Trump, Republicans culpable for Capitol riots

Following the storming of our nation’s capitol by Trump cult followers, a…


Where was the concern during this summer’s riots?

I just love it! Now many people are concerned and revolted by…


Herald reporter wrote of Everett’s 1920 championship well

Kudos to Zac Hereth for his wonderful front-page story about the 1920…


Airliner captain handled rowdy passengers well

I think this American Airlines captain deserves special recognition (“This is your captain speaking: Settle down,” The Herald, Jan. 13). He quickly, and with a… Continue reading

Boeing’s statement after D.C. riot misses the mark

I am a former employee of Boeing. As a company with a powerful national and global platform, I was anxious to see how Boeing would… Continue reading

Why no arrest of Olympia gate-crashers by troopers?

No arrests made by the Washington State Patrol when yahoos went to the home of the governor as they did not want to agitate the… Continue reading

Will censors come for you as they did Trump?

I understand that Donald Trump is not popular with the media. But the continuing vitriol is horrendous. As an experiment, exchange Trump’s name with any… Continue reading

Covid restrictions unfair to restaurants

The recent letter regarding covid restrictions placed on restaurants is long overdue. Why The Herald and other news sources have not been supporting restaurant owners… Continue reading

Stop the Steal? There’s been no proof of theft

President Trump and his supporters claim the election was stolen from him. “Stop the Steal” is a favorite slogan. I tried to evaluate this logically.… Continue reading

Trump supporters, he’s just not that into you

When will Trump supporters realize that he has no interest in them personally. He has simply fed on their mob anger and combined false loyalty… Continue reading

Democrats and liberal media are cause of divisiveness

It is time the Democrats and the liberal media take their share of the responsibility for this country’s problems. For five-plus years they have vilified… Continue reading


Editorial cartoons for Thursday, Jan. 21

A sketchy look at the news of the day.… Continue reading


Could we get both sides to buy into a facts commission?

A light bulb just went off in my dim head! Since we are inundated with conflicting information, and wild conspiracy theories and resulting violence and… Continue reading

Here’s what Trump accomplished

Thank you President Trump and your administration for: Fixing the Veterans Administration hospital crisis so veterans can get the medical care they need. Replacing NAFTA… Continue reading

Trump pushed country back 150 years

The “Ego in Chief” has finally admitted defeat after his failed coup attempt to usurp the presidency resulted in deaths when his supporters were urged… Continue reading

Which side is Congress on? Insurrection or democracy?

Those Republican U.S. members of Congress who claimed that impeachment would divide America were absolutely correct. It will divide those who support violent insurrection from… Continue reading

Cancer patients should be higher on vaccination list

Earlier this week I was fortunate to receive a covid-19 vaccine. My elation over being able to protect myself, my unborn child, my family, and… Continue reading

Ed Bremer made KSER a beacon for North Puget Sound

I live in Port Townsend. We now have a great little local radio station but for many years, actually three decades, I was intrigued and… Continue reading

Trump’s Big Lie about election must be challenged

We were all shocked and dismayed by the incitement of violence and attack on our nation’s Capitol on Jan. 6. Most Americans agree that things… Continue reading

Black history should be part of all U.S. history

To suggest Black history is some kind of specific offshoot of American history is dangerous and misleading. In the United States, “Black History Month” is… Continue reading