Inside the Newsroom

The deadline is now

I've been a media junkie since childhood and got my first daily…


I used to read my grandpa’s paper; now I help produce it

I’ve been reading The Herald for about as long as I can…


Distracting classmates made me a journalist

As an Everett kid in the 1990s, I wanted to be the…


What Ben Watanabe’s co-workers are saying about him

Ben evokes a variety of opinions from those in The Herald newsroom. See what they are saying. Support Ben and the newsroom with a subscription… Continue reading

What my press badge taught me

In college, I learned three things about myself. One, I wanted to write for a living. Two, without a firm deadline, I never finish anything.… Continue reading

More cowbell? Sorry about that

In February 2004, the Everett Silvertips and I were in the midst of our inaugural seasons. I was hired by the Daily Herald the previous… Continue reading

Watching the inner workings of the newsroom helped my reporting

In the spring of 2019, I emailed The Daily Herald’s local news editor Eric Stevick regularly, probably excessively, asking about internship opportunities in the Herald’s… Continue reading

I found a home in the newsroom

I can’t remember what all I brought with me my freshman year at Washington State University. I do know I had a spanking new Merriam-Webster… Continue reading

Reporting news you can trust, whether good or bad

Wind howled and rain drizzled as a group of volunteers clustered beneath a concrete overpass near an Everett homeless shelter. Equipped with laptops and mobile… Continue reading

Writing stories that resonate in my hometown

I realized that journalism was the path for me during a Spokane City Council meeting in 2015. For one of my early journalism courses at… Continue reading

Lots to learn from The Herald, even for a local like me

I’ve always called Snohomish County home. I grew up here and graduated from Marysville Pilchuck High School in 2009. I then attended Everett Community College… Continue reading

Meeting people and telling their stories

Here was the plan: Go to graduate school, then get job teaching English literature. All these years later, I’m not a tenured professor at the… Continue reading

Readers often remind us: This is their paper

I wasn’t the one with the paper route; that was my younger brother who delivered the Everett Herald — six days a week, then —… Continue reading

Why I’m at the Herald, and not a disco dancer

I got hooked on journalism while at a state mental hospital in the early 1980s. From the outside, it was gothic and foreboding. Inside were… Continue reading

Our new reporter will cover working class issues

Meet Ian Davis-Leonard, our newest staff member. Ian grew up in Everett, attended Everett High School and graduated this spring from Gonzaga University where he… Continue reading

Herald news coverage during the pandemic

In-depth reporting from the beginning