‘Grain to Table’ story offered full loaf on local food producation

Taylor Goebel’s recent article about the connection between an Edmond’s bakery, a…


Logging sales of legacy forests shouldn’t fund new schools

A recent story in Cascadia Daily News, “Whatcom’s ‘Box of Rain’ forest…


Why wasn’t Everett shooting suspect arrested earlier on warrants?

A recent Herald story (“Man charged in Everett shooting that left man…


Drivers need to slow down, be patient, focus

As a professional driver who is required to follow speed limits as well as other traffic laws, stop signs etc, I’ve noticed that many of… Continue reading

Why vote for Democrats? Because GOP offers poor candidates

A recent letter writer seemed puzzled as to why a majoirty of Washington voters supported Democrats in may races. From my perspective the question should… Continue reading

Congress needs to act on permanent daylight saving time

How long do we have to wait to have permanent daylight saving time in Washington state? We voted on this in 2019 and it passed… Continue reading

Don’t trade parking for bike lanes on Everett’s Madison Street

Yes! Yes! Yes, to the letter about taxpayers and Madison Street bike lanes. How can such a project zip right through the system? (“Madison Street… Continue reading

Education isn’t about getting students to serve economy

In a recent commentary on what we need for world-class education, the author, Dr. Paul Pitre, chancellor of Washington State University-Everett, quotes a popular book… Continue reading

At least we have some local control in politics

It is hard to believe the recent sentencing of Steve Bannon to four months in jail as compared to other sentences convicted of similar crimes!… Continue reading

Keep a close eye on use of artificial intelligence

Henry Kissinger’s concern about artificial intelligence is valid, as described in a recent David Ignatius column. ‘Artificial Intelligence’ is misleading. The output from computers is… Continue reading

Where’s commitment to care by Regence, Everett Clinic owner?

I am a Public Employees Benefit Board retiree in my 80s affected by the Regence insurance plan possibly being pulled from the Everett Clinic due… Continue reading

Why are voters sticking to Democratic path?

Here is one more victory for the GOP, the Dems never have mentioned: Pelosi is gone. Both sides are rejoicing. Members of her own party… Continue reading

Why didn’t Democrats vet Shavers before election?

In the Aug. 27 edition of the Whidbey News-Times Terry Sparks wrote about Clyde Shavers for a 10th Legislative District House seat, “Don’t be fooled.… Continue reading

Everett bike lanes important part of transportation system

I disagree with a recent letter to the editor criticizing bike lanes on Madison Street in Everett (“Madison Street project in Everett will include bike… Continue reading

Time remains to restore Child Tax Credit to fight childhood poverty

Thanks to Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson for explaining House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s efforts and “legislative triumphs” over the last two decades that helped create… Continue reading

Time to end Trump’s attacks on elections

In all my 88 years, never did I think I’d see fellow Americans acting like the election deniers do. If they win, everything is righteous.… Continue reading

Why won’t Congress fix Social Security’s solvency?

The Herald’s editorial about the impending depletion of Social Security funds was well-written, necessary and maddening (“Drain on Social Security’s solvency isn’t easing,” The Herald,… Continue reading

What I saw differs from report on Seattle’s 2020 protest

I’m responding to the article, “Review slams Seattle police response to 2020 protest zone.” To use the modern riff of a fact checker I will… Continue reading

Why should Everett taxpayers foot bill for bike lanes?

So, despite the fact that very few residents of Madison Street wanted, or will ever use, bike lanes, the Everett Transportation Committee believes they have… Continue reading