Aviation and space

Aerospace analyst explains how he’ll help state’s Boeing bid

Richard Aboulafia will deliver a report on Washington’s strengths and weaknesses in landing the 797.

Stealth bomber to replace B-1s and B-2s; B-52s keep flying

There have been several discussions about replacing the B-52’s engines to decrease maintenance costs.

Pilot killed in crash of plane that departed Paine Field

Officials identified the pilot and speculated he may have had a medical emergency during the flight.

Venerable B-52 might outlive snazzier, younger bombers

It is expected to remain part of the combat force until mid-century.

WestJet sees slow-selling Boeing 737 Max 7 as key to savings

The Canadian airline next year will become the second carrier to operate the smallest 737 model.

Will Everett service affect Bellingham’s once-busier airport?

Officials there expect little impact, but they’re offering incentives to lure another carrier.

Pentagon reaps a windfall in latest US budget

It will get $94 billion more this budget year than last — a 15.5 percent jump.

New director must chart the future of the Future of Flight

The popular Paine Field attraction faces uncertainty as the county seeks a new operator.

Boeing approaches Woodward as services unit hunts for deals

Boeing has been looking to joint ventures and acquisitions as it works to beef up a new division.

Mars on Earth: Simulation tests in remote desert of Oman

200 scientists will be there field-testing technology for a manned mission to the red planet.

Prominent aerospace analyst will help state with Boeing bid

Richard Aboulafia has been hired to evaluate weaknesses as Washington seeks to host 797 assembly.

Drug-test failure rate soars by 77% for transit workers

Aviation workers failed in 0.6% of cases; bus and truck drivers by 0.8%; transit workers by almost 10%.

Russian hackers target defense contractors to learn secrets

Fancy Bear tried to penetrate the Gmail account of a senior engineer on the X-37B project at Boeing.

US pitches arms sales at Asia’s biggest air show

More than 170 American companies exhibit at the Singapore Airshow.

SpaceXs big new rocket blasts off, puts sports car in space

Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy became the most powerful rocket in use today.

Boeing announces over $900 million in orders at Singapore

The orders consist of aircraft parts, digital applications and planning tools.

Pentagon awards Boeing $6.5B more for missile defenses

It’s for “a new missile field with 20 additional silos” at Fort Greely, Alaska.

Studies anticipated 12 flights a day, but 24 are planned

The FAA will decide whether that change warrants another look at the impact of passenger service.

Boeing’s fading 747 program gets lifeline as UPS buys 14 more

The deal seems to ensure that the 747 will be in production into the 2020s.

Boeing is booming: Profit soars with help from US tax cut

The company’s stock price has more than doubled in a year and hit an all-time high on Wednesday.