Commentary: Solar probe extends quest to answer, ‘Why?’

The Parker Solar Probe, launched Sunday, could help answer intriguing questions about our star.


Conservatives like Thiessen repeating the same message

Columnist Marc A. Thiessen in the Aug. 10 Herald asked: “Where’s outcry…


Dionne: Trump support could cost GOP control of statehouses

Candidates backing Trump have won GOP primaries, but that may give an edge to Democrats in November.


Editorial cartoons for Thursday, Aug. 16

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Harrop: To save the GOP, supporters must vote for Democrats

Sending Republicans to Congress who won’t stand up to Trump will only extend the nation’s agony.

Petri: We need a Space Force at which to throw our money

Having solved all the world’s problems, we can now spend billions on space guns that go pew pew.

Can’t use recipes with odd ingredients listed in food section

I know the Wednesday recipes are healthier than those in past year’s food columns, but really: Who eats this stuff? And home many of us… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, Aug. 15

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: At last, some better numbers for ballot returns

Interest in congressional races is a likely factor, but free ballot postage may have helped, too.

Ignatius: With less Mideast involvement, comes less influence

Russia and China seem content to fill in as the U.S. backs away from its global leadership role.

Parker: Trump and the dehumanizing language of ‘othering’

Whether or not Trump used the n-word, he regularly uses other demeaning terms against his foes.

Revamped Taste Edmonds left bad taste in mouth

I enjoyed the Aug. 9 Herald article on the rejuvenation at The Taste of Edmonds. A new name, family oriented, new music, food trucks and… Continue reading

Thiessen: It’s Trump’s own fault he’s hasn’t built support

Trump’s failure to condemn the bigots of the alt-right tars his presidency and his supporters.

Why little interest from developers in our cities?

Land is scarce within the historical boundary of the city of Snohomish, but even so there are several parcels of land that are sizable. All… Continue reading

Why no coverage of plane theft in Saturday’s Herald?

I woke up Saturday morning and went to read my paper and was totally and completely disgusted to find that the major news item (“Stolen… Continue reading

Will voters pull us out of hot water?

America, according to former lead GOP strategist Steve Schmidt, is roughly 90 days from the most important midterm election in its history. Sure, like he… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Tuesday, Aug. 14

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: If Trump can tweet, players can kneel

The president and others can choose to ignore players who kneel or consider what they have to say.

Harrop: Trump hit with GOP author’s less-than-friendly fire

The author of ‘Everything Trump Touches Dies,’ turns his ire from liberals onto Trump and his base.

Ignoring pollution, climate change has dire consequences

I am sorry to see the misinformation Robert Munro propagates in his letter to the editor (“New tax on carbon won’t stop natural climate change,”… Continue reading