Criticism of Biden is fine, but we need ideas, too

In response to a letter to the editor regarding his decision not…


Electric cars too expensive; I’m keeping my Mustang, SUV

So, our state wants new car sales to be only electric vehicles…


Marysville School Board should respect wishes of parents

I have a question about the Marysville School Board proposal to require…


Fed should be careful not to over-correct for inflation

The Federal Reserve and the Biden administration are now forced to deal with emerging stagflation. However, they should not be too hawkish on curbing inflation.… Continue reading

More traffic officers needed to keep U.S. 2 moving

I’ve been traveling across Stevens Pass for over 60 years, mainly to Lake Wenatchee and back, sometimes 10 to 15 times a month. I’ve seen… Continue reading

Rent control could ease homelessness

In the dictionary under “rent control,” it states “government regulation of the amount charged as rent for housing and often also of eviction.” With all… Continue reading

Collective steps necessary to fight covid pandemic

The recent editorial observing we are far from done with covid-19 is certainly correct (“Even after 1 million deaths, covid fight isn’t over,” The Herald,… Continue reading

Herald reporter’s work on housing issues is appreciated

I was disappointed to read of Herald Reporter Katie Hayes’ farewell in Sunday’s Herald. Her final story on the Grand Apartments transition to corporate, market-based… Continue reading

‘My body, my choice,’ doesn’t work with disease

I took a second thinking over a recent letter to the editor regarding the “my body, my choice” phrase. It was the author’s opinion that… Continue reading

Maybe it’s time to use Depression-era tips

It’s obvious we better hunker down into a Depression-era mode under the Biden administration. They knew about a lack of infant formula back in February,… Continue reading

Why a conservative would support Roe v. Wade

I was surprised when my mom, a pretty conservative Lutheran, told me she supported Roe v. Wade and safe, legal abortions. But I shouldn’t have… Continue reading

Big difference between ‘my body, my choice’ camps

Regarding a recent letter to the editor regarding rights regarding abortion and masks and the slogan “My body, my choice,” the writer evidently does not… Continue reading

Problem on Highway 99 isn’t speeders; it’s jaywalkers

The Everett City Council passing a resolution to lower speeds on Evergreen Way and Everett Mall Way is the equivalent of mowing your lawn while… Continue reading

Final authority over LGBTQ clubs rests with parents

Regarding a recent article about LGBTQ clubs in the Marysville School District (“Marysville School Board proposes parental consent to join LGBTQ clubs,” The Herald, May… Continue reading

How many more guns will assure safety of all?

My letter is actually a question, or questions, for my fellow citizens. We’ve all heard the pronouncements by the National Rifle Association that the only… Continue reading

Schools play important role in kids’ development

School is a place where young people can begin discovering who they are, not just as sons and daughters, but as individual persons and members… Continue reading

County not treating property owners fairly in negotiations

I’m writing to bring awareness to a Snohomish County road project, and how some are being threatened by Snohomish County Public Works to take us… Continue reading

Now is not the time to increase fossil fuel production, use

The war in Ukraine has caused a dramatic increase in the price of oil and natural gas. Some are using this situation to call for… Continue reading

Boeing breaking pledge made after Jan. 6 insurrection

A week after the Jan. 6, 2021 insurrection, Boeing released a statement that it would support only politicians who “not only support our company but… Continue reading

Glad to see a moderate Republican in House race

I for one was very glad to see Sam Low, a moderate, running against Robert Sutherland for the state legislative race in the 39th District… Continue reading