Northshore Fire’s merger with Woodinville on April 27 ballot

The Board of Fire Commissioners for the Northshore Fire Department recently approved a resolution asking voters to merge with Woodinville Fire and Rescue. The merger… Continue reading

Can vacant housing be used to give shelter to homeless?

The Events Center used to be open for the homeless last summer, but it is not now. Yesterday, I spoke with a person who works… Continue reading

U.S. covid deaths are nearing WWII deaths in scope

The severity of a war is many times gauged partly on the basis of combat deaths and total deaths. In the case of the “war”… Continue reading

Bargreens should use their windfall to spruce up coffee shop

The Bargreens family that owns Bargreens Coffee Co. got paid $590,000 in a settlement with the Port of Everett because the family did not like… Continue reading

State can back projects to address climate change, economy

In the 2021 Washington State Legislative Session, our lawmakers can be about “Getting Climate Change and the Economy Right,” as recommended in The Herald’s Dec.… Continue reading

Letter from Trump supporter gets abortion law wrong

In regard to a recent letter to the editor explaining his vote for President Trump: Spreading misinformation for the basis of his vote is what… Continue reading

Lord Hill Park bike trails brings harassment of equestrians

During the last several years at Lord Hill Park, several multi-use trails have been converted to high-speed extreme mountain bike trails; these are continually being… Continue reading

Ranked-choice voting would give us more options

At Thanksgiving, we decided that in addition to family, friends, and health, we were thankful for the election finally ending. As we close a turbulent… Continue reading

Settlement to Bargreens is theft by the privileged

How disappointing to read the front page story in Sunday’s Herald (“Everett coffee heirs get $590K over crane color, ending saga,” The Herald, Dec. 6).… Continue reading

Dead people aren’t voting; people often have same name

One of the conspiracy theories put out by the Republicans that the election was corrupt is that many dead people voted. And I am assuming… Continue reading

Port’s settlement with Bargreens is $590K in taxpayer money

In reading the article concerning the Port’s settlement with the Bargreen family over the color green vs. blue (“Everett coffee heirs get $590K over crane… Continue reading

Santa, instead of socks this year …

Christmas comes but once a year; Though covid now is always here. Dear Santa, this is all I ask: Bring everyone a nice, snug mask.… Continue reading

To heal the nation’s divisions, first get rid of the press

As we enter the final phase of the election fiasco, its becoming increasingly evident that Americans are deeply divided and bitterly separated by political boundaries.… Continue reading

Are city officials concerned about restaurant restrictions?

While I realize that everyone has a lot on their plates, I am still confused, angry and feeling left out in the cold due to… Continue reading

Do evangelical voters see themselves as others do?

Watching these shyster evangelicals praying on behalf of Trump for divine intervention to reverse the outcome of the election I am reminded of the satire… Continue reading

Store staff deserve praise not anger for difficult work

Do face coverings slip when a grocery employee must bend, push, load, stretch, talk, perspire, reach and lift? Yes, they do. Do some people intentionally… Continue reading

We don’t need to reconcile; we need to challenge

I’m so tired of all this talk of a divided America. If one can’t see that a huge swath of Americans are having a psychotic… Continue reading

Recent events show Obama, Biden correct on Iran nuclear pact

An editorial cartoon in the Nov. 28 Herald shows the Ayatollah of Iran pleased with Biden’s election. But the Obama-Biden Administration helped negotiate an agreement… Continue reading

Republicans should respect results of the election or leave

Let’s just call it what is it: treason. The officials of the Republican Party and their pitiful right-wing supporters are actively attempting the overthrow of… Continue reading

Teachers not to blame for failure of remote learning; it’s us

Everything Debra Saunders said in her Dec. 2 column about how critical schools are to our economy and way of life is beyond debate. My… Continue reading