Harrop: Democrats need an even bigger tent to win midterms

Democrats would do well to appeal to independents — if they want to win outside their strongholds.


Robinson: Russia is indeed laughing at us — with satisfaction

The indictment of Russia’s internet meddling offers no cover for Trump’s claims of “NO COLLUSION!”


Burke: How long before Trump’s ‘marks’ figure out the con?

No one likes to admit they were had, but Trump’s supporters should consider the others he’s duped.


Milbank: A storm of White House scandals fight for attention

With focus on Rob Porter and other lesser scandals, can’t a call girl get some respect around here?

Saunders: Budget pen in hand, Trump, GOP lose nerve to cut

Some predict a 2019 deficit as high as $1.2 trillion, twice the shortfall from Obama’s last year.

Harrop: Trump’s budget sows bitterness among U.S. farmers

The blueprint does several things that would hit farmers hard including a loss of crop insurance.

Ignatius: How U.S. can ‘get to yes’ with Turkey on Syria

Syria is riven by “converging forces with diverging interests,” warns a senior Pentagon official.

Parker: We’re the adults, but this kid is one making sense

David Hogg, 17, was one of those locked down during the school shooting. Listen to a future leader.

Robinson: This isn’t about mental health; it’s about the guns

There were warning signs about Nikolas Cruz, yet he was able to purchase a military-style weapon.

Schwab: Is turning schools into fortresses our only option?

It’s getting harder to see how laws limiting firearms could ever get past NRA-influenced Republicans.

It’s unlikely that the US economy is secretly faltering

One theory is that the US economy is in a lot worse shape than the standard reports reveal.

Check your paycheck — you might be getting too much money

With the new tax law comes a home assignment. Remember that small form you filled when you got your current job? It’s IRS Form W-4.… Continue reading

Milbank: Porter affair, in White House’s own contradictions

No need for the White House press secretary to clarify the issue; past statements make the point.

Simoneaux: What’s changed that mass shootings are so frequent?

Guns, yes, are a part of it, but what are we teaching or not teaching kids that has brought this on?

Thiessen: Behind Olympic unity waits a brutal N. Korea regime

Don’t be fooled by the charm offensive; North Korea is as murderous and dangerous as it ever was.

Milbank: Trump, GOP working to suppress nonwhite vote

It’s inevitable the U.S. will become majority-minority, but they want to push its arrival past 2044.

Parker: Some internet saavy would be a good idea about now

Wondering if Russia hackers will again meddle in U.S. politics? The truth is they never stopped.

Thiessen: If Nunes memo doesn’t impress, how about this one?

Sens. Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham have also called the FISA warrant’s validity into question.

Harrop: Instead of shock, show resolve to throw creeps out

The White House’s tacit acceptance of abuse simplifies the mission for those who would restore honor.

Ignatius: Raqqa was nearly destroyed to save it from ISIS

A lesson for the U.S.: Once fighters take over a city, rooting them out comes at a great human cost.