Recent letter held some truth regarding The Herald

All of my adult life I’ve held moderate and independent views, both in politics and life. These days I probably lean a bit left of… Continue reading

Demand CDC send more monkeypox vaccine to Washington state

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has sent Washington state a mere 3,000 courses of the monkeypox vaccine. This state has a population of… Continue reading

Snake River dams’ power easily replaced

A recent letter regarding the Snake River dams being vital to state’s clean energy goals, it stated concern about windless days during periods of high… Continue reading

Everett Transit’s new service proves worth of its independence

Regarding Everett Transit’s service to the waterfront, this is exactly what I told the Everett City Council about almost two years ago when I address… Continue reading

Island Co. Commission, Dist. 3: St. Clair advocate for childcare needs

It’s well documented what the recent pandemic wrought on the health and livelihoods of families in Washington state. As a mother of two young children,… Continue reading

Snake dams’ contributions were overstated in letter

A recent letter to the editor regarding the Snake River dams, stated that on July 25, “Washington saw its highest temperatures of the year with… Continue reading

Columnist Sid Schwab backs up his opinions with facts

I read a recent letter to the editor criticizing Herald columnist Sid Schwab. Does the author not see the hypocrisy in his own words? “Liberals”… Continue reading

Constitution’s ‘militia’ clauses clarify use of firearms

“A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free… Continue reading

21st LD, Senate: Cass can’t deliver on promises and cut taxes

Janelle Cass’s bubble has to burst soon. After losing election to the Edmonds City Council last year, Cass wants a seat in the state Senate… Continue reading

44th LD, House: Oppose Lovick, Berg for support of care tax

When voters review the state voters pamphlet, please keep in mind that in the 44th Legislative District, John Lovick and April Berg voted in favor… Continue reading

Eliminate fishing if you want to save Snake River salmon

Your recent editorials, commentaries and letters on the Lower Snake River dams were mostly evenhanded, which surprised me a little. Science says that the dams… Continue reading

Nation has lasted this long; don’t turn back now

With all this state’s rights talk of late, it might do us well to reflect back on our history, painful as that may be. Our… Continue reading

Those believing 2020 election was fraud, time to wake up

Two recent letters to the editor spur me to again repeat the message I give to all folks on the right. To those of you… Continue reading

Time to give Dilbert comic strip a pink slip

Please consider retiring the Dilbert comic strip. Long ago it was funny, making gentle fun of office foibles. Now the situations are most often just… Continue reading

Why are we bailing Brittney Griner out for her poor choices?

An ex-army brat, I was raised to make responsible choices, and to expect and be responsible for the consequences for making bad choices. Lessons quickly… Continue reading

Alderwood water district claims square with own experiences

As a previous Alderwood Water District employee who worked there for over 10 years and left in March of this year, the recent articles about… Continue reading

Sid Schwab is trying to warn the complacent

My favorite day to read The Herald is Friday, because I get to read Sid Schwab. The July 29 issue also included a letter from… Continue reading

Space telescope photos provide sobering perspective

The deep space images from the Hubble and now from the James Webb space telescopes should scare us to bits. They show a mere sliver… Continue reading

Here’s The Herald’s actual table of contents

The Herald has an index at the bottom of the front page that shows where certain features can be found. Here is what the real… Continue reading

Snake River dams vital to state’s clean energy goals

Timing is everything. On the very day a recent commentary (“Our grid can save salmon and a green energy future,” The Herald, July 25) claimed… Continue reading