Burke: ‘Trump being Trump’ isn’t a rationale; it’s an indictment

This is where the defense of the president’s acting on his gut impulses has gotten us.


Harrop: Sanders’ ‘Medicare for All’ really isn’t Medicare

His plan is a single-payer plan, but there are better proposals for extending coverage to all.


Saunders: Trump didn’t drain the swamp; he’s stocked it

The bad company that President Trump keeps overshadows his successes on Iran, trade and more.


Harrop: If GOP used caucuses, it’d be called voter suppression

Caucuses used to allot Democratic delegates leave out too many voters, compared to presidential primaries.

Schwab: This can’t be what the founders had in mind, can it?

The founders thought of nearly everything. What they didn’t account for was the abdication of the governed.

Harrop: Oh, Canada, Harry and Meghan may need your support

If the royal couple spends half the year in Canada, who foots the bill for their security?

Saunders: Techies’ dismissal of Ivanka simply hypocritical

Invited to speak at CES, Trump showed more concern for diversity than did her opponents.

Schwab: Trump playing ‘Iran card’ he warned Obama would use

A bad guy is gone, but there’s scant evidence of strategy in killing an Iranian military leader.

Commentary: Risks of nuclear proliferation — and war — growing

Nuclear war is not a game, but game theory helps explain the risks and — maybe — ways to avoid it.

Harrop: Unshakable Biden taking heat from nervous competitors

Yes, Biden has votes on his record that are troubling, but then so do Sens. Warren and Sanders.

Harrop: How safe do you feel with Trump at the helm?

Will killing Soleimani seem worth the terrible fallout that America and its troops will now face?

Saunders: ‘Cancel culture’ isn’t ticket to Democratic nomination

Harris and Castro should have realized their ‘social justice’ tactics weren’t going to work.

Burke: Lodging a complaint over latest in vacation rentals

‘VRBOs’ offer a charming cabin, but do I tip myself after changing the bedding and cleaning the room?

Schwab: Random thoughts as we embark on consequential year

First off, no one caught the hidden message in last week’s column? (Proving my editor wrong.)

Harrop: Why aren’t more Americans clamoring for time off?

We may get so little of it that we don’t know what we’re missing.

Harrop: Bernie Sanders’ phantom momentum

All the talk by pundits of Bernie Sanders’ resurgent campaign seems to ignore what the polls show.

Saunders: Old enough to vote but not to smoke or vape?

Even though many support the older age limit for smoking, what does it say about our double-standard?

Harrop: Why I won’t waste a day or a meal on ‘Veganuary’

Keeping a vegan diet for a month is sold as better for the environment; but that misses key points.

Schwab: A friendly rhyme to bury the hatchet

And maybe a message, if you’re clever to catch it.

Harrop: Importing cheap drugs from Canada not going to happen

If Senate Republicans won’t let Medicaid negotiate prices, why is it OK to let Canada do it for us?