Approve Marysville school bond to replace aging schools

Dear Marysville, it is time to get off our butts and pass…


Comment: Middle East ‘Deal of Century’ is step toward apartheid

A two-state solution is impossible. One state with full citizenship for Palestinians could work.


Comment: Trump may have tweeted away his executive privilege

By denying Bolton’s allegations, the president has waived the right to protect them from disclosure.


Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, Jan. 29

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Editorial: End the sales tax on menstrual pads and tampons

The tax is simply unfair to women and can make the products less affordable for low-income families.

End state taxes on tampons, other hygiene products

Last fall, we helped organize the first-ever #NationalPeriodDay. Collectively, the advocacy group PERIOD hosted 60 rallies, demanding an end to period poverty and the tampon… Continue reading

Grab an office chair or rake for protest drill teams

Oh, dear. Democrats could lose votes if a Gov. Inslee-inspired drill team appears at Tim Eyman events pushing office chairs in snappy formation. It seems… Continue reading

Harrop: Democrats should thank Bloomberg for trolling Trump

Win or lose the nomination, the former New York City mayor is riling Trump with his big-budget TV ads.

State should fit entire cost of schools, not local homeowners

Once again the Marysville School District is trying to dip into our pockets. The Washington state constitution, and the state Supreme Court have directed the… Continue reading

Arlington voters should continue past support for schools

Thank you to every Arlington citizen who has supported previous bonds and levies. The successful passage of these measures has resulted in thousands of children… Continue reading

Commentary: Bolton’s the witness Trump’s lawyers deny exists

A day after his defense team claimed no witness ties Trump to a quid pro quo, comes Bolton’s book.

Commentary: Food stamp work requirements just don’t work

They don’t help those with job instability to find work and only bind them more tightly to poverty.

Commentary: How to bolster public health funding we need

A reinvestment of insurance nonprofits’ excess surpluses can provide funding needed for the health of all.

Editorial cartoons for Tuesday, Jan. 28

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

State lands commissioner sees forest and trees

Thank you, state Commissioner of Public Lands Hilary Franz! You are a true environmentalist, even though you probably haven’t worked in a lumber mill. (Most… Continue reading

States don’t have authority to write gun laws

The right to keep and bear arms is a natural right, not granted by the Constitution, but protected by it from infringement by the federal… Continue reading

Commentary: How the arguement has changed regarding abortion

Both sides promote equality, but rather than offer common ground it has further polarized the discussion.

Four-wheel drivers club should help fix ruts at golf course

While on my walk in the snow last week, I noticed that four-wheel drivers have cut up both a soccer field and the practice greens… Continue reading

Saunder: How about some fact-checking on the Democrats?

Checking statements for accuracy is necessary, but its use during impeachment seems a little rigged.

Shareholders are capable of demanding change

Regarding Frank Sterle Jr.’s Jan. 16 letter to the editor. He writes of Boeing’s 737 Max, Big Pharma, et. al. being beholden to shareholders. Of… Continue reading