Voters support was humbling

  • Friday, November 30, 2007 1:21pm

Well, finally this 20-plus week long campaign marathon race is over! And by just a few feet I missed the gold medal. Or, as two friends advised me, “you and your family should be proud since you ran a great race, and you came home with a silver medal.”

I wish to thank the many firefighters who supported me since my 1992 arson task force days and for their continued support as I ran for Mill Creek City Council. Along with this group, I say a deep “thank you” to all the law enforcement personnel, the majority of City Council members and their loved ones, our new sheriff-elect, John Lovick, my fellow veterans, close friends, my wife, and my son and daughter for their endorsements and support.

I am humbled by the nearly 2,050 Mill Creek voters who were behind me and asked me to be their spokesperson for championing their concerns about city issues.

I am still an active volunteer on the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Cold Murder Case Team and vice chairman of the Mill Creek Library Board. Additionally, for the nearly 48 percent of residents who voted for me to engage our council to be more active in getting our senior citizen’s their well-deserved Senior Center, I will continue to be an advocate for that cause.

I am also one of the first veterans to raise my hand to work with Mill Creek resident Fred Fillbrook in his drive to motivate our city leaders to have an annual and formal Nov. 11 Veterans Day celebration.

Thank you fellow veteran Fillbrook for your vision and leadership with this important cause!

Chuck Wright

Mill Creek

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