Saunders: Biden must have a funny definition of ‘unity’

On his spending plan and vaccine mandates, ‘seeking unity’ sounds an awful lot like ‘ruling by fiat.’


Harrop: Las Vegas coach learns catch to free speech

Say what you will; it’s a free country. But you’re not immune from the consequences of what you say.


Schwab: Don Trumpleone: Leave the lies, take the cannoli

Backed by his media wiseguys, a nationwide criminal organization moves to take down democracy.


Harrop: We can stop being world’s suckers on drug prices

Allowing Medicare to negotiate drug prices would save billions and won’t limit drug availability.

Burke: Great thing about high tech? Getting it a la carte

Yes, much of it — smartphones, streaming and playlists — is great, but there’s a lot I just don’t need.

Saunders: Facebook is a problem, but the fix has to be fair

Too often social media’s past attempts to manage itself have favored the left over the right.

Schwab: Parade of outrages, lies and more from a Pandora’s Box

Follow along, from the Pandora Papers to debt-limit intransigence to anti-mask school board raids.

Saunders: When Democrats can’t read the room, or the state

The race for Virginia governor may turn more on school issues than on who Trump supports. Or doesn’t.

Harrop: Why is GOP playing a game that backfired in 2011?

The last time Republicans threatened to refuse a debt-limit boost they lost seats and the U.S. lost $19 billion.

Schwab: Besides gelato, Italians are enjoying life, freedom

Because they didn’t balk at masks, vaccinations and testing they are free to safely roam in Rome.

Harrop: Washington dealing with Idaho’s covid consequences

Because of Idaho’s poor vaccination rate, its patients have overflowed into Spokane hospitals.

Burke: Something ain’t right, deep in the heart of Texas

The Lone Star state sent out its lawsuit posses to end a constitutional right. But masks? No ma’am.

Saunders: Even false speech shouldn’t cost a P.I. his license

Maine denied a investigator’s license over a man’s posts about a police shooting. That goes too far.

Harrop: Republican over-reach may be key to Democrats’ success

The convention wisdom about midterm elections may not hold if Republicans keep this up.

Saunders: California passes on chance to solve its problems

Gov. Newsom won by essentially campaigning against Trump; how does that solve the state’s many woes?

Harrop: Biden’s finally bragging about the stock market

Presidents have little to do with its ups and downs, but Democrats should still talk it up.

Harrop: Biden’s vaccine ‘mandate’ does allow a choice; of sorts

Don’t want the needle? Then you can choose a weekly swab up your nose. It was an easy choice for me.

Saunders: As long as one can blame other, red ink will flow

Each party is culpable for the national debt, giving each a scapegoat as they look to spend more.

Burke: In a Post-Truth World what do we hold as self-evident?

A world that favors horse dewormer over an FDA-approved vaccine has abandoned all reason.

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