in the ownership of corporations marketing chains, ropes, leather wear and prescription drugs? Oh yes, there is a great fear that viewers are overeating and not exercising enough. It is deemed important for our health that sugar, trans-fats, etc., never be consumed. No candy!

I fully expect that one day they will replace “Leave it to Beaver” and “Mayberry RFD” reruns with replays of “Boston Legal” and “Desperate Housewives.” How about a Saturday afternoon marathon of “NFL Cheerleaders Gone WILD”?

Steve Olsen


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