Comment: How private investment can fund wildfire prevention

The government can’t pay for all necessary forest management, but private and public investors could.


Commentary: Ideological battles in the airport lounge

If CNN or Fox News is playing on a TV in public, just who is susceptible to its influence?


Viewpoints: Anonymous op-ed wasn’t civil disobedience

The writer, in concealing his or her identity to escape consequences, invites doubt over motive.


Commentary: Transparency should guide on public records

A panel working to apply the public records law to state lawmakers should put the public first.

Commentary: Getting kids to class key to success in school

Kids face many obstacles to getting to school. We must remove those barriers to their achievement.

Commentary: Kavanaugh hearings a primer into court’s path

The outcome will be no surprise, but watching the hearings sets the agenda for national debate.

Commentary: Why was history allowed to go up in flames?

Museum collections can’t care for themselves, and more museums are facing cuts to funding.

Commentary: Who needs a union? More than you might think

A recent survey found that more than half of nonunionized workers would join a union if they could.

Commentary: What workers can celebrate and keep an eye on

On Labor Day, celebrate recent wins for unions and workers, but be wary of ‘right to work’ efforts.

Viewpoints: What Emma Yule taught Everett, then and now

The city’s first teacher endured repeated sexism yet preservered. She yet has something to teach us.

Commentary: What we lost when John McCain died

McCain had critics, the most unforgiving being himself. His humility served him and the nation well.

Commentary: Effort will help direct youths into skilled jobs

A partnership in north Snohomish County seeks to guide students into training for skilled trades.

Commentary: Thank the law for revealing abuse, not the church

Victims and investigators brought the truth out; Catholic leaders only protected the abusers.

Viewpoints: More screen time explains why Johnny won’t read

Reading texts on a smartphone doesn’t compare with reading books, and it’s showing in test scores.

Comment: First step on prison reform could be win for Trump

Refusing to budge on ‘tough on crime’ rhetoric will cost the nation money and waste lives.

Commentary: State health survey is a call you should take

The anonymous poll provides information that is vital to health professionals and researchers.

Commentary: Carbon fee will help clear air we breathe

We need to pass I-1631 to combat climate change and halt pollution that affects the health of many.

Commentary: Should red-light cameras still get green light?

A study shows the cameras may make T-bone accidents less likely but result in more rear-end wrecks.

Viewpoints: Where climate change is to blame in wildfires

Global warming can’t cause fires, but it’s creating conditions that make them worse and more frequent.

Commentary: Solar probe extends quest to answer, ‘Why?’

The Parker Solar Probe, launched Sunday, could help answer intriguing questions about our star.