28 felonies? How many ‘outs’ should criminal be allowed?

I just read the story (“Man sentenced for his 38th felony —…


Make razors — the people’s clam — state bivalve

Regarding designating the razor clam as the state clam – HB1061 –…


Providence could donate parking revenue to homeless charity

Regarding Providence Regional Medical Center’s planning to charge a parking day rate…


Snohomish city needs affordable housing, not gentrification

During the April 16 Snohomish City Council meeting, the city planning director proudly announced that the first developer to take advantage of the council’s recently… Continue reading

Will ticket prices go up to pay Russell Wilson?

I have always been a huge Seahawks fan and Russell Wilson fan. But $140 million? My first thought was “There goes ticket prices even higher.… Continue reading

Mueller report isn’t the end of troubles for Trump

Maybe “the fat lady hasn’t sung” yet. Mueller didn’t charge Trump because a sitting president is not indictable, according to the Justice Department; not that… Continue reading

Mueller report makes Democrats’ motives clear

For two years, the Democrats have been saying that the president conspired with the Russian government to gain the presidency. Now that Mueller’s investigation is… Continue reading

Readers’ letters a snapshot of community’s views

I read all letters to the editor in The Herald; it is a good place to get a snapshot of the values held by our… Continue reading

Don’t give in to teachers’ greed on levy lid

Last year the teachers and their union stole every bit of the education funding provided by the Legislature through the McCleary decision. There was zero… Continue reading

Editorial cartoons for Wednesday, April 24

A sketchy look at the day in politics.… Continue reading

End the great bivalve debate and make razors the state clam

The Pacific razor clam is one of the most sought-after shellfish in the state of Washington. It is not unusual to have as many as… Continue reading

Let’s move on to bigger issues than football player’s contract

With the ink still wet on the new contract that Russell Wilson just signed with the Seattle Seahawks it may be finally time to look… Continue reading

Your kids and grandkids will pay for Trump’s tax cut

You should have finished your taxes by now, so it is a good time to look at how the Trump tax cut has affected you.… Continue reading

Harrop: What can you do to fight climate change? Plant a tree

Trees capture and hold carbon dioxide. More forests can be kept through cap-and-trade policies.

Plug-in hybrid owner swears by electric vehicles

I see by a recent letter to the editor that someone doesn’t care for electric cars much and thinks there is no way we could… Continue reading

Replacing state sales tax with income tax would bring fairness

The Herald’s March 31 editorial “Boost to revenue, tax fairness” addresses the horrible regressive tax system in Washington state. The solutions it proposes would somewhat… Continue reading

Validate parking at Providence hospitals one solution

Since Providence Regional Medical Center management has stated they aren’t trying to make money on parking, why not institute a parking validation program for patients,… Continue reading

Maybe poor writing, editing to blame for newspapers’ decline

It has been known for some time that newspaper readership is trending downward and newspapers are dying across the land. Reasons for this are not… Continue reading

Senate legislation on opioids could mistakenly harm patients

As a local pharmacist and long-time Snohomish County resident, I know firsthand that substance abuse and misuse are critical problems facing our region. And minimizing… Continue reading

Take message for orca protection to Congress, too

While I am deeply respectful of Lanni Johnson’s fast for orca protection and hope it works, I have learned a different way to influence change… Continue reading