AI offers opportunities to aid veterans

As artificial intelligence (AI) innovation continues to evolve, new applications for this…


Investing in Herald’s staff will return investment

We have all watched with a mix of horror and sadness the…


Herald readers rely on its coverage of sports, more

The Everett Herald has always done a fantastic job of highlighting and…


Can Herald reporters start their own paper?

When I read last week that the majority of the Everett Herald’s staff were being laid off, I was angry. I looked online to find… Continue reading

Editorial cartoon in online gallery mocked transgendered people

I was shocked and dismayed by the editorial cartoon published in the June 26 online edition of the Everett Herald regarding the recent Louisiana legislation… Continue reading

Herald readers demand local coverage, ample staffing

I am dismayed that the number of newsroom staff in The Daily Herald was cut by one-half. These drastic cuts will hurt readers and residents… Continue reading

Herald reporter vital to helping Marysville schools

I am a founding member of the Marysville Community Coalition. I am deeply saddened to hear news of the layoffs announced recently and urge The… Continue reading

Christians using Bible to defend hatred against Arlington Pride

While I recognize there are biblical passages that can be used to induce churches to “battle” against Pride, it is somewhat ironic that the Arlington… Continue reading

Herald staff cuts will mean less coverage for city

As a lifelong Everett resident, third generation Seagull and current City of Everett employee, it’s very disappointing to see our local newspaper’s staff being slashed.… Continue reading

Letter’s author misapplied New Testament verses

A recent letter writer to the Herald expressed his disgust for any Christian who only uses the Old Testament of the Bible to demonstrate God’s… Continue reading

Have Herald layoffs ended its woke agenda?

The “go woke, go broke” wave seems to have recently washed over The Herald. After years of increasingly backing any government “leaders” or actions (and… Continue reading

Will PUD solar array project take 45 years for payback?

I read the recent article about the solar energy project and my skepticism kicked in when I read that the project will cost $668,000 and… Continue reading

Herald owners must keep commitment to subscribers

We’ve all said regrettable things in times of stress, so I tried to muster some forgiveness as I re-read Publisher Rudi Alcott’s comment that readers… Continue reading

Lifting Everett’s tax lid may save taxpayers in long run

Everett boasts a beautiful parks system, a local transit system, a library system, top-notch streets and traffic management, fire and emergency medical services, and has… Continue reading

Honor our veterans on July 4 with some quiet, rather than fireworks

As we all know the Fourth of July is here. I know many want to go out and celebrate by setting off their own fireworks.… Continue reading

Island County should prohibit fireworks as part of its burn ban

A Burn Ban 1 was put in place on Whidbey and Camano Islands on June 30 because fire danger is so high this year. To… Continue reading

Lake Stevens postmaster delivers wishes for Fourth of July

As Postmaster of Lake Stevens I am writing to express the unwavering commitment of our postal staff to serving our wonderful community. With the Fourth… Continue reading

Galling to say readers won’t notice

Our families have been non-stop subscribers to the Everett newspapers for at least 100 years. This, though, is a new low: Acquire the paper and… Continue reading

Laid-off Herald reporters could start a news co-op

Half the staff means half the coverage; readers will notice The news that Carpenter Media Group and the private equity companies who acquired The Herald… Continue reading

You’re paying for wealthy’s low taxes

Recently, a letter to the editor bemoaned all the “new” taxes homeowners are being hit with, as to why school levies do not pass. Aside… Continue reading