Herald homework: Hardbound textbooks best for learning

I think hardcover textbooks are better than online textbooks because online textbooks…


Herald homework: End switch to daylight saving time

Daylight saving time should not be continued because it can cause injuries,…


Herald homework: Walk inspired report on woodpeckers

One day I was walking in Yost Park with my family. In…


Reader appreciates hard work of Herald staff

I want to express my gratitude and to heartily applaud all of your staff for continuing to put out a daily paper in the midst… Continue reading

We need to support The Herald’s local journalism

We are long-time Herald subscribers and feel compelled a rebuttal to Langdon Moore’s letter to the editor is necessary regarding The Herald’s donation request and… Continue reading

Bailout money for Boeing rewards bad decisions

Let’s play Jeopardy: In 2019, this company (reluctantly) grounded its fleet of 737 planes that were knowingly flawed, headfaked to the FAA as being safe,… Continue reading

Herald homework: We have so many heroes in our lives

I dedicate this letter to all of the heroes around us. First, I want to thank the health care workers who have been risking their… Continue reading

If you don’t need financial aid, pass it on to those who do

Many people are suffering financially from the COVID-19 crisis while others have not taken a financial hit. Yet most of us are likely to get… Continue reading

Let hospital workers know they are appreciated

I want to thank all those working at Providence Colby Campus for going to work everyday and night to help those in need in whatever… Continue reading

‘Tax and spend’ will have to end after outbreak

Sadly, once the coronavirus tsunami has taken those near and dear to us, a second wave, the coup d’ gras if you will, will take… Continue reading

Herald homework: Decision to close schools was for the best

My name is Spencer. I am 13 years old and I go to school at Olympic View. My school was shut down due to the… Continue reading

Herald homework: Student learns new skill: laundry!

Laundry is fun because I get to see it run and choose the cycle and options, such as the soil level, wash temperature, (it is… Continue reading

Renters need more help during Covid outbreak

The economic fallout of COVID-19 is huge. Millions of low-wage workers have been laid off, making it virtually impossible to pay the rent or mortgage.… Continue reading

Herald homework: High school should start later in morning

I believe that high schools around the USA should start later in the morning. First and foremost, if high schools start later, more children would… Continue reading

Democrats should draft Gov. Cuomo for presidential run

Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, step aside. Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama, forget about it! Gov. Andrew Cuomo, Democrat of New York, is emerging as… Continue reading

Changes to Herald’s TV Week make no sense

I would like to know what twisted head redesigned the TV Week. And why does it start on Thursday instead of Sunday? Why are the… Continue reading

Where’s the ACA replacement when we need it?

If President Trump had kept his election promise of creating a “super health service” instead of relentlessly trying to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare),… Continue reading

Herald homework: Mandatory PE would save lives

Fitness classes should not be an option. It should be mandatory, since a lack of physical activity can cause serious health problems. Initially, the CDC… Continue reading

Herald opinion page has too many liberals, socialists

I would have thought that the vicious anti-Trump screeds in The Herald might have abated while we all rallied as our president did his best… Continue reading