Harrop: Give president credit for good economy; thanks, Obama

The economy’s gains during Trump’s first year have benefited mostly from the inertia of Obama’s terms.


Robinson: Black reporter of civil rights era an inspiration

If Simeon Booker could brave lynch mobs, today’s reporters can withstand Trump’s tweets.


Saunders: Nothing sacred in a year-old designation of monument

Why shouldn’t Trump be able to undo what Obama created just a year ago by executive order?


Burke: If you’ve been away for a bit, here’s what you missed

If you have been paying attention, check below to make sure you’re not missing a reason for anxiety.

Milbank: GOP attacks on FBI meant to circle wagons for Trump

Criticism of Mueller and the FBI by Republicans ignores the GOP credentials of those they attack.

Parker: Contrasts in how parties dealt with Franken, Moore

The Democrats sacrificed their bad actor; the Republicans are fully backing theirs.

Petri: Questions to help clarify what is and isn’t a monument

If a bunch of white dudes are standing around it with torches, then it’s a cherished monument.

Robinson: Trump’s mutation of the Party of Lincoln is complete

If Roy Moore’s alleged grooming of teenagers can be ignored, then so too can Mueller’s investigation.

Schwab: Trump not only one dissatisfied with his ‘intelligence’

One hopes actual conservatives are as horrified as those of us who recognize the impending danger.

Gerson: The Roy Moore Test has exposed corruption among GOP

The RNC’s backing of Moore reveals a party with no judgment, no standards and a cloudy future.

Ignatius: Global economy’s rise a matter of good policy, luck

Global markets rolled forward, as if oblivious to the man in the White House with a sledgehammer.

Milbank: Doesn’t Trump ever get tired of losing so often?

From here to Jerusalem, Trump’s failed policies have set back prospects for peace, jobs and more.

How Henry Ford set the stage for the CVS-Aetna merger

Henry Ford’s name is forever linked to the Model T, the automobile that revolutionized manufacturing and transformed America. But it was the subsequent model, the… Continue reading

Try to enjoy the gift of a debt-free Christmas

There’s too much emphasis on the presents rather than your presence.

Harrop: Businesses are paying attention to Alabama election

If Roy Moore wins the Senate seat, Amazon won’t put its HQ2 there. Others will follow suit.

Milbank: Bake me a cake as equitably as you can

If you can’t refuse a service to racial or other minorities, you can’t refuse it for gays or lesbians.

Saunders: Different conclusions drawn from Mueller’s latest

The Russia story has two schools of interpretation; only time will tell which one is correct.

Will: Despite doubts, GOP’s tax plan is worth the risk

Republicans do not know — nobody does — but they might be right, and their wager is worth trying.

Ignatius: Can the U.S. stop North Korea’s nuclear ambitions?

The bigger question is whether diplomacy can avoid the cataclysm of a military option.

Milbank: Team Trump’s eroding explanations for Russia contacts

The talking points are revised so often it amounts to a Marshall Plan for moving goal posts.