Olympics focused too much on nationalism

I’m sick of the Olympics. They’ve become a war between nations who…


Vaccine hesitancy came before Trump

Regarding Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker July 26 column on Capitol rioters…


Critical Race Theory is Marxist and divisive

Regarding the July 31 Herald Forum column by Ken W. White regarding…


Students need to be taught history, warts and all

Ken White makes a good point that the teaching of Critical Race Theory can lead to the teaching of critical thinking in general (“Critical Race… Continue reading

Vaccine opponents risk tragedy for more than themselves

Again, I read the tragic lamentings of yet another anti-vaxxer from their death-bed over not getting their shots. Has it become “give me liberty or… Continue reading

Cartoon critical of Fauci adds to covid’s politicization

I noticed a political cartoon in the July 17 edition of The Herald apparently mocking Dr. Anthony Fauci for encouraging vaccinations. I wondered if such… Continue reading

Expand successful programs to address homelessness

Immediate housing like that provided in the successful Housing First program is essential to curb the homelessness crisis (“Homelessness was on decline, until we changed… Continue reading

There’s something familiar about signs at anti-vax protests

Looking at photos of women holding “My body, my choice” placards at anti-mask and anti-vaccine rallies brings to mind pro-choice women holding placards bearing the… Continue reading

A few things the Republian Party doesn’t support

Republican Party What the GOP doesn’t support I cannot speak to the veracity of the list of things the Republican Party supports in a recent… Continue reading

Prisons seem to have room for repeat offenders

Convictions Prisons seem to have room now Seems like every time I see a story on a criminal they have been convicted of crimes over… Continue reading

Cuban protests a good lesson for young people

Cuban protests A good lesson for young people I hope our younger generation is paying attention to what is happening in Cuba. This is their… Continue reading

Stop sale of catalytic converters to end their thefts

Catalytic converter thefts Stop sales to end thefts Our state legislators could stop thefts of catalytic converters by simply enacting legislation that makes it illegal… Continue reading

Legal immigration only solution to DACA ruling

DACA ruling Legal immigration only solution Recent news reported President Biden his administration would appeal a federal judge’s ruling that the DACA program protecting hundreds… Continue reading

City of Snohomish TBD: Two cents on the tax’s value

The residents of Snohomish fund many government services. One of the most successful government programs in the City of Snohomish is the Transportation Benefit District… Continue reading

Seniors could use a boost in income, too

First of all I must admit I voted for Joe Biden. Not because I thought he would be a great president but I couldn’t stomach… Continue reading

Trump’s big lie that he won is a threat to democracy

I know we’re all getting tired of reading or hearing about it but the conspiracy theories abound. Fraudulent election results rumors are rampant. As soon… Continue reading

County Council, Dist. 5: Low works to keep taxes low

Sam Low has proven himself as a responsible public servant on the Snohomish County Council, District 5. He is a consistent champion of effective policing.… Continue reading

Ignoring racism in our community is condoning it

There has been much talk about the Black Lives Matter movement and the activities surrounding this. Some people are denying that racism exists in this… Continue reading

Snohomish City Council, Pos. 5: Zimmerman is a leader

While you have many good candidates to choose from in this year‘s Snohomish City Council election, I would like you to consider voting for Kari… Continue reading

Keep Everett Transit but increase city sales tax

There is one reason and one reason only that Community Transit wants to absorb Everett Transit. Community Transit wants to collect sales taxes generated by… Continue reading