Graham: Covid changed Thanksgiving; some for the good

For many it has limited gatherings, but it has also allowed a focus on what we can be thankful for.


Burke: You’d lie to get a second term if you were facing this

On Jan. 20, President Trump becomes Citizen Trump. Here’s why he might find that prospect upsetting.


Harrop: Biden backers, you won; act like it and ignore Trump

The outrage and opposition against those denying Biden’s win only feeds their baseless delusions.


Saunders: Others than Acosta deserve condemnation over Epsein

The former prosecutor actually put the sex offender behind bars; others too often looked the other way.

Schwab: Might have known election wasn’t going to change Trump

What’s left to determine is how much Trump and the Republicans have changed our democracy.

Harrop: That pffffft sound is Trump deflating into history

Trump had a talent for oratory but he used it only to sell himself; he won’t bother to aid other candidates.

Saunders: Sen. Collins won and Lincoln Project lost

The Never-Trumpers’ low-rent attacks of the Maine senator were as ineffective as they were baseless.

Graham: Now that we can breathe, to whom do we owe thanks?

The turnout of Black voters, specifically Black women, in urban areas may have been the difference.

Burke: If it seems like we haven’t a prayer, consider these

With Americans divided by the last four years, maybe we should say a little prayer from our pasts.

Schwab: Did 70M vote for Trump or just to make the libs cry?

Trump may have lost, but what about those who voted against their own interests for retribution?

Harrop: Biden may win, but it won’t be thanks to media elite

The New York Times and others played into the identy-politics messages unfairly leveled at Biden.

Saunders: What’s ahead for White House briefing room?

Regardless of who wins, don’t count on much actual news making its way from president via the press.

Schwab: Everything we needed to know we learned from Trump

Trump’s four years have been a master class in what we can lose if we just sit and watch it happen.

Graham: Why ‘I’ve been busy’ isn’t always something to brag about

We find self-worth in getting things done, but busyness can be a cover for rejecting rest and spinning our wheels.

Saunders: Media skeptical of Hunter’s laptop but not dossier?

‘60 Minutes’ host Lesley Stahl showed a complete lack of curiosity about the emails and the allegations.

Harrop: Switch from oil, coal to clean energy already ongoing

Biden’s talk of a transition from oil isn’t news, not even to some oil companies who are making the switch.

Burke: With all we can worry about, ballots not one of them

After about 15 years, we’ve got vote-by-mail down to a safe and secure process, resistant to fraud.

Schwab: Anyone seen my laptop? Must get an invoice to Soros

I left it at some repair shop; can’t remember which. It has some recipes meant for serving kids.

Harrop: What New Zealand did — and we didn’t — to curb virus

Because of the serious steps Kiwis took earlier, their economy is now open and thriving.

Saunders: More lockdowns pose greater threat than virus

A decline in routine health measures, like vaccinations and screenings, pose a long-term threat.