Ignatius: Congress needs answers on U.S.’s Saudi intelligence

A secret Congressional probe should get answers on what we knew and when on Khashoggi’s death.


Thiessen: MBS puts Trump — and himself — in a difficult spot

The Saudi crown prince has betrayed Trump’s loyalty, but he’s also made things untenable for himself.


Ignatius: Brooding Saudi crown prince scrambles for scapegoat

MBS has moved against dissenters before; this time concealing a journalist’s fate won’t be as easy.


Milbank: Warren took Trump’s bait, led into culture war trap

Warren’s DNA test to show some Indian heritage allows Trump to again divide us by race and ethnicity.

Parker: Warren’s DNA test should allow her, Trump to move on

Considering our common ancestry, our heritage ought to matter as much as our astrological signs.

Milbank: Prince Jared’s fairytale bromance with Salmanella

The silent prince thought he found a charming reformer, but at least he has money.

Thiessen: Democrats’ attacks on Kavanaugh may lose them Senate

The attacks on the court nominee may have turned races in states Democrats might have picked up.

Harrop: Toys R Us playing games with its fired employees

Trying to shed its debt and $75 million owed in severance, its equity firms want to re-launch it.

Robinson: Why 5,000 lies are a threat to our democracy

Trump’s repetition of falsehoods makes reality-based discussion impossible.

Harrop: Voters want normality; Democrats need to keep cool

Responding uncivilly to recent news only earns sympathy for the GOP and blurs the intended message.

Milbank: U.S. economy is ‘crushing it,’ until it crushes us

Should we be concerned that Trump’s economic advisor is saying the same things he said in 2008?

Saunders: Are signs showing Trump looking at prison reforms?

Clemenency cases may be providing insight to the president on the need for sentencing reforms.

Ignatius: Saudi reporter knew threat, yet could not step away

Jamal Khashoggi, feared slain at the hands of Saudi leadership, fearlessly followed the truth.

Parker: Stiff drink won’t make sense of Kanye, but can’t hurt

Even Trump, after listening to West’s 10-minute screed, could only manage: “Really very interesting.”

Robinson: Taylor, Kanye and the politics of celebrity

Where should we draw the line between pop stars getting out the vote and telling us how to vote?

We should capitalize on Nobel-winning research

The work points the way toward a path out of our global warming impasse.

Milbank: Trump, allies return to nationalism as vote nears

His closing theme for the midterms is a reprise of “true heritage” dog whistles from 2016’s campaign.

Thiessen: No lie; Trump has done what he promised to do

He may stretch the truth, but the president has faithfully kept his campaign pledges and more.

Ignatius: West catching and exposing Russia’s GRU hackers

The GRU is known for its panache and daring, but now it’s also known as sloppy — and now compromised.

Milbank: Trump’s silence on missing journalist speaks volumes

Trump has looked the other way regarding apparent Saudi involvement in Khashoggi’s disappearance.