Aviation and space

‘We’re on schedule,’ says developer of Paine Field air terminal

Alaska, United and Southwest are expected to begin service from Everett in September.

SpaceX rocket fueling appears ‘viable,’ NASA panel says

Loading crew before fueling is finished could be acceptable, they say.

Southwest says inspections turn up no flaws in fan blades

Although “a handful” of blades had been sent to the manufacturer for further examination.

Co-pilot sucked halfway out of plane after windshield cracks

The pilot was able to pull his colleague back inside the Airbus A319 as it flew over China.

Trade body: EU still providing illegal subsidies to Airbus

The WTO decision is the latest development in tussles between Europe’s Airbus and U.S. rival Boeing.

Naked man runs down aisle on flight from Seattle to Alaska

He was yelling and waving before he was tackled by passengers and locked in a bathroom.

Chilling theory for Boeing 777’s disappearance: pilot suicide

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 vanished in 2014, but a panel of experts thinks they know what happened.

Memphis Belle’s rebirth: Rehabbed WWII bomber to roll out

It will be unveiled at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force near Dayton, Ohio, on Thursday.

China’s first home-built aircraft carrier begins sea trials

The new aircraft carrier is based on the former Soviet Union’s Kuznetsov class design.

US jets intercept pair of Russian bombers off Alaskan coast

The Tu-95 bombers were flying in the Air Defense Identification Zone in the Bering Sea.

Navy busts $12.9 billion cap for new U.S. aircraft carrier

The price for the USS Gerald Ford, CVN 78, will reach $13.027 billion.

Qatar Airways CEO takes delivery of a 737 at Paine Field

The Renton-built 737 Max 8 is the first of 20 for rebranded Air Italy, now a Qatar Airways holding.

Small chopper to hitch a ride to Mars with NASA’s next rover

The helicopter’s blades will encounter far less atmosphere than they would on Earth.

New SpaceX rocket tweaked for use over and over again

Falcon 9 rockets are redesigned to allow for many uses and quicker turnarounds.

Sanctions on Iran could cost US, European companies billions

The leaders of Britain, France and Germany tried but failed to persuade Trump to stick with the deal.

Boeing wasn’t counting on potential Iran deal worth billions

As sanctions resume, it appears Airbus has more to lose in terms of firm orders and deliveries.

Boeing vows much-delayed tankers will be delivered this year

Disagreeing with an openly skeptical federal government, the company says success is in sight.

Transport plane that crashed in Georgia was on final trip

Adjutant General: Puerto Rico has “the oldest planes on inventory” of all U.S. National Guard planes.

Spike in ‘minor’ aviation accidents a ‘leading indicator’

Navy Secretary Richard Spencer says they’re among the problems the military should examine.

Mukilteo plans aerospace program for girls ages 12-16

Girls who will attend middle school or high school this fall are eligible to apply.