Aviation and space

Why the Boeing 737 MAX software fix is taking so long

An update turned out to be more complicated than Boeing anticipated, both politically and technically.

Air Force evacuates 13 planes to Spokane to avoid storm

Fairchild Air Force Base can house displaced McConnell personnel and provide aircraft maintenance.

Panel: Pilots don’t need new simulator training for 737 MAX

Meanwhile, two groups are urging Boeing to appointment an independent chairman of the board.

EU threatens to tax $20 billion of US goods over Boeing aid

The U.S., meanwhile, was preparing tariffs on EU goods to offset EU subsidies for Airbus.

Trump says Boeing should re-brand the grounded 737 MAX

The president also tweeted that Boeing should “add some additional great features.”

Giant Stratolaunch aircraft lifts off from California

The company, founded by the late Paul G. Allen, will use the jet for air-launching small satellites.

Southwest doesn’t plan to use Boeing Max jets until August

Without a quick fix to the flight-control system, other airlines are also likely to follow.

Good luck finding a place to park at Sea-Tac

Spring break and long weekends turn the airport’s parking garage status from “full” to “challenging.”

Transportation secretary grilled on safety after 737 crashes

Elaine Chao testified on Capitol Hill: “The FAA itself acknowledges that they need to improve.”

Reports: Chinese carrier asking Boeing for compensation

China Eastern Airlines has “lodged claims” with Boeing over the grounding of the 737 MAX.

Boeing shareholder files class-action lawsuit over 737 MAX

He said he bought 300 Boeing shares in March and sold them weeks later, losing more than $14,000.

Boeing’s deliveries of popular jet tumble after grounding

The company delivered 149 planes in the first quarter, compaired to 184 last year.

In a broadside against Airbus, US pursues aircraft tariffs

The move follows separate WTO findings that both Boeing and Airbus are subsidized.

Bush Foundation wants retired Air Force One plane in museum

The Air Force is reviewing the request. Two planes are to be retired in 2025. Both are Boeing 747s.

They could stand the noise if Growlers stuck to flight path

Some folks might not understand the identified flight tracks, according to the Navy.

More Indonesians join cases against Boeing after CEO apology

Family members of crash victims said CEO Dennis Muilenburg’s comment helps their cases.

Will Paine Field flights impact Arlington airport?

Arlington Municipal’s manager calls Paine Field passenger service a “wonderful addition to the county.”

Ralph Nader: Boeing 737 Max ‘should never fly again’

The noted consumer rights advocate lost a niece in the Ethiopian Airlines crash last month.