Editorial cartoons for Thursday, July 19

A sketchy look at the day in politics.


Editorial: Mr. President, put down that paint can

Trump’s plan for a ‘more American’ design for Air Force One ignores the history it represents.


Harrop: Trump’s insults and tariffs isolate us from world

Foreign markets are making do without our products, and tourists are skipping the United States.


Marysville needs more traffic police, not city offices

The Marysville Mayor and City Council want to increase our sales tax to build a new city government complex for police, city offices, mayors office… Continue reading

Parker: Helsinki hath no fury like a nation scorned

Having crossed all lines of acceptable presidential behavior, Trump is a clear and present danger.

Presidents’ clemency for ranchers aids extremists

I want to thank The Herald for its editorial regarding the Hammonds (“Ranchers’ clemency threat to justice, public lands,” The Herald, July 13). Not only… Continue reading

State Senate candidate Overstreet light on details

Bruce Overstreet is running for state Senate, 38th Legislative District. I checked his campaign info online to get a sense of what he would like… Continue reading

Will: ‘American first’ president puts America last in Helsinki

We don’t yet know the why, but Trump’s compliance — his collusion — with Putin is right in front of us.

Commentary: County official wrong on grizzly bear effort

Nate Nehring is late with his objections to a plan to reintroduce grizzlies to the North Cascades.

Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, July 18

A sjetchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Milbank: Take it from a ‘very stable genius,’ we are stupid

If we really wanted a president to trash our allies and ignore Russia’s abuses, then he has a point.

Paper’s plastic sleeves a necessity for some customers

As a subscriber to The Herald for over 60 years I must respond to the July 12 letter to the editor from Nancy Rice over… Continue reading

Thiessen column on Trump, NATO refreshing perspective

Kudos to The Herald for featuring Marc A Thiessen’s column on Trump and NATO (“Trump is right; NATO isn’t prepared to defend itself,” The Herald,… Continue reading

Thiessen: Put weight on Trump’s actions, not his words

Trump embarrassed himself on the stage with Putin, yes; but he’s been tougher than his predecessors.

Everett council needs Rourke’s intelligence, civic-mindedness

Tyler Rourke is running for the Everett City Council, Position 4. This young man from central Everett is as intelligent as he is tall. And… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Tuesday, July 17

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: States must do more to secure election systems

Washington state — and its paper ballots — are serving as an example of how to protect from hackers.

Harrop: Tab Hunter led life of sexual honesty in later life

Having dodging the issue as a ’50s film star, Hunter was openly married to his husband for 35 years.

If Germany is a puppet, what of Ivanka?

In my house, gasoline (oil), and natural gas are consumer products. If Germany is a Russian puppet because it gets the majority of it oil… Continue reading

Mill Creek paper unfairly maligns former officials

The city of Mill Creek is one of the most desirable areas to live in Snohomish County. This did not happen by accident. Many of… Continue reading