Other Voices: Gas pump stickers will outline state’s tax

Motorists soon will see stickerss on gas pump that show the state’s gas tax for each gallon.

Other voices: Let states lower Medicaid prescription drug prices

If Congress won’t take action to lower prescription drug prices, allow the states to take the lead.

Commentary: Action needed now to make 2020 census count

The Census Bureau is lacking leadership and funding necessary to prepare for it.

Commentary: How to begin to bridge the divide on immigration

Right and left need to step back from inaccuracies and entrenched positions to find agreement.

Viewpoints: Trump’s monumental mistake

The power to abolish or shrink monuments rests with Congress, not the president.

Commentary: Environmental efforts not showing good results

We need to be good stewards, but some restrictions and rules only result in friction and resistance.

Viewpoints: Has Trump triggered outrage against harassers?

Trump, thus far, has escaped consequences for alleged harassment. But others are taking the brunt.

Commentary: ‘Grad student tax’ would hurt education, research

Taxing tuition waivers would make it difficult for grad students to do research, assist in teaching.

Commentary: How newsrooms can best face sexual harassment

The firing of a popular newspaper columnist in 2002 offers guidance on how to deal with allegations.

Commentary: GOP tax plan will make college more expensive

What the Republican tax plan will do to college students should worry every American parent.

Commentary: Ten years too long to allow economy to poke along

Federal tax reform will provide businesses, large and small, with capital to create and expand jobs.

Commentary: Two tips treated differently by state game agency

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife’s slow reaction to a poaching tip raises concerns.

Viewpoints: What’s behind Robert Mueller’s poker face

For now, Mueller holds all the cards. And he has the latitude to play them as he chooses.

Commentary: Test your knowledge of Thanksgiving

Don’t try talking turkey until your know the facts.

Commentary: Legislature hasn’t fixed teacher pay issue

Schools with larger poor and minority populations are still less capable of keeping good teachers.

Commentary: Mental health training for police is saving lives

The training ensures that officers have the tools to deescalate potentially dangerous situations.

Viewpoint: How to bridge the political divide at Thanksgiving

With a little bravery and some listening skills, the holiday dinner table needn’t be a battlefield.

Comment: Funds set for tech education but partnerships needed

Business and schools must work togther now to revitalize career and technical education programs.

Commentary: It’s never too soon to confront threat to life

Here’s what Congress can do, now, says U.S. Rep Rick Larsen, to address gun violence.

Viewpoints: Why the public distrusts the news media

But it can fix that mistrust by strengthening local journalism and fostering conservative writers.