Aviation and space

Nepal plane crash came after confused pilot-airport chatter

The pilot reportedly did not follow instructions and approached the airport’s runway from the wrong direction.

Geometric clusters of cyclones churn over Jupiter’s poles

New data could help scientists determine the depth of the planet’s Great Red Spot.

Rolls-Royce spends millions of dollars to repair 787 engines

Turbine blades inside the engines are corroding faster than expected.

Bones found in 1940 seem to be Amelia Earhart’s, study says

The bones are lost, but measurements of her skull, arm and leg remain.

The FAA has bungled a $36-billion project, report says

More than $7 billion in federal funds have already been spent on the GPS-based NextGen program.

Allegiant announces plan to expand airline service in Bellingham

Low-cost carrier adds two weekly flights to Denver, one of United’s destinations from Paine Field.

Boeing faces US-Asia cargo clash in design of new 797 jet

The disagreement is over a small cargo hold in place of improved aerodynamics and passenger comfort.

Paul Allen’s Stratolaunch airplane emerges from its hangar in Mojave, Calif., on May 31. MUST CREDIT: Courtesy of Stratolaunch Systems Corp.

Paul Allen is building the largest plane in the world

He may use it to launch a new space shuttle called ‘Black Ice.’

Paul Allen’s Stratolaunch airplane emerges from its hangar in Mojave, Calif., on May 31. MUST CREDIT: Courtesy of Stratolaunch Systems Corp.

Paul Allen found A WWII aircraft carrier at bottom of sea

The USS Lexington was torpedoed by the Japanese in the 1942 Battle of the Coral Sea.

Boeing gets ready to sell flying taxis in the next decade

“I think it will happen faster than any of us understand,” CEO Dennis Muilenburg says.

Trump, Ryan face off in rare public GOP clash over tariffs

GOP leaders of the House Ways and Means Committee circulate a letter opposing president’s plan.

Alien life could thrive on Saturn’s icy moon Enceladus

Microbes that dwell near our planet’s hydrothermal vents can tolerate a simulated Enceladus habitat.

Hunt for a missing Malaysian 777 likely to end in June

Officials said there is an 85% chance of finding airliner debris in a new search area.

Workplace monitoring: Some fear it’s too close for comfort

Management can look at most anything a worker creates on the job or with company equipment.

NASA launches advanced weather satellite for western US

It is capable of forecasting with fast, crisp images of hurricanes, wildfires and other calamities.

Trump to impose tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum

Critics argue that sanctions will drive up prices and hurt U.S. companies that use steel or aluminum.

Trump’s personal pilot meets key quality for FAA job: loyalty

John Dunkin is being considered for chief of the Federal Aviation Administration.

Scientists detect signal from ‘cosmic dawn’

The signal comes from the moment when the universe’s earliest stars emerged.

Growler flown from Whidbey left pilots blind, freezing

The Navy is investigating this latest example of cockpit problems in its high-performance aircraft.

Delta tax break at stake in spat with Georgia GOP over NRA

One state official said Delta had taken “punitive” action against defenders of the Second Amendment.