Speak up for NLRB, against union-busting CEOs

Dear fellow Washingtonians, please take a moment to contact the CEOs of Amazon (Andy Jassy), Starbucks (Laxman Narasimhan), Space X (Elon Musk) and Trader Joe’s… Continue reading

Grizzly bears return to North Cascade ecosystem long overdue

We applaud the National Park Service and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for deciding to actively restore grizzly bears to the North Cascades (“A… Continue reading

Maybe kids should wait until they’re older for smartphones

With the advent of smart phones, parents had no warning, and peer pressure to be “in on it” was huge. We didn’t want our teen… Continue reading

Has Everett already decided to build a new ballpark?

Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin, in her annual address, spoke on three options for the future of Funko Field (“Everett mayor pitches reimagined Everett Mall at… Continue reading

During National Public Library Week thank Everett Libraries staff

This National Library Week, the Board of Trustees of the Everett Public Library System sends its deepest thanks and gratitude to the director and staff… Continue reading

Confidence lost in Netanyahu after response to Hamas attack

I am a member of a German-Jewish family. My grandparents survived by abruptly leaving Europe in the 1930s. They thrived in New York, then Seattle.… Continue reading

Energy Northwest not agency to be trusted with nuclear project

After reading a recent editorial (“Small nuclear plants may be the key to state’s energy mix,” The Herald, April 2) I was left somewhat confused.… Continue reading

Help those in armed services by boarding pets while away

May I suggest a meaningful way for people to support our service members? Many members of the Armed Services have pets. Most have a place… Continue reading

Those objecting to timber sales don’t understand issues

Regarding a recent letter to the editor and a commentary about timber sales, people may have their opinions, but when they seek to influence others… Continue reading

Will Everett taxpayers lose say on services if shed?

I’m trying to figure out exactly how the City of Everett finances work with the taxpayers monthly financing? The city needs more money to run… Continue reading

How can Everett afford new stadium?

Am I the only one that thinks this is crazy? I am reading about Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin’s state of the city speech (“Editorial: State… Continue reading

Stanwood mom urges Lakewood voters to back school levies

As a parent in the Stanwood-Camano School District, I am asking the Lakewood community to support the two upcoming levy measures on the April 23… Continue reading

Boeing’s downfall started when engineers demoted

Boeing used to be run by engineers who made money to build good aircraft. The rot started when the those with masters in business administration… Continue reading

Learn swimming safety to protect kids at beach, pool

Don’t forget to dive into water safety before hitting the pool or heading to the beach for spring break. Parents might be surprised to learn… Continue reading

Protecting forests and prevent another landslide like Oso

Thank you for the powerful and heartbreaking article about the Oso landslide tragedy (“After The Slide,” The Herald). I only hope it can teach a… Continue reading

Is Ferguson who voters want to elect as govenor?

When I realized how damaging Gov. Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson’s “sanctuary state” and ‘Keep Washington Working” were I wondered what would cause… Continue reading

We need ‘We Are the World’ effort for today’s crises

Thank you for publishing Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker’s “For one brief musical moment, we were the world” in the Feb. 12, online Herald. She… Continue reading

What would it cost for Everett to keep library, fire department?

I would like it very much, if Everett Mayor Cassie Franklin is not too overly busy closing down more parts of Everett, that she would… Continue reading

Holding cell murals in Mukilteo are great idea

Thumbs up to Mukilteo’s new police chief, Andy Illyin. It was a great idea to improve the holding cells with fun, colorful art (“No more… Continue reading

Here’s a good Bible verse for Trump’s supporters

About half a million Washingtonians voted to nominate as president a proven liar, a cheater, a defamer, a judicially declared rapist and adulterer, an insurrectionist,… Continue reading