‘My body, my choice’ ought to be followed equally

I find it fascinating that the Democrats who proudly proclaim a woman’s…


GOP complaining about prison closures balked at funding

Regarding the article documenting Republican state senators’ concerns about prison closures (“GOP…


Should have asked readers about switching out comics

I fully agree with the seeming multitude of readers who object to…


Cymbaluks’ gift to Providence building even better hospital

As Everett’s mayor from 2003 to 2017, I had a unique vantage point to observe the growth and development of our local hospital, Providence Regional… Continue reading

Everett Council, Dist. 2: Rhyne has worked for her neighbors

Paula Rhyne is the best candidate for our first District 2 Everett City Council member. Paula has been actively engaged in local civics and issues… Continue reading

Long-term care tax unfair to older workers

I was informed that I will be paying 58 cents for every $100 earned on my paycheck to fund the Washington State Long-Term Services and… Continue reading

Regarding natural covid immunity and vaccines

“Follow the science,” says our president, plus our governor and various health officials. Mandates are emphasized as following the science. Yet there are an estimated… Continue reading

Thanks for adding Tundra to Herald comics

I love Tundra! I think it is hilarious and relates to the PNW. I missed it when it was pulled from the daily paper a… Continue reading

Young reader wants Zits, Baby Blues back on comics page

This decision to switch comics in The Herald has been very frustrating! I spent a lot of time reading comics, specifically Zits and Baby Blues.… Continue reading

County’s plans for Lord Hill park must respect wishes of all

I read the recent guest commentary from Rick Reed concerning the Snohomish County Parks plans for bike-only trails at Lord Hill park (“County plans for… Continue reading

Eugene Robinson columns foment racism

While The Herald is deleting and rearranging the comic strips, can it do something with Eugene Robinson’s columns, please? Like delete them? I assure you… Continue reading

Hospital should reserve space for noncovid patients

Here in Snohomish County and all across the country, hospitals are overflowing with covid-19 patients, most of whow are unvaccinated. This leaves many who may… Continue reading

Justice for Jan. 6 rioters should be served

Sept. 18 there was a rally in Washington, D.C. and other locations called “Justice for J6.” Organizers called for justice of the Jan. 6 defendants,… Continue reading

Military suppliers will get billions more in ICBM contract

I enjoyed a recent letter to the editor on last September’s $13.3 billion sole-source contract to Northrop Grumman for the U.S.’s ICBM system, built on… Continue reading

No reason to make mask-wearing political; just wear them

I was in Ivar’s recently picking up an order for dinner. A young couple came in without masks on and were told by an employee,… Continue reading

State’s members of Congress must protect abortion rights

I, like so many other voters in Washington state am appalled at the Supreme Court’s unwillingness to address the Texas restrictions on abortions. The fact… Continue reading

Most users are fine with bikes at Lord Hill park

Regarding the recent guest commentary as to mountain biking at Lord Hill park (“County plans for Lord Hill park won’t serve all users,” The Herald,… Continue reading

Wish Herald had asked before making switch of comics

Like a good cup of coffee, I count on reading the paper each morning. And, part of reading the paper is the comics section. It… Continue reading

Julie Muhlstein and Dan Bates served Herald readers well

Julie Muhlstein’s history with the Everett Daily Herald establishes that she is a major credit to The Herald and our community. She has utilized her… Continue reading

Good wages are worth union dues

We recently celebrated Labor Day. I was able to retire at the age of 58. I was able to retire because for 17 years I… Continue reading