Viewpoints: The two faces of Facebook

Facebook quizzes may seem innocent, but some profile you in an attempt to influence your decisions.

Commentary: Opioid abuse is serious, but so is chronic pain

Abuse and addiction must be addressed, but the opioid crackdown has left some patients to suffer.

Commentary: We need to teach our students how to dissent

Dissent strengthens democracy and it’s necessary to a good education in civics and government.

Viewpoints: The man behind the NCAA’s madness

The NCAA makes its money not from football but basketball and off the labor of ‘student-athletes.’

Commentary: Sno-Isle depends on voter-approved tax levy

The library system, which last went to voters in 2009, seeks a 9-cent increase in its levy rate.

Commentary: State’s new law could reduce incidence of suicide

Washington state’s law, creating a voluntary ‘do not sell’ firearms list, can be a national model.

Viewpoint: We’re losing sleep — and more — when we spring ahead

The switch to daylight saving time deprives us of sleep and costs us money, productivity and lives.

Commentary: ADA isn’t a burden; it’s a business opportunity

While Congress attempts to weaken the American with Disabilities Act, businesses should embrace it.

Commentary: What you can gain by leaving your phone alone

A one-day Sabbath from our digital devices can slow our lives down and reconnect us with family.

Commentary: Lake Stevens Fire seeks direction from residents

The department is considering a levy request to voters and a partnership with Fire District 7.

Commentary: Arming teachers could lead to string of horrors

It’s not difficult to imagine scenarios where more guns in schools would end in greater tragedy.

Commentary: Making schools safer will take all of us

Relying on gun laws and tougher security ignores the steps we can take to prevent mass shootings.

Viewpoints: We have the data — gun laws are working

Despite a ban on research funding, data has been collected that show laws can limit the carnage.

Commentary: Starting a state bank not a gamble worth risk

Using Washington state as a guinea pig for a risky financial venture makes no sense.

Commentary: Justice is biggest reason to end death penalty

Beyond arguments of cost and deterence, the issue of racial justice should matter most in our state.

Commentary: Provide easier access to medications for military

Veterans, active duty members and families need better access to pharmacy services and other care.

Viewpoints: Billy Graham shaped U.S. religion and politics

Graham, who had the ear of many presidents, helped revive the language of religion in politics.

Commentary: Let people decide on state’s death penalty

Two prosecutors outline their concerns if the Legislature ends the use of capital punishment.

Commentary: Amazon not using its leverage to help LGTBQ cause

The retail giant was key to LGTBQ causes in Washington state, but it can do more in other states.

Commentary: Fight opioid crisis through health, recovery

When the problems are mental illness and addiction, chasing crisis calls is costly and doesn’t work.