FILE - In this Tuesday, Sept. 21, 2021 file photo, a nurse loads a syringe with the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine in Jackson, Miss. Millions of Americans are now eligible to receive a Pfizer booster shot to help increase their protection against the worst effects of the coronavirus. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

Editorial: Keep covid politics out of city’s plea for police

A Mill Creek city official’s call for police applicants was more about anti-vax politics than jobs.


Comment: Florida offer to unvaccinated cops a political stunt

Florida’s governor shows more interest in political theater than in public health or the state’s economy.


Comment: U.S. gun culture helping pave way for autocrat’s rule

Recent incidents of mass death prime us for a political order backed by extrajudicial violence.


Jack Ohman, Sacramento Bee

Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, Oct. 27

A sketchy look at the news of the day.… Continue reading

Jack Ohman, Sacramento Bee

Everett City Council, Pos. 1: Fosse offers a fresh approach

I’m writing in support of Mary Fosse, a candidate for Everett City Council, District 1. I first heard of Mary’s candidacy when she came to… Continue reading

Everett Council, Dist. 5: Chatters will represent all

District 5 is a diverse community consisting of Silver Lake, Casino Road and many areas in between. We deserve someone who represents all of us… Continue reading

Mill Creek council, Pos. 2: Vignal an advocate for residents

The city of Mill Creek is a vibrant, engaging community,a destination for dining, shopping, parks, recreation and for putting down permanent roots as a home/condo… Continue reading

Mill Creek council, Pos. 3: Briles focused on city’s well-being

As a relatively new Mill Creek resident, I look forward to voting to retain Benjamin Briles to the Mill Creek City Council. My family and… Continue reading

Mukilteo mayor: Gregerson has accomplished much

Jennifer Gregerson is the sitting mayor of Mukilteo. Although her opponent says “re-elect” on his billboard size campaign signs, we all know that he hasn’t… Continue reading

Snohomish documentary: Is mayor oblivious or disingenuous?

I’m distressed and disturbed by the comments of Snohomish Mayor John Kartak quoted in a recent story (“Hundreds tune in to ‘First Street’ film on… Continue reading

Analysis: Trump backers mostly mum on results of fraud probes

This is how it has so often gone: a claim made and amplified, with later context mostly ignored.

Comment: Cutting through the confusion over booster shots

Bottom line: For people facing higher odds of getting covid, the benefits of a booster outweigh the risks.

Comment: Threats, violence are threats to debate, democracy

If we want people in public service – elected and unelected – we must take harassment seriously.


Editorial cartoons for Tuesday, Oct. 26

A sketchy look at the news of the day.… Continue reading


Everett City Council, Pos. 1: Fosse backs action on housing

My issue is homelessness. It’s a daily problem affecting our quality of life and local businesses. Mary supports permanent solutions. Mary Fosse, running for Everett… Continue reading

Lake Stevens City Council: Incumbents’ experience matters

I am writing to share my endorsement of Gary Petershagen, Kim Daughtry, Steve Ewing and Marcus Tageant with Lake Stevens voters. Each are currently serving… Continue reading

Mukilteo council, Pos. 1: Harris focused on consensus

About eighteen months ago I wrote a letter in support of a finalist for appointment to the Mukilteo City Council. To my disappointment the council… Continue reading

Regional Fire & Rescue levy: Back safety with Prop. 1 support

This November we have the opportunity to make sure our firefighters with Snohomish Regional Fire and Rescue have our full support, by voting yets for… Continue reading

County council races: Low, Nehring not helping renters

As the election approaches, it is vitally important our community elect Snohomish County Council members who operate with integrity, common sense and in the best… Continue reading

Burke: We can fight the Big Lie by taking on the smaller lies

Maybe we can’t do much about the Big Lie and its backers, but we can challenge in our own cities.