Commentary: High school parents, fans need to be team players

Their role is in the stands, offering support and cheers, not berating officials, coaches and players.


Commentary: State needs to pick winner with online gambling

To compete with offshore websites, the state needs to trust a well-regulated market to offer gaming.


Viewpoints: A cloud of suspicion envelops e-cigarettes

Assumptions that vaping was ‘safer’ than smoking may now be proving incorrect; and dangerous.


Commentary: Counting the costs of climate-driven disasters

Some of the assessments may overestimate damage costs but underestimate losses to the economy.

Commentary: Reforms at state prisons protecting lives, safety

Reforms by lawmakers and the Department of Corrections are addressing the needs of all concerned.

Viewpoints: Doing away with the charitable-industrial complex

Philanthropy can change lives, but that change won’t be for the better if it perpetuates the problem.

Commentary: Even Big Oil sees no need to relax methane rules

The White House’s move will save oil and gas companies little while adding to the climate disaster.

Commentary: Yes, parents should help their kids with homework

Despite advice to the contrary, research shows parents can encourage kids and help them develop skills.

Viewpoints: Education must be more than pipeline to jobs

Education is often seen as a way to supply skilled labor to industry. But our society requires more.

Commentary: VISION 2050 prepares for a future of our choice

A regional effort looks to find the best fit for growth, jobs, housing, transportation and environment.

Commentary: Case points to wider concerns in guardian program

Reforms may not be enough to train amateurs to make good decisions in child custody caregiving.

Commentary: Growing meth crisis requires empathy, resources

In the midst of the opioid epidemic, the state now is seeing an increase in methamphetamine deaths.

Commentary: Building community by uplifting all women

A YWCA career workshop in Edmonds offered services and inspiration that uplift women in the workforce.

Viewpoints: What’s at fault for rise of suicide behind bars?

Overcrowded and understaffed, U.S. jails increasingly leave inmates alone and under-supervised.

Commentary: Years after scandal, corrections reforms idled

Gov. Inslee has stood in the way of necessary reforms for the Department of Corrections.

Commentary: Opposition to fossil-fuel projects comes at cost

Energy projects in the state are being dismissed without counting the cost to jobs and the economy.

Commentary: What GOP, Democrats don’t get about health care

The parties’ polarized views on what to do ignore the benefits of making what we have work better.

Viewpoints: 5 essential reads on Endangered Species Act

As the Trump administration moves to change the ESA, here are summaries of five articles about the act.

Commentary: Can we scoot to a carbon-free future?

E-scooters are an environmental plus if replacing a car ride; less so when someone would have walked.

Commentary: Wildfire no longer just an east-of-Cascades worry

Western Washington faces greater threats from wildfires and smoke. Better forest management can help.