Commentary: Steps forward for gun safety across the nation

Along with I-1639 passage in this state, candidates who ran on gun safety won, even in red states.


Commentary: Employers need to reach out to military spouses

The lack of jobs for spouses can force military families to make the choice to leave the service.


Commentary: This is why I love being a veteran

What I learned in the military guides me in how I stand up for people and confront daily challenges.


Viewpoints: The poems that veterans carry

Perhaps the best way to connect with and honor veterans is to listen to their words and poems.

Commentary: A rule change that hurts kids and ourselves

A change to the ‘public charge’ test discourages immigrant families from seeking aid for children.

Comment: More exports, not tariffs, can fix trade imbalance

During the Reagan administration, both parties worked to make U.S. companies more competitive.

Commentary: Best way to protect the election is to vote

Let’s review what happened in 2016 and what’s been done to improve election security thus far.

Commentary: Flame of our rhetoric threatens to consume us

We share blame, as we did in Birmingham in 1963, for electing those ‘who heat the kettles of hate.’

Viewpoints: Time to change our twice-a-year change in time?

Daylight saving time was supposed to save energy. It doesn’t. And there’s little other benefit to it.

Commentary: America should adopt its own Day of the Dead

For Latinos, Dia de los Muertos is a spiritual festival. We could all benefit from its reflections.

Commentary: I-940 provides better police training we need now

If I-940 is rejected there’s no guarantee the Legislature will pass a law with its same protections.

Commentary: Generation Z may make own waves in election

Cynicism often depresses interest in voting, but it may actually motivate some who are 18 to 24.

Viewpoints: Pro and con on I-940’s change to deadly force law

Supporters want training and other protections now. Opponents say lawmakers can pass a better bill.

Commentary: What patients need to make affordable choices

They need data on cost, quality and experience, but they also need help to use that information.

Khashoggi: Journalist’s final column a plea for free speech

Jamal Khashoggi, now believed slain, wrote the Arab world can’t have freedom without a free media.

Viewpoints: Why didn’t we take more than ‘one small step’?

Neil Armstrong’s moonwalk could have inspired so much more. What caused America to lose interest?

Everett districts pro, con: More diversity or more division?

A look at the potential advantages and disadvantages of electing the city council by districts.

Commentary: Don’t avoid debate on costs of climate change

A survey found that being upfront about the costs of confronting climate change didn’t erode support.

Viewpoints: Will I-1631’s carbon fee help or hinder?

Pilchuck Audubon says it will aid the environment. A union says we’ll lose jobs and see higher costs.

Commentary: Wide differences in price of drugs has to end

Why should a lie-saving cancer drug cost $9,817-a-month in the U.S., but only $1,400 in India?