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Indonesia’s Garuda to cancel order for 49 Boeing 737 MAX jets

A spokesman for the airline said the decision was due to “consumers’ low confidence” in the plane.


Boeing to pause 737 lines in Renton to catch up on work

The company said the move is not related to the grounding of MAX jets after two crashes.


Boeing to make safety feature standard on troubled MAX jets

The equipment, which had been offered as an option, alerts pilots of faulty information from key sensors.


Pentagon to probe if Shanahan used office to help Boeing

A complaint alleges the defense secretary made statements promoting Boeing and disparaging competitors.

Boeing faces hurdles to return the 737 MAX fleet to service

An FAA blessing of a software fix and other changes might not count for much outside the U.S.

Pilot who hitched a ride saved Lion Air 737 day before crash

He reportedly told the crew how to disable a malfunctioning flight-control system.

Transportation Department confirms it will review FAA on 737

Secretary Chao says an audit will improve the department’s decision-making and the public’s understanding.

Trump nominates former Delta Air Lines exec to lead FAA

Stephen Dickson is a former pilot. The agency has been under interim leadership for a year.

The FAA delegating safety assessments to Boeing is not new

But the industry’s role in certifying its own airplanes wasn’t always as controversial as it is today.

The legal scramble begins over Boeing’s liability for crashes

There’s no cap on damages for passenger plaintiffs. Claims by the airlines are more complicated.

How FAA delegated a pivotal 737 safety analysis to Boeing

The regulator deferred to the company when it signed off on a new, automated MAX flight-control system.

Probe of FAA oversight of Boeing 737 began before 2nd crash

The Transportation Department’s inspector general reportedly began investigating after the Lion Air crash.

Not just the 737: Angle-of-attack sensors have had problems

Most jetliners have them, and they are known to occasionally malfunction, sometimes dangerously.

Ethiopia minister: Clear similarity between two 737 crashes

The flight data recorder from a Boeing airplane’s wreckage was in good condition, the government said.

Government facing fresh scrutiny over close ties with Boeing

Boeing was among the top companies spending money last year to influence federal decision-making.

Investigators start studying Ethiopian jet’s voice recorder

Local media report that it may take six months to identify the victims’ remains.

Navy announces decision on Growlers on Whidbey

Landing practice “passes” will increase from about 3,000 a year to more than 12,000.

Navy fighter jet makes emergency landing in Moses Lake

The EA-18G “Growler” fighter landed Thursday morning after a crew member complained of a lack of oxygen.

Boeing is haunted by a 50-year-old feature of 737 jets

The compromises required for more fuel-efficiency led to a complex flight control software system.

Boeing part found at crash site hints at same cause as Lion Air

The jackscrew that helps raise and lower the plane’s nose indicates the jet was configured to dive.