Schwab: To save the planet, we have to save democracy, first

Until Inauguration Day, all efforts must be focused on Trump’s departure. He’s pulling out all stops to stay.


Graham: The words used to reinforce the ‘glass ceiling’

Ambition isn’t seen as a negative trait for men. Why is it used to deny leadership roles for women?


Saunders: I’ve got better things to do than tweet; so do you

Sure, it connects one to information and links to news, but too much of it is emojis and f-bombs.


Burke: Can’t choose, so have a bite of everything on the menu

When there’s a lot to digest — and little is palatable — it’s best to keep the portions small.

Harrop: Enough with the post-election nightmare scenarios

Fretting over what Trump may do sets a stage for him to do it. And it goads Biden supporters into participating.

Schwab: ‘Make Liberals Cry,’ read a Trumpist sign; why we do

It’s not Trump calling our war dead losers. It’s not his attacks on voting. It’s his supporters’ blind acquiescence.

Saunders: Biden too cautious when protests turn violent

The candidate’s criticism of a Portland murder suspect instead sounded like victim blaming.

Comment: Why the ‘losers, suckers’ story could badly hurt Trump

Conservatives value loyalty, authority and sanctity; they may now doubt Trump’s word on those values.

Harrop: Relax; your dog will be OK when you go back to work

Along with being pretty forgiving, dogs also don’t have much of a short-term memory.

Harrop: Why would Trump want to repeat Sweden’s deadly mistake?

Sweden largely stayed open to build herd immunity, but it now has a higher mortality rate than the U.S.

Schwab: Trump can’t tag Biden with an America that is his doing

Having helped drive the divisions in the nation, no one honest will accept that Trump alone can fix this.

Harrop: America is not on fire, but it is sick

Desperate to divert attention, Trump bleats for ‘law and order’; he’s doing no one any favors, not even police.

Saunders: For Trump, government, officials there to serve him

Trump acts as if he owns the White House and treats professionals who value their good name like valets.

Graham: Anti-racism training needed; make sure it’s done right

As businesses look to build inclusive workplaces, care is needed in how that training proceeds.

Burke: Rainier’s Paradise lives up to its name on first visit

Hard to be anything but emphatic about clean air, beautiful scenery and a smarter-than-average bear.

Harrop: Is federal alcohol guideline really based in science?

A health panel recommends only one drink a day for men, down from two. But some doctors disagree.

Schwab: Why the Republican Party would rather you not vote

When you can’t make a solid case for your candidate, keep people from voting for your opponent.

Saunders: Can’t blame Trump, then give Democrats pass on Covid

Democrats are quick to fault Trump, but blue governors were slow to take the outbreak seriously.