Ignatius: Demonizing one another won’t span political divide

Conversations — and real attempts to understand our political opposites — might help heal divisions.


Milbank: Good thing Trump is there to save us from Trump

Imagine if the president hadn’t stopped the president from bombing Iran and imposing tariffs on Mexico.


Parker: Millennials, you might be happier as conservatives

Considering the challenges you face, you might find conservative policies suit your needs better.


Harrop: How much of a country do you see waiting in line?

Overcrowding at tourist destinations have some considering the advantages of a staycation.

Robinson: We shouldn’t look away from crisis of Trump’s making

Witnesses are describing horrifying treatment of migrant children in detention centers at the border.

Parker: Both Biden and Booker could have put it better

Biden had other ways to illustrate his point. Booker was blatantly trying to score political points.

Petri: A brief history of the world, as tweeted by Donald Trump

From the wheel to a planet of the sharks, a look how we got here and why there’s been nothing like it.

Saunders: Joe Biden backtracked on the wrong thing

Biden could have shown his moderate cred by sticking with the Hyde Amendment, not siding with racists.

McArdle: Facebook wants to be your bank; what could go wrong?

The social network already faces broad-based mistrust. Running a currency system won’t help.

Petri: How Democrats should have answered Time’s questionnaire

Forget climate change. What we want to know is: What’s your favorite comfort food while campaigning?

Robinson: Biden a known quantity; that’s advantage and curse

His attempt to speak for bipartisanship was pure Biden and shows the challenge ahead for his campaign.

Schwab: On brink of war, how to trust leader of 10,000 lies?

We now may be asked to follow a president into war. By what standard can we believe Trump?

Harrop: High time high heels dropped from work dress codes

Women should insist that they no longer be required to wear painful and damaging high heels at work.

Ignatius: Backed into corner, Iran tries to fight its way out

Neither side wants war, but the incremental escalation brings the U.S. and Iran closer to the brink.

Milbank: World leaders know flattery works with Trump

The latest example: To win continued support, Israel named a settlement for Trump in the Golan Heights.

McArdle: Hong Kong proof Chinese people still want democracy

Of the city’s 7.4 million people, 2 million jammed streets to protest an extradition law. And they won. For now.

Milbank: Trump’s new campaign slogan for 2020? But Her Emails

And why is Trump still running against Hillary? Because he can’t — truthfully — point to many successes.

Parker: Eight years after Haiti’s quake, pilot recalls mission

What started as relief flights of medical supplies has turned into schools that will help hundreds of kids.

Petri: Well, we know what the border crisis definitely is not

If something terrible was happening on the border, we wouldn’t need people using words to alert us.

Ignatius: Timing of Shanahan’s retreat hurts U.S. on Iran

The White House already faces a lack of trust among U.S. allies in dealing with Iranian hard-liners.