Robinson: Voters gave Democrats power; use it to impeach

Trump should be held to the standard established by the GOP’s Lindsey Graham: ‘honor and integrity.’


Saunders: Mueller report shows who the heroes were

Neither Mueller — nor Trump — are among them; instead the heroes include McGahn, Sessions and Priebus.


Schwab: Trump — and his rally crowds — lay bare their cruelty

The latest: his threat to bus migrants to sanctuary cities out of spite, not to address a crisis.


Burke: Without his name on stuff, we might forget Trump

So he doesn’t suffer the fate of George What’s-his-name, we need landmarks to remember Trump by.

Dionne: House Democrats can’t ignore what Mueller revealed

But their path forward — impeachment or not — must be tough, determined, sober and responsible.

Robinson: Barr’s spin doesn’t matter; Congress’ next move does

The Mueller report didn’t indict Trump for obstruction, but it handed a road map to Congress.

Dionne: ‘What do we rebuild?’ of Notre Dame and Catholic Church

The catherdral changed over centuries, as it will after the fire. The church faces same challenge.

Parker: Some thoughts on the ashes in Paris, Mueller report

At Notre Dame, there’s hope for a renewed cathedral. Trump’s renewal may prove harder to come by.

Petri: Barr saves you the trouble of reading Mueller report

It’s best if you don’t say they word “collusion” unaccompanied by the word “no” in front of Trump.

Gerson: Proof is strong obstruction occurred and was intended

Mueller’s report provides no vindication for Trump; and it provides conviction for Congress to act.

Ignatius: What the Mueller report actually accomplished

It found no conspiracy, was undecided on obstruction, but showed the American system hasn’t buckled.

Editorial: It’s past time to end twice-yearly time change

Gov. Inslee’s signature could boost a West Coast initiative for year-round daylight saving time.

Harrop: Paris, New York — sisters in pain — value their landmarks

Humble or grand — in stature or history — buildings can come to hold great meaning for communities.

Ignatius: Trump can use China’s stumble to U.S. advantage

U.S. intelligence agencies are on to the espionage behind its ‘Made in China 2025’ plan.

McArdle: Brexit, Trump are flailing, but play isn’t over yet

It’s possible we’re in the middle of Act Two, approaching what screenwriters call the false victory.

On a long flight, I meet a kindred spirit: Ben Carson

The U.S. secretary of Housing and Urban Development is a champion of “opportunity zones.”

Parker: Why Notre Dame left most of us at a loss for words

With most speechless as the fire raged, Trump tweeted his expertise in brute-force firefighting.

Petri: Notre Dame is a history book, linking past and present

When the cathedral was built, Victor Hugo wrote, those who were born poets became architects.

Rampell: Citizenship question in census would degrade data

The Supreme Court is the last defense against White House’s plans to cook the numbers to its liking.

Harrop: Ask your candidate if ‘Medicare for more’ right for you

‘Medicare for more’ would allow a choice of keeping employer-based insurance or buying into Medicare.