In Our View

Editorial: Restore prisoners’ access to books, Pell grants

Programs that promote literacy and pay for college courses in prison prepare them for life after.

Editorial: Keep loophole closed in domestic violence act

The House has renewed the Violence Against Women Act, with added protections the Senate should keep.

Editorial: State lawmakers seek greater oil-train safety

Compromise legislation will help set standards for rail cars carrying volatile Bakken crude oil.

Editorial: Lawmakers, be pals and approve J.P. Patches plate

A plate to honor the children’s entertainer and other plates deserve adoption by state lawmakers.

Editorial: State tax proposals will boost revenue, fairness

A capital gains tax and other proposals could make the state’s regressive tax system more equitable.

Editorial: Move will allow public a greater voice in Olympia

Senate and House have agreed to use video-conferencing for public testimony from across the state.

Editorial: Pay up — and run on climate change — Gov. Inslee

If his campaign is to keep a focus on climate issues, Inslee should pay the state for his security.

Editorial: New building needed to keep state’s history safe

Housed in a 1960s-era underground building, state records are under threat from leaks and fire.

Editorial: How we honor lives lost and changed in landslide

Memorials to honor those who died and the work to rebuild communities serves as a tribute to all.

Editorial: Rise in youth vaping requires age limit of 21, tax

Limiting vaping products’ availability and taxing them can address an alarming rise in youth vaping.

Editorial: Utility of internet still not available to all

State legislation could help connect those in rural and tribal communities with broadband service.

Editorial: State law wrong method to seek Trump’s tax returns

A law to leave candidates off the ballot who don’t release their returns would penalize the voters.

Editorial: What look at Snake dams can mean for orcas, us

The state shouldn’t shy away from a discussion of the costs and benefits of breaching four dams.

Editorial: Keep Paine Field off list for service expansion

A proposed commission to site a new or expanded commercial airport in the state should bypass PAE.

Editorial: Keep sun shining on government decisions, actions

Commemorate Sunshine Week by exercising the rights to government transparency that all are due.

Editorial: Cleaner fuels can drive climate change efforts

A bill in the state House would require use of cleaner-burning fuels already produced here.

Editorial: Teach sexual health education in all schools

The additional and reliable information schools can provide will help youths make healthy decisions.

Editorial: What ‘home’ can be for next 30 years

The Puget Sound Regional Council wants public comments on its Vision 2050 plan for growth.

Editorial: Longfellow decision may only put off inevitable

Everett’s school board delays a decision on the vacant school’s fate. Demolition may be unavoidable.

Editorial: Investment now crucial for higher education

State support for colleges and students has lagged since the recession, threatening vital needs.