Commentary on hydropower misstated conclusions of salmon report

I’ve lost track of how many times, and in how many forums,…


Don’t hide the truth, facts from students

Educational rigor Don’t hide truth from students When a child asks the…


Follow money to know why school shootings aren’t prevented

Do you want a solution to end this mayhem, such as the…


That turn signal on your steering wheel? Use it!

What has happened to the rules of the road these days? People need to again start using the turn indicators in their cars! At least… Continue reading

Use carbon auction revenue to get heavy diesel vehicles off road

Now that there is more money to fight climate change Olympia should spend those funds where they will do the most good (“State eyes $300M… Continue reading

What dams provide is replaceable; salmon are not

If we are to consider the future of hydroelectric power in our region, we first must look to the facts and science. As the threat… Continue reading

If Democrats get a capital gains tax, they’ll want an income tax

To everyone’s shock and amazement our left-wing state Supreme Court (which has been in the pockets of Democrats and the labor and teachers unions for… Continue reading

Advise lawmakers on the best uses of carbon auction revenue

The League of Women Voters believes that climate change is an emergency facing our nation and planet and that government at every level must take… Continue reading

Don’t move historical society out of Mukitleo lightkeeper’s quarters

In one of the finest examples of political shenanigans that I have witnessed in nearly 40 years in Mukilteo (through five mayors), Mayor Joe Marine… Continue reading

Time to put bigotry’s anti-‘woke’ attacks to bed

I’m sick and tired of hearing bigoted attacks on diversity under the banner of opposing “woke” people and institutions. Those attacks are nothing but a… Continue reading

Fight poverty by offering tax credits for kids, rent

Sad to read about millions of Americans trapped in poverty, in “the richest nation on earth” (“Why are so many Americans poor? Because we allow… Continue reading

Carbon dioxide is to blame for climate change

An interesting hunch was presented in a recent letter to the editor that climate change is caused by to solar changes. In fact, one researcher,… Continue reading

Kids can pass along environmental lessons to adults

What a great article by Julie Titone reegarding climate change education! (“Amid smoke-filled summers, motivated teachers drive climate education,” The Herald, March 11) It shouldn’t… Continue reading

Fox News is selling its viewers on a fantasy

Neither Stormy Daniels nor any of her colleagues in the sex industry can compare to Tucker Carlson and the Merry Band of Dissemblers at Fox… Continue reading

Herald denied ‘Dilbert’ author his First Amendment rights

Being on vacation I missed the tempest over repressing Scott Adams’ comic strip, “Dilbert” (“Editorial: Creator’s racist rants earn ‘Dilbert’ a pink slip,” The Herald,… Continue reading

Standard time is the better fit for our body rhythms

Regarding a recent letter to the editor about sticking with either daylight saving time or standard time: “Pick one and stick with it.” Key here… Continue reading

Congress should expand Child Tax Credit, adopt Renter Tax Credit

President Biden has released his new budget. Among his many priorities, a huge one is making the tax code fairer for everyday Americans. I agree,… Continue reading

State can fund expansion of naturalization support

Before the current Washington state Legislature are opportunities to expand naturalization services to more people who are eligible to become U.S. citizens. There are some… Continue reading

Change in solar patterns to blame for climate change

In response to the climate change article by Bloomberug’s Mark Gongloff (“Winter’s warm temperatures no fluke; it’s climate change,” The Herald, Feb.18), he lists a… Continue reading