Commentary: Integration may be key to acceptance of refugees

A researchers’ game tested how language and cultural classes helped foster acceptance of immigrants.


Robinson: How does kidnapping make America great again?

It’s becoming clear that some children taken from parents may never be reunited with their families.


Viewpoints: Cleaning up the mess at EPA

President Trump has the chance to do what Ronald Reagan did to restore public trust in the EPA.


Other voices: Measles reports renew call for vaccinations

Measles was nearly eliminated in 2000, but has returned in part because of unfounded vaccine fears.

Commentary: Capital Gazette staffer deserves Medal of Freedom

Wendi Winters charged a gunman, sacrificing her life for her friends and freedom of the press.

Commentary: What stinks about Trump’s tariff power grab

It’s not just the acronym of the Fair And Reciprocal Tariff Act that offends; it’s the abuse of power.

Commentary: North Korea must reach deal with U.S. on nukes

Kim Jong Un must realize that failure to denuclearize threatens the survival of his regime.

Commentary: Court decision makes clear the need for unions

The Supreme Court’s Janus decision will push workers further down the path of private contracting.

Commentary: Nation and court need GOP’s centrists to step up

Moderate Republicans in the Senate can help stop a sharp lurch to the right for the Supreme Court.

Viewpoints: Busting three myths about homelessess

Confronting misconceptions about the homeless population can help direct the response to the issue.

Commentary: Newspaper flooded with support after massacre

Our community has rallied around us; they know who we are, that we are not an enemy of the people.

Viewpoints: 4 things to know before you light that fuse

Fireworks are increasing in use, cheaper and better regulated. But injuries are on the rise.

Comment: To reach college finish line, students need a coach

Coaches help executives develop skills and stay focused; why shouldn’t we do the same for students?

Commentary: Congress needs to keep model aircraft flying

As it sets FAA policies, Congress needs to protect a hobby that provides a pathway to STEM careers.

Commentary: Online debate after shooting ignores lives lost

Online venom not only preceded Thursday’s attack, it also flowed freely in the hours afterward.

Viewpoints: Consensus, not division, pleases the court

The Supreme Court splits 5-4 on only a small number of cases. That’s not likely to change.

Commentary: WSU player’s death raises new brain trauma concern

That Tyler Hilinski suffered from CTE should change some assumptions about concussion injuries.

Commentary: Justices update privacy rights for cellphone age

The detail that a cellphone can show regarding our travels warrants greater privacy safeguards.

Commentary: State should put tax windfall into reserves

The state now expects $300 million more in tax revenue; it should bank that for a rainy day.

Commentary: Let the Trump team eat in peace

There’s a time and place for voicing dissent. Harassing officials at restaurants isn’t one.