Can we leave the holiday lights on Colby up for now?

I drove down Colby Avenue recently and noticed that the holiday decorations…


Non-residents of school districts writing against levies?

Who is Jeff Heckathorn, and why did he feel he needed to…


Snohomish School District levies fill gaps in state’s funding

Snohomish School District is seeking to renew two expiring previously approved levies…


Stores should do more to prevent shoplifting

I shop at Safeway almost daily. At least once a week, I see someone steal merchandise from the store. Sometimes they will load up one… Continue reading

Herald’s lack of coverage bias against flat-earthers?

I too, wish to voice my opinion on The Herald’s lack of balanced reporting. In my nearly 20 years of reading the local papers, I… Continue reading

Mukilteo schools right to remove ‘Mockingbird’ from list

As I understand the article, the Mukilteo School District is not banning the book, “To Kill A Mockingbird,” they are merely removing it from the… Continue reading

Lake Stevens should not split from Sno-Isle Libraries

Lake Stevens Mayor Brett Gailey recently proposed to break ties with Sno-Isle Libraries and turn the city’s library service over to a private third-party provider.… Continue reading

Quality education a right; vote yes on Everett school levies

My wife and I have enjoyed raising three wonderful children with one still being well educated in the Everett Public Schools. We are owners of… Continue reading

U.S. is a democratic republic

In response to a recent letter whether the United States’ form of government is a democracy or a reublic: There has long been confusion on… Continue reading

Biden successfully addressed covid’s economic impacts

In Sissela Bok’s seminal work, “Lying: Moral Choice in Private and Public Life,” she makes a distinction about lying. Commission is lying when a person… Continue reading

Lake Stevens school levies continue support students need

Many school levies are coming up for a vote, and Lake Stevens is no exception. As a taxpayer in the district who cares deeply for… Continue reading

Learn about Northshore school levies, bonds before voting

On Feb. 8, all registered Northshore School District voters in King and Snohomish counties will have the opportunity to vote on three ballot measures for… Continue reading

Russia’s Ukraine buildup has to do with WWII

Russia’s buildup at Ukraine’s border is a reaction to Adolf Hitler’s Operation Barbarossa of WW II. Germany sent 3.5 million troops into the USSR killing… Continue reading

Snohomish’s former mayor made many missteps

A recent letter to the editor asked proper credit be given to those who saved Snohomish’s Carnegie building. I understand the emotion the letter writer… Continue reading

Covid response is causing a breakdown and division

I am writing this letter because I am really finding it difficult living in this new reality of covid with the mask and vaccine mandates… Continue reading

Lake Stevens students need resources from two Feb. 8 levies

Our students are a massive part of our community. They are what make up a big chunk of our schools. Another big part of their… Continue reading

Sam Low deserves support for House seat in 39th district

Snohomish County Councilman Sam Low has announced that he is running for a Washington state House seat in the 39th Legislative District (“GOP duel: County… Continue reading

Everett School District deserving of support for levies

As a graduate of Everett Public Schools and a parent of three graduates as well as having served eight years on the Everett School Board,… Continue reading

Provide more detail on covid numbers

It might be nice to have a few more details about hospitalizations, regarding covid infections. Some reports have broken out the details as vaccination levels… Continue reading

Was commentary meant to be funny?

University of Virginia professor Ken Hughes in his recent commentary mounts his soapbox unencumbered by any sense of contradiction (“Watching for the coup by a… Continue reading