Harrop: Bernie brigade’s nastiness may hurt him in Nevada

Sanders’ rebuke of bad actors in his campaign seems muted and isn’t discouraging such attacks.

Schwab: How ‘justice’ is defined at the law firm of Trump & Barr

When Barr complains Trumps’ tweets make it hard to do his job, he means the job of serving him, and only him.

Harrop: Next president will have to go back to move forward

Before pursuing a progressive agenda, a Democratic president will have to restore what’s been lost.

Burke: Look between budget’s line items shows Trump priorites

Trump’s budget was dead on arrival, but it reveals the truth about his broken promises to Americans.

Sauders: Trump’s tweets gave cover to prosecutorial overreach

If Trump had kept quiet, Barr could have made the case the sentence recommendation for Stone was unjust.

Schwab: Trump & Co. have learned their lessons all to well

Our democratic institutions are only as strong as people’s willingness to defend them.

Saunders: Don’t pity Romney; a clear conscience is his company

The failed presidential candidate can take pride in standing for his principles and his beliefs.

Generation after generation of Girl Scouts make a difference

Leadership, service, friendship and merriment are some of the many reasons that it’s wonderful to be a Girl Scout.

Schwab: As Republicans back down, voters must now step up

The GOP has passed on its last chance to confront a demagogue; the choice ahead should be clear.

Harrop: Bloomberg wasn’t running and he still ‘won’ Iowa

The New York billionaire is showing he has the money, smarts and data saavy to outmatch Trump.

Saunders: Trump stuck with Telepromter, not Twitter

But in a role-reversal, it was Nancy Pelosi who lost her cool and tore up a copy of the address.

Saunders: Why Trump can’t claim victory at State of Union

Among Democrats and Republicans, they have been no winners in this endless impeachment war.

Harrop: Donors shouldn’t figure in who’s in the running

Even if Bloomberg buys his own ads, a lack of donors shouldn’t keep him from the debate stage.

Burke: How did we get here, and how to we get out?

It seems incomprehensible how Trump has gotten away with it. Let’s hope the way out isn’t as vexing.

Schwab: Next on Fox: Rule of law is dead; long live the king

Credit Fox’s omissions and distractions of the impeachment trial for the cover provided GOP senators.

Harrop: Made in China includes health crises, climate change

It’s lax public health rules and insistence on burning coal are worsening problems across its borders.

Harrop: Democrats should thank Bloomberg for trolling Trump

Win or lose the nomination, the former New York City mayor is riling Trump with his big-budget TV ads.

Saunder: How about some fact-checking on the Democrats?

Checking statements for accuracy is necessary, but its use during impeachment seems a little rigged.

Schwab: So long ‘original intent,’ ‘rule of law’ and Constitution

But as a lovely parting gift, please accept more executive privilege and presidential ambition.

Burke: ‘Trump being Trump’ isn’t a rationale; it’s an indictment

This is where the defense of the president’s acting on his gut impulses has gotten us.