Rampell: One of the U.S.’s top exports is in trouble

A decline in the number of foreign students at U.S. colleges represents a significant economic loss.


Robinson: Mueller’s investigation not the only worry for Trump

New York’s attorney general-elect has promised a thorough look at Trump’s business dealings.


Schwab: More than change at top needed to quell racism’s rise

To embrace the hate we’re seeing, one has to be carefully taught. Same goes for ending it.


Ignatius: Where conservatives failed, liberals have a chance

In the U.S. and U.K., liberals can deliver solutions to the middle-class that conservatives couldn’t.

Milbank: So you’ve decided to become Trump’s chief of staff

What to expect when you’re expecting to be the president’s next — but not his last — ‘adult in the room.’

Thiessen: Democrats missing chance to use wall as leverage

If Democrats allowed Trump funding for his wall, he would deal on immigration and other issues.

Harrop: Get used to the sound of New Yorkers arguing

Trump and Schumer are getting into it over funding Trump’s wall. Now enters Bloomberg.

Milbank: Nothing like manufactured crisis to deflect bad news

Trump’s shutdown threat during his reality show with ‘Chuck and Nancy’ is the latest ‘arson’ attempt.

Parker: Animal rights — and humanity — get a boost in farm bill

Provisions in the farm bill the House is set to vote on will end cruelty to farm animals and pets.

Milbank: A cover letter when applying for chief of staff

Grammarians need not apply for White House job. And don’t bother to spell-check your resume.

Thiessen: Trump mishandles Saudi atrocity, as Bush did China

George H.W. Bush placated China after Tiananmen. Trump is doing the same for Mohammed bin Salman.

Harrop: Too few of us are prepared for costs of elder care

Even as many are caring for elderly parents, few have the savings necessary for their own care.

Milbank: ‘Individual-1’ has long shown himself as lawless

His former lawyer’s admission that he acted on Trump’s behalf only corroborates what others have said.

Robinson: Just what is President Trump ‘Smocking’?

His ex-lawyer’s payoff of two women wh0 alleged affairs with Trump was no ‘simple private transaction.’

Rampell: Millennials not breaking economy; they’re just broke

The reason the younger adult generation isn’t spending is not a hipster ethic; they have no money.

Saunders: When his time comes, who will speak well of Trump?

Historians and statesmen spoke warmly of George H.W. Bush. Who but family will eulogize Trump?

Ignatius: Control of information motive in Khashoggi’s death

The slaying by Saudis has revealed a high-tech spy network aimed at extremism and dissent.

Milbank: In praising George H.W. Bush, Trump is renounced

The eulogists’ comparisons of the two presidencies were not explicit but could not be missed.

Parker: Justice due victims of billionaire sex-offender

A newspaper has exposed who helped Jeffrey Epstein get a light sentence for child sexual abuse.

Robinson: Why a black man can’t be NRA’s ‘good guy with a gun’

Black men still are being killed by police without reason, especially when they’re legally carrying.