In restoring salmon, exempt tribes from limits

I am angered, moved and remain hopeful by the Patagonia film, “Artfishal,”…


It’s not healthy to manipulate people

When people try to manipulate someone, for whatever reason they have, I…


Plenty of reasons to impeach Trump

Mueller report, Schmueller report! We don’t need it. Without recourse to a…


Teacher raises should get blame for Edmonds schools’ woes

Jerry Cornfield’s article in Sunday’s Herald (“Layoffs and larger classes help Edmonds solve fiscal problem”) failed to mention that the Edmonds School District budget problems… Continue reading

Eugene Robinson’s columns just anti-Trump diatribes

Once again I call your attention to the shallow, one-side diatribes of Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson. As I’ve mentioned before, there is not even… Continue reading

Media factions are source of our polarization

My fellow Americans, you are being duped and in a big way. Our information super-highway is divided into two very distinct directions. We have a… Continue reading

Tambark elementary right to require school uniforms

My hat is off to the leadership of Tambark Creek Elementary School. Good for them for sticking with their decision to require uniforms at their… Continue reading

Trump only pretends to condemn white supremacists

The famous anti-papist, anti-immigrant, Samuel Morse, telegraphed, “What hath God wrought?” What can be said of the infamous anti-immigrant of the day: ” What has… Continue reading

It’s our civic duty to vote, then get behind the winner

I am 89 and have served, supported and been so thank for America, the land of my birth. But saddened and disappointed to see the… Continue reading

Schwab’s columns are political bigotry

As I watch the letters fly back and forth, I notice that most, in my humble opinion, seem to be missing the real point. How… Continue reading

Voters must demand better to end Trump’s divisive rhetoric

The president repeatedly uses language about people of color that stokes fear, hatred and division. His words in recent rallies about the “invasion,” and a… Continue reading

Voters should consider cuts if I-976 passes

Initiative 976 is another of Tim Eyman’s initiatives that people better think really hard about before they vote. Sure, it would help many people save… Continue reading

Blame Dr. Spock? Gun-lobby theories don’t hold water

Wow. Dr. Spock, huh? Coddling all those generations of babies has led to mass shootings? (“Don’t blame guns for mass shootings; blame Dr. Spock,” The… Continue reading

Democratic candidates wrong on health care, immigration

As our Democratic leaders and presidential hopefuls align themselves with the issues of today, they should concentrate on staying believable and aware of reality. All… Continue reading

State’s Congress members should back carbon legislation

Our Puget Sound and global ecosystems are about to suffer a “heart attack.” Every day a person with heart disease who delays a healthy lifestyle… Continue reading

Snohomish needs more low-income housing

Regarding Norm Colbert’s letter in the Aug. 1 Herald, “Snohomish good site for SHAG”: I agree with Mr. Colbert that the Snohomish County-owned site shouldn’t… Continue reading

What’s behind the right’s fervor over gun rights?

In his Aug. 8 letter, David Martson of Marysville claimed that Second Amendment gun rights are God-given. It seems like over the years as our… Continue reading

Ag secretary Perdue leaves out details on farmers, trade

The Associated Press in the Aug. 7 Herald, “Perdue: U.S. farmers will regain markets lost in trade wars,” fails to fill in missing presuppositions. What… Continue reading

Rohrbough will make difference on county council

Regarding Anna Rohrbough’s recent finish in the primary election: Thane Walkup of Mukilteo in his July 30 letter to the editor complained that Rohrbough had… Continue reading

Keep growth in its place and out of rural areas

Put the Southwest Urban Growth Area Study on the shelf. A couple hundred people came to a public meeting about the Southwest Urban Growth Boundary… Continue reading