Election denier Sutherland shouldn’t run for county auditor

I am offended by and angry at Robert Sutherland who is running…


Local businesses should offer summer programs for STEM students

I wish to thank The Herald for providing STEM student Nicole Piedrahita…


Comment: AI, social media usher in the end of photographic proof

It’s now easy to convincingly fake photos; and even easier to make them go viral on Twitter.


Audubon’s achievements and flaws part of history

We all know that John Audubon had lamentable views on race, but virtually every figure in history has some view or behavior that will trigger… Continue reading

Donald Trump oppose globalists, anti-federalists

Donald Trump is not a NATO ally. Perhaps his re-election is the only way the war in Ukraine can end. Trump is dangerous to those… Continue reading

Republicans rightly using leverage to win cuts to resolve debt

In his commentary (“Economics 101: Defining deficits, debt and a looming debacle,” The Herald May 13) Paul Roberts makes several valid points about our deficits,… Continue reading

Cutting, then leaving, roadside brush a wildfire hazard

We are now in wildfire season. Temperatures are rising to historic levels and it is very dry all around us. Throughout the winter months in… Continue reading

Doubtful that Helion’s fusion reactor will work anytime soon

The geeks at Microsoft must not have read the history regarding fusion power, or else they wouldn’t have signed on with the Helion scam (“Everett… Continue reading

Expand the SNAP food aid program

I agree with Willie Dickerson’s praise for the Child Tax Credit in his letter, “Good ideas need support contact your members of Congress” of May… Continue reading

Comment: Writers love their work, but love doesn’t pay the bills

The job and its pay has changed with streaming; producers need to honor writers’ concerns for their work.

‘No sit, no lie’ ordinance hides homeless, doesn’t solve problem

I am writing to express my disagreement with the expansion of Everett’s “no sit, no lie” ordinance (“Mayor given new authority to expand Everett’s ‘no… Continue reading

Carbon dividend bill would put price on carbon and help Americans

The very best solution for climate change will soon be introduced in Congress. Look for the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend bill in which oil,… Continue reading

Good ideas needs support; contact your members of Congress

Great to read opinion pieces about building bridges and strengthening our democracy by “Honing our democratic skills” by The Herald Editorial Board and by Ron… Continue reading

Housing for farmworkers a burden for farmers

Regarding the cost of housing burden on farmers, I recall a few years back, Gov. Gary Locke imposed first-world housing requirements for migrant labor housing… Continue reading

Suspicion of Arlington Pride participants is unwarranted, hurtful

The article regarding the Pride event in Arlington garnered nearly 60 inches of coverage (“Arlington Pride even delayed after mayor questions ‘drag story time,’” The… Continue reading

Do some among MAGA faithful want the economy to crash?

I figured out the right-wing MAGA crazies’ strategy. There are enough GOP crazies in the House to prevent any debt ceiling legislation from passing. They… Continue reading

Everett’s ‘no sit, no lie’ ordinance can work if used properly

Regarding recent coverage on Everett’s expanded “no sit, no lie” ordinance (“Mayor given new authority to expand Everett ‘no sit, no lie’ zones,” The Herald,… Continue reading

McArdle incorrect; there are studies on value of transgender care

In her May 4 column, regarding transgender health care for youths and adults, Washington Post columnist Meagan McArdle makes more mistakes than I have room… Continue reading

McCarthy has no room to negotiate deal on debt ceiling

Once again, like clockwork, the nation is about to engage in our debt ceiling Kabuki dance. Both sides will try to stare each other down.… Continue reading

City has mismanaged Forest Park pool for decades

Forest Park pool has been operated by the City of Everett for 47 years. In those 47 years it has spent millions upon millions of… Continue reading