Aviation and space

Aerospace workers adjust to changing industry

The number of Boeing workers dropped almost 10 percent since last year.

Richard Branson’s 747 to launch satellites for the Pentagon

Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne rocket would be “air launched” from a 747-400 it calls “Cosmic Girl.”

Southwest pilot with loaded gun arrested before boarding

He did not have authorization to have the 9 mm pistol, which was found in his carry-on luggage.

Close new Earth-size world, where year lasts under 10 days

Good news for seekers of extraterrestrial life: It’s not too hot and has no radiation flare-ups.

Epic deals in Dubai for Airbus ($49B) and Boeing ($27B)

Frontier’s parent is buying 430 A320s in the biggest Airbus sale ever, and FlyDubai will buy 225 737s.

Dubai Air Show opens with Emirates $15.1B Boeing buy

The deal seemed to surprise Airbus staff who left a news conference moments before the announcement.

‘Flight to nowhere’ helps an autistic child learn to travel

‘There’s a lot of fear and a lot of unknowns, especially for the kids who have sensory needs.’

US drone strike in Somalia against al-Shabab kills ‘several’

The latest attack was carried out in coordination with Somalia’s government.

The end of an era: A sad farewell to the Boeing 747

Nostalgia for the plane is a rare warm and fuzzy for an industry most often under fire.

China’s new passenger jet finishes first long-haul flight

China hopes the C919 will compete with the Boeing 737 and Airbus A320.

Boeing 747-400 wins protest, may fight more US wildfires

Officials recommended the Forest Service revise its size limits and the company be reimbursed costs.

Boeing plans new spaceplane to launch satellites by 2020

Fast and affordable access to space has long been a sci-fi fantasy.

Boeing’s mega order in China is said to cover mostly old deals

The order is for 260 narrow-body planes and 40 widebody aircraft. “Sometimes they double count.”

US Navy to begin rare 3-carrier military exercise in Pacific

The Bremerton-based USS Nimitz is among the aircraft carriers to take part in the naval maneuvers.

Lockheed Martin preps to mount laser weapon on a fighter jet

The world’s largest weapons maker has a $26 million Air Force contract to develop the technology.

Uber envisions electric, autonomous flying taxis for commute

Initial service could be available in Log Angeles by 2020, the ride-sharing company says.

Crashed Russian helicopter raised from its Arctic seabed

None of the eight missing people were found inside the helicopter that went down Oct. 26.

Understaffed Weather Service scales back balloon launches

“They are critical especially in areas where we don’t have other observations.”

Bombardier wins new C Series deal, ending jet sales drought

The larger of the models overlap with the smallest commercial jets sold by Boeing and Airbus.

No runway? No problem, fast growing Indian airline says

“Airports are in short supply in India,” SpiceJet Chairman Ajay Singh says.