Aviation and space

Aviation pioneer, innovator and entrepreneur Joe Clark dies

He is the man most responsible for those elegant upswept wingtips now standard on new Boeing 737s.

Inslee signs the law repealing a Boeing tax break

The move, which the aerospace giant sought, aims to resolve an international trade dispute.

Paine Field passenger volume plummets; flight changes likely

Despite a 68% drop, the passenger terminal’s owner expects to weather the coronavirus crisis.

Boeing plants here to close; infected Everett worker dies

To the relief of anxious employees, the company said it will shut down factory operations for two weeks.

Lawmakers: Protecting jobs is priority in any Boeing bailout

“The money has to be used for the continued operation of the company,” said Rep. Rick Larsen.

Nikki Haley resigns from Boeing board over airlines bailout

The Trump administration has said it would back Boeing, which is also a top U.S. defense contractor.

Boeing tumbles 17% after seeking $60B for aerospace bailout

The planemaker is racing to shore up cash needed to weather the coronavirus pandemic.

Boeing might have to cut production — and shed Everett workers

With airline schedules slashed, the company faces a challenge comparable to the aftermath of 9/11.

Companywide, Boeing reports 11 confirmed cases of COVID-19

Boeing will equip more employees to work remotely, but for now factory workers will stay on the line.

5 Boeing workers in Everett tested positive for COVID-19

The company says work areas were “deep-cleaned” and they and other workers were sent home for quarantine.

Last to ground the Max a Year Ago, FAA’s global status shaken

Boeing projects it will take until midyear to get approval for the multiple fixes on the plane.

Boeing imposes hiring freeze in response to virus outbreak

The company received 18 orders last month for new large planes but continues to lose orders for the 737 Max.

Boeing plans full drawdown of $13.825 billion loan

Companies affected by the coronavirus are turning to banks for short-term financing as a safety net.

The coronavirus is ending a 16-year boom for Boeing, Airbus

The collapse in long-range flying threatens deliveries of Boeing 787 Dreamliners.

Bill repealing Boeing tax break clears the state Senate

The company hopes the move will resolve a trade dispute involving European rival Airbus.

Report: Pilots restarted software, causing fatal nosedive

But in an interim report Monday, Ethiopian investigators mostly blamed Boeing for last year’s 737 Max crash.

FAA seeks $19.7 million penalty against Boeing over sensors

Boeing said the matter involves documentation of parts and is not a safety issue.

Boeing to get blame in Ethiopian report on crash of 737 Max

The conclusions say little or nothing about the performance of Ethiopian Airlines or its flight crew.

Boeing hit with 61 safety fixes for astronaut capsule

NASA hasn’t decided yet if it will require another crew-less launch or let astronauts on board.