Let lawmakers hear support for legislation to save orcas

Lately, there’s been a steady drumbeat of bad news regarding our local…


Herald writer captured personality of Everett doctor

Thank you, Julie Muhlstein, for the wonderful article about Dr. Sanford Wright…


Thanks to roadside Samaritans for help in snow

I usually don’t write letters to the editor, but I think in…


I-976 on $30 car tabs not in our best interests

I-976 — in my opinion, this is definitely not in the best interest of the citizens of… Continue reading

Mothers, caregivers deserve appreciation for work

The spotlight has been on many groups of people lately, however, there is one silent group I would like to draw attention to because they… Continue reading

No stop-gap measures; get a full budget deal done by Friday

It is my sincere hope that Paul Rinaldi, the president of the Air Traffic Controllers Association and J. David Cox Sr., American Federation of Government… Continue reading

There really is no excuse for shutdown

Regarding Thursday’s Herald editorial (“FAA, U.S. aviation needn’t be hostage in shutdowns”), perhaps the legislators don’t understand that the shutdown is a consequence of legislators… Continue reading

Concrete recycler’s impacts are being addressed

I am writing in response to Jan. 28 Herald article (“Proposed concrete recycling plant clears largest hurdle”). The article takes an adversarial position against Interwest… Continue reading

Milbank: Drawing a line between fair criticism, anti-Semitism

A Democrat’s anti-Semitic tweet was appalling; her response and that of Democrats was promising.

No fines outlined in state lawmakers’ records bill?

I find it interesting that Sen. Jamie Pedersen did not add language regarding fines to his legislation regarding lawmakers and the Public Records Act (“Legislative… Continue reading

Rampell: Democrats’ big ideas must be honest about trade-offs

To avoid being the GOP of 2016, Democrats must be explicit on how they’re proposals will be paid for.

TSA agents can help prevent another shutdown

I would like to commend Robert Breisch for his Jan. 23 letter to the editor (“TSA agents should go off job to force end to… Continue reading

Put on your big-boy undies and grab a shovel

The governments, cities and citizens of Western Washington need to get a grip and learn to handle snow events like the rest of the country… Continue reading

Higher taxes for wealthy worked before for U.S.

Large federal deficits, increasing federal debt, inadequate number of air traffic controllers, crumbling infrastructure, underfunded Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, a southern border in need.… Continue reading

There’s no free replacement for U.S. 2 trestle

In response to recent commentary by Mark Harmsworth regarding the much-needed U.S. 2 trestle replacement (“Fed up with U.S. trestle? Wait ‘til it’s tolled”): As… Continue reading

Everett streets weren’t cleared of snow quickly enough

Everett’s response to this week’s snowstorm was pitiful at best. We had some snow Sunday night and when I drove in to work Monday morning… Continue reading

Border wall isn’t an all-or-nothing issue

When you try to come up with the best resolution to a complicated problem, one of the most important things to do is ask the… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, Feb. 6

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

Only purpose of Trump’s wall has been to divert attention

President Trump is doing what he does best, trying to distract us from his own legal problems by harping on this “wall.” The Herald is… Continue reading

Road response seems slow to weather reports of snow

Before the snow started, everyone was aware that it was going to start snowing Feb. 3. By the end of the day, everyone should have… Continue reading