Bill Pedigo

Portugal’s Socialists prepare 4 more years in government

Unclear whether they would get a parliamentary majority.


Barron Hilton, hotel magnate and AFL founder, dies at 91

Transformed Hilton into the industry’s top brand during his 30 years as its chief executive.


8 tips for saving money on groceries

There are many easy and effective ways to slash your budget.


How much you’ll really pay for that student loan

One key to limiting interest cost is choosing the right repayment plan.

Study finds diabetes drug may prevent, slow kidney disease

About 30 million Americans and more than 420 million people worldwide have diabetes.

Pioneering legal pot states aim to ease rules on industry

Five years later, rules designed to appease the feds are said to be stifling the cannabis trade.

What to do when asked to pay for a family reunion — afterward

Adapted from a recent online discussion. Dear Carolyn: Over the weekend I attended a family “reunion” out of state. Everything went beautifully until I got… Continue reading

Officials struggle to identify victims of gas pipeline explosion

Most of the 85 people killed in gas pipeline explosion in Mexico have not been identified.

It’s ‘very possible’ shutdown could ring in the new year

The White House budget director said the problem might be in the hands of the next Congress.

Deadly attack amid Ebola outbreak stalls containment efforts

Fifteen killed in attack; confirmed Ebola cases have reached 202, including 118 deaths.

Student gunman kills 19, wounds 50 at school in Crimea

Official: “He was walking around and shooting students and teachers in cold blood.”

Amazon plans packaging center in suburban Indianapolis

Expected to bring about 1,250 jobs to the area in the coming years.

DeVos to miss deadline in easing college fraud protections

The department had been set to issue the new regulation, known as borrower defense, by Nov. 1.

Christian TV network enters world of 24-hour news

The Christian Broadcasting Network will provide a religious perspective that other channels lack.

More corporate giants warn tariffs will mean price hikes

Walmart says that the latest round of tariffs could mean an increase prices for its shoppers.

Pentagon policy to withhold cash sends industry scrambling

The Defense Department wants to tie payments to a set of performance measures.

AFL-CIO president says new NAFTA should include Canada

It is unclear whether the president can legally withdraw from NAFTA without congressional OK.

Its’ time for Congress to pay interns

It’s the use of unpaid college graduates that shatters the illusion of a polity with opportunity for all.

McCain buried at Naval Academy alongside a longtime friend

For his final resting place, McCain picked a site at the academy, not Arlington National Cemetery.

‘The Innocents’ a teenage love story wrapped in an enigma

It is a moody, misty drama that stays compelling even when it veers toward the obvious.