In Our View

Editorial: They represent you; tell them what you want

The Legislature has 60 days to address some weighty issues; lawmakers need to know what your want.

Editorial: Add to state election watchdog’s tools to inform

A revitalized Public Disclosure Commission now needs new policy tools to aid in campaign transparency.

Editorial: State should follow example of private forestlands

Forestland owners have fixed nearly all of their salmon-blocking culverts; government must do the same.

Editorial: As ‘Sailors’ Choice,’ Everett should be Navy’s choice

A report faults the decision not to base a carrier at Naval Station Everett as originally intended.

Editorial: A few more resolutions to keep in 2020

No, not to lose weight, but to take a larger role in your community and how it functions.

Editorial: A look back at The Herald’s opinions for 2019

Newspapers, a 51st state, vaping, vaccines and bikinki baristas were just a few of the topics addressed.

Commentary: A wise guy, I come bearing gifts for our leaders

In a giving mood, I offer treasures for Boeing, Inslee, Eyman, Pelosi, McConnell and, of course, Trump.

Editorial: A win for founders of state’s Public Records Act

The state’s high court ruled the act applies to lawmakers as it does to most all officials and agencies.

Editorial: Begin making switch from gas tax to per-mile fee

Gas tax revenue isn’t keeping up with road construction costs. A road-usage fee is a fair replacement.

Editorial: This is why local governments are audited

The reported theft of $6.9 million from a Pierce County agency shows the value of financial audits.

Editorial: Traffic cameras could limit wrecks in Everett

Red-light and speed cameras have reduced injuries and property losses in other cities, studies show.

Editorial: How William Ruckelshaus served both Washingtons

The former EPA chief helped focus problem-solving skills on issues in this state and Snohomish County.

Editorial: Use noise study to get Navy, neighbors to table

Congress is requiring noise monitoring of NAS Whidbey’s Growler jets, offering a chance to renew talks.

Editorial: Time to put one trade war behind us

Washington state’s farmers and manufacturers need timely ratification of the USMCA by the Senate.

Editorial: State fish, wildlife agency in a hunt for funding

Fewer hunting and fishing licenses are being sold, which means a loss of revenue to manage resources.

Editorial: Compromise respects housing needs and neighbors

Last week’s vote by the Everett City Council could have benefits beyond a project serving homeless students.

Editorial: Everett takes a careful step on police body cams

But the six-month study may not gather enough data to judge the effectiveness of the cameras.

Editorial: Cuts to SNAP would disadvantage those seeking jobs

The Trump administration’s proposed rules would frustrate efforts to aid families seeking steady work.

Editorial: Extend gift-giving to charities that do good work

Charitable giving is down slightly, so Giving Tuesday is a timely reminder of what we can do.

Editorial: Everett should keep supportive housing as a tool

A proposal to limit where it is used could exclude it from neighborhoods where it can be a good fit.