Does GOP require belief in Trump’s lies?

It is amazing to me that only people who support various serious…


Positive attitude can help during crises

During the covid crisis people have lost jobs and businesses, and some…


Snohomish city newsletter being used for electioneering

My quarterly issue of the City of Snohomish newsletter arrived in my…


Space exploration’s benefits are worth our investment

Space exploration has led to the development of new technology that benefits everyone. The science discovered is valuable as knowledge, which may or may not… Continue reading

Protests at Planned Parenthood have been less than peaceful

I am writing in response to a letter to the editor I read recently concerning the newly implemented protection being offered to patients seeking health… Continue reading

Why would Providence take away nurses’ benefits?

I was born at Everett General Hospital, which later became the Colby Campus of Providence. In 2002 the staff there saved my life. We’ve been… Continue reading

Are these examples of what the GOP stands for?

I’m still writing letters and still 90 years old. Now that the ex-president, who has dragged this country down, is gone, I guess it is… Continue reading

Declining value of Pell Grants is harming students

There’s a kid who’s a senior in high school. She’s a track athlete, a choir member, an actress in school plays, a volunteer and, oh… Continue reading

Inflation figures don’t square with real costs

Just curious how the government mathmaticians calculate inflation. Fuel prices are up 30 percent and climbing. The price of beef is through the roof. Building… Continue reading

Frizzell has experience to be Lynnwood’s next mayor

Lynnwood mayor’s race Frizzell has experience for post In a coming weeks, the residents of Lynnwood will once again have the opportunity to vote their… Continue reading

Marijuana’s THC levels shouldn’t be limited

In response to two recent letters to the editor calling to reduce the content of THC in marijuana, I agree that minors should not be… Continue reading

Use cameras to issue traffic fines, not police

Regarding the recent commentary (“It’s time to take police off the traffic beat,” The Herald, April 20): The police are over taxed, mis-trained and scared.… Continue reading

Ask senators to end time switch

Please help this out. The state Legislature voted sometime ago (and it passed) to get rid of the twice yearly time switch. Please call Sens.… Continue reading

Chauvin’s guilty verdict was justice but not victory

Regarding the verdict in Derek Chauvin’s trial for the murder of George Floyd: Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. Grief. Relief. Sorrow. Joy. Gianna, you were right: Your… Continue reading

Those in Congress voting to overturn election violated oath

Along with many Americans, I was horrified at the insurgence encouraged by our former president, Donald Trump, who on Jan. 6 at an event near… Continue reading

New owners reopen Marysville tea shop

Attic Secrets re-grand opening is here! Many hours, sweat, blood and tears have gone into the re-vitalization of this iconic and beloved cafe in the… Continue reading

A path out of poverty serves justice, too

Thanks for the thoughtful editorial (“Seeking justice after the murder of George Floyd,” The Herald, April 25) and other opinions following the conviction of the… Continue reading

Border crisis is no different than in the past

The GOP is giving Biden a bad time over those trying to cross our border and have a very short recall. When George W. Bush… Continue reading

Don’t cancel opinions you don’t agree with

Within the last few weeks, two letters were published that expressed strong disagreement with columnist Sid Schwab’s views on current events and demanded that his… Continue reading

Don Rider served community in numerous groups

Often times we become aware of those citizens who work behind the scenes to make our community a better place. These people are really unsung… Continue reading