Alabama election may point to change in leadership

In response to the Dec. 14 letter to the editor, “Trump presidency…


Attorney General already running for governor

I almost choked on my Cheerios when I read State Attorney General…


Why has value changed in Everett arena’s naming rights?

The Dec. 13 Herald article by Jim Davis’ “Angel of Winds pays…


Herald editorial on oil trains ignored railroad safety record

The Herald’s Dec. 13 editorial (“Don’t reverse rule on oil train brakes”) on a decision by the U.S. Department of Transportation to rescind a mandate… Continue reading

Sid Schwab unable to be civil, even-handed in columns

Columnist Sid Schwab seems to be utterly consumed with hatred towards Trump and anyone who supports him. One wonders if he stays up late at… Continue reading

Where’s the justice for American people?

I’m so ashamed of our president, our representatives and senators; I’m ashamed to be an American in the United States. How sad it has come… Continue reading

Everett optometrist grateful for 49 years of memories

Patients and family, it has been my pleasure to serve our community for the past 49 years at Everett Optometry Clinic. I have had the… Continue reading

Providence Hospice made wife’s final days much easier

I would like to pass our gratitude to all staff working at Providence Hospice. My wife of 47 years recently passed away, her last months… Continue reading

Voters’ support of Lake Stevens Fire District levy appreciated

I am writing this letter on behalf of the Commissioners of Lake Stevens Fire and as the board chairman to thank you, the amazing community… Continue reading

Farmers need to see more support from Rep. Rick Larsen

Our longtime representative in Congress, Rick Larsen, represents many farmers who steward some of the most valuable and important farmland in the state. The Puget… Continue reading

Gov. Inslee a threat to my wallet

Gov. Jay Inslee’s comment and concerns about President Trump being chaotic, unbalanced and unstable, with his hand on a nuclear button, is typical left-wing mentality.… Continue reading

Gun violence figure cited in letter is absurd and bizarre

An assertion by the author of a letter to the editor in the Dec. 7 Herald invites a response: “If we need gun control at… Continue reading

Many reasons for low voter turnout

I think we should consider the following issues may have also contributed to low voter turnout “Editorial: Low voter turnout points to failure in civic… Continue reading

Trump presidency best shot at strong economy

A recent letter opined that our economic growth over the past year was due, not to the election of President Trump but instead was simply… Continue reading

Methadone clinic shouldn’t be located in downtown Everett

In mid-January, the Everett City Council will vote whether to allow a methadone clinic to locate in the city’s Central Business District. While people with… Continue reading

What about threat to others when police end chases?

The recent article on the chase involving the State Patrol going after a speeding motorcycle was unbalanced (“Parents of man who died during WSP chase… Continue reading

How can sexual harassment fund in Congress be kept secret?

How can Congress justify making secret payments to settle claims of sexual harassment? According to the article “Harassment cases remain confidential” published in the Dec.… Continue reading

Welcome home to the sailors of Kidd and Shoup

What a beautiful and inspiring picture on the front page of the Drew family, along with the mention of a large sign for Samantha “Outta… Continue reading

Are different standards used regarding sexual misconduct?

Recently news people have been fired as a result of sexual misconduct allegations. We elect a president in spite of sexual misconduct allegations. Senators are… Continue reading

Count freight train vibrations trigger mudslides?

I was lying awake during the 3 a.m. hour recently, when I became aware of an intense shaking throughout my entire house. I had enough… Continue reading