McArdle: The problem with not putting shareholders first

‘Corporate social responsibility’ is fine as long as it doesn’t divert what belongs to the shareholder.


Milbank: Greatest threat to U.S.-Israel alliance is Netanyahu

The Israeli leader is driving a wedge between legacy supporters in the U.S., especially in Congress.


Harrop: Why aren’t we seeing infrastructure projects? Tax cuts

And no, despite Republican lies to the contrary, the Trump tax cuts aren’t paying for themselves.


Ignatius: A capitalist’s manifesto for corporate reform

Even CEOs are starting to see they have to think about more than shareholders and their own pay.

Milbank: If Denmark won’t sell Greenland, we’ll just take it

After all, Greenland attacked us first. Or have you forgotten Leif Eriksson’s invasion of America?

Rampell: Trump’s conspiracy of economic dunces

His economic advisers are trying to convince us that belief in the Trump economy will save it.

Harrop: Sanders’ best play is to wrap things up with dignity

Complaining about media bias won’t bring back what he had in 2016. Now, it’s about his legacy.

McArdle: Uber, Lyft a study in best, worst of capitalism

That ‘the market’ responsds to our demand — sometimes with negative consequences — reflects on us.

Robinson: Trump fears cancellation of his reality show

Despite threats, he can’t even get Fox News to deny poll results that show him trailing Democrats.

Saunders: Sovereignty among losers in barring duo from Israel

Two members of Congress were trying to score political points; Israel only amplified their message.

Dionne: Real change requires some Democrats switch races

To gain full control of Congress, a few need to drop from the presidential race and run for Senate.

Petri: The Emperor’s New Island (a lost Danish tale is found)

‘I need a new land to make great again,’ said the Emperor. ‘What do you have that needs a golf course?’

Petri: ‘You don’t deny people these protections,’ says grizzly

‘I get it; we’re animals. But if we were people, would you deny us our rights and lock us in cages?’

Rampell: Trump and his advisers aren’t ready for a recession

President Trump should be worried about a recession, and we should be worried about how he’ll respond.

Robinson: When sea swallows Mar-a-Lago will that be a hoax?

Ultimately, Trump can’t stop a response to climate change, but the delay will have dire consequences.

Petri: McConnell now realizes Beto’s right; Senate not enough

After O’Rourke dug into his presidential campaign, it dawned on Mitch how he had wasted his career.

Schwab: Difference between Trump and other GOP presidents?

Others may have sought similar policies, but who gives a thumbs-up posing with a newly orphaned child?

Gerson: A curse word is where evangelicals draw line on Trump?

Do we feel the violation of a religious rule more intensely than the violation of human dignity?

Ignatius: Hong Kong can’t pretend we have its back; we don’t

Trump’s flippant remarks about ‘riots’ were wrong, but he’s right not to offer idle promises of support.

McArdle: There’s a problem with mandating ‘yes means yes’

It reduces mutual sexual encounters to the terms of a legal contract and presents its own lack of clarity.