Herald opinion writers are journalistic assassins and hitmen

Your constant editorial drumbeat against Donald Trump amounts to a journalistic assassination of our president. And you also run columns from hitmen like Sid Schwab… Continue reading

Story of respect among one-time foes a lesson for Americans.

The Herald’s Aug. 13 article, “Fallen Japanese soldier’s flag found in Gold Bar, comes home,” by Eric Stevick, should make Americans pause. Veterans in Gold… Continue reading

Conservatives like Thiessen repeating the same message

Columnist Marc A. Thiessen in the Aug. 10 Herald asked: “Where’s outcry over spy on Feinstein’s staff?” If it had been a Republican the media… Continue reading

Can’t use recipes with odd ingredients listed in food section

I know the Wednesday recipes are healthier than those in past year’s food columns, but really: Who eats this stuff? And home many of us… Continue reading

Ignatius: With less Mideast involvement, comes less influence

Russia and China seem content to fill in as the U.S. backs away from its global leadership role.

Revamped Taste Edmonds left bad taste in mouth

I enjoyed the Aug. 9 Herald article on the rejuvenation at The Taste of Edmonds. A new name, family oriented, new music, food trucks and… Continue reading

Why little interest from developers in our cities?

Land is scarce within the historical boundary of the city of Snohomish, but even so there are several parcels of land that are sizable. All… Continue reading

Why no coverage of plane theft in Saturday’s Herald?

I woke up Saturday morning and went to read my paper and was totally and completely disgusted to find that the major news item (“Stolen… Continue reading

Will voters pull us out of hot water?

America, according to former lead GOP strategist Steve Schmidt, is roughly 90 days from the most important midterm election in its history. Sure, like he… Continue reading

Ignoring pollution, climate change has dire consequences

I am sorry to see the misinformation Robert Munro propagates in his letter to the editor (“New tax on carbon won’t stop natural climate change,”… Continue reading

Not watching NFL games because of anthem protests

I’ve had it with the egotistical, well-paid players kneeling, raising their fists or staying in the locker rooms for the national anthem. No matter what… Continue reading

School districts must use state funds to increase teacher pay

In 2007, during my first year teaching at Snohomish High School, a lawsuit was filed against the state for its failure to honor its “paramount… Continue reading

Vogeli best choice for Everett City Council

Liz Vogeli is my choice for Everett City Council because she’s already been fighting for the people and deserves a seat at the diaz. Liz… Continue reading

Guns that can’t be detected are already illegal

Regarding the discussion of 3D-printed plastic guns: Question: Does an individual need a license to make a firearm for personal use? Answer: No, a license… Continue reading

Time to amend or repeal the Second Amendment

I keep waiting for someone with a brain to point out the flaws in the Second Amendment, but it hasn’t happened. I guess I’ll have… Continue reading

Vogeli will represent all on Everett council

I first met Everett City Council candidate Liz Vogeli over a year ago at a League of Women Voters meeting where I began to see… Continue reading

All work deserves a living wage

Do you ever wonder why people in far-away places write into our local newspaper? Case in point is the Aug. 6 letter to the editor… Continue reading

Headline and story on primary were crude, biased

I read the online version of The Herald, so I couldn’t be sure if Jerry Cornfield’s report on the Republicans’ poor showing in the primary… Continue reading

New tax on carbon won’t stop natural climate change

Since the end of the last ice age, approximately 15,000 years ago, the world has been warming, glaciers have been melting, sea levels have been… Continue reading

Trump’s wardobe malfuction hard to miss now

It should be obvious to all now that the emperor has no clothes. Bruce Lawson Lynnwood… Continue reading