A Boeing Co. 737 Max 9 jetliner is shown, parked at the company’s manufacturing facility in Renton, in March 2017. (David Ryder / Bloomberg).

Comment: 737 Max crisis a debacle, but it won’t be Boeing’s end

Even as it’s commercial jet lines have struggled, its military work should carry it through turbulence.


Comment: Homebuilders need help to meet housing demand

All levels of government need to ease restrictions, build public housing and provide incentives to builders.


Comment: $12M Taylor settlement could prevent similar tragedy

The payment of damages may do more to affect change than adding another layer or bureaucracy to warrants.


Comment: Reporter, stop covering for Biden when he s

Biden has give contradictory statements on fracking and guns; too often reporters try to explain it away.

Comment: Minor scandal uncovers a troubling meeting of minds

The pandemic offers a good opportunity to end the schmoozefests among officials and journalists.

Comment: Whatever election’s outcome, many might not accept it

Experts are correct to be concerned about how the fallout of this election could trigger political violence.

Comment: How to answer doubts about a Covid vaccine

Authorities need to address the three C’s: convenience, complacency and confidence.

Comment: Piecemeal Covid response unhelpful for farmworkers

As the federal government turned the response over to states, it left gaps in testing and tracing needs.

Comment: Education gap will widen without aid to states

Public colleges, funded by the states, need federal aid to avoid an increase in inequality for students.

Comment: For success, more students need education, training

To get well-paying jobs, high school graduates need to enroll and complete credential courses.

Comment: Phamacies must be part of Covid vaccination network

Some regulatory barriers may need to be eased to allow better access to vaccines when available.

Viewpoint: How conservation’s racist roots shaped our thinking

Wider acceptance of conservation’s goals requires a recognition of harms to native and indigenous cultures.

Comment: Can we recover unity that sustained us after 9-11?

“That fear that united us,” a survivor says, “people are using it as a chisel to divide us.”

Comment: Front-line workers call for medical care for all

A state work group is discussing how to build a universal health care system; your voice is needed.

Comment: Trump isn’t the only one who might shout: ‘Rigged!’

Trump will need to show a free and fair election if he wants to claim a legitimate victory.

Comment: Why didn’t Woodward say something sooner?

Woodward says he waited to deliver “the best obtainable version of the truth,” not to rush news into print.

Commentary: News media must get election night right

News outlets have to be prepared for electoral uncertainty and the chaos that is likely to result.

Comment: Break’s over, Congress; renew $600 checks for jobless

There’s scant evidence that the earlier additional benefit discouraged people from looking for work.

Comment: Covid reveals decades of bad public housing policy

Under the guise of ‘empowerment,’ officials instead removed funding and self-management from tenants.

Comment: Prosecutorial misconduct has left too many in prison

Over 22 years, Curtis Flowers was tried six time. Four verdicts were overturned for a prosecutor’s misconduct.