Comment: 7 reasons why filibuster reform increasingly likely

Sentiment — and necessity — is growing for Senate Democrats to change what’s stifling legislation.

Comment: Moderates may be real progressives on health care

Bolstering the ACA would help those most in need, while Medicare For All would benefit some who don’t need it.

Comment: More in media won’t describe ballot farce as ‘audit’

The Philadelphia Inquirer is calling a lie a lie in coverage of its state GOP’s ‘forensic investigation’ of ballots.

Comment: Ending vicious circle of terror, fear and hate

The misdirected attacks on Arabs and Sikhs after 9/11 have a new form during the covid-19 pandemic.

Comment: Our guard up again, this time for so-called patriots

There’s little difference among violent extremists, whether they attack from abroad or from within.

Comment: Why Justice Barrett is blind to her own partisanship

Many people want to see themselves as impartial observers and decision-makers. Almost none are.

Comment: One legacy of 9/11? How conspiracies spread online

The thirst for information after the attack and early social networks encouraged wild, unchallenged theories.

Comment: Lawmakers need to correct reforms hampering police

While some new laws sound reasonable, too often they prevent police from protecting communities.

Comment: Nearing a crisis, our hospitals need your help

Vaccination is the best way to help county hospitals dealing with a surge in covid patients.

Comment: New CCC could provide jobs, confront climate change

Hundreds of thousands could find well-paying jobs in green industries that can aid the environment.

People walk over New York's Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn following the collapse of both World Trade Center towers on Sept. 11, 2001. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Viewpoints: Teaching 9/11 to those who hadn’t been born yet

Teaching students to ‘Never Forget’ means better explaining the truths that were often overlooked.

People walk over New York's Brooklyn Bridge from Manhattan to Brooklyn following the collapse of both World Trade Center towers on Sept. 11, 2001. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

Comment: Stories of three lives lost on North Tower, Sept. 11

Three Bloomberg employees attended to their jobs that day, much as they had in their young lives.

Comment: U.S. met 9/11 with old fights and familiar illusions

The terrorist attack gave America a renewed sense of purpose but one that was led by vague objectives and false assumptions.

Comment: Study shows masks work, widespread use is possible

Research in Bangladesh confirmed masks cut the spread of covid and hit on ways to promote their use.

Comment: Workers can have say on jobs and wages; for now

Companies need workers and are willing to pay better to get them, but that dynamic may not last.

Comment: Texas’ Abbot can’t arrest way out of tough question

Asked about the state’s new abortion law and rape, Abbot made a promise he can’t possibly keep.

Comment: Travel during pandemic is a disaster; it shouldn’t be

Relaxing restrictions, while requiring vaccination, could aid tourism and efforts against covid.

Comment: With homeless more visible maybe we’ll do something

Leery of covid, many homeless favor tent encampments over shelters. We can’t deny the problem now.

Comment: It’s simple; getting covid vaccine can save your life

News of ‘breakthrough’ cases for the vaccinated doesn’t change vaccines’ safety and effectiveness.

Comment: Politicians picking voters dates to nation’s Founders

Early political parties acted to consolidate their power by limiting the vote to white men.