McArdle: We could use a real health care wonk; Warren isn’t it

In Tuesday night’s debate, when pressed on funding Medicare for All, she avoided the tax realities.

Petri: Until I deny it, of course, there was a quid pro quo

But isn’t my honesty — as brief as it will be — refreshingly superior to those who hide their misdeeds?

McArdle: Democrats, focus first on patient care, then bills

The candidates ought to consider The Cleveland Clinic, which was a model for the ACA’s reforms.

Parker: Now that truth is out, Mulvaney can get some sleep

A freed conscience — and a change in employment — should help the acting chief of staff rest easier.

Robinson: Trump’s in tailspin and taking nation down with him

His dealings with Turkey and Ukraine are only the latest proof he is not fit to serve as president.

Petri: How lucky are we to have a president who owns hotels?

Sure, he stands to make some money, but how else would we give world leaders a case of bedbugs?

Schwab: Some obvious questions we sadly know the answers to

Take your pick of concerns about Trump’s actions; his supporters are bothered by none of it.

Harrop: Coal-producing states don’t have to die with coal

State and national policies are keeping them in an environmentally and economically destructive rut.

Editorial: Hilt should follow Spencer as Lake Stevens mayor

Kurt Hilt and Brett Gailey have experience valuable to the city, but Hilt is the best fit as mayor.

Ignatius: More aid for Lebanon could restore Mideast balance

The U.S. withdrawal from Syria has ceded power to a Russian-backed axis. Remaining allies need our help.

McArdle: As much as candidates, voters need to reassess

With the economy in Trump’s favor, Democrats need to show voters they can be good economic stewards.

Ignatius: U.S. troops tell of shame, outrage at leaving Kurds

Trump’s retreat from Syria was an ‘unsound, morally indefensible act’ says a retired four-star general.

Parker: What does Trump get out of bowing to Turkey?

We know what we lost in terms of stability and security, but why did we abandon the Kurds to Turkey?

Harrop: Sanders wants it both ways as party outsider

The candidate’s attacks on fellow Democrats would disadvantage the party in race against the GOP.

Petri: Warren’s old job offers guidance on women in workplace

DO fire pregnant women from their jobs, but make sure to sign and date the termination letter.

Robinson: Why are blacks going about lives seen as threat?

Too often, officers approach situations involving African Americans with racist assumptions of fear.

Burke: Trump resigns? Isn’t it pretty to think so?

Trump isn’t the only one who can fabricate, so let’s enjoy a moment to imagine the possibilities.

Parker: When tossed from Trump’s inner circle to under the bus

How long before Rudy Giuliani and Sen. Graham become two more people Trump can barely recall?

Saunders: The signs that point to cordinated effort by House

There are lies and questions regarding the basis for the whistleblowers’ allegations against Trump.

Harrop: Are stores’ international aisles supermarket racism?

A restaurateur thinks they segregate shoppers. But aren’t they a celebration of international cuisine?