Can moderates find a way to curb gun violence?

Once again a horrible, horrific and cowardly act at a Florida high school will quickly be overshadowed by the finger-pointing by the bleeding-heart, far-out left… Continue reading

FDA e-cigarette rules unfair to small businesses

I own four retail vape shops called Galaxy Vapors. We are a reputable business known by our customers for providing quality products. However, my business… Continue reading

Slient majority must oppose the NRA

While I am sitting here contemplating just what happened recently in Parkland, Florida, I am acutely drawn to the NRA and its continued ignorance of… Continue reading

Wasn’t lottery supposed to pay for schools?

I am so pissed (as many are) about rising property taxes. Last year it was $400, this year $200 for me, in a condo! These… Continue reading

State carbon tax won’t have enough effect

According to the EPA: Washington state contributes about 0.20 percent of the world’s fossil fuel emissions; and if our state’s carbon tax is implemented it… Continue reading

Two steps all can take now to address school shootings

I am a mother of two children who attend public schools, a wife to a public high school teacher, and a physical therapist working in… Continue reading

Editorial on opioid settlement unfair to pain specialist

I am deeply disappointed in The Herald after reading the Feb. 6 editorial regarding opioids (“An opioid settlement presents some concerns,”). Your reference to Dr.… Continue reading

Free-market capitalism has become crony capitalism

James McCusker’s Feb. 10 column, “Capitalism critics help us understand politics,” starts out using his rational side to lure you into believing there is something… Continue reading

Time to vote out opponents of gun safety legislation

Do we value the NRA over children? State Sens. Mark Schoesler, Mike Padden, Phil Fortunato, and Doug Ericksen voted against a bump-stock ban in that… Continue reading

We need to learn why shootings are escalating?

We should not be quick to place the blame inanimate objects. The killers are persons with twisted degenerate minds. We should find the “why,” the… Continue reading

Abuses of power drain faith in both parties

One thing that really, really sticks in my craw is when anyone in government abuses his or her power with “dirty tricks.” The current situation… Continue reading

Boycott stores that sell AR-15 military-style rifles

I am calling for a boycott of all stores that sell the AR-15 military assault rifles. Listed below are quotes from trauma surgeons across the… Continue reading

Report more on reasons for Sound Transit federal funding cuts

I just read Jerry Cornfield’s Feb. 13 article about how the 2019 Trump budget proposal could potentially remove funding from Sound Transit’s plan to build… Continue reading

South Korea repays U.S. aid with insult of Pence at Olympics

The liberal news media is simply gushing over the love fest, Olympics in Pyeongchang. It would appear that they were aghast that Vice President Pence… Continue reading

Kids need better guidance, rules from parents

Some thoughts on what is happening to America and the school shootings. I have seen a sheriff putting it very well. The news media is… Continue reading

Time to consider a state income tax

Who likes high property taxes? Not me. But in many ways we only have ourselves to blame for our high property taxes. In Washington state… Continue reading

When will voters learn to say no to those increasing taxes?

My wife has suggested that I strap myself to my chair so that I won’t hurt myself when I receive our property tax statement. While… Continue reading

Everett grandmother’s action to report concerns saved lives

I want to say thank you to the grandmother who turned in her grandson and likely saved a lot of lives, heartache, terror and bloodshed… Continue reading

Heartbreak and understanding for Parkland students, parents

Regarding the shootings at the high school in Parkland, Florida, I see myself in the faces of the parents waiting for their kids to let… Continue reading