Viewpoints: Are Trump’s tariffs terrific or terrible for U.S.?

It depends. Some sectors have seen job growth; others, losses. But consumers may have the last word.


Commentary: Boeing part of our community, our future

Our communities stand with Boeing because its workers live here and contribute to their strength.


Commentary: Fostering small businesses as we build Washington

Efforts to develop woman- and minority-owned businesses build a stronger economy in our region.


Commentary: Curing child care’s Catch-22 for working parents

Many parents rely on child care to work but often can’t afford it. We can make it more affordable.

Commentary: Taking next step after prison for single mothers

Community and technical colleges are perfect environments to help woman transition to new careers.

Viewpoints: The superhero powers of moms

A good mother feeds you, protects you, loves you and encourages you to become your best self.

Commentary: To save ourselves we have to save other species

Unless the world drastically reorders priorities and alters policies a million species may be lost.

Commentary: What Paine Field means for county’s real estate

Connections to West Coast cities will allow easy travel for our residents and bring tourists here.

Commentary: Nursing staff need our support, that of employers

Health care workers’ jobs are demanding and vital. They need our appreciation and fair compensation.

Viewpoints: Are we living in a nation of traitors?

Both parties’ partisans are quick to allege treason. That’s as dangerous now as it was in the 1790s.

Commentary: Put the pig brain down, Dr. Frankenstein

Research by Yale scientists is intriguing, but, no, they didn’t restore brain activity in dead pigs.

Viewpoints: What counts in the census debate

Whether a citizenship question can be asked may turn on issues of procedure and executive authority.

Commentary: Clean electricity bill defends nature and nation

A veteran and bird watcher explains the importance of a clean-energy law passed by state lawmakers.

Commentary: Widening path to success for county’s youths

Partners at county high schools and colleges are helping students realize career opportunities.

Viewpoints: Notre Dame’s long history of resilience

The cathedral was built, damaged, neglected and modified over centuries. It’s history is not over.

Commentary: State expects counties to pick up election tab

Every other district with elections on the ballot pays its costs. Yet the state gets a free ride.

Commentary: Congress scores win for our nation’s public lands

The Land and Water Conservation Fund has been permanently renewed. Now Congress must fund it.

Commentary: Leave local school levies where they’re at

Lawmakers significantly increased funding for local schools. Allowing higher levies isn’t necessary.

Commentary: State’s Clean Energy Fund driving innovation

The fund, used to foster development of clean energy technologies, has shown its value to state.

Viewpoints: 4 tax worries that really shouldn’t worry you

Concerned you’ll be audited, make a math error or owe a lot? You can relax; it’s rarely that bad.