Four years of talks on Navy’s Whidbey Growlers is enough

I submit The Herald’s Dec. 9 editorial (“Navy should returned to talks…


Ignatius: U.S., China discord could knock Taiwan off balance

Taiwan values the ‘status quo’ it has negotiated with China; the U.S. can help preserve that balance.


Is 40 grand for a car what most consider reasonable?

I usually enjoy reading Larry Larks’ car reviews, but one thing he…


Police shootings don’t happen as often as implied in column

f you were new to the U.S. and you read Eugene Robinson’s piece on the “unabated” and “unjustified” police killing of African Americans (“Why a… Continue reading

Remember that the failing banks got ‘free stuff,’ too

In response to James McCusker’s Dec. 1 column (“Will ‘free stuff’ tempt Americans to try socialism”): He’s worried about the new wave of congressional representatives… Continue reading

What holiday musical favorites should we ban next?

So, the MeToo movement is insisting that the song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” be pulled off the airwaves, and moronic radio stations are complying. Why… Continue reading

Bill would set a price on carbon, give rebate to consumers

I read the recent editorial (“State must make its own path to address climate change,” The Herald, Dec. 2) with much interest. I agree that… Continue reading

Read fine print of cheaper health insurance plans

With fewer than two weeks of the open enrollment period for health plans under the Affordable Care Act remaining, consumers nationwide are making critical health… Continue reading

Seniors should be exempted for paying taxes on school bonds

This is response to the recent editorial (“Change school bond passage to simple majority,” The Herald, Dec. 7): If the school bond passage is to… Continue reading

Why did county allow Frognal logging in December?

On Friday, a King County Superior Court judge allowed for a temporary stay on the logging on the steep slopes of Picnic Point watershed (“Judge… Continue reading

Ban of single-use plastic bags a win for Everett, residents

On Wednesday, Dec. 5, the Everett City Council voted unanimously to pass a reusable bag ordinance to be effective September, 2019. I applaud the Everett… Continue reading

Can’t orcas be taught to switch from salmon to sea lions?

Is the agenda of the people who want to tear out the Snake River dams really saving the orcas or something else (“Solutions for saving… Continue reading

Congress has carbon pricing bill to address climate change

I read with interest the The Herald editorial calling for more work in Washington state to address climate change in the absence of federal leadership… Continue reading

Schwab correct on results of Trump, GOP economic policies

I whole-heartedly agree with Sid Schwab’s thoughts (“The silver lining in Trump’s and the GOP’s cloud,” The Herald, Dec. 1) on the malignant bent to… Continue reading

Thanks to organizer of Snohomish Candlelight Riverwalk

As we enjoy the Christmas season in Snohomish, I would like to recognize and commend Karen Guzak and her volunteers for creating the annual Snohomish… Continue reading

Even with a tax increase, ‘socialism’ is a good deal

In James McCusker’s column this week (“Will ‘free stuff tempt Americans to try socialism?” Dec. 1), he mentioned that “American families earning the average wage… Continue reading

If you’re looking to give, pay off a child’s school lunch debt

As we enter into this holiday season, we are all subject to requests for donations of one kind or another; 99.9 percents of these requests… Continue reading

Somebody pays for socialism’s ‘free stuff’: you and me

I hope Herald readers took the time to read James McCusker’s Dec. 1 column (Will “free stuff” tempt Americans to try socialism?) especially those who… Continue reading

Orca panel’s recommendations on sea lions, seals important

A recent Herald article ignores two of Gov. Inslee’s orca commission recommendations concerning the depredations by sea lions and harbor seals on the primary food… Continue reading

Plastic bags not biggest source of ocean pollution

Regarding the recent editorial regarding a ban on plastic bags (“Statewide plastic bag ban a good place to start,” The Herald, Nov. 30), I would… Continue reading