Commentary: Juneteenth holiday would continue work remaining

Everett has proclaimed the holiday. A national holiday would spread its message of unity and equality.


Commentary: Small towns’ nimbleness useful in fighting COVID

Rural areas can draw on creative solutions and less regulation to meet the needs of residents.


Viewpoints: How to repair the harms left by racism

Other countries and communities have found healing through a nationwide process of reconciliation.


Comment: What the PDB is and how it fits in Taliban bounties

All modern presidents have received the President’s Daily Brief; how they each used it differs.

Commentary: GOP may regret deal made for Trump judges

More than 200 Trump-nominated judges will be seated, but that’s not as impressive as it sounds.

Commentary: Trump wants to kill ACA in middle of a pandemic

America is adding to its rolls of uninsured as more lose jobs and coverage during a health crisis.

Comment: Fox News led viewers to dismiss coronavirus threat

A review of transcripts and survey of viewers found Fox responsible for spreading disinformation.

Commentary: Promote masks as accessories, not annoyances

If we want people to wear them, recognize that most regard them as clothing and a matter of personal taste.

Comment: Barr’s new U.S. attorney pick is grossly unqualified

Jay Clayton, now head of the SEC, has never served as a federal prosecutor, a common prerequisite.

Commentary: What Dr. Seuss’ Sneetches gets wrong about race

The classic kids’ book, along with other children’s lit, oversimplifies issues of race and diversity.

Commentary: Let’s set a few ground rules as we talk about race

Let’s start by recognizing our biases, reaching out to form friendships and educating ourselves.

Comment: In St. Paul, Minneapolis’ twin, police reform working

Its young, Black mayor has led a push to change policy and fund social supports for better public safety.

Comment: Our medication supply doesn’t need an act from 1933

Buy American Act could complicate prescription drug supply lines and increase costs for patients.

Commentary: Nursing homes need support as COVID continues

An early focus of the outbreak, they are caring for a vulnerable population and deserve our patience.

Viewpoints: Covid-proofing high school sports will be tough

Athletics can be a breeding ground for the virus, but there are precautions that make play possible.

Comment: States must protect health care workers who protect us

As Covid-19 resurges in the U.S., front-line workers still don’t have the supplies and safeguards they need.

Comment: Public, private infrastructure investment needed now

It will provide jobs and provide improvements, including internet, that we need now and in the future.

Commentary: Europe limiting virus spread with ‘smart’ lockdowns

Its nations are tailoring lockdowns to specific outbreaks; but it requires testing, tracing and mask use.

Commentary: Americans are failing the mask test

The president’s mockery of masks reflects a broader disinterest among Americans in protecting others.