Burke: Terminal stupidity is anti-vax, anti-mask comorbidity

Here’s all you need to know: Covid is real. Masks and vaccines work. This isn’t hard to understand.


Saunders: What limits are GOP voters setting for Trump?

Support for the former president remains, but blind obediance and tolerance have been worn down.


Burke: Trump is history, but recent enough to justify study

Several new books are out or on their way, providing more understanding of how bad things really were.


Saunders: Biden in no hurry to enact his cannabis promises

He pledged to decriminalize marijuana but so far is silent on a Democratic bill in the Senate.

Schwab: How do you debate someone with a death wish?

CPAC attendees cheered low vaccination rates among Republicans. What argument is left to be made?

Harrop: Unvaccinated states may struggle in split economy

With covid numbers rising in unvaccinated regions, there are fears of a two-track recovery in the U.S.

Saunders: What’s to show for two long-running probes?

There wasn’t much there there following Mueller’s investigation. What of the investigation into the investigation?

Schwab: Soccer is ‘the beautiful game,’ but new rules may help

The physicality it requires is wondrous, until a player flops to the ground, faking an injury.

Harrop: What do athletes owe press, fans off court, field?

What to make of a tennis star who declines questions yet uses her absence to make a statement.

Burke: How Republican are you? Take this test to find out

Even if you’re not, donate a few hundred dollars now and we’ll send you this pillow as our gift to you.

Saunders: Justices uphold privacy, speech of charities’ donors

A collective of organizations from the right and the left spoke against California’s dangerous policy.

Harrop: Numbers show Texas shouldn’t mess with California

Predictions that California’s economy was failing haven’t panned out. It’s beating Texas on GDP.


Schwab: Denial in the face of all evidence causes hoaxstroke

It’s not the heat, it’s the stupidity on climate change, the Jan. 6 riots and racism that’s most unbearable.


Harrop: Purpose of taxes is revenue, not revenge on wealthy

There’s nothing to gain in blaming the pandemic’s honest economic winners for the hardships of others.

Saunders: Is Hunter Biden’s new career art for grift’s sake?

With paintings going to anonymous buyers for up to $500,000, new questions of pay to play arise.

Schwab: FBI was in on Jan. 6? Italian satellites swapped votes?

As long as we’re spinning conspiracies, is Tucker a Kremlin plant? We’re just asking questions, here.

Harrop: Lucky for Republicans, Obamacare has survived

Now, both parties need to stop nibbling at the edges of reform and fully deliver on the ACA’s goals.

Burke: Put that in my pipe and smoke it? Don’t mind if I do

Having quit cigarettes decades ago, I indulge, seasonally, in a pipe packed with sweet tobacco.

Harrop: China’s dominance in chips, batteries should worry us

President Biden is right to call for ‘extreme competition’ to counter China’s technology maneuvers.

Saunders: Shouldn’t we prosecute rioters, regardless of date?

Whether it’s Jan. 6 or June 2020, the violent acts of rioters should see the same prosecution.