Comment: E-bikes intensifying the battles among trail users

E-bikes have opened the backcountry to more people, increasing the friction among users that already existed.

Comment: With GOP split on clean energy, Democrats should act

Democrats must take the case for renewable energy to red states where the IRA’s gains could be reversed.

Comment: It’s not faith but policy that drives evangelical voters

It’s why ‘born again’ Christian voters so easily jumped from backing Carter to Reagan to Trump.

Comment: Housing shouldn’t come at cost of city zoning control

HB 1110 could result in more gentrification than providing a greater supply of the housing we need.

Comment: Justice requires change in how we view juveniles’ pasts

Former county prosecutor backs legislation to end use of juvenile records in adult sentencing.

Comment: Until Ukrainians say so, now not time for peace talks

A negotiated ‘peace’ provides no guarantee that Putin won’t rebuild for a later attempt at taking Ukraine.

Fact Check: No, Nikki Haley; foreign aid doesn’t go to U.S. enemies

Much of U.S. foreign aid supports U.S. jobs and aids groups who are working against our enemies.

Comment: A past in prison shouldn’t prevent citizens from voting

It’s a fundamental right, and worries that it would benefit any candidate or party are unfounded.

Comment: Poor Americans are losing out in the culture war

With the debate moved to divisive social issues, low-income white voters are siding against their own interests.

Comment: Why it’s not OK for a poll to ask if, ‘it’s OK to be white’

The phrase’s origin stems from white supremacist trolling, and the poll’s accuracy is questionable.

Comment: ‘Peak fossil fuel emissions’ doesn’t mean we’ve won yet

Reducing emissions from fuels is key, but we’ve got other emission sources that have to be addressed.

Comment: Quakes are inevitable; huge death tolls are not

What we can’t predict, we can prepare for. That requires a dedicated effort to seismic strengthening.

Comment: Scott Adams and right-wing claim of white victimhood

Using a questionable poll on race, Dilbert’s creator justifies and takes advantage of racist views.

Comment: Trump weakened safety rules; none tied to train wreck

None of the regulations that Trump rolled back appear to have played a role in the Ohio train derailment.

Comment: Jimmy Carter has one last lesson to teach his country

In sharing his entry into hospice care, Carter has us consider the meaning of a good life and its end.

Comment: Nikki Haley and Tim Scott are too nice for the base

Both have great background stories and conservative values, but they play too well with others.

Comment: Ohio train wreck can’t yet be dismissed as a one-off

A preliminary NTSB report is only four pages long. It will take much longer to outline proper fixes.

Workers assemble a Boeing 777 airplane at Boeing Co.'s airplane assembly plant in Everett, Wash., Friday, Jan. 30, 2009. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Comment: What it will take to get flight to a net-zero future

Sustainable aviation fuels will cut carbon emissions but aviation will still rely on carbon offsets.

Workers assemble a Boeing 777 airplane at Boeing Co.'s airplane assembly plant in Everett, Wash., Friday, Jan. 30, 2009. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Comment: Keep our promise to students on their core skills

A bill allowing an easier path to diplomas would prevent certainty they’re ready for life’s next step.