Rep. Shavers should resign over false statements

The 2023 legislative session in Olympia wasn’t even two weeks old before the “fitness” to serve of state Rep. Clyde Shavers, D-Oak Harbor, became an… Continue reading

U.S. Mail unreliable method to deliver Herald

I’ve gotten three papers in the mail in the past week and I live in “downtown Lynnwood” about a half-mile from the Alderwood Manor Post… Continue reading

What other workplace safety problems has Boeing ignored?

Thank you for the very informative article on Boeing workers’ exposure to carcinogens in the workplace (“Boeing workers long-exposed to carcinogen far above legal limits,”… Continue reading

Herald readers were owed timelier notification of paper’s changes

Recent letters to the editorial and Tom Burke’s column (“Times change but need for local news remains,” The Herald, Jan. 18) addressing elimination of home… Continue reading

Honor Holocaust Day of Remembrance by defending books, libraries

Jan. 27 is International Holocaust Day of Remembrance. As a library worker, it’s not lost on me that we’re honoring this day during the largest… Continue reading

Lynnwood methadone clinic will make community safer

I feel disheartened after reading a recent article (“‘Protect our kids’ is rallying cry against Lynnwood methadone clinic,” The Herald, Jan. 14). The protest against… Continue reading

Bring back Monday’s Herald print edition

I think I heard earlier that The Herald decided not to issue a print paper on Mondays, since several holidays fall on that day, and… Continue reading

Grizzlies, wolves, wildlife key to ecosystems’ health

I read with great appreciation an editorial you wrote about the importance of supporting the return of grizzly bears to Washington state (“Give Grizzlies chance… Continue reading

‘Bad’ news belongs on Herald’s front page

A recent letter to the editor decried the state of the news, blaming The Herald’s tactless reporting. I’ve always enjoyed the newspaper in every city… Continue reading

Coverage of food waste’s climate connection appreciated

At the recent monthly meeting of the Snohomish chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby, we discussed Julie Titone’s articles in the Weekend Herald. We really appreciated… Continue reading

Marysville school levy will bring back lower class sizes

I teach in the Marysville School District. Our schools need your support! The levy helps fund teachers and support staff. Washington voters supported lower class… Continue reading

No yolk; that was a great headline on egg price story

Please give a gold star to the person who wrote the ‘bedeviled’ headline about soaring egg prices that have local diners ‘shelling’ out more cash… Continue reading

Thanks to sheriff’s deputy, tow company for Christmas Day service

I’m writing on the behalf of citizens of Snohomish County to thank Snohomish County Sheriff’s Sgt. Zalaya, to recognize what must have required an heroic… Continue reading

Hold elected officials to the same standards, regardless of party

Reading my online edition of The Herald, I had to have a little laugh at the letter commenting on what title Rep. George Santos, R-N.Y.,… Continue reading

Marysville Schools must earn levy votes with better performance

Our three daughters’ education were victims of the Marysville Schools policies and curriculum. We realized as parents that we were competing with several elements to… Continue reading

Support for Marysville school levy will make difference for many

I am writing in support of the Marysville School District levy election. I live in Marysville, am employed by the school district, and have two… Continue reading

‘Non-millennial’ finds HeraldNet phone app easy to use

Everyone knows that times are tough for print media, as many letters to the editor have already stated. The general consensus, though, is that effective… Continue reading

Everett Clinic not serving needs of patients in insurance dispute

The Everett Clinic is in a contract dispute with Regence over its Medicare Advantage Plan (“In Medicare Advantage stalemate, Everett Clinic patients left in limbo,”… Continue reading

Insurance companies benefit from Advantage plans, not patients

Regarding The Herald’s coverage of the disagreement between Everett Clinic and Regence’s Medicare Advantage plans, whenever the profit motive enters the equation, the patient is… Continue reading

Would be nice if HeraldNet website remembered my login

Now that I am a 100 percent digital subscriber I would like to make a suggestion. Everyday I have to log in to your website… Continue reading