Construction at Everett park at least deterred drug use

I wanted to congratulate the city of Everett on the successful experiment…


Editorial cartoons for Tuesday, May 21

A sketchy look at the day in politics.


Editorial: Drug price information should help control costs

State and national actions could apply some pressure to keep drug costs reasonable and accessible.


Harrop: Loan sharks? Pull teeth from payday loan industry

Legislation would be better focused on predatory payday loans that trap people in a cycle of debt.

If the Mueller report exonerates Trump, why block release?

First it was Attorney General Bill Barr, who has been fighting tooth and nail to not let the full Mueller report be released. Now, we… Continue reading

Important work of air medical services needs support

During Memorial Day weekend, millions of Americans will be traveling around the country, enjoying time with friends and family. However, increased roadway traffic and consumption… Continue reading

Robinson: A Republican admits to Trump’s lack of attire

Rep. Justin Amash came to his conclusion on impeachment honestly; he just read the Mueller report.

Burke: What Alistair Cooke’s 1942 road trip said about U.S.

Not all of it was flattering, and the BBC correspondent seemed to sense what might result here.

Editorial cartoons for Monday, May 20

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Milbank: Is there a doctor in the state house?

Paging a doctor who can correct some wild assertions by Republican lawmakers writing abortion bans.

Saunders: FDA had no role over ‘safety’ of execution drug

Trump’s Justice Department has reversed an Obama-era opinion that stopped executions in some states.

Editorial cartoons for Sunday, May 19

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: Find, fix failures to restore trust in Boeing, FAA

Candid cooperation from both is needed to restore the confidence of airlines and the flying public.

Viewpoints: Are Trump’s tariffs terrific or terrible for U.S.?

It depends. Some sectors have seen job growth; others, losses. But consumers may have the last word.

Commentary: Boeing part of our community, our future

Our communities stand with Boeing because its workers live here and contribute to their strength.

Commentary: Fostering small businesses as we build Washington

Efforts to develop woman- and minority-owned businesses build a stronger economy in our region.

McArdle: Roe v. Wade’s ‘settled law’ has unsettling effects

The Supreme Court should have avoided its venture into ‘enlightened opinion’ with its 1973 ruling.

Robinson: If he doesn’t want war with Iran, Trump must say so

Bolton doesn’t get all the blame for rising tensions; Trump has done plenty to blunder into conflict.

Petri: A state lawmaker teaches anatomy of a female vessel

The moment the thingy is implanted in the whatsit by the you-know-what, the vessel harbors life.

Parker: Plenty of nuttiness on both sides of abortion debate

Meanwhile, 69 percent oppose overturning Roe v. Wade. But most are comfortable with limitations.