Harrop: Florida Gov. Scott can’t wipe red tide from his hands

During his time in office, Scott cut funding to environmental programs and now tries to shift blame.


Robinson: We are now having to defend truth itself

An administration that relies on ‘alternative facts’ and claims ‘truth isn’t truth’ corrodes democracy.


Parker: We can also mourn the lives of those we never met

Whether it’s through a person’s music, from letters or other avenues, we make meaningful connections.


Saunders: Manafort, Trump might reconsider hiring standards

If Rick Gates and Omarosa were good job candidates, what does that say about those hiring them?

Rampell: Free-speech Republicans oddly mum on Trump’s attacks

Quick to criticize First Amendment abuses on campuses, the GOP ignores Trump as the worst offender.

Robinson: All love and ‘Respect’ to the Queen of Soul

Aretha Franklin could turn a humdrum song into a masterpiece and made good music transcendent.

Another interest rate hike by the Fed seems likely

Is it the right move to cool inflation? The economy will tell us.

Schwab: Tape’s rolling; let’s talk Omarosa, Brennan and more

Regarding climate change, if your house was on fire would you shrug and say, ‘These things happen.’

Ignatius: Trump’s action against Brennan another step toward abyss

Revoking the former CIA director’s security clearance is blatant retaliation for Brennan’s criticism.

Thiessen: Catholic Church’s leadership must admit its sins

There is a ring of abusers and their enablers in the Catholic hierarchy that must be rooted out.

Will: We’re overdue for an another economic collapse

And when it hits, we’ll be saddled with an annual budget deficit exceeding $1 trillion.

Dionne: Trump support could cost GOP control of statehouses

Candidates backing Trump have won GOP primaries, but that may give an edge to Democrats in November.

Harrop: To save the GOP, supporters must vote for Democrats

Sending Republicans to Congress who won’t stand up to Trump will only extend the nation’s agony.

Petri: We need a Space Force at which to throw our money

Having solved all the world’s problems, we can now spend billions on space guns that go pew pew.

Parker: Trump and the dehumanizing language of ‘othering’

Whether or not Trump used the n-word, he regularly uses other demeaning terms against his foes.

Thiessen: It’s Trump’s own fault he’s hasn’t built support

Trump’s failure to condemn the bigots of the alt-right tars his presidency and his supporters.

Harrop: Trump hit with GOP author’s less-than-friendly fire

The author of ‘Everything Trump Touches Dies,’ turns his ire from liberals onto Trump and his base.

Robinson: Can’t take Omarosa’s word, but what about her tapes?

‘The Apprentice’ alum made her name as a TV villian. So why was she trusted in the Trump White House?

Saunders: Manafort trial highlights Trump’s bad judgment

Paul Manafort was a Trump adviser for only three months, but that was three months too long.

Milbank: GOP wants to impeach Rosenstein while it can

With the clock ticking on their control Republicans are keen to stop the Mueller investigation.