Catholic bishops ruling on communion avoids abortion issue

U.S. Catholic bishops of the U.S. ended a nearly year long debate…


Consequences of lies, fear have proved deadly before

While I am mostly a “pox on both their houses” kind of…


State should end animal fur trade

It is far past time that Washington state bans animal fur sales…


ASB gives students a voice at school

As someone who is a senator for a local high school in its Associated Student Body, I can tell you: the ASB has a big… Continue reading

College degree isn’t everything; all jobs are important

First off, I am not a Republican, nor am I any longer calling myself a Democrat. In multiple publications and on the internet I have… Continue reading

Don’t equate basic economic fairness with Marxism

I’ve written many, many letters to this esteemed publication for a long time. And the theme of my beliefs is a very liberal morality that… Continue reading

Letter of thanks: CT bus driver welcomes riders

I’m thankful for our friendly Community Transit bus driver, Mark Terry, who always gives a warm “good morning” and a pleasant “goodbye” to each of… Continue reading

Letter of thanks: For doggy daycare for furry best friend

So grateful to have discovered The Dog Spot doggy day care in Everett this year. My much loved furry child Rocket can have fun and… Continue reading

Letter of thanks: For eyes, ears and so much more

Because I am at the mature age of 87, I am deeply thankful for: Good eyesight to be able to see my family and friends… Continue reading

Letter of thanks: For family, friends and the beach

I’m thankful for my supportive family: my loving husband, beautiful daughter, brave son and their spouses and children. I’m thankful for friends to drink coffee… Continue reading

Letter of thanks: For hospital guild donors, volunteers

As we celebrate Thanksgiving and enter this joyful holiday season, I appreciate the opportunity to recognize the members of Providence General Children’s Association as well… Continue reading

Letter of thanks: For special education teachers, staff

As an elementary music and PE teacher for Lake Stevens School District, I have had the opportunity and privilege to work for the first time… Continue reading

Letter of thanks: For the help of family, friends after loss

I just want to express my love and appreciation to my daughter, Nancy Gilmore, who has done so much for me since her dad, my… Continue reading

Letter of thanks: For those who weave fabric of America

Crunching through the big leaf maples’ golden carpet along a treasured greenbelt, I pause and reflect. The capering of a gray squirrel, the scold of… Continue reading

Letter of thanks: Friends, family, PB&Js and guinea pig Oliver

I am thankful for: My best friend, my dad. We do fun things like bike riding, snowboarding and reading with me. My good friend Chase… Continue reading

Letter of thanks: Let’s hear it for newspapers, reporters

Up front I must say I am a retired Herald reporter. I am thankful for local newspapers. I glean more information from newspapers than any… Continue reading

Letter of thanks: PUD restored power, eateries honored vets

I applaud the Snohomish County Public Utility District for the great job it performed during and after the recent nasty storm. They had a lot… Continue reading

Deaths will follow Rittenhouse in his mind

So Kyle Rittenhouse has been judged not guilty, and he will walk free, but he knows what he did, and he will never “walk free”… Continue reading

Letters of Thanks: Share your gratitude with Herald readers

and it’s right there in the name — is sharing with others… Continue reading

No shame in changing your mind and getting vaccine

I am reaching out to my neighbors who have been hesitant to get the covid-19 vaccination. I am seeing in my work as a school… Continue reading