Saunders: Tech geeks should leave diversity issues to HR

Employees at tech firm who were pushing equity issues left a rift and departures in their wake.


Burke: Facts don’t lie, but just try to get some to admit them

By numerous metrics, Biden’s doing well, yet Republicans insist on denying him and his proposals.


Harrop: Biden’s policies more aligned with Truman than FDR

On issues related to economic equity and civil rights, Biden’s plans recall Truman’s Fair Deal.


Schwab: Do Republicans intend to take nation down with them?

When they’re not attacking fair proposals for good government, they’re nodding off like Ted Cruz.

Harrop: Before you ditch that mask, consider its benefits

While we were masked up, flu deaths went down, our faces were warmer and some saved on lipstick.

Schwab: GOP still locked in fever dream rest of us escaped

Kick back with a plant-based brew and take in the parade of outraged, fact-denying fabricators.

Comment: With vaccine success, why are masks still mandated?

Masks can’t be doing much good anymore, yet they are turning up as trash in the ocean.

Harrop: Democrats, pay heed to who keeps winning elections

It’s moderates who are winning elections while the left-wing dominates only on Twitter.

Burke: Must’ve been some magic in that old red hat they found

The hat’s inexplicable abilities are more malign than those of Harry Potter’s Cloak of Invisibility.

Schwab: Long list of what’s not right and two things that are

Imagine what Orville and Wilbur might think of the progeny of their flyer hovering above Mars.

Harrop: Polls on happiest countries, states good for a smile

Can we really measure happiness — and our location’s part in it — when we differ on what makes our day?

Comment: Vice president failing at her assigned border task

Harris’ lack of action squanders a chance to show she’s ready to step in as president if necessary.

Harrop: Why do we still find ‘Persons of Color’ as remarkable?

White journalists are falling over themselves to note the race of accomplished people. Is that necessary?

Schwab: Funny thing about investments; they cost money

Regardless of what you call it, we’ve put off maintenance and upgrades; and the bill has come due.

Harrop: QAnon beliefs should bar followers from teaching

It’s not about politics; it’s about whether someone so divorced from reality should teach children.

Comment: We built roads for Henry Ford; do the same for EVs

Biden’s infrastructure plans for electric vehicles are how we keep up with technological change.

Burke: Cherishing the oceans within and Salish Sea outside

If you haven’t heard the name Salish Sea, here’s what it means and why it’s important.

Schwab: Things have changed when GOP can’t keep donors in line

Corporations are people and money is speech, except when it’s not a Republican talking point.

Schwab: You can see democracy’s foes from 220 miles above earth

Even from the space station it’s not hard to make out which party favors the basic right to vote.

Harrop: Streaming told us stories, but we need live theater

The live theater experiece — and a night out for dinner — are important to our culture and economy.