Comment: State won ‘economic lottery;’ it doesn’t need new taxes

With the recent boost in revenue, lawmakers shouldn’t seek to increase taxes so they can splurge.


Calling Democrats names an attempt to ignore Trump’s failures

A letter writer thinks the Democrats should change their name to the…


Editorial cartoons for Monday, March 18

A sketchy look at the day in politics.


McArdle: Does coverage of mass shootings beget more of them?

Would depriving the perpetrators of massacres notoriety deny them their real reason for killing.

Milbank: What happens when corporations run government

A host of former corporate heads leading top agencies doesn’t lead to sound — or safe — regulation.

Saunders: Media holds double standard on executive action

Critical of Trump for defying public opinion on the wall, it praises Newsom’s death-penalty reversal.

Support legislation for 100 percent clean electricity

The League of Women Voters of Snohomish County strongly supports the 100 percent clean, renewable electricity bill (SB 5116) that has passed the state Senate… Continue reading

That’s one vote for year-round daylight saving time

A big yes vote for year-round daylight saving time. Chris Mann Marysville… Continue reading

Commentary: Nursing home closures a threat to state’s seniors

Many are closing because the Medicaid reimbursements are less than the costs of residents’ care.

Editorial cartoons for Sunday, March 17

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: What look at Snake dams can mean for orcas, us

The state shouldn’t shy away from a discussion of the costs and benefits of breaching four dams.

Ignatius: Congress has fondess for military’s legacy weapons

When it starts to cut its budget, Congress may favor 20th century’s programs over the 21st’s.

McArdle: Joke’s on the rich who bought ‘old school’ eilte rules

What the admissions scandal has scratched away is the elite universities’ thin veneer of meritocracy.

Minimum wage makes people dependent on socialism

A retired economics/politics professor, Robert Scott Gassler, recently wrote a letter to the editor regarding the Green New Deal. Here comes an economics question. Would… Continue reading

Parker: Beto’s likeable, in a precious, if inexperienced, way

O’Rourke offers little substance except to say that he wants to make the country a better place.

Rampell: Happy 30th, World Wide Web; now go away

Now that its excesses are being revealed no one knows just how to rein in our tech overlords.

Rather than military, let’s spend on child care, housing

I, too, applaud The Herald’s recent editorial (“Making quality child care affordable, accessible,” The Herald, March 1) and Mr. Dickerson’s letter in response. Do you… Continue reading

Viewpoints: Dose of transparency can help science make case

If more are to accept the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, we have to be candid about science.

Why is there a bias against science education?

The U.S. has a national emergency, but it’s not the wall; it’s trying to stay ahead of Russia and China in science when we have… Continue reading

Commentary: Two messages to share after Christchurch massacre

One is to call out against hatred; the other is to embrace the acceptance that is its best cure.