Commentary: Ending death penalty could help solve cold cases

The money saved on death penalty trials is better spent to investigate unsolved murders and rapes.

Commentary: Fighting the opioid epidemic by understanding it

Just as a doctor would, we need to fully assess the patient and his or her particular condition.

Viewpoints: Some scientists wear hardhats, not lab coats

Myths about science shouldn’t keep students from considering a range of rewarding careers.

Commentary: A look at changes to state, local school levies

While the state increased school funding with its property tax, districts still need local levies.

Commentary: What Everett School’s bond and levy will fund

The Everett School District’s bond and levy will help it prepare students for high-demand careers.

Commentary: Fossil fuel-free future for state is within sight

Edmonds has it right. And the state can take steps to move to 100 percent clean, renewable energy.

Commentary: Handcuffs and jail cells won’t solve opioid crisis

It’s more humane — and cost-effective — if we connect those with addictions to treatment and services.

Viewpoints: The sad state of the State of the Union

The annual ceremony is broken and has directed the intended focus of government away from Congress.

Commentary: Help complete Lake Stevens’ long quest for library

Lake Stevens has outgrown a library that hasn’t changed in size in 30 years. Vote yes on Feb. 13.

Commentary: Dentists need to be part of the opioid discussion

Dentists need proper training, especially on how to advise patients on pain management.

Commentary: Regional players respond to opioid crisis as team

Using disaster response as a model, a multi-agency group is coordinating the response to the crisis.

Viewpoints: What a billionaire’s budget can buy

It can be hard to fathom the worth of a billion dollars, and that keeps us from grasping inequality.

Commentary: A tip-credit would be more fair than wage hikes

The state’s minimum wage increase is working against many in restaurants. Here’s a better idea.

Commentary: Flu presents a moving target for yearly vaccine

While the vaccine’s effectiveness can vary year to year, it’s still the best way to avoid influenza.

Viewpoints: Living with a force of nature we can’t control

California’s landslides — and Oso before it — show the need to map hazards and get out of the way.

Sen. John McCain: Trump’s ‘fake news’ charges threaten democracy

The “fake news” phrase — granted legitimacy by a U.S. president — provides cover to autocrats worldwide.

Commentary: What’s love got to do with MLK Jr.’s dream?

For King, love was not sentimental; it’s a key part of creating communities that work for everyone.

Commentary: Mass shooting’s deadly link to domestic violence

By addressing family and domestic violence we can help limit the likelihood of a mass shooting.

Viewpoints: Hollywood had to be shamed into speaking up

The industry only steps up when caught with its pants down, so spare us the lectures on morality.

Other Voices: Raise the smoking, vaping age from 18 to 21

It could mean a loss of tobacco tax revenue for the state, but that revenue comes at a cost.