Aviation and space

Bombardier wins new C Series deal, ending jet sales drought

The larger of the models overlap with the smallest commercial jets sold by Boeing and Airbus.

No runway? No problem, fast growing Indian airline says

“Airports are in short supply in India,” SpiceJet Chairman Ajay Singh says.

Northrop Grumman drones to take over Navy ocean surveillance

The first operational MQ-4C Triton drone will be delivered to the Navy in the next week.

Fat years for US airlines come to an end as costs increase

Airlines are facing higher bills from labor contracts, airport renovations, technology and fleet upgrades.

Space rock from another star is spotted in our solar system

The asteroid is about 400 yards across and moving at a clip of nearly 27 miles a second.

US official: 3 Navy carriers plan exercise in Asia Pacific

The last time three carriers operated together was in 2007, for a naval exercise off Guam.

Pilot in helicopter crash has died; 2nd man expected to live

Federal investigators are examining the site at a lake near Arlington.

US has 3 carriers in West Pacific for 1st time since ’07

It’s a rare occurrence to have so many battle groups in there at once. The reason: North Korea.

Alaska Airlines struggles to bring Virgin America on board

Meanwhile, the company’s regional carrier, Horizon Air, is still trying to recruit enough pilots.

Boeing’s tanker problems mar a record quarter for deliveries

The company delivered airplanes last quarter, but the cost of the KC-46 tanker program rose.

NAACP cautions African-Americans about American Airlines

The group warned of “disrespectful, discriminatory or unsafe conditions.”

Man rows to the rescue after helicopter slams into lake

He used a dinghy to help two seriously injured men get to shore at remote King Lake near Arlington.

New screenings for US-bound passengers on some airlines

Air France, Cathay Pacific, EgyptAir, Emirates and Lufthansa will interview passengers.

Fact check: Trump cites 70,000 jobs affected by Boeing order

Boeing says the order will “sustain” more than 70,000 jobs, including suppliers.

Boeing marks the start of 777X production at Paine Field

The new jetliner combines “the best of the 777 and the best of the 787.” Test flights begin in 2019.

Lockheed falls most in 9 months as sales outlook disappoints

A new rule was adopted that changes the timing of when the firm’s revenue is booked.

Newly found moon tunnel could help house a human colony

It is very long — 31 miles, according to Japan’s Institute of Space and Astronautical Science.

Boeing makes investments in future of autonomous flight

“We believe these are … technology enablers that could change the future of aviation.”

Boeing rushes to bring back retirees as temps

It’s unclear if this could be a definitive turn in the downsizing tide.

Boeing could help launch orbiting space station for the moon

“We should have a lunar base by now. What the hell has been going on?”