Berg has right focus for Everett School Board

I had the pleasure to work with April Berg on the Everett…


Duerr gets thing done for city on Bothell City Council

Davina Duerr may be the most hardworking and engaged member who has…


Editorial cartoons for Tuesday, Oct. 15

A sketchy look at the day in politics.


Editorial: Reelect Lund to Lake Stevens School Board

Paul Lund, nearly 10 years on the board, continues to show enthusiasm for meeting students’ needs.

Everett responds quickly to graffiti

I would like to thank the mayor of Everett, the City Council and the painters for a wonderful job of keeping graffiti painted over. It… Continue reading

Glad emphasis put on pedestrian, bike safety in Everett

A big thank you! to the Everett Police for stepping up enforcement on pedestrian intersections on Broadway and Evergreen Way. Nobody leaves home in the… Continue reading

Hagglund deserves reelection to Stanwood-Camano school board

As a retired school principal now living on Camano Island, I am writing this letter in strong support of Natalie Hagglund for re-election to the… Continue reading

Harrop: Sanders wants it both ways as party outsider

The candidate’s attacks on fellow Democrats would disadvantage the party in race against the GOP.

Petri: Warren’s old job offers guidance on women in workplace

DO fire pregnant women from their jobs, but make sure to sign and date the termination letter.

Robinson: Why are blacks going about lives seen as threat?

Too often, officers approach situations involving African Americans with racist assumptions of fear.

Trump supporters should consider fate of Roman republic

To those who idolize Trump: Rome was a republic until Julius Caesar came along and pronounced himself emperor. The senators feared to oppose him for… Continue reading

Burke: Trump resigns? Isn’t it pretty to think so?

Trump isn’t the only one who can fabricate, so let’s enjoy a moment to imagine the possibilities.

Editorial cartoons for Monday, Oct. 14

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Impeachment is up to the House, not Democrats

Our United States Constitution successfully established three branches of government, legislative, executive and judicial, that are equal in power. That important document also provided the… Continue reading

Medicare is earned; it’s not an entitlement program

I wish Bernie Sanders and others would quit calling it “Medicare for all.” I am on Medicare and it is a benefit I have earned.… Continue reading

Parker: When tossed from Trump’s inner circle to under the bus

How long before Rudy Giuliani and Sen. Graham become two more people Trump can barely recall?

Referendum 88 would impose racial quotas; vote no

I am a minority Hispanic, and have lived in the south Everett area for over 30 years, I have never seen anything like this: different… Continue reading

Saunders: The signs that point to cordinated effort by House

There are lies and questions regarding the basis for the whistleblowers’ allegations against Trump.

Worry more about saving golf courses than particular holes

In response to the complaint about a par-5 hole at Everett’s Legion Memorial course and requesting the hole be restored, may I offer some advice:… Continue reading

Commentary: I-976 lets voters do what lawmakers wouldn’t

Legislators had their chance to get rid of an unfair formula for car tabs. It’s up to voters now.