Letter’s criticism of Democrats, liberals make no sense

This is in regard to a March 25 letter to the editor…


Are take-out orders slowing dine-in service?

We’ve finally gotten to the point where we can venture out and…


While county admin offices are closed, courts are open

We were surprised to see a letter to the editor on March…


Current law on suspeding driver’s licenses protects safety

Carmen Best, former Seattle police chief, has it dead wrong in her March 29 supporting Senate Bill 5226 (“Failure to pay traffic ticket shouldn’t cost… Continue reading

If felons get right to vote back, same should go for guns

A March 30 letter to the editor regarding the need to restore voting rights to felons said the state Legislature has passed House Bill 1078… Continue reading

Might as well let the kids vote

There was a time when voting was considered a right, defined as a moral or legal entitlement. Gone are the days of exercising one’s franchise,… Continue reading

If you can, share your aid with local charities

For those who have struggled financially through this pandemic, the economic stimulus payments have been a godsend. For those of us who have been fortunate… Continue reading

Addressing global poverty addresses many problems

In life, many people hear the phrase, “Be the change that you want to see in the world.” In just eleven words, one begins to… Continue reading

GOP needs to reject Trump’s lies

Many elected Republicans are completely afraid of Trump and his ability to destroy their political careers. His lies and the perpetuation of those lies are… Continue reading

Marijuana’s potency linked to psychosis

Putting a cap on marijuana’s THC potency will lessen the rates of schizophrenia. However, Washingtonians should know THC is still an environmental risk factor for… Continue reading

Support carbon fee dividend act in Congress

Thank you for publishing the March 14 commentary, “Why we may want to side with Big Oil on carbon tax.” I am 75 years old… Continue reading

Time for wealthy to pay more of the state tax burden

It’s about time Olympia started taxing me and my wealthy friends. For all the progressive values that we proudly tout, Washington is shamefully No. 1… Continue reading

Nice hat, Mr. Trump; where did you get it?

I read with interest a recet letter to the editor, claiming that the previous president stood up to China. Apparently like he stood up to… Continue reading

City should provide restrooms for Everett’s homeless

Since the pandemic began, Central Lutheran Church (located next to the former YMCA building) has experienced an enormous increase in the amount of human waste… Continue reading

It’s time to end or reform filibuster

We need government to work and express the will of the majority and do the people’s work. The filibuster originated to prevent progress on the… Continue reading

Keep following advice of Dr. Schwab

Letter writer Brad Ipsen’s options regarding Herald columnist Sid Schwab are, “in the interest of fairness…” understandable. However, the good doctor must address both sources… Continue reading

Shouldn’t Sid Schwab have left with Trump?

I guess I had hoped in vain that President Trump’s defeat would render Sid Schwab’s weekly screed obsolete. After all, for the last four years… Continue reading

Letter writer inflated Trump’s record of success

A recent letter writer appears to be living in a vacuum when he says Nancy Pelosi never said why Trump was dangerous. Two impeachment convictions… Continue reading

State’s capital budget should fund parks, public lands projects

In Western Washington, from Possession Point to Deception Pass, natural beauty surrounds us for all to enjoy. Outdoor opportunities are important for our general wellbeing;… Continue reading

Carbon dividend would return money to U.S. residents

Here’s a solution for the rising price of gas: Let’s cut the pollution from fossil fuels quickly and efficiently with national legislation that puts a… Continue reading