Schwab: More than change at top needed to quell racism’s rise

To embrace the hate we’re seeing, one has to be carefully taught. Same goes for ending it.


Editorial cartoons for Saturday, Dec. 15

A sketchy look at the day in politics.


Sno-Isle Tech Center great place to prepare for careers

Recently our senior adult ministry group from Everett First Presbyterian Church visited…


Story honored a true hero of WWII

Thank you to Julie Muhlstein for her great story about Ralph Lower and also for remembering Pearl Harbor Day, as too few do (“With his… Continue reading

Thanks to all for successful food drive in Darrington

The Darrington Food Bank Foundation would like to recognize the following individuals, businesses and organizations that helped make this year’s food drive and Christmas Tree… Continue reading

The Buzz: Our Mocking Gun is locked and loaded

Trump declares there’s no ‘Smocking Gun,’ but something’s to blame for all these lame ducks.

Commentary: House should resist reversal of payday loan rules

A consumer watchdog, now under Trump administration, wants to kill rules meant to protect borrowers.

Editorial cartoons for Friday, Dec. 14

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: State lawmakers should heed advice on transparency

A task force report should guide legislators on greater compliance with the Public Records Act.

Ignatius: Where conservatives failed, liberals have a chance

In the U.S. and U.K., liberals can deliver solutions to the middle-class that conservatives couldn’t.

Milbank: So you’ve decided to become Trump’s chief of staff

What to expect when you’re expecting to be the president’s next — but not his last — ‘adult in the room.’

No, orcas can’t be taught to eat seal lions and not salmon

Regarding Stan Walker’s Dec. 9 letter to the editor, suggesting Southern Resident orcas be taught to eat sea lions, the 74 remaining endangered Southern Resident… Continue reading

Thiessen: Democrats missing chance to use wall as leverage

If Democrats allowed Trump funding for his wall, he would deal on immigration and other issues.

Editorial cartoons for Thursday, Dec. 13

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Think before you toss items into a recycling bin

Things that can’t be recycled are making recyclables more difficult and expensive to handle.

Harrop: Get used to the sound of New Yorkers arguing

Trump and Schumer are getting into it over funding Trump’s wall. Now enters Bloomberg.

Milbank: Nothing like manufactured crisis to deflect bad news

Trump’s shutdown threat during his reality show with ‘Chuck and Nancy’ is the latest ‘arson’ attempt.

Paper bags a better choice for enviroment than plastic

Good for Everett for outlawing plastic bags (“Everett City Council approves ban on singe-use plastic bags,” The Herald, Dec. 6). It has been said that… Continue reading

Parker: Animal rights — and humanity — get a boost in farm bill

Provisions in the farm bill the House is set to vote on will end cruelty to farm animals and pets.

Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, Dec. 12

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading