Comment: The Green New Deal has a big blue gap

Only passing concern is shown for the world’s oceans and ignores their part in confronting climate change.


Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, Dec. 11

A sketchy look at the day in politics.


Harrop: Volcker’s medicine had bitter taste, but it worked

Under Carter and Obama, Paul Volcker had the cures, first for inflation and later for recession.


Hasn’t the GOP tired of defending Trump?

I have to believe that the GOP and all of its ardent supporters will inwardly breathe a sigh of relief when this president departs the… Continue reading

Impeachment necessary even if Trump isn’t removed

There appear to be two schools of thought concerning how to get rid of a president: to impeach him, or to let him stand for… Continue reading

Pay your license tab fees but only $30

The leaders have decided again that “we the people” have no say in tax matters of our state. We voted, again, for $30 tabs through… Continue reading

Tulalip Casino wasn’t prepared for Thanksgiving crowd

I think the Tulalip Casino owes a huge apology to the people who had to stand in line for three hours to have a Thanksgiving… Continue reading

Where are the facts to support impeachment of president?

What ever happened to giving a person the benefit of the doubt? Reading letter after letter to the editor and numerous columnists’ editorials regarding the… Continue reading

Comey: Truth is out; FBI’s investigation fulfilled its mission

Those who smeared the FBI with allegations of illegal surveillance should admit they were wrong.

Editorial cartoons for Tuesday, Dec. 10

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: State fish, wildlife agency in a hunt for funding

Fewer hunting and fishing licenses are being sold, which means a loss of revenue to manage resources.

Is U.S. action necessary to stop drug cartels in Mexico?

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador’s sophistry regarding the recent schocking attack upon defenseless Americans is heartbreaking. Is it not time for those of us… Continue reading

Saunders: The problem isn’t that Trump talks too much

It’s that he when he goes on — and he does go on — he steps all over his own message.

Snohomish needs salary commission to consider mayor’s pay

At the end of the Dec. 3 Snohomish City Council meeting, Mayor John Kartak invited input from the Snohomish community over the issue of the… Continue reading

Burke: Three of Aesop’s fables, fractured by Trumpian lore

Written thousands of years ago, Aesop’s morals still hold true when applied to the Trump presidency.

Editorial cartoons for Monday, Dec. 9

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Sunday, Dec. 8

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Compromise respects housing needs and neighbors

Last week’s vote by the Everett City Council could have benefits beyond a project serving homeless students.

Viewpoints: Search for perfect Christmas tree gets tougher

More tree farms have gone out of business and bad weather has limited the stock and variety of trees.

Commentary: Northwest must speak for trees, salmon in Alaska

Keeping the Roadless Rule in force for the Tongass protects resources and climate we enjoy at home.