Petri: ‘Life, liberty and pursuit of happiness’ fine print

The Trump administration reserves the right to change, end or reduce this promotion at any time.

Sen. Bailey misstates intent of Whidbey Growler lawsuit

Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson is forcing a review of the environmental impact statement for the Navy’s expansion of Growler flights on Whidbey Island’s… Continue reading

Trump detractors should look up his record

As a print subscriber to The Herald for many years I’ve, often reluctantly, read the incorrigibly anti-Trump columns of Sid Schwab, your local hater in… Continue reading

Does Rep. Larsen represent district with impeachment call?

A recent commentary by U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen, D-2nd District, in The Herald called for the impeachment of President Trump. I have known Rep. Larsen… Continue reading

Is a doubling of retail pot shops what we voted for?

With regard to the Aug. 2 Herald article about Everett considering the addition of more marijuana shops, I would ask that Councilmember Liz Vogeli volunteer… Continue reading

Responses to mass shootings should include those wounded

As we mourn the 22 dead in Texas and the nine more gunned down in Ohio, we send out the requisite “thoughts and prayers” to… Continue reading

Roulstone misidentifies threat to our nation

Regarding Doug Roulstone’s July 25 letter, “Rep. Larsen sides with socialists,” I can agree with one thing, and that is,”everyone is entitled to their own… Continue reading

Nation must adopt ‘No First Use’ policy on nukes

Recently, CNN’s Jake Tapper asked presidential candidates about a No First Use of nuclear weapons policy for the United States. Instead of referencing the fact… Continue reading

Schwab’s critics silent on Trump’s invective

I strongly disagree with R.M. Scougale, Linda Jinkens, and others who can’t handle Sid Schwab’s column. Scougale quotes Jenkins: “He (Schwab) continues to vomit out… Continue reading

Dispute over Navy Growler noise on Whidbey not partisan

I am disturbed (and not terribly surprised) that state Sen. Barbara Bailey used in her recent commentary all the “red meat” tropes she could think… Continue reading

Just who is it that hates America and its values?

I read Doug Roulstone’s July 25 letter to the editor (“Rep. Larsen sides with socialists by seeking to impeach Trump”). You can always tell a… Continue reading

As student, I saw how school uniforms made difference

As a middle school student I find the debate over school uniforms very interesting. I attended Whittier Elementary in north Everett from kindergarten to fifth… Continue reading

Commentary Noise from Navy Growlers will hurt Whidbey economy

This opinion is in response to state Sen. Barbara Bailey’s recent commentary (“Bob Ferguson’s war a threat to Whidbey Navy base,” The Herald, July 21.… Continue reading

What does ‘great again’ mean to Trump’s supporters?

Great again? What are they chanting about? What does the word great actually mean to them? The United States of America has never stopped being… Continue reading

Everett Station District plan seeing progress

Everett Station BIA Vision for district sees progress As a local property and business owner within the Everett Station District, I am in support of… Continue reading

Lack of training support for some disabled workers

Training for disabled workers Lack of support for some I am writing as a young man with autism spectrum disorder and anxiety issues who is… Continue reading

More trees and bamboo will fight climate change

Climate change Plan more trees and bamboo Thanks to our governor, we will be getting all of our electrical power from renewable sources with the… Continue reading

Address drug problem before tacking hepatitis C

Hepatitis C Address drug problem first Eliminating hepatitis C is a goal that should be met but never will be until the drug problem is… Continue reading

Is President Trump’s vision for America what you want?

President Trump Is this the American you want? It is said that people vote for what effects them and not for what offends them. OK,… Continue reading

Sid Schwab is right to criticize Trump

Sid Schwab column He’s exactly right on Trump criticisms Sid Schwab is a concerned patriot who is unashamedly anti-Trump. He has tried, over recent months,… Continue reading