Americans can live by example of Sen. McCain

I want to thank Conrad Thompson for his heartfelt letter to the…


Jeff Sax has borne false witness against opponent

I am so offended and shocked at the dirty politics being practiced…


PUD official’s hiring should wait for election

In August, the voters of the Snohomish County PUD’s 2nd District declined…


Former presidents haven’t stayed mum on politics

Marc A. Thiessen’s Sept. 12 column in The Herald, “Obama breaks norms as well as Trump does,” presents George W. Bush as an ex-president who… Continue reading

Letter writer is correct: McCain and Trump are nothing alike

A recent letter to The Herald chastises “a childlike attack on President Trump by comparing him to Sen. John McCain” in which “their entirely different… Continue reading

Thiessen right: Obama should keep quiet about Trump

Marc A. Thiessen’s Sept. 12 column tells it how it is. (“Obama joins Trump as presidential norm-breaker”). How refreshing. Not that Mr. Thiessen has not… Continue reading

Laws shouldn’t be changed to allow ATVs on roads

I have been following the recent articles in The Herald regarding the appearance of wheeled all-terrain vehicles on state roads and city streets (“County looks… Continue reading

Sax insults voters with baseless release of old records

I read with outrage and incredulity Jeff Sax’s claim he was “moral compelled” to make records public regarding allegations against rival John Lovick made over… Continue reading

Why weren’t teacher contract talks held earlier?

When school was about to start, what was it we heard? “Hey, let’s start talking about contracts.” You folks had all summer You folks, simply… Continue reading

Vote yes for Everett’s Medic One levy

In my 14 years as mayor of Everett, I worked alongside the incredible public servants of Medic One. They are the true heroes, rushing to… Continue reading

Past logging is partly to blame for wildfires

In response to the Aug. 31 letter to the editor, “More logging in forest would curb wildfires,” I must say this is totally erroneous. Past… Continue reading

Striking teachers should quit, find other work

Enough with the annual teacher strike “hostage taking.” Don’t like your pay? Find another profession. You are not “for the children.” We can find your… Continue reading

Everett budget cuts should start with mayor’s office

Regarding Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin’s recommendations for budget cuts, I would like some clarification from her. At the July 23 Council of Neighborhoods meeting the… Continue reading

Regarding the politics of initiatives

Following the saga of Initiative 1639, I admit that I am not surprised. Apparently there are two key factors that are crucial in an initiative… Continue reading

We should balance capitalism with socialism

I am involved in a lot of political discussions on Facebook. You need to have a thick skin with the amount of name-calling and insults.… Continue reading

Abuse of people isn’t proof of power

In “The Godfather,” as Marlon Brando sits behind his desk and people come to him to ask for help, one guy walked in and begged… Continue reading

Cheaper if we teach our own kids

I, as a taxpayer who has seen his property tax go up 30 percent in the last year, have grown sick and tired of both… Continue reading

Don’t begrudge teachers their pay raise

Following several letters critical of the recent teacher raises and strikes, Ron Fisk of Marysville, follows suit (“Seniors deserve a big pay bump like teachers,”… Continue reading

Should teachers just walk to work?

In regard to the letter to the editor on teacher pay (“Teachers don’t need pay raise,” The Herald, Sept. 10), the author wrote: “Simply drive… Continue reading

Seniors deserve a big pay bump like teachers

With all the teachers demanding pay raises, some as much as 20 percent, how about the seniors who since 2010 have seen their income increase… Continue reading