Comment: State won ‘economic lottery;’ it doesn’t need new taxes

With the recent boost in revenue, lawmakers shouldn’t seek to increase taxes so they can splurge.


Commentary: Nursing home closures a threat to state’s seniors

Many are closing because the Medicaid reimbursements are less than the costs of residents’ care.


Viewpoints: Dose of transparency can help science make case

If more are to accept the safety and effectiveness of vaccines, we have to be candid about science.


Commentary: Two messages to share after Christchurch massacre

One is to call out against hatred; the other is to embrace the acceptance that is its best cure.

Commentary: Thorough look required into 737 Max 8 crashes

U.S. airlines should reconsider their decisions to not ground the Boeing jets temporarily.

Commentary: 5 reasons to ‘spring forward’ and never ‘fall back’

Permanent daylight saving time could save lives and energy and end the twice yearly loss of sleep.

Commentary: Stressed out? Just say ‘Pyt’

The Danish word — roughly translated to mean, ‘stuff happens’ — is about accepting minor annoyances.

Viewpoints: A ‘30,000-foot view’ of Paine Field

Concerns remain for some, but flights from PAE have a chance to prove they can be a good neighbor.

Comment: Tracking reporters, others on border abuse of power

U.S. Customs and Border Patrol must answer for harassing reporters and others on the border.

Commentary: Help YWCA act locally on International Women’s Day

Friday, the 125th anniversary of YWCA, we can envision a better state, nation and world for women.

Commentary: Rent control may hurt those it’s meant to help

Rent control has been shown to discourage the availability of housing stock, increasing rent costs.

Commentary: Greater action needed to confront Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s exerts a toll on more than the patient. We owe it to families to do more to fight it.

Commentary: Why we fall for lies, damned lies and statistics

3 reasons: We lack statisical skills, listen to our emotions, and pretend we know more than we do.

Viewpoints: Why not tax electric cars ‘at the pump’?

To pay electric vehicles’ share of road maintenance, levy a tax at roadside charging stations.

Commentary: Does trading tax cuts for jobs help anyone?

A look at past deals shows promised jobs are rarely delivered. And there’s a downside for businesses.

Commentary: Prescribe Naloxone along with patient’s opioids

Co-prescribing the overdose treatment is an effective method of harm reduction that can save lives.

Viewpoints: Leveling the playing field in state legislatures

Partiasan gerrymandering has resulted in one-party rule in nearly all state houses. Can it change?

Quiz: Test your presidential prowess on presidential powers

Get all 10 questions right and you can join the field of Democratic hopefuls for the 2020 election.

Commentary: Confront violence against Native American women

Congress can improve law enforcement coordination with tribes and set new rules for reporting crime.

Commentary: Higher vaccination rates protect health, safety

Ending the personal exemption will mean greater safety for those who can’t receive the MMR vaccine.