Rehiring fired deputies appears political, divisive

I am a lot more worried about Sheriff Adam Fortney bringing back…


Socialist countries don’t have it that great

Unfortunately, I saw two very slanted letters from the same anti-Trump and…


Blame Democrats for tax increases

I just took a look at my property taxes for 2020. They…


State of the Union is not as strong as Trump claims

In his State of the Union address, President Trump proclaimed “The state of our union is stronger than ever before.” I respectfully disagree. Our country… Continue reading

Why are nurses so overworked at Providence Everett?

In the last 17 years my husband and I have had to be patients at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett at different times. The wonderful… Continue reading

Buttigieg’s service warrants support of state’s voters

Feb. 21 and presidential primary ballots will soon be here; a day for Washington state citizens to have the opportunity to pick the next Democratic… Continue reading

Why would we want to ‘turn the country around’?

Regarding Herald columnist Tom Burke’s column on how all Republicans in Congress are corrupt and “what’s going to help us turn the country around;” our… Continue reading

Burke’s column was spot on about Trump

Oh, my gosh! I always read Tom Burke’s columns, but the one on Feb. 3 was stellar! It really explained how despots like Trump have… Continue reading

Appreciate U.S. Rep. Larsen’s support in funding disease fight

In the midst of what seems a broken democracy, with partisan tribal wars amidst the hunger, poverty,and dangers of disease, there is a glimmer of… Continue reading

Birth certificate fiasco shows reading cursive as lost skill

Birth certificate fiasco Reading cursive is a forgotten skill Writing (and teaching) cursive is become a thing of the past, similar to calligraphy, hieroglyphics and,… Continue reading

D.C. politics has me turning the channel to cartoons

D.C. politics Turning channel to cartoons What was that noise? Did you hear it? Seems as if the country’s Founding Fathers rolling over in their… Continue reading

Democrats will need moderates, independents to win in fall

Presidential election Democrats will need moderates I think most of us see this coming November’s elections as the most crucial to our democracy than any… Continue reading

Editorial cartoon wrong about calling Biden a boomer

You ran an editorial cartoon recently that, while perhaps accurate in the essence of its message (Joe Biden is living in the past), was factually… Continue reading

High costs of timber sales discourage many bidders

The Feb. 2 guest commentary by George Winters on unsold timber sales was extremely misleading. There are myriad reasons timber sales go unsold, mostly due… Continue reading

Republicans violated oath in acquitting Trump

The impeachment trial of President Trump was a sham from the beginning. It wasn’t a sham because Trump didn’t deserve to be impeached, convicted, and… Continue reading

Despite Trump’s State of Union speech, nation on wrong track

I did not watch the president’s State of the Union address, as all he would talk about was how “great” he has made America, even… Continue reading

Former sheriff’s new post slap in the face to voters

County Executive Dave Somers’ surprise decision to hire former Sheriff Ty Trenary to a high-paying, made-up position as “senior policy analyst” is a slap in… Continue reading

Profit motive wins over air quality in Mukilteo

Let’s talk air quality in Mukilteo. I live a mile away from Boeing and Paine Field, close to Mukilteo Elementary School. The last five days… Continue reading

Are housing report’s statistics out-dated?

In a recent Herald front page article “Report: Housing costs, supply are getting dire in Snohomish County”, it was referenced,“at $1,889 per month, nearly half… Continue reading

Pay for Running Start for students who need it most

n his Jan. 26 guest commentary state schools superintendent Chris Reykdal says we should provide College in the High School and Running Start courses to… Continue reading