The Herald has a ‘pro-Trump bias’? Not my impression

I was quite amazed by David Krause’s letter to the editor of Feb. 12, which claimed The Herald has a pro-Trump bias. It has been… Continue reading

Welcome to Trump’s, GOP’s monarchy

The recent impeachment acquittal tragedy and farce eclipses any horror that Stephen King could have conjured in his darkest hour. This spectacle featured the epic… Continue reading

Herald more balanced than I thought?

There have been many times that I nearly cancelled my subscription to The Herald because of what I see as its liberal bias. I get… Continue reading

President Trump must be removed from office

Donald Trump is without grace and without honor. He’s irrational, illogical, immovable, makes false claims, lies and cheats. He’s vain, artless, witless, humorless, vindictive, childish,… Continue reading

City of Snohomish wants gentrification over low-income housing

Red alert to Snohomish Mobile Home and RV Park residents: The Snohomish City Council approved on Feb. 4 the creation of a 15-member task force… Continue reading

Questions remain about new position for former sheriff

Thank you for providing the front page article on the hiring of a “senior policy analyst” by County Executive Dave Somers. (“Fortney decries hire of… Continue reading

What if Obama had done what Trump did?

It has most likely already been stated, but I thought it important to point out that it President Obama had tried to use his influence… Continue reading

A medal for Rush? A couple others are deserving

Rush Limbaugh? Hey, how about a Medal of Freedom for Mitt Romney and Adam Schiff? Robert Van den Akker Monroe… Continue reading

Boeing’s recent actions not inspiring confidence

Regarding a recent New York Times report: “Boeing and American safety officials refused to cooperate on Thursday with a new inquiry by Dutch lawmakers into… Continue reading

Marysville schools needs are real, but taxes are too high

I read with interest this morning that Marysville School District capital levy has failed with 58.6 percent voting no. It is also interesting that only… Continue reading

Respect voters’ wishes and reject clean-fuels bills

HB 1110 and SB 5412 and HB 2892 — which will negatively impact the financial health of… Continue reading

Why have my property taxes increased so much?

Every year since 1999, I have been paying property taxes. Just like all the homeowners, I get a statement from our county treasurer. This year,… Continue reading

Rehiring fired deputies appears political, divisive

I am a lot more worried about Sheriff Adam Fortney bringing back fired deputies that have already caused way more cost to the taxpayers than… Continue reading

Socialist countries don’t have it that great

Unfortunately, I saw two very slanted letters from the same anti-Trump and anti-conservative usual suspects I have seen frequently in The Herald. I must admit… Continue reading

Blame Democrats for tax increases

I just took a look at my property taxes for 2020. They are going up $513. What do I get for being fleeced? Nothing. We… Continue reading

State of the Union is not as strong as Trump claims

In his State of the Union address, President Trump proclaimed “The state of our union is stronger than ever before.” I respectfully disagree. Our country… Continue reading

Why are nurses so overworked at Providence Everett?

In the last 17 years my husband and I have had to be patients at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett at different times. The wonderful… Continue reading

Buttigieg’s service warrants support of state’s voters

Feb. 21 and presidential primary ballots will soon be here; a day for Washington state citizens to have the opportunity to pick the next Democratic… Continue reading

Why would we want to ‘turn the country around’?

Regarding Herald columnist Tom Burke’s column on how all Republicans in Congress are corrupt and “what’s going to help us turn the country around;” our… Continue reading

Burke’s column was spot on about Trump

Oh, my gosh! I always read Tom Burke’s columns, but the one on Feb. 3 was stellar! It really explained how despots like Trump have… Continue reading