County asks: What should housing look like near light rail?

Snohomish County wants public input on housing types in the areas around light rail stations.


Economic fallout from COVID-19 may delay Everett light rail

Sound Transit, facing reduced revenues, could revise the timeline for some transportation projects.


Upon further review, state puts I-5 on-ramp back on schedule

WSDOT says it crunched the numbers again: An interchange at Highway 529 and I-5 will be built as planned.

Planned new I-5 on-ramp could be on hold for lack of $7.2M

WSDOT says the cost of improvements at the interchange of I-5 and Highway 529 is higher than expected.

State patrol adds troopers for Eagle Falls parking problems

The stretch of U.S. 2 east of Index draws hundreds to the Skykomish River rapids.

Soper Hill roundabout and pedestrian trail work wraps up

Lake Stevens and Marysville worked together on the traffic infrastructure because of nearby development.

Light rail-supporting ‘LEGO’-looking slabs aren’t permanent

The temporary retaining wall blocks will be replaced with different retaining wall blocks.

Everett to soon restrict traffic on four segments of streets

The city wants to encourage social distancing and active transportation. That means biking, walking.

Everett wants a look at I-5, U.S. 2 interchange options

The city approved a $2.3 million study of the busy interchange, with an eye on alleviating backups.

Happy four-hour ferry wait on the Fourth!

With service reduced around Puget Sound due to the pandemic, it will not be the fun ferry ride of yore.

Where will the West Alderwood light rail station be? It’s TBD

It will be west of Alderwood mall, but Link to Everett is years away, so the exact site isn’t settled.

Even in a pandemic, buses and transit keeps rolling

Millions in federal CARES Act funding is marked for Community and Everett transit agencies.

3 choices: How Swift, light rail should hook up in Shoreline

Do you prefer the 185th street corridor, the Aurora Transit Center or decongestion?

Early light rail station preparations under way in Lynnwood

Parking spaces at the Lynnwood Transit Center park and ride are moving around, but numbers steady.

A $1M study intends to find congestion relief for U.S. 2

A coalition of civic leaders is pressing its case for inclusion of the money in state roads budget.

On car taxes, Sound Transit says it gets it, but does it?

Lawmakers and transit agency leaders are still far apart on how to reduce the cost of those tabs.

Late-night, early-morning lane closure set for US 2 trestle

One westbound lane is scheduled to close to replace a safety barrier from Highway 204 to I-5.