Honored that son considered for name of Snohomish park

We want to say how honored we are that our son, Marine…


There are alternatives to breaching dams to help salmon

There have been many articles and letters about breaching the lower Snake…


Allow vote in Senate on restoring government funding

Seems to us the Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, by failing to…


Restaurant’s readerboard slighted all government workers

I noticed an Everett restaurant readerboard that, to paraphrase, suggested “What government shutdown? Who noticed? They don’t work anyway.” Any government employee, federal, state, county… Continue reading

Shutdown is disgraceful way to treat fellow Americans

I’m tired of all of the bickering going on between the leaders of our country. Especially our main leader who goes on national TV and… Continue reading

Attorney general should go after Sound Transit, not Tim Eyman

Sound Transit provided fraudulent data on the ballot in order to secure funding for its ST3 projects. The investigating committee “determined Sound Transit deceived legislators… Continue reading

Biggest risk to the nation is Trump, himself

The editorial from the Columbia Basin Herald in the Jan. 11 Herald (“Congress needs to legislate, not go after Trump”) warns us against impeachment. Until… Continue reading

Label corporate practices on climate change as criminal

I have been in the profession of crime and violence prevention for more than four decades. Recent events convince me that we as a nation… Continue reading

Why are BMX bike riders concealing identity with masks?

We have all seen the BMX riding masked gentlemen roaming our neighborhoods. Some wear bandanas, some wear hockey masks. I asked our patrol officer if… Continue reading

Drivers should be ticketed for noisy modified mufflers

I would really appreciate it if the Everett Police and local school officials penalized students for driving obnoxiously loud cars with modified mufflers. Sometimes you… Continue reading

Electric cars make more efficient use of energy

Recently I had the opportunity to swap cars with our son, his Nissan Leaf electric for our Honda Element, which he needed to haul big… Continue reading

Snohomish’s river park should be named for Pilchuck Julia

The city of Snohomish’s Parks Board started a parks naming process in 2017, even creating a special parks naming committee. Finally, late last year, 52… Continue reading

Thanks to many for help with tree downed in storm

During the recent big wind storm, a very large hemlock fell from our land, blocking the country road for hours. Neighbors and other passing motorists… Continue reading

Work to put up and take down Christmas lights is appreciated

I want to tell everyone that put up Christmas decorations how much I appreciate all their efforts. It is a joy to ride through neighborhoods… Continue reading

End shutdown and hire border security staff

OK. So instead of being so obnoxiously stubborn about a southern security wall, and allowing for a degree of national security to be at risk.… Continue reading

Removing dams not solution for salmon, orcas

The futures of chinook salmon and orca whales are entwined. Many propose removing dams to increase salmon runs. While well-intentioned, dam removal is a short-term… Continue reading

Wall demand jeopardizes our security

In the Jan. 8 Herald, I read two letters to the editor praising Donald Trump’s wall. I also read on social media that the total… Continue reading

Marysville project developers should explain delay

In Marysville on the south side of 116th Street across from Winco there is a hotel construction project that looks like a total disaster and… Continue reading

Internet, changing tastes — not bias — reason for newspapers’ woes

In response to the letter (“Blame the media’s bias for newspapers’ decline,” The Herald, Jan. 8) and the reason why the newspaper industry is suffering… Continue reading

Reopen government, then talk border security

The current shutdown is a no-win proposition, and is unnecessarily putting hundreds of thousands out of work, nationally and here at home, and costing the… Continue reading