Comment: Mothers know meaning of strollers at a train station

Polish women left the prams for mothers fleeing Ukraine, knowing the comfort they would offer.

Comment: Ukraine’s Zelensky knows how to fight information war

He may know nothing of Frank Capra’s WWII ‘Why We Fight’ films, but he knows the value of their message.

Comment: War in Urkraine shifts focus of EU’s recent summit

EU’s 27 nations have snapped out of complacency on two issues: its defense and energy dependence on Russia.

Comment: How the midterms are looking as we near spring

Republicans remain favorites to win back Congress but a few issues could lead to upsets.

Comment: Laws meant to protect kids again used against them

Anti-trans and anti-gay laws in Texas and Florida are similar to past attempts to persecute minority families.

Comment: Russian elites’ dissatisfaction key to Putin’s future

Putin and his oligarchs had a deal. Sanctions have upset that balance and potentially Putin’s rule.

Comment: Putin unleashes new age of nuclear proliferation

Even if unsuccessful in Ukraine, Putin has caused nations to doubt nuclear disarmament committments.

Comment: Florida’s ‘don’t say gay’ law a threat to all students

As similar laws in the 1980s and ’90s showed, bullying, abuse and suicide will follow for students, gay or straight.

Comment: What happens when cities say no to growth

Boulder, Colo., tried to hem itself in with a greenbelt, but that increased housing costs and didn’t stop sprawl.

Comment: Why Biden isn’t trying to sound like Churchill

The president’s main audiences are Putin, Ukraine and Europe; his words for Americans are more measured.

Comment: $4 gas a pain, but inflicting pain on Putin worth it

Prices for gas and more will rise, but there’s agreement the invasion of Ukraine cannot be ignored.

Comment: What’s to come of the current chaos over energy?

High oil prices will allow renewable energy to make its case, but the transition will be a bumpy ride.

Comment: International Women’s Day should return to its roots

Launched in the U.S., its focus on women’s rights at work and mothers’ issues deserves new attention.

Comment: DOJ not ignoring Jan. 6 panel’s case against Trump

Merrick Garland’s silence shouldn’t be confused with inaction; what it means is careful preparation.

Comment: How rejecting Biden’s every move can backfire

It can work in Republicans’ favor, until something like Russia’s invasion of Ukraine happens.

Comment: Ukraine may prove to be Putin’s Afghanistan

Russia can seize territory, but with only 4 soliders per 10,000 Ukrainians, keeping control will be difficult.

Comment: If brave enough, what Putin’s aides would tell him

Putin’s war in Ukraine has faltered, sanctions are crippling Russia, and he faces the mother of all insurgencies.

Comment: Hyypocrisy in right’s ‘dark money’ protest of left’s

Groups on the right who have used the Citizens United ruling on judicial efforts suddenly see a problem on the left.

Comment: Close risky loophole on synthetic cannabis products

New intoxicating products are being sold outside of licensed stores; legislation would end their sale.

Comment: Training, certifying 911 staff helps them help us

Legislation will provide for training and certification of 911 staff and improve the 911 system.