Comment: Patient care at stake in contract for hospice staff

Providence St. Joseph has the resources to assure proper staffing and fair pay for hospice workers.


Commentary: State’s tribal members need assurances on voting

A Native American Voting Rights Act would protect and promote their participation in government.


Viewpoints: King’s message speaks to us now more than ever

Understanding the role of love in engaging individuals and communities in conflict is crucial today.


Commentary: We’ll say it: Failing to vaccinate kids is selfish

An outbreak of measles in Clark County points to the danger of a long-discredited link to autism.

Commentary: If Trump won’t act, Congress must reach a deal

Democrats and the GOP can trade wall funding for shielding Dreamers, and prepare to override a veto.

Commentary: An elegy for John, who taught me about love

My friend, John, grew up in an era when gay men had to deny who they were and deny themselves love.

Commentary: Two books can guide fight against climate change

One is a playbook to fight global warming. The other reminds us we’ve faced dire challenges before.

Viewpoints: Shutdown deal calls for science, not art

Trump and Democrats won’t budge from their positions. What they can do is deal on their interests.

Commentary: Congress’ job is to legislate, not go after Trump

House Democrats may feel they have a mandate to oust Trump, but that’s not their primary purpose.

Commentary: Complaints about millennials have familiar ring

Boomers’ criticisms sound remarkably similar to the complaints boomers heard from their elders.

Commentary: Supreme Court needs a true ‘split’ decision

To address recent concerns over partisanship, consider three reforms, including a two-chamber court.

Viewpoints: Expect deja vu all over again for Congress

We’ve seen Congress divided by party many times before. Here’s what gets done and what doesn’t:

Commentary: Bow down to Washington, WSU and Eastern

Amid many inspid bowl games, the state’s colleges showed their programs as being ones on the rise.

Romney: A president’s character shapes that of the nation

The Utah senator, a fellow Republican, faults Trump for not rising to the mantle of the Oval Office.

Commentary: Mining Mount St. Helens a bad deal for state

A Canadian firm wants to mine metals at a potential cost to recreation and the health of streams.

Comment: Facing up to what Facebook values; (hint: not us)

The social network keeps showing us its core values; protecting user privacy isn’t one of those.

Commentary: Flavors lead youths to develop taste for nicotine

Recent studies show flavors are leading more teens to start vaping and use other tobacco products.

Comment: For many, it’s the most difficult time of the year

For those grieving the loss of a loved one, each holiday moves us another year away from them.

Commentary: A few requests for Santa — and all of us

If the Jolly Old Elf can’t deliver good leaders, respect and humility, can we find it in ourselves?

Commentary: Heart of Christmas found in a nursing home visit

Rather than scrambling to do more during the holidays, simplify with something less complicated.