Schwab: Is it fair to benefit from science, truth you’d deny?

We have ‘alternative’ medicine. Should we be surprised at the rise of ‘alternative’ truth?


High court did us no favors with sports gambling ruling

The odds-driven view of life is corroding our society and country.


No, the end of credit card signatures is not good for consumers

Signing for credit is an opportunity to realize that you’re going into debt, even if temporarily.


Harrop: Putting all of our tech jobs in one crowded basket

Seattle’s high housing prices and homelessness shows the downside to tech industry concentration.

Milbank: Save lights and sirens for when Pruitt leaves office

Allegations of misuse of funds, 24/7 security details and more keep pilling up for the EPA chief.

Thiessen: Trump can call Kim’s bluff on backing out of talks

Trump has cornered North Korea’s Kim. He shouldn’t back down on military exercises with South Korea.

Milbank: Democrats have ideas for ‘20; now they need coherence

A dozen presidential contenders have ideas, but they’ll need to pull it all together for a campaign.

Parker: Moving embassy wasn’t about peace; it was about Trump

Yes, the Palestinians protested. That was to be expected with an end to the bilateral peace process.

Milbank: Nothing says ‘peace’ like 61 slain Palestinians

Trump and messianic Christians driving his policies are leading Israel away from security.

Thiessen: Democrats just can’t admit when Trump gets it right

It says something when the party can’t celebrate the president’s foreign policy achievements.

Harrop: California leads way on environment in Trump’s absence

Rather than hurting its economy, the Golden State’s initiatives have led to job growth and more.

Robinson: Drop conceit that ‘real Americans’ matter more than ‘elites’

A Kentucky coal miner and a Brooklyn barista should have equal say in national issues and direction.

Schwab: One wonders if Trump’s lawyers know any good ‘fixers’

The legal woes pile up for Cohen, while Rudy digs his hole deeper. Too bad Roy Cohn ain’t around.

Milbank: What does it say about those who insult McCain?

Regardless of missteps, Sen. John McCain may be the single greatest political leader of our time.

Parker: Making hay of humane treatment of horses

Some additional thoughts on the treatment of horses and their slaughter.

Saunders: U.S. foreign policy now moves at the speed of tweet

So far, President Trump’s quick and decisive actions have paid off for the U.S. in several regions.

Robinson: North Korea win won’t make up for loss of Iran deal

Hopes for success with Kim are outweighed by fears that Iran can now resume its nuclear work.

Harrop: Have we forgotten lessons of financial meltdown?

After we bailed out automakers and banks, the squelching of the CFPB has put us back on the hook.

Trump brags that he’s a billionaire, but doesn’t act like one

The Stormy Daniels saga shows the president doing things that super-rich people never do.

Occam’s Razor may apply to employment-inflation puzzle

The question at hand: why haven’t wages gone up as the job market tightened?