In Our View

Editorial: Prepare for a long fight to flatten the curve

Stay-at-home orders have been extended; but there’s reason for hope the efforts are working.


Editorial: States on their own to produce medical supplies

States and their manufacturers now have to make up for the federal government’s lack of preparation.


Editorial: Sacrifices against COVID daunting but necessary

$2.2 trillion is a heavy price to pay but Americans and businesses need help to continue the fight.


Editorial: Yes, COVID-19 is closing the gates on parks

The balance between caution and getting outdoors does require some concessions. But you can still walk.

Editorial: Covid-19 threatens census; you can help fix that

The outbreak’s response has complicated census efforts, making our timely response crucial to its success.

Editorial: Stay home as much as possible. Please.

Every trip outside your home puts you and others at risk. Keep those trips to the absolute minimum.

Editorial: Extend opportunity to comment on Snake River dams

The outbreak has meant a switch to gathering comment by phone, but there are bugs to be worked out.

Editorial: TVW marks 25 years as window into state government

From the start it has encouraged transparency regarding the decisions made on behalf of the public.

Editorial: Political divide on coronoavirus could be deadly

Partisanship shouldn’t factor in to how seriously we treat the threat posed by the Covid-19 outbreak.

Editorial: Americans need help with sacrifices now required

To fight Covid-19’s spread, people and businesses need financial aid to help ride out the crisis.

Editorial: Helping others in a time of ‘social distancing’

Limiting the spread of disease doesn’t mean we stop lending a hand — even if not a literal one — to others.

Editorial: Road work ahead, thanks to revised budget

Projects halted by I-976 can now resume, but other funding and environmental issues remain for next year.

Editorial: Parents still make call on sexual health lessons

The state’s new K-12 sexual health education law allows parents to make the final call on curriculum.

Editorial: Paid sick leave an effective tool against Covid-19

Sick workers should stay at home, but many can’t go without a paycheck. Paid leave is a simple fix.

Editorial: Biden can win presidency and Senate majority

The Herald Editorial Board endorses Biden as best able to restore normalcy and adopt needed policy.

Editorial: In face of outbreak, many show resolve, dedication

The early days of the Covid-19 outbreak have been met with measured steps and hard work on the front lines.

Editorial: Protect critical salmon streams from dredge mining

Suction dredge mining disturbs stream beds where salmon spawn, wasting efforts to restore habitat.

Editorial: Keep calm and wash your hands to fight covid-19

The outbreak in Washington state is serious, and it requires a rational response from everyone.

Editorial: We’re going to need a bigger supply of housing

A housing task force’s report recommends steps to boost the supply that will meet the county’s needs.

Editorial: Lawmakers should adopt ban on firearm magazines

A revived proposal would limit the devices to 15 rounds and would set up a buy-back program.