$5 million spent on monument to robber baron Carnegie

Regarding Noah Haglund’s March 8 story in The Herald: “Snohomish council votes…


Sno-Isle Libraries needs to provide more detail about its revenue

In response to the marketing materials we received in today’s mail regarding…


Taxpayers’ anger directed at the wrong people

Too many people are unaware of their place in the world economy.…


Herald recycles news from liberal echo chamber

After 32 years we canceled our subscription to the Seattle Times. Why? It isn’t a newspaper anymore; it’s Seattle’s liberal playbook, filled with repetitive anti-Trump… Continue reading

Minimum wage is an unfair price control

Let’s attack the minimum wage this way: Our courts have long protected citizens by outlawing or restricting dangerous products and practices. My not-so-silly question is:… Continue reading

Trump’s actions on immigration, trade not in our interests

I would like to address the immigration situation. If we don’t allow immigrants here to work, what will happen to our orchards, the owners of… Continue reading

Don’t support politicians with high rating from NRA

The Republicans in Congress have decided to compromise many of their values to support President Trump. On core issues such as fiscal restraint, family values… Continue reading

Focus on guns ignores the real causes of shootings

The mantra today is “gun control,” but shouldn’t it be focused on what has caused the school shootings and where the government failed, the parents… Continue reading

State bank would keep public funds working for us

State Sen. Jan Angel’s March 3 guest commentary on the Bank of Washington State is actually an argument for why a state bank is needed.… Continue reading

Providence Children’s guild’s candy sale a sweet success

I always look forward to February and the opportunity to reconnect with my friends and business associates through the annual Providence General Children’s Association Guild… Continue reading

False narratives about women and Islam must be challenged

This year, International Women’s Day has made a strong call to action to #PressforProgress on gender parity. Fueled by movements such as #MeToo and #TimesUp,… Continue reading

No. 1-ranked UW women’s softball team deserves coverage

In The Herald’s sport pages, we hear endless stories about the so-so UW Huskies men’s basketball team, local high school teams, meaningless Mariners pre-season games,… Continue reading

Problem isn’t product; it’s behind the wheel or trigger

Who am I? Think of our Congress, and how lobbyist influences their decisions. I represent a large number of people and businesses and I lobby… Continue reading

Toys should be for all kids and offered in all colors

This is Lucy and Sophia from Girl Scout Troop No. 45096. We think there is a major stereotype that affects many children. This stereotype is… Continue reading

We must come together on issue of gun violence

Traumatized children, social isolation and access to guns: Can you imagine a more volatile recipe for disaster? The competitive, hyper-individualism that has characterized much of… Continue reading

County money for loop highway study better spent on trestle

Jerry Cornfield’s March 4 Herald article, “Taming the traffic-troubled U.S. 2 trestle,” points out the critical need to address traffic problems in the Puget Sound… Continue reading

Governor should respect life and veto Reproductive Parity Act

Gov. Jay Inslee should be applauded for his decision to suspend the death penalty. The death penalty has been explained as costly and unnecessary. I… Continue reading

U.S. dangerously planning for first-strike nuclear weapon

Propaganda teachers and theorists tell us that the most powerful form of propaganda is that of omission. It is not an exaggeration to say that… Continue reading

Boycott stores selling assault weapons

It is difficult to know what we as individuals can do to make a difference regarding the continuing assault rifle massacres. However, one action each… Continue reading

Teachers who are willing to carry firearms should be allowed

Beverly Hoback, in her guest commentary in the March 4 Herald, is right to understand that she cannot be responsible for the safety of students… Continue reading