EMS, hospital workers are American heroes

Recently, I awoke having great difficulty breathing. My wife called 911 and…


Good news that Keystone XL pipeline canceled

It was joyful news to read that the Keystone XL Pipeline has…


It’s in interest of all that U.S. share vaccines worldwide

The covid-19 outbreak in India is a humanitarian crisis with global implications.…


Are vaccine hesitant taking a chance on dying or living?

The other day I started to once again lovingly nag a much younger, much loved relative to get their vaccine shots. After a short lively… Continue reading

City of Snohomish losing experienced women staffers

The City of Snohomish has an issue with the retention of professional women. Since the last election, three high-level professional contributors have left. All have… Continue reading

For fairer representation abolish Senate and expand House

A recent report regarding President Biden’s agenda stalling in Congress just shows us what must be done. I’ve long held the belief that we must… Continue reading

Cliff Bailey was a man of family, community and the land

A great man passed away recently (“Snohomish farmer and civic leader Cliff Bailey dies at 94,” The Herald, June 7). Herald reporter Isabella Breda wrote… Continue reading

Comment: Leave tax argument for later and start building

Low interest rates make borrowing cheap, allowing Congress to delay debates on how to pay for infrastructure.

Many need to brush up on speed limits near schools

The pandemic made it easy to forget the sounds and traffic of school zones because many school campuses were closed for a year. School zones… Continue reading

Much as changed but respect for U.S. flag remains

When I was growing up June had two days of great import. The first and lessor day was June 14, Flag Day. The really important… Continue reading

Urge Congress to protect voting, election rights

I support the For the People Act, which has been passed through the House and will be presented to the Senate later this month. This… Continue reading

Closure plan for Monroe prison is short-sighted

I spent 20 years as a correctional educator behind the walls of the Monroe Correctional Complex. The plan to close quite a bit of many… Continue reading

Too much in infrastructure package isn’t necessary

I believe all of us are interested in improving our infrastructure. That is the not the reason many are uncomfortable with, and are opposed to,… Continue reading

Refreshing to read community views in Herald Forum

I was happy to see the Herald Forum feature in Saturday’s Herald. It is refreshing to hear views from people in the community instead of… Continue reading

How should words of Flynn, Greene be judged?

When should proposed violence be prosecuted? How close to publicly proposed criminal action must a person come before the threat of such action becomes a… Continue reading

Trump’s big lie and GOP voter suppression threats to democracy

There are two active and interrelated juggernauts that is currently poisoning the United States political landscape. One is the damning and poisonous belief that the… Continue reading

Boost rural vaccination rates with clinics in small towns

So, the experts say those in the outlying areas of the county have lower vaccination rates than those of the “city folk” (Vaccination rates in… Continue reading

Don’t drop plan to remove dams on Snake River

Thank you for the well-researched and timely editorial on Columbia River salmon “Act now to save salmon, regardless of dams’ fate,” The Herald, May 30).… Continue reading

History, as reconsidertion of Whitman shows, is complicated

As usually happens in history, the victors get to write it. Reading the article today about Marcus Whitman caused lots of thought (“Scrutiny mounts of… Continue reading

‘Socialist’ label used to shoot down worthy ideas

I’m tired of people flinging the term “socialist” at an issue in a dismissive way. Every time the Democrats want to have the government work… Continue reading