Commentary: State’s winemakers toast opportunity in trade pact

Congress’ ratification of the USMCA would help winemakers in the state and nation boost their exports.


Commentary: What must be done to save our national parks

First, take the authority for policy decisions away from Congress and the federal bureaucracy.


Viewpoints: Finding the threat beneath us

X-ray-like seismic images can show where the threat of earthquake is highest. One is below the Olympics.


Viewpoints: A fix to gerrymandering is up to the voters

With the Supreme Court saying it’s powerless, voters will have to remedy partisan-drawn districts.

Commentary: A little skepticism, please, for posts and emails

Can we check suspicious claims we see on Facebook and emails before we let our outrage run rampant?

Quiz: How much do you know about Independence Day?

Before you light that sparkler, take this quiz to see how brightly your patriotic knowledge shines.

Commentary: U.S. women’s soccer team needs more than cheers

Like all women athletes — and women workers — they are still paid less than men and face other inequity.

Commentary: State found way to stop surprise medical bills

Similar legislation in the U.S. Senate could save patients thousands of dollars in unexpected bills.

Commentary: Title X’s health care must be protected for good

Court orders protecting women’s health services are a relief, but permanent assurances are necessary.

Viewpoints: What our parks teach about patriotism

Patriotism requires a mix of pride and humility. Our national parks offer a chance to experience both.

Commentary: Clarify policy on pneumococcal vaccine for adults

The CDC’s immunization committee needs to strengthen its vaccine recommendation for older adults.

Commentary: Protecting coastal ecology not just for the birds

This state’s economy depends on coastal waters and shorelines. Those areas need our protection.

Viewpoints: Welcome to the Bank of Facebook

What’s to like — and not like — about the social network’s plans to enter the cryptocurrency business.

Commentary: First debate Inslee’s shot to make case on climate

The first Democratic presidential debate may be the best chance for a good discussion on climate policy.

Commentary: Trump administration can’t walk away from Hanford

The federal government must honor past commitments to fund cleanup of the nuclear reservation.

Commentary: Congress, take surprise out of high medical bills

There’s a simple fix for unexpected bills for out-of-network medical services: shared responsibility.

Viewpoints: Time flies when you’re raising kids; or does it?

It’s only in our memory that we perceive time spent with children as fleeting. So, enjoy the present.

Commentary: Why are fewer Americans getting divorced?

Young adults are waiting to marry, and more are basing marriage on happiness rather than obligation.

Viewpoints: Why some workers would say no to a raise

A pay raise can disqualify some from housing and other benefits, making it harder to make ends meet.

Commentary: Listening to D-Day’s last eyewitnesses

French and U.S. schoolchildren are listening and remembering the final first-hand accounts of the pivotal battle.