Bring back Mother Goose and Grimm comic strip

Our joy has gone out of reading the newspaper. We are long-time subscribers and were so sorry to see that Mother Goose and Grimm was… Continue reading

Congress should leave iPhone apps alone

There are currently two bills in Congress “American Innovation and Choice Online Act,” (HR 3816) and the “Ending Platform Monopolies Act,” (HR 3825) that would… Continue reading

Grateful for those who vaccinated and use masks

Thanks to The Herald Editorial Board for every word of the Sunday editorial about the deadly effects of refusing the covid-19 vaccine, (“A message to… Continue reading

More should understand Herald’s value to readers

I noticed with sadness that The Herald has pulled its last remaining coin-operated news rack from the Boeing Everett plant a couple of weeks ago.… Continue reading

Herald is sending me elsewhere for Zits, Baby Blues strips

Tundra, blech! Garfield, so, so, so boring! B.C. and Wizard of Id, meh. (But I’ll give those last two some time, since I remember them… Continue reading

Mukilteo doesn’t need higher-density housing

Perfidy, morals and ethics are inherent in politics. This and more are wrapped up in current events of the Housing Action Plan and our subsequent… Continue reading

Herald readers want the lighter fare, too

Receiving my daily Herald is like having a friend visit me. Friends bring joy, concerns, news, sorrows; a real blend of information and emotions. During… Continue reading

We need to focus on important things in life

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by the pressure put on me by society, pressure put on me by TV commercials to buy cars, beer, soft drinks,… Continue reading

Why were good comic strips replaced by Herald?

It’s like Herald editors read my mind! They managed to rip my four favorite comics out of the daily paper. For so many years I… Continue reading

Wouldn’t fine for Lake Stevens over bridge permit been better?

It never ceases to amaze me the absolute stupidity of our government officials. Regarding the bridge replacement in Lake Stevens that was done without a… Continue reading

Is this how believers are called to act during a pandemic?

Observing evangelical Christians’ responses to covid has been dismaying at the very least. And leadership has been present, but silent as the messages antithetical to… Continue reading

Triple A Study Act could help amputees get prosthetic devices

More than 2 million Americans live with limb loss or limb difference, but two-thirds won’t receive a prosthetic device. That’s why I’m urging U.S. Sens.… Continue reading

Why combine border, immigration agencies?

Recently, some government spokesperson gave a perfect example of how living inside the Washington, D.C., bubble damages thinking processes. It’s easy to blame covid for… Continue reading

Credit Biden for tough call to get out of Afghanistan

We would be a healthier nation if we paused to debate this question: Why do so many of us believe it is more forgivable to… Continue reading

Irresponsible for trooper to refuse covid vaccine

“Service with Humility.” That is the motto of the Washington State Patrol. I see neither quality in Trooper Robert Lamay’s selfish and arrogant refusal to… Continue reading

Julie Muhlstein’s columns brightened day

Thank you to The Herald and Julie Muhlstein for the local articles about Everett and our citizens for so many years (“After 40 years, 3,500… Continue reading

Mukilteo mayor: Joe Marine has record as leader

Management and leadership often go together. However some leaders struggle with managing and some managers falter with leadership. Joe Marine is a proven leader and… Continue reading

Are these really the values for City of Snohomish voters?

In the last election, in the city of Snohomish, the issues were heroin, the homeless, pink graffiti on public structures, and corruption of small town… Continue reading

Lake Stevens’ growth has not been managed well

The city of Lake Stevens, once an unassuming, quiet mill town like all the others, is now a diversely over-populated menagerie of confusion and misguided… Continue reading