Expand tax credits to working families

I was very concerned to read an article in the Oct. 15…


Please don’t feed the squirrels

Our beautiful community is growing at breakneck speed. Every time I drive…


Sorry to see Everett’s Burgermaster close

Over the weekend, my husband and I went to eat at Burgermaster…


Would it be easier to provide vaccinations in the schools?

The recent article in The Herald about school vaccinations showed how complicated things have become in modern day America (“Schools to bar hundreds of unvaccinated… Continue reading

Don’t print letters on races that don’t matter to most readers

I greatly appreciate The Herald’s and other newspapers’ efforts to inform us about the issues and the candidates, but I’m sure nobody’s interested in who… Continue reading

Sheriff’s deputies could have been disciplined, not fired

It seems to me that the Sheriff Ty Trenary’s action in firing the two deputies for violation of department policy is an overreaction and some… Continue reading

Where’s outcry over charge dropped for gun possession?

Regarding the article about two deputies being fired (“Sheriff fires 2 deputies for illegal vehicle search,” The Herald, Nov. 2): In the article is the… Continue reading

Why was Marysville Pilchuck matched against Ballard?

As a Marysville Pilchuck football fan I am curious to learn exactly how our Tomahawks end up playing an undefeated Ballard team in this week’s… Continue reading

Housing Hope’s Norton Field project would be good neighbor

Recently the Everett City Council placed a moratorium on the Housing Hope Norton Field project. Some residents express fears that this project will negatively impact… Continue reading

Don’t pave the Mountain Loop Highway

Do not pave the Mountain Loop Highway. This area does not need gentrification; it’s plenty busy now with folks who are prepared to endure bumps… Continue reading

Traffic cameras are about revenue, not safety

Regarding Lizz Giordano’s Herald “Street Smarts” article of Oct. 21, “Everett reconsiders traffic enforcement cameras”: Red-light cameras, bah, humbug. Are we trying to turn ourselves… Continue reading

Clean air is what’s causing climate change

Climate change is occurring, not because we are keeping more heat in with greenhouse gases, but because we are letting more heat in with our… Continue reading

Clean fuel standard needed to reduce carbon emissions

We need a clean fuel standard now. Critical time for combating climate change is slipping away. A recent report from the United Nations clearly sets… Continue reading

Edmonds school board vote on teacher pay was responsible

Lynne Chelius’ Oct. 29 letter to the editor called into question the fiscal responsibility of the decision regarding teacher pay raises in the Edmonds School… Continue reading

People spoke, Congress listened, funded global AIDS program

Congress is listening: The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria was fully funded this week in Lyon, France. After letters to the editor… Continue reading

Puget Sound clean fuel standard would help climate, health

Thank you to The Herald for its excellent editorial supporting the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency in its efforts to ensure high standards for air… Continue reading

Seattle’s rideshare tax increase will hurt Uber, Lyft drivers

I’ve been a rideshare driver for three and a half years and have an average 5-star rating on both Lyft and Uber. I started as… Continue reading

Which cities in Snohomish County are struggling with budgets?

The mayor of Everett stated that Everett was facing a budget deficit up to $20 million and if I-976 passes it would have a significant… Continue reading

Harrop: Why did anyone fall for WeWork founder’s ‘yoga babble’?

It took the disclosure required for an IPO to see the extent of the con perpetrated by a surfer dude.

Ad money against I-976 should have gone to fix bridges

There has been a tidal wave of advertisements on TV urging voters to reject Tim Eyman’s Initiative 976. If the money spent on these negative… Continue reading