Ignatius: Trump, Kim have handshake deal; now for the details

Legwork by diplomats comes next, and it will need to progress soon to avoid the deal falling apart.


Milbank: Clinton emails, not migrant children, have GOP focus

With a humanitarian crisis on the border, what gets Republican attention? A rehash of her emails.


Harrop: Women’s dignity counts for nothing in Trump World

Which is why Rudy Giuliani makes assumptions about what Melania thinks of Trump’s alleged affair.


Milbank: Better to feign ignorance than comment on Trump?

Even his coming retirement hasn’t freed House Speaker Paul Ryan from his self-imposed gag rule.

Parker: Trump wants his wall so badly, this is what he’ll do

What making kids suffer says about Trump isn’t as important as what it says about us if we don’t act.

Snohomish city plan for Second Street would harm residents

Snohomish Mayor John Kartak applied for a state grant to design a major makeover of Second Street, currently a major commercial corridor, into a more… Continue reading

Thiessen: Yes, Secretary Clinton, your emails

The report on Clinton’s emails shows hostile actors gained access to classified material.

Gerson: Poor reading of Bible can’t defend cruelty at border

Trump officials would be wise to read what the Bible says about those who cause a child to stumble.

Milbank: The Grand Old Party has become the Cult of Trump

In justifying cruelty with a Bible quote, Republicans check off a characteristic on the cult list.

Saunders: Two words you didn’t hear: verifiable, irreversible

Trump and Kim may trust each other, but stronger language needs to back their handshake deal.

Parker: There has to be a better way at the border

The ‘solution’ of separating child and parent takes a toll on those detained but also on our humanity.

Robinson: Taking children from parents is what dictators do

The White House isn’t even hiding the fact that the purpose of this inhumanity is to instill fear.

Schwab: ‘President Putin on the line for you, Mr. President’

Before it could be ripped up, we got the transcript of the latest call between Trump and Putin.

On presidential legacies and the economy

How they deal with the economy they inherit can give us a sense of their strengths and shortcomings.

What would Singletary do in these financial quandaries?

I do my best to provide informed answers based on my experience and reporting.

Ignatius: ‘Velvet revolution’ makes Armenia a nation of smiles

It’s tossed its authoritarian leader but faces challenges from Russia and a history of corruption.

Milbank: What passes for concern in a Dickensian America

Fearful of Trump’s base, some in GOP manage a weak display of compassion on addiction, immigration.

Thiessen: It’s too early to criticize Trump’s diplomatic effort

President Trump won’t make the same mistakes with a North Korea deal that Obama made with Iran.

Harrop: The economic argument for protecting public lands

If Trump and Co. can’t see beauty in public lands, maybe they’ll see value in the recreation industry.

Milbank: Obama’s ‘coddling’ is now Trumpian diplomacy

We know what Republicans would have said if Obama made Trump’s deal with Kim. They told us.