In Our View

Editorial: Shop Small and support local businesses

Small Business Saturday, along with helping with gift shopping, supports local shops and downtowns.

Editorial: Work ahead to protect, carry out I-1639

The voters’ demand for stronger gun laws needs the courts’ protection and sufficient state resources.

Editorial: Solutions for saving our salmon and orcas

A task force report makes 36 suggestions to restore the health of state waters and save the whales.

Editorial: Invest now to limit destruction from wildfires

State and federal officials must increase funding to prevent and fight the growing wildfire threat.

Editorial: Keeping Washington’s voter rolls safe from hackers

A new report warns that the state’s voter registration system could be vulnerable to cyber attacks.

Editorial: Sound Transit CEO can show he’s earned raise

Snohomish County needs the agency chief’s skills to work with a board focused on Seattle projects.

Editorial: Clearing the air after I-1631’s rejection

The carbon fee measure’s loss does not represent a rejection of the need to address climate change.

Editorial: Enough with springing forward and falling back

Washington and Oregon should adopt year-round daylight saving time, as California just did.

Editorial: Winning election comes with expectations

Both parties at state and national levels must deliver more than status quo to build on their wins.

Editorial: Be a part of history and get your ballot in

Voter turnout is expected to reach 75 percent or better for today’s election. Be a part of it.

Editorial: The Herald Editorial Board recommends …

A recap of the board’s endorsements and recommendations for the 2018 General Election.

Editorial: Cantwell affords best hope for bipartisan progress

Even while working in the minority, Sen. Cantwell has been an effective legislator for the state.

Editorial: Larsen represents his district well in D.C.

Rep. Rick Larsen, Democrat, has shown he knows his district’s needs and listens to his constituents.

Editorial: Smith, Hayes for 10th Legislative District

Smith has championed privacy and the environment. Hayes’ law enforcement background informs his work.

Editorial: DelBene has earned support of 1st District voters

Showing a talent for legislation and a desire for good governance, she can be a leader in Congress.

Editorial: Trump’s body-slam of First Amendment rights

Trump’s celebration of an assault against a reporter poses a threat to journalists across the globe.

Editorial: I-1639’s firearm measures can make a difference

Provisions to raise the age limit to buy semi-automatic rifles and store firearms safely make sense.

Editorial: I-1634’s saccharine attack on local goverment

Soda companies want to stop cities from taxing sugary drinks. It has nothing to do with groceries.

Editorial: Send I-940 back to Legislature for better bill

A new standard for officer-involved shootings is needed, but lawmakers need a second try at a bill.

Editorial: Even with flaws, I-1631 provides climate solutions

We are past the point of waiting for a perfect solution; carbon emissions must be reduced now.