Comment: Why many police departments look like military units

The militarization of police departments has increased incidents where undue force has led to tragedy.


Editorial cartoons for Saturday, May 30

A sketchy look at the day in politics.


Editorial: Work ahead even if county can move to Phase 2

While easing restrictions would be welcome, there’s much to be done to get the economy going again.


Schwab: It’s not fraud but the voters’ will that Trump fears

If mail-in ballots’ record in this state doesn’t convince, his objections to fact-checking should.

Where Trump went wrong with pandemic response

President Trump has made some “bigly” missteps along the way. Having said that, make no mistake about it, if Clinton and or Biden had been… Continue reading

Consultant report argument against City of Snohomish rezone

The City of Snohomish planning director has released a project update on the city’s newly created Midtown Planning District. (See pages 69 and 70 of… Continue reading

Comment: Cooper’s ‘damsel in distress’ act has sorry history

The claim that white women needed protection has been used to justify lynchings and bigoted laws.

Commentary: Twitter struck fair balance between liberty, fact

Twitter did not remove President Trump’s tweet. Its small label informed people how to ‘get the facts.’

Disease screening should be required for imported dogs

More than one million dogs are imported into the U.S. each year according to the CDC, yet only about 1 percent of these dogs are… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Friday, May 29

A sketchy look at the day in the coronavirus pandemic (and politics).… Continue reading

State action on dams is good news, but more action needed

In response to the recent editorial (“State gains keener watch of dams to protect salmon,” The Herald, May 19,) the Herald editorial board is correct:… Continue reading

Comment: Trump doesn’t just violate norms; he weaponizes them

If Trump’s opponents violate norms, they’re called on it. If Trump does it, it just proves his power.

Commentary: What Twitter’s fact-check on Trump means

It’s taken some time for Twitter to take this step, but it’s within its rights and has prepared for it.

Harrop: Pandemic may have grounded ‘snowbirds’ for good

Those with second homes are reluctant to return to cities, bringing new conflicts and considerations.

Herald Homework: Some riddles for readers

Here’s some jokes that I was hoping you’d put in the paper. Question: What’s a plumber’s favorite food? Answer: A plum! Q: Why are popular… Continue reading

Home Depot ignore advice on masks

To ask a rhetorical question, why did I see during my last and recent visit to Home Depot, mostly unmasked employees not only not social… Continue reading

Stylists, other personal services should be in Phase 4

I am a cosmetology instructor currently working as a stylist is Seattle. Currently, Washington is set to reopen personal services in Phase 2 possibly on… Continue reading

Commentary: More action needed to bolster economy — and quickly

A dollar spent on speeding our recovery today will pay off with dividends across the decades to come.

Constitution not a suicide pact, allowing us to ignore duties

In 1949, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson asserted that “The Constitution is not a suicide pact.” His perspective reflected concerns of government officials… Continue reading