Schwab: Making case for Biden to a Never-Trump conservative

It may still take persuasion, even for one who didn’t vote for Trump in 2016, but there’s hope.


Saunders: Media needs to press Biden on positions and past

Voters need to hear more than Biden’s responses to Trump’s latest tweet.


Burke: ‘Cup a Joe’ doesn’t seem to fit our morning brew now

Maybe the coffee is better today than it was in the ‘percolator era,’ but where’s the romance in a K-cup?


Ciera Graham

Graham: Let’s acknowledge that Black Women’s Lives Matter, too

The outrage over George Floyd’s death has often overshadowed concern for the treatment of Black women.

Ciera Graham

Harrop: Ask gardeners you know if they think rabbits are cute

While they’re breeding — well — like rabbits in most of the U.S., disease is killing them in some states.

Ciera Graham, Herald columnist

Herald welcomes new local columnist to its Opinion page

Ciera Graham, an Everett resident, serves as director of EvCC’s East County Campus in Monroe.

Ciera Graham, Herald columnist

Schwab: Trump’s bad, but Barr ties to make it all look legal

The AG’s bowdlerizing of the Mueller report was just the first in Barr’s parade of DOJ injustices.

Saunders: Trump’s voters aren’t dying to see him in person

Low turnout at his Tulsa rally should tell him what many supporters know: He needs to take this seriously.

Schwab: Tulsa rally distilled Trump’s term to basic beliefs

A nearly empty arena still packed supporters shoulder-to-shoulder, unmasked and loyal to the end.

Saunders: Trump, Scott voice of reason on police reforms

Rather than embracing real reforms, Democrats are looking only to take advantage of the division.

Harrop: Trump’s poor polling shows a nation ready for change

The public knows the White House has mishandled the pandemic and George Floyd’s murder.

Burke: Snohomish dodged tragedy and lawsuits by hair trigger

The mix of guns, beer, politics and rumor could have been costly in several ways for the city.

Schwab: Credulous leave selves open to being led by deceitful

Cowed into ignoring facts and education, they’ve opened the door to the nation’s enemies.

Saunders: Academic freedom threatened in social justice war

A UCLA professor is under fire for his response to a request to give his black students a break.

Harrop: ‘Defund the Police’ talk could hijack needed reforms

Abolishing police departments has little support, even among Democrats. And it could cost them votes.

Schwab: If Antifa hadn’t existed, Trump would have invented it

Essentially, he has, talking up the non-organization as a threat for his followers to rally against.

Saunders: Can anyone feel safe amid the arson and looting?

The protests have been defended as ‘mostly peaceful.’ So peaceful that we can now defund the police?

Burke: A bolt worked for Saul, Sgt. York; why not Trump?

Hopes for our nation may rest with a ‘Road to Damascus’ moment for Trump’s MAGA-hatted supporters.

Schwab: Trump won’t address racism, so that work is left to us

Unwilling and incapable to unite us, Trump uses the unrest to his benefit. What’s our response?

Editorial: To restart the economy we need cash and childcare

Congress needs to extend economic stimulus support to individuals, businesses and local governments.