Comment: How Trump can better regulate e-cigarettes, vaping

There are steps that would limit access to youths while preserving e-cigs as an alternative to smoking.


Commentary: Last week’s school shooting already is old news

As the shooting at a California high school unfolded, the Senate yet again blocked a gun-reform bill.


Commentary: Finding a way forward on Casino Road

To help the Everett neighborhood’s residents out of poverty, provide them skills and resources they need.


Commentary: Do we give pets, other animals space they need?

A new state law regarding the treatment of poultry is an example of changes regarding animal rights.

Commentary: Making the rich poor won’t help middle class

What the middle class needs is more security and assurances for their well-being; not revenge.

Rubin: Democratic hopefuls should heed Obama’s advice

Medicare for All and similar policies aren’t flying with moderates. Does that explain Warren’s retreat?

Viewpoints: Pick a side, America: Law-and-order or conspiracy

Which ‘frame’ of the impeachment issues is accepted may determine the outcome of the process.

Commentary: Amazon’s klutzy politicking backfires in Seattle

Barging into Seattle City Council races, Amazon handed the race to those who are now ready to tax it.

Commentary: Congress, stop ducking and free the ‘dreamers’

Before the Supreme Court rules — unleashing dire consequences — Congress must act as it has long promised.

Commentary: Republicans must stick with facts, not hyperbole

They do no favors for the president nor the nation by indulging in ‘deep state’ conspiracy theories.

Commentary: 2020 election will depend heavily on economy

The particulars of the Trump economy present challenges for the Democratic candidates.

Commentary: HeraldNet’s ‘sponsored content’ ads misleading

The campaign ads are made to resemble the newspaper’s journalism, raising concerns for fairness.

Comment: Argue Constitution, not laws, in impeachment

The framers chose broad language to cover any conceivable abuse of power.

Comment: College newspaper’s apology was lesson learned

Student journalists erred by apologizing for basic journalism, but they don’t deserve derision.

Rubin: Why GOP witness wish list shows they can’t defend Trump

All Republicans have are distractions, claims of unfairness and threats aimed at the whistleblower.

Commentary: State farmers need quick passage of trade deal

Congress should act soon to ratify the trade pact with Mexico and Canada; many farms are counting on it.

Comment: Why is state spending $500K to study single-payer?

State lawmakers never approved such a working group, yet they put money in the budget to fund it.

Viewpoint: How to stop teen vaping? Treat it like Sudafed

Limiting e-cigarettes to pharmacies would keep access for adult smokers but not for those under 21.

Commentary: Surprise! Trump polices have helped minority workers

The other surprise: His trade wars have broken his campaign promises to help the white working class.

Commentary: Trump’s climate change denial his greatest folly

Withdrawing from the Paris accord is symbolic but a reminder of the peril he places the nation and world.