Sen. John McCain: Trump’s ‘fake news’ charges threaten democracy

The “fake news” phrase — granted legitimacy by a U.S. president — provides cover to autocrats worldwide.

Commentary: What’s love got to do with MLK Jr.’s dream?

For King, love was not sentimental; it’s a key part of creating communities that work for everyone.

Commentary: Mass shooting’s deadly link to domestic violence

By addressing family and domestic violence we can help limit the likelihood of a mass shooting.

Viewpoints: Hollywood had to be shamed into speaking up

The industry only steps up when caught with its pants down, so spare us the lectures on morality.

Other Voices: Raise the smoking, vaping age from 18 to 21

It could mean a loss of tobacco tax revenue for the state, but that revenue comes at a cost.

Viewpoints: What kind of a life should our care support?

We’ve gotten good at prolonging life, but such care can rob patients of a natural, comfortable death.

Commentary: Time is now to make sure growth meets our wishes

If we don’t hold development to our standards, we may lose the livability of our communities.

Commentary: How Trump can kick-start Mideast peace process

Trump says moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem recognizes reality. There’s one more move to make.

Other Voices: Opioid crisis driving down life expectancy

While talking a good game, President Trump has not provided funding necessary to combat the crisis.

Viewpoints: What do we want out of our resolutions?

Before setting those personal goals, maybe we should first decide what it is we want out of life.

Commentary: Fee hike could lock some out of national parks

A veteran who performs volunteer work in national parks asks Congress to fund maintenance work.

Commentary: Court may cure gerrymandering and avoid bias

In taking two state cases, justices can set a standard that puts both parties on equal footing.

Commentary: The war on Christmas is over (if you want it)

Merchants wishing customers “Happy Holidays” isn’t the attack on Christianity some claim.

Commentary: Better access to oral health needed for all

Low-income families, particularly kids, are lacking dental care and the wellbeing it provides.

Commentary: Now wasn’t time for county to increase taxes

While the economy is doing well now, the recession showed us the need to be cautious with budgets.

Viewpoints: A winter walk in the woods good for body and soul

Spending a little time in nature can counteract the negative effects of our overstimulated lives.

Other Voices: Eatery owners need to keep mitts off of tips

Pooling tips is fine when it shares tips among workers; but restaurant owners shouldn’t take a cut.

Other voices: NCAA must do more to protect football players

The NCAA president’s opinion that protections are “up to schools” ignores its duty to its players.

Commentary: Region has to consider options for U.S. 2 trestle

Waiting for lawmakers to pass another gas tax isn’t an option. We have to move forward now.

Commentary: Tighter rein needed on opioid makers, distrbutors

Doctors are working to better control prescriptions, but that won’t be enough to stem the epidemic.