Pro-life supporters come from varied backgrounds

Being “pro-life” doesn’t necessarily mean that you are white, male, Republican, conservative or Christian (or religious, at all). Go to www.consistentlifenetwork.org to see a list… Continue reading

Thanks for including us in eternal flame’s return

I would appreciate the chance to say thank you to Snohomish County and the Everett community for including Brad and I in the relighting of… Continue reading

Voters need to choose an adult in 2020 election

If Donald Trump was your child, would he be in line for a time-out? “I don’t do cover-ups.” Uh, huh! That is easily debunked. He… Continue reading

Academic test numbers require some context

Thursday’s letter to the editor regarding test scores and graduation was misleading. It jumbled together state data, local data, state-mandated changes, and local responses to… Continue reading

Err on side of caution when saying when life begins

A recent letter to the editor takes an extreme position regarding the abortion issue. Although I would take the opposite position of the right of… Continue reading

Why was Trump in Japan on Memorial Day?

Why would Trump (I still can’t put “president” by his name) choose to go to Japan over Memorial Day weekend, playing golf and watching sumo… Continue reading

Details of Mueller report need to be released

How can anyone, regardless of their politics, be satisfied that justice is served until all of the evidence contained in the Mueller report is known… Continue reading

Work Force Development Center honored by Mukilteo recognition

On behalf of the board, staff and student apprentices of Work Force Development Center, I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude… Continue reading

Socialism seems to work here and elsewhere

I read with a smile the recent letter to the editor from Gunnar Unneland who claims that socialism hurst businesses. I am not sure which… Continue reading

Voters will punish The Herald, Democrats in 2020 with Trump win

The Herald’s constant anti-Trump editorials prove it is no longer a newspaper. You are a pandering propaganda puppet for all the Trumphaters that read your… Continue reading

Why delay in story of Everett High musicians’ competition win?

Just read about the first-place finish in its division of the Everett High School Wind Ensemble and Jazz Band, at the Music in the Parks… Continue reading

Why is high school graudate rate higher than test scores?

The Herald’s May 24 editorial congratulates Everett Public Schools on its stellar 95.7 percent graduation rate. Further in the article, which initially dealt with housed… Continue reading

Mueller report shows no collusion, no obstruction

I don’t think people understand the Mueller report. It was about finding collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign interference in the 2016 election. The… Continue reading

Pro-choice argument is flawed

“If you don’t believe in abortion, don’t have an abortion.” If that’s the case, If you don’t believe in slavery, don’t own a slave. If… Continue reading

Why all the fuss over Sen. Palumbo’s resignation?

I could say many things about Guy Palumbo’s nasty primary run against Luis Moscoso for the Senate. More importantly, I’m wondering why the Herald made… Continue reading

Barr’s actions on report follow law that Nadler voted for

I am concerned about the future of our nation. It is very disturbing when the mainstream media continues to relate only half-truths when it comes… Continue reading

Jeff Bezos’ wealth came at a price that we paid

Jeff Bezos and Amazon have done more than anybody in history to eliminate living-wage jobs by decimating shopping malls and the people who work in… Continue reading

What does the Bible say on abortion?

Regarding a recent letter to the editor regarding abotion, using biblical references to substantiate any argument is a fool’s errand. To justify a belief in… Continue reading

Letter to the editor selectively quoted Bible on abortion

How quaint to get advice from someone writing a recent letter to the editor that quotes the murderous adulterer and polygamist, King David, as justification… Continue reading

Letter’s description seem better applied to the right

Francis X. Barden’s May 20 letter to the editor is another case of a Republican view that is entirely out of line with reality. He… Continue reading