Aren’t gillnets as damaging to salmon as sea lions, culverts?

Interesting measures to kill sea lions (“Time to cull Columbia’s salmon-eating sea…


Liberty, compassion not employed on the border

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe…


Separating families at border is just cruel

Separating children from their parents at our southern borders is cruel. Our…


Congress must act to save Medicare, Social Security

Medicare and Social Security are on a quicker pace to become insolvent than previously thought. Already at retirement age and working, I cannot fathom getting… Continue reading

Everett city council should follow its survey on districts

The people have spoken. We want city council with five members elected by districts and two at-large. The city’s survey showed 31 percent want five… Continue reading

Seniors need help from lawmakers on costs of living

Since we seniors are still paying special levies through personal property and real estate taxes for the education of Snohomish County education needs, the Legislature’s… Continue reading

Indecency covers a range of government behavior

A recent letter decried Democrats who are “given a pass” when it comes to personal “indecency.” The writer ignores current facts that discount this claim… Continue reading

Name Everett’s new park for Emma Yule, city’s first teacher

I propose the new park in Everett be named “Emma Yule Park” after the city’s first school teacher. Emma Yule was critical in pioneering the… Continue reading

Shouldn’t be surprising that opinion columnists have opinions

In regard to the June 9 letter to the editor concerning Eugene Robinson, judging from his comment about Mr. Robinson’s lack of objectivity, it seems… Continue reading

Tell Congress to take steps to address poverty in U.S.

The real question should be: Why is poverty rising anywhere in the world’s richest country? (“Why poverty is rising faster in suburbs,” by Scott W.… Continue reading

Herald’s Julie Muhlstein a compassionate writer

I’m writing to express my appreciation for the article in The Herald about my uncle, Paul Bochan, by Julie Muhlstein (“Concentration camp survivor found a… Continue reading

Kids enjoyed Everett’s 125th birthday party

Thank you, City of Everett and all the participants at the 125th anniversary celebration June 2. We took three of our grandkids. We were genuinely… Continue reading

Reporting non-emergency online didn’t get a response

Regarding the commentary by the Yakima Herald-Republic editorial board (“A reminder to save 911 for real emergencies,” The Herald, June 6) it is recommended non-emergency… Continue reading

Tone of headline about seniors’ marriage was insensitive

The headline in the June 8 Herald, “They’re done shacking up,” about my marriage at 92 to 88-year-old Marilyn Ogden, showed a complete lack of… Continue reading

We need to respect each other’s decency

Sometimes I don’t find it very good they way people think they have to be successful and make money. I also don’t find it a… Continue reading

We’re still waiting for ‘great again’ to kick in

You try to ignore it but after a while the continuing onslaught of exaggerations, half-truths and outright lying becomes numbing in the realization that so… Continue reading

More must be done to protect the earth for children

Children now have the privilege to be able to play on playgrounds, with fresh air, in nice cities. However, hundreds of years in the future… Continue reading

Parker: And they shall beat their nukes into condos

Sure, Trump legitimized a nuclear menance, but sacrifices must be made when talking real estate.

Changes needed to testing schedule at Lake Stevens schools

Standardized testing is controversial for many different reasons, but in the Lake Stevens School District, it is the timing of these tests that is controversial.… Continue reading

If disarming works for nations, why not people?

If the world would be a safer place by disarming a couple of countries led by unstable leaders, why would the U.S. be safer if… Continue reading