Ignatius: Democrats that may have escaped your attention

Divert your focus from OCA to consider a caucus of military veterans who helped flip the House.


McArdle: Theatrical details should elicit some skepticism

The assault Smollett reported seemed too politically focused; that should have raised a red flag.


Dionne: A lesson for American left, courtesy of Britain’s left

The Democrats don’t have a Jeremy Corbyn, but an intra-party split threatens their shot to lead.


Harrop: Bernie’s ideas won’t make up for tactics in 2016 race

Sanders’ political games and blind-eye toward the ‘Bernie bros’ misogyny disqualifies him for 2020.

Thiessen: GOP asked to choose between Trump, Constitution

And the Constitution must win, or else all future presidents will enjoy a dangerous precedent.

Parker: We need a politics of American identity

Our sex, race, faith and heritage make up who we are, but it should no longer be used to divide us.

Rampell: If Congress won’t perform its duties, abolish it

It has abdicated its responsibilities on budgets, trade, war and more. What are we paying for?

Harrop: Match of Amazon and Gotham was doomed from start

A clash of cultures meant a bad fit for both, even with 25,000 jobs in exchange for tax incentives.

Milbank: Speaking of the 25th, did you watch Friday’s speech?

Trump’s rambling incoherence in declaring an emergency makes a solid case for removal from office.

Saunders: Leak probe colors what McCabe has to say on Trump

Like so many leakers, former FBI Deputy Director McCabe was behind a leak that made him look good.

McArdle: Myopic Green New Deal won’t stop climate change

It mandates policies the rest of the world won’t follow. Instead, make green alternatives cheaper.

Robinson: The emergency is not at border; it’s in Oval Office

Seeking only to avoid the wrath of conservative pundits, Trump is taking an unconstitutional action.

Ignatius: How U.S. might stay in Syria, while leaving, too

One option might be sending a CIA-led paramilitary force to Syria to train Kurdish forces.

Parker: What’s lost in hubbub over Congress’ ‘three amigas’

Three new Democrats have our attention, which requires a focus on ideas and not personalities.

Petri: Green New Deal would deny us pleasures of air travel

Where would we go for the lines, pat-down searches, turbulence and lost baggage we deserve?

Robinson: Confronting climate change demands we think big

World War II and the moon shot required more of us than we thought we could achieve. This will, too.

Finns help us understand motivations of the unemployed

The Nordic country’s experiment does not show justification for a Guaranteed Annual Income.

Petri: Only one true litmus test for Democrats: Do you eat?

Candidates who do must be aware of the conclusions that will be drawn from their gustatory choices.

Schwab: It just doesn’t look good, arguing with intelligence

Why listen to knowledgable experts and intelligence briefings when you have an ample gut to go with?

Ignatius: Democrats ready to cross Trump’s financial ‘red lines’

He may have discouraged Mueller from seeking bank records; Democrats won’t be as easily intimidated.