Volunteers urgently needed for long-term care ombuds program

I am writing to express my appreciation for The Herald’s recent editorial on the critical role played by the long‐term care ombuds program in advocating… Continue reading

Can the West outlast Putin?

The invasion of Ukraine will end someday, and the war may continue as a guerilla type war that could last for years. Meanwhile Russian President… Continue reading

Politics and militaries are all too interwoven

T’was Gen. (later President) Eisenhower who warned us of the military industrial complex. T’was President Abe Lincoln who said, “If I were two-faced, would I… Continue reading

Stanwood-Camano levy: Yes vote means much to kids

Confidence is the difference between success for children and young students and a lifetime of struggle. This is why support for technology is not about… Continue reading

U.S. must provide funding for global epidemic efforts

Over the past two years we’ve seen major setbacks in the fight against AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria as resources were diverted to deal with covid-19.… Continue reading

Gov. Inslee’s covid mandates worked to save lives

In her recent update, state Rep. Carolyn Eslick, R-Sultan, one of my legislators, commented that one of the most common concerns she’d heard over the… Continue reading

Those who vaccinated, wore masks have done well. Thanks.

With the mask mandates coming to an end, it’s time to thank those of you who did all you could to limit the spread of… Continue reading

Don’t build local highway projects only for what we need now

Part of the $16.8 billion state transportation package is a replacement for the U.S. 2 trestle. I hope all parties involved in its design are… Continue reading

Edmonds schools dual-language program has it right

Readers of a recent story about Edmonds School District’s dual-language program may be interested in knowing that research consistently supports providing a strong foundation in… Continue reading

Comment: ‘Women and children, first’ becomes a prayer for all

The urge to save women and kids, while expecting men to stay and fight — and die — ignores the reality of the situation.

One question of letter on gas prices: Where does he fill up?

I don’t know enough about economics and the factors affecting oil supply to argue (or agree) with a recent letter to the editor, but I… Continue reading

Stop the twice-yearly time change but skip DST

I agree wholeheartedly with your editorial opinion that switching times back and forth is asinine (“Congress, let’s not do the time warp again. Ever,” The… Continue reading

Victims of overdose deserve our empathy

Like a brief paragraph in a book, Herald reporter Jake Goldstein-Street’s fentanyl article is only a glance into the lives of people with addictive personalities… Continue reading

Give attention to connection of Russian oil, Ukraine war

I’m a father who fears for my family in a warming world. I’m writing to ask you to report on the connection between the crisis… Continue reading

Ukraine and its people deserve our thanks and admiration

The people of Ukraine are being attacked with some of the most powerful weapons in existence. Russia has shown that they have no concerns about… Continue reading

Why does threat of nuclear war remain?

Does it not seem incredible that we are no further from nuclear war now than we were 60 years ago? Maybe even closer. All the… Continue reading

Rail offers quicker path to a climate solution

Thanks to The Herald for spotlighting the climate emergency in a recent editorial (“Chance to slow, adapt to climate change dwindling,” The Herald, March 7).… Continue reading

Spending $1.35 million on bike paths not worth it

The Everett City Council is considering a bike lane project of less than a half-mile costing $1.35 million, much of which is “free money” funded… Continue reading

Biden’s pick for Supreme Court more deserving than last three

The author of a recent letter to the editor questions whether Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is the best available for the open seat on the… Continue reading

State Senate, 21st L.D.: Cass has proven track record

Janelle Cass is running for State Senate in the 21st Legislative District. She is an Air Force Academy graduate in civil and environmental engineering. She… Continue reading