Saunders: Limbaugh succeeded despite the mainstream media

Limbaugh’s legacy was built on providing balance to arguments left-leaning outlets refused to provide.


Harrop: As hope rises, can we responsibly let our guard down?

As daily cases drop and more of us are vaccinated, how will we react to our own reopening to others?


Comment: N.Y.’s death count not a cover-up, nor is it accurate

The state’s count of covid deaths falls below that of others. Other than Cuomo’s ego, it’s not clear why.


Schwab: Lacking any defense, GOP relied on its belief in lies

Even McConnell, who excoriated Trump, pulled back into the protection of a refuted legal claim.

Burke: Many words come to mind after trial, except a just one

The Senate trial brings many adjectives to mind. For too few Republicans, ‘guilty’ isn’t one of them.

Schwab: Why a small blue organ in your body can be so galling

A vestige of our feast-then-famine past, the gall bladder stores bile until you eat a cheeseburger.

Harrop: Demcorats should let GOP deal with its own crazies

The less attention provided to Trump acolytes like Rep. Greene, the better for all involved.

Saunders: GOP has stark choice between Greene and Cheney

Those who want Republicans to succeed should stick with the likes of Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney.

Schwab: OK, just what has QAnon, Trump done with the GOP?

With Democrats in control of Congress and White House, we could use a loyal — and sane — opposition.

Comment: Local newspapers take Google, Facebook to court

A tech-industry dupoly has sucked up newspaper ad revenue; two papers are taking both to court.

Saunders: If education was important, classes would be open

Kids, especially those already disadvantaged, are struggling; that doens’t worry pajama-clad teacchers.

Harrop: Detroit accelerates toward a clean energy future

GM and other automakers aren’t waiting for government demands; they moving beyond the gas engine.

Burke: Rather than stamp our feet in anger, let’s collect ‘em

Stamps that is. While not a pursuit of many, philately — stamp collecting — provides certain escapes.

Comment: For a prisoner, protecting health is an infraction

A Muslim resident at the Monroe prison is penalized for making masks out of discarded material.

Schwab: Does unity really need to be this divisive?

Among congressional Republicans, the word apparently means Democrats can’t pursue their policies.

Harrop: Betrayed by Trump, Proud Boys sulk back to Neverland

The far-right group criticizes Trump for not joining their siege and says they’re ditching politics.

Saunders: BIden, seeking unity, should let Catholic charity be

Supreme Court decision should have ended efforts to force group to offer contraception to staff.

Harrop: Biden’s border plans must offer discipline, humanity

To secure support for his reforms Biden should back E-Verify to limit further undocumented workers.

Schwab: A shift from ‘I alone can fix it’ to a plea for unity

More than a study in contrasts, Biden’s inauguration called for a return to truth and cooperation.

Harrop: Trump failed to keep his promise to coal country

It’s not Trump’s fault coal is dying. It was his fault that he lied about being able to save it.