Weight shift key to better swing

  • Tyrone Hardy<br>For the Enterprise
  • Monday, March 3, 2008 11:53am

Greetings golfers. This week’s e-mail comes from Beth in Edmonds.

She seems to be having a problem making solid contact (sometimes no contact) with the ball. She explains that she hits it both heavy and thin. This is one of the more common problems that I find with golfers.

The good news is that both heavy and thin hits are caused by the same problem: The club head is reaching the bottom of its arc early. There are several reasons this occurs but the most common and most fundamental is proper weight shift. Proper weight shift is one of the base fundamentals for any athletic move, golf swing included.

Most players I see swing the club with their arms and hands making a flat-footed move. When you make a proper weight shift, you should finish your swing with 90 percent of your weight on your front foot (front meaning the one closest to the target). Your back foot should be perpendicular to the ground in a position where someone standing behind you along the target line can see the bottom of your shoe.

This finish position shows that not only did you transfer your weight towards the target, you also rotated your body through impact. When a pitcher throws a ball to the catcher, he does not allow his weight to move toward second base.

Try this the next time you are at the range. Take a golf ball and throw it out onto the range. Hold your finish and notice the position you have achieved. You will see that your weight has transferred towards the forward foot and your body has rotated so that your back foot is perpendicular. When you swing the club, hold your finish and check to make sure you are in the proper finish position. This will allow you to check to see if you are doing it correctly.

The other added benefits to a proper weight shift and rotation through the ball are better balance and less curve on your shots. Keep those e-mails coming.

Tyrone Hardy is a PGA Professional and the Director of Golf at Ballinger Lake GC in Mountlake Terrace.

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