Arlington voters will decide on fire department annexation

Arlington Firefighters want to thank the City Council for placing annexation of…


Those not following covid restrictions to blame for surge

A couple of recent letters are decrying the re-election of Gov. Jay…


Values belong to people of both parties

After reading Mr. Sage’s letter in the Nov. 13 Herald regarding “Trump…


Who’s the sore loser now, Mr. President?

Imagine, if you will, the howls of protest from the right if Donald Trump had won the popular vote, but lost the Electoral College. In… Continue reading

Keep an eye out for vandals at Snohomish parks

I was concerned about the closure of Hill Park in Snohomish and upon inquiring I received a startling reply from the Parks Department. Vandals have… Continue reading

This is why I voted for Trump

My dad served this country for 45 years, 30 years in the Navy, and 15 as a postal clerk. I was drafted into the Army… Continue reading

Each state’s chosen electors must be recognized on Dec. 8

‘I would appreciate attention to the coming media blitz regarding the “stolen election” in 20 states with Republican governors and assemblies who may ignore the… Continue reading

Electoral College is unjust and inequitable

Believers in the deeply unfair and undemocratic Electoral College need to answer some simple questions. If their beloved system is so fair and democratic then… Continue reading

GOP challenge of election is embarrassing

Isn’t it strange that Joe Biden isn’t mounting his own embarrassing attempt to overturn votes in the “red” states? The fact that 74 million people… Continue reading

Pandemic has borught out our best and our worst

Because of covid-19, we are all experiencing and sharing obstacles that none of us have ever dealt with. Covid has brought out the best in… Continue reading

From which majority’s tyranny are we being protected

After reading the Nov. 13 letter to the editor from a Trump support about values, it should be noted we’re not governed by biblical law,… Continue reading

Only votes for Trump are legitimate?

Trump has demonstrated time and again that he lacks any sense of logic. He claims that the Nov. 3 vote was tainted by fraud; but… Continue reading

What was purpose of Snohomish’s Carnegie project?

The City of Snohomish’s decades-long Carnegie project costing city, state and federal taxpayers well over $4 million is nearing completion. However, the purpose and practicality… Continue reading

Article about Everett officer’s twitter feed attacks rights

Regarding the front page article about the Twitter account that was being investigated (“Police union leader accused of anti-protest Twitter trolling,” The Herald, Nov. 22):… Continue reading

Culp’s admirable effort now sullied by his actions

Though not necessarily my first choice, I did want to offer kudos to Loren Culp for throwing his hat into the recent Washington state gubernatorial… Continue reading

For doggerel, our brains we’re rackin’

In Washington, we do no frackin’; For fear the ground be crackin’. But the scores we be a trackin’; Of Seattle’s new team, the Kracken.… Continue reading

Help health care workers by staying vigilant, wearing masks

As long-time supporters of Providence Regional Medical Center Everett, and on behalf of current and former Providence Board members, we want to express our thanks… Continue reading

Keep your masks up over nose and mouth, please

Although my official line is that I’m fine with the restrictions of this awful virus, today I lost my temper with the third person I… Continue reading

Electoral College means your vote doesn’t count

Wait a minute! You think your vote counted? Well, it didn’t, except as an advisory vote. It’s the electors who will decide who is our… Continue reading