Aviation and space

FAA is too tough on drones, federal science panel says

Regulators need to balance the overall benefits of drones, the advisers say.

Goodyear targets pilot shortage for its new airships

Only 128 people are qualified to fly airships in the U.S. About 17 are paid to do it full time.

A glowing pitch to entice Boeing avoids some touchy issues

The state’s aerospace competitiveness study overlooks two key unknowns: labor relations and politics.

Boeing subsidiary lands $117 million Coast Guard contract

The Bingen, Washington-based company will help outfit patrol vessels with unmanned aircraft systems.

‘Doomsday’ plane that follows president arrives in Spokane

The E-4B built by Boeing can act as a command center for war operations during a nuclear attack.

China hacks Navy contractor, secures data on sub warfare

Taken were 614 gigabytes of material relating to a closely held project known as Sea Dragon.

Frontier pilot fight may preview future of airline strikes

The industry faces a growing shortage of qualified fliers.

Report’s message to Boeing: Build the 797 here in Washington

Unsurprisingly, a new study says the state is the best in the U.S. for aerospace manufacturing.

Boeing contract for Air Force One’s refrigerators canceled

The Air Force weighed the high cost of the new refrigerators against progress on replacement planes.

NASA boss seeks companies to take over the space station

It plans to end direct government funding of the outpost by 2025.

Boeing pushes for open, fair trade as US imposes tariffs

“We’ve done a preliminary analysis and we don’t see it having a material effect on our financials.”

Billings airfield lights out, flight returns to Seattle

Power could not be restored in time for the Alaska flight’s scheduled 12:40 a.m. landing.

Passenger service at Paine Field is seen as a business boon

The Everett terminal is unusual in that it’s privately built and managed — a rarity in the U.S.

A B-52 known as ‘Midnight Express’ takes freeways to Seattle

Stored at Paine Field in Everett for 26 years, it now has a permanent home at the Museum of Flight.

Arizona telescope array gets upgrade to see fainter stars

Mirrors will increase the amount of light the system can capture by about by 50 times.

Flights delayed: FAA revisits air passenger service impact

In a surprise move, the agency has reopened an environmental study because more flights are planned.

In rare win, Boeing worker unit unionizes in South Carolina

The aerospace giant campaigned against the organizers, losing a request to delay the election.

Boeing 787 groundings to worsen as Rolls inspects engines

The number of parked Dreamliners is expected to peak at about 50 from the current level of 35.

10 passengers injured after fleeing bomb scare on 737

A man broke open the emergency exits, enabling panicked passengers to flee.

Alan Bean, Apollo 12 astronaut who walked on the moon, dies

Bean later ran the astronaut training program. After retiring, he was an accomplished artist.