Comment: Democrats, think twice before cheering GOP’s fringe

Attempting to game primaries in hopes of a better matchup this fall could come back to bite Democrats.

Comment: Midterm guessing game is only getting weirder

With economic news poised to fall either way, other reasons for uncertainty are muddying predictions.

Comment: Senate should speed votes on Biden’s judicial nominees

Biden and Senate Democrats have little time to appoint judges who can restore balance to the judiciary.

Comment: Yosemite’s sequoias saved; but threat to parks remains

Congress and President Biden must fund efforts to protect national parks from climate change disasters.

Comment: New tests for monkeypox must case wider net

Waiting to swab lesions, rather than testing saliva, may allow for the disease to spread unchecked.

Comment: Contempt of Congress caught up ‘Red Scare’ witnesses

Several went to prison or were blacklisted for refusing to answer to their beliefs on communism.

Comment: Liz Cheney, at great risk, understood the assignment

The Jan. 6 hearings aren’t about Cheney spanking a former president. They’re about saving the country.

Comment: Our grid can save salmon and a green energy future

More than enough clean energy can be generated to remove four Snake River dams to save fish.

Comment: Supreme Court’s ‘originalists’ misinterpret Founders

The Constitution’s amendments and its elastic language show the intent for a living, not static, document.

Mary Murphy (Kevin Clark / The Herald)

Comment: What Jan. 6 testimony has shown of Trump’s stability

His voters chose Trump over Clinton in 2016, thinking him more stable. How did that work out on Jan. 6?

Mary Murphy (Kevin Clark / The Herald)

Comment: After eight hearings, prosecuting Trump inescapable

Trump’s refusal to call off the Capitol riot adds to the weight of evidence against him.

Comment: Infrastructure act building equity for Americans, too

The federal spending plan is ensuring its investments reach underserved communities and individuals.

Comment: Jan. 6 hearings had bigger impact than first thought

Trump’s reaction and fixation on the past, rather than the midterms and beyond, have disrupted his party.

Comment: Month into abortion bans, is this what was intended?

Women suffering miscarriages and other complications now must be denied compassionate care.

Comment: Garland must be methodical, careful; and prompt

The AG appears to following the model of Watergate investigators, but his time is limited.

Comment: Lincoln understood why mobs could not be tolerated

Warning in 1838, Lincoln said if mob violence was ignored why would citizens see any use in government.

Comment: Joe Manchin has it backward on taxes and inflation

He rejected Biden’s tax plan over inflation concerns, but higher taxes would actually help fight inflation.

Comment: Key Founders considered abortion a private matter

Their reaction and defense in a 1792 trial for abortion shows a more complex history on the issue.

Comment: Senate could get younger in midterms, but not much

In only a few Senate races do younger challengers hold an advantage over older incumbents.