Commentary: The man who counseled King

Howard Thurman, like King a Baptist minister, influenced the civil rights leader’s thoughts on nonviolence.


Commentary: Continuing King’s final campaign against poverty

MLK Jr. was killed just as he was launching the Poor People’s Campaign. It’s needed more than ever.


Commentary: Sole parental custody not a benefit to children

A proposal in the state Legislature would encourage courts to seek plans that involve both parents.


Viewpoints: Can a woman win the White House? It all depends

Sexism is a factor in voters’ perceptions of candidates, but it’s just one of many variables to consider.

Commentary: Earlier split in Methodist Church holds warning

As they are now over LGBTQ rights, Methodists were earlier divided over slavery; the split was damaging.

Commentary: Russia’s government resigns; Putin must have plans

Putin, who would have to leave office in 2024, may be looking at reforms that keep him in power.

Commentary: Green New Deal can reclaim ideals of the New Deal

Rather than reforming a culture of exploitation, the New Deal rescued it; we must avoid the same mistakes.

Commentary: Impeachment trial set, but what’ll it look like?

If no additional witnesses are called, will the evidence available be enough to convict the president?

Commentary: What did Bernie say? And what’s it mean for 2020?

None of the candidates may benefit if a rift over gender dominates the debate among Democrats.

Commentary: Grisham isn’t worst press secretary; she isn’t one

The White House spokeswoman has never held a press briefing and misunderstands for whom she’s working.

Commentary: Meghan keeps Harry, but ditches the tiara

The (formerly?) royal couple’s story is a triumph over the princess fantasy Americans can cheer.

Commentary: Local governments can’t opt out of state gun laws

Such efforts misread the Second Amendment and the authority of state constitutions.

Commentary: What happens when community college is free

It increases enrollment and graduation, but targeted aid can do more good for the same spending.

Commentary: Care of aging dog, much like that of elder parent

I never imagined that senior dog care would prove a weird resurrection of the demands of elder care.

Commentary: Founders goofed having Senate try impeachment

As we’re seeing now, the Senate is too partisan. The Supreme Court or others would handle it better.

Commentary: Reality of war has caught up with Trump’s tweets

The U.S. and Iran are both guilty of miscalculations. Trump now faces the greatest test of his presidency.

Commentary: Soleimani’s killing may ignite chain of escalation

Iran likely does not want an all-out war, but a small error could engulf the entire Middle East.

Commentary: What’s the worst — and best — to expect on Iran?

Fears of war may indeed be overblown, but that relies on neither side triggering further escalation.

Commentary: Path to apprenticeships now starts at high school

Labor, industry and education have teamed to help students start a path toward careers in trades.

Commentary: Use Constitution to reclaim government for all

Whatever happened to promoting ‘the general Welfare’? And how did we come to ignore the Founders’ wishes?