Aviation and space

Trump, China escalate trade dispute as markets tumble

Trump adviser says the Chinese “are going to have to make concessions — period.”

Thunderbirds pilot who died: Educating kids a highlight

Maj. Stephen Del Bagno was the Thunderbirds’ slot pilot, according to the Air Force Times.

Virgin Galactic conducts 1st powered flight of new spaceship

In previous tests, it remained attached to its mother ship or glided back to the ground.

China has more to lose in trade war; Trump has key weakness

“The Chinese aren’t constrained by the rule of law or a representative democracy.”

Delta says data exposed ‘several hundred thousand’ customers

Data from customers who used a program called Delta Wallet weren’t compromised, the airline said.

China gut punches Trump on trade. Is it time to get worried?

China is normally known for “measured” responses in its trade dealings.

China tariffs target mostly old 737s, but message is clear

Boeing and analysts think China fired a mere warning shot — and the scope of retaliation could change.

Sea-Tac airport’s new international facility over budget

The cost now stands at $830 million, or 21 percent higher than originally estimated.

Quieter supersonic jet? Lockheed wins a NASA award to try

The experimental plane will be designed to mitigate the shock waves emanating during flight.

Trump could win trade battle with China but lose the war

China is quickly moving toward producing its own line of commercial aircraft.

Alaska Airlines developing new sex misconduct training

A former Facebook executive said a flight attendant brushed off her complaint about a passenger.

Saudi Arabia’s crown prince quietly visits Boeing in Everett

His visit to the Seattle area was all but secret, but an agreement with Boeing was announced.

Boeing detects computer virus attack, little damage done

A Boeing spokeswoman said Thursday that the ransomware virus was contained to “a few machines”.

Boeing and Airbus are dueling in niche market for small jets

While Airbus prepares to take control of a Bombardier program, Boeing is in talks to acquire Embraer.

Boeing hit by WannaCry virus, fears it could hit production

The virus gains access to a network and attacks computer software using “ransomware.”

Drone nearly hits Boeing 777-200 landing in New Zealand

It was about 16 feet from the plane at a point when it was impossible to take evasive action.

Self-taught, Flat Earth rocketeer blasts off into sky

“I’m tired of people saying I chickened out and didn’t build a rocket.”

Not a UFO alien, 6-8-inch tall mystery girl was a human

The remains were found in 2003 near a church in an abandoned Chilean village.

United gives $10,000 travel voucher to ‘bumped’ passenger

But the airline drew the line at letting her into one of its airport lounges.

Stocks tumble on trade fears; SP has worst week in 2 years

A trade war could damage the global economy and slash profits at big U.S. exporters like Boeing.