Viewpoints: 5 things we know about mass shootings

A look at available data provides insight into mass shootings and what can work to limit carnage.

Commentary: Forest landowners’ salmon efforts lead by example

Private forestland owners have been steadily fixing fish-blocking culverts, showing it can be done.

Commentary: Uncertainty can lead us out of political gridlock

Left and right are locked in debate, but the middle can use its uncertainly to find ideas that work.

Increase state funding for police academy

Officer training is a core responsibility of state government.

If a worker pays no dues, why get union benefits?

Anti-union groups’ short-sighted activism raises questions of fairness.

Access to doctors outside VA system has merit

The aim isn’t to cut VA funding, but ensuring every veteran gets the care they deserve.

Why is it so hard to let landlines go?

Nobody calls the house phone except telemarketers, but giving it up stirs uneasy feelings.

Commentary: Girls belong in Scouts because all kids belong

Girls can benefit from Scouting’s lessons. Boys can benefit for girls’ civilizing influence.

Commentary: Amazon’s interest in health care says something

Better regulation of PBMs — a pharmacy middleman — could lower drug prices for many patients.

Commentary: What we can learn from John McCain

In his dying days, the senator provides an example of how we might plan for end-of-life care.

Viewpoints: All bets are on — sports betting opens to states

Last week’s U.S. Supreme Court decision provides opportunities — and a lot of questions — for states.

Commentary: Schools have role in kids’ online safety

Under a state law, teachers are helping kids learn how to safely and wisely navigate the web.

Commentary: State right to join in suit against EPA on MPG

In seeking to loosen standards on vehicle mileage, the EPA is ignoring the environmental impacts.

Commentary: How older vets can best help younger veterans

Younger vets and those in active duty need the mentoring and sympathetic ear of older vets.

Commentary: Work isn’t done to provide schools our kids need

Beyond improving funding for schools, we need to provide a stronger bridge to higher education.

Viewpoints: Perfection is the enemy of the good mother

In striving to be a perfect parent, moms pressure themselves and allow doubt to take control.

Commentary: We’re good stewards but we can do even better

We’ve embraced recycling but we need to do more to remove waste from what we toss in the bins.

Comment: Trump’s reckless withdrawal from Iran deal

Trump acted with no plan to replace the deal, allowing Iran’s hardliners to resume its nuclear path.

Commentary: States must challenge weaker fuel economy rules

The lawsuit brought by California, Washington state and others is crucial to fight climate change.

Commentary: Access to mental health care lagging in state

There are new diagnostic tools that can direct quality mental health care, but access must improve.