Story gave inspirational account of PCT hiker’s rescue

People ask me why I still read newspapers. The excellent article by Caleb Hutton on the rescue of the stranded hiker on the Pacific Crest… Continue reading

We need to ask why migrants risk the journey

Has there been a U.S. study as to why approximately 7,000 Central Americans are leaving their homes? Is it lack of economic opportunity, government corruption,… Continue reading

Planned gas pipeline would affect safety, environment

With all the news lately, sometimes local issues get buried or forgotten. But folks who live in and around 180th Avenue SE between Bothell-Everett Highway… Continue reading

North county traffic solutions aren’t coming soon enough

The Oct. 22 Herald had an article regarding traffic concerns at Island Crossing. A large Pilot truck stop now under construction located at the I-5… Continue reading

Paul Allen made a difference for region

While I am incredibly sad that Paul Allen has passed away, it also makes me think of all the good he brought to this region… Continue reading

Saudis guilty of genocide in Yemen, with U.S. assistance

The regime of Saudi Arabia is rightly and understandably receiving worldwide condemnation for its pre-meditated butchering of a Saudis journalist in a Turkish embassy. A… Continue reading

44th District Rep. Mark Harmsworth listens to people

I support Rep. Mark Harmsworth for 44th Legislative District representative. Why? Because he listens to his constituents and works for the people exposing waste and… Continue reading

Consider who supports and opposes I-1631’s carbon fee

Why I’m voting for Initiative 1631: I believe we have an environmental crisis, and if we don’t address major issues quickly, our quality of life… Continue reading

I-1631 isn’t needed; the problem is overpopulation

For its beauty alone, all the flora and fauna of our spectacular planet deserves saving. And I support that effort. Sadly much of the fauna… Continue reading

I-1639 is aimed at law-abiding citizens

Some see gun control as the incremental taking of their rights and liberties. Others see it as the only way to stop gun violence. I… Continue reading

Lovick’s call to work together impressed at 44th LD forum

Recently I went to the Lake Stevens Chamber of Commerce candidate forum for all the candidates in the 44th District and the congressional candidates for… Continue reading

Our children need the protections of I-1639

I do not believe in getting rid of the Second Amendment. As an indigenous woman with hunter/fisher family in Alaska, I understand how hunting holds… Continue reading

Sales tax for public safety radio system doesn’t have end date

I would like to support Snohomish County’s upgrade of its emergency communications system’s analog format to digital, but I cannot support Proposition 1. It isn’t… Continue reading

Eslick has long record of public service; elect her to 39th

I have known Carolyn Eslick for many years. My support for Carolyn Eslick is without a doubt or any hesitation. Carolyn was appointed to the… Continue reading

Herald’s endorsements in 44th LD driven by agenda

Shocking that the Herald endorsed John Lovick and Jared Mead (“Lovick, Mead for 44th District House seats,” Oct. 5); I must say it was to… Continue reading

I-1631’s costs will be passed on to consumers

I want to ask a question of all you people who think Initiative 1631 is a great idea. Do you actually think that oil companies… Continue reading

Proposal for Everett council districts limits voters’ choices

The proposal for city council districts in Everett is really about politics, not about geographic diversity. This was most clearly shown by the two council… Continue reading

I-1631 will start to address climate change

There are many important issues on the ballot this fall, but in the long run none are more important than Initiative 1631. The time for… Continue reading

McMullen will honor promises in the 10th Legislative District

Rep. Norma Smith, R-Oak Harbor, in the 10th Legislative District, says she is bipartisan. She was one of 52 co-sponsors of the popular Washington Net… Continue reading

Police already get extensive training; I-940 unnecessary

Bottom line on Initiative 940 is it is an egregious attempt by a group of people to remove a layer of protection from those who… Continue reading