I’ll take long hair over getting Covid-19

Marine (“once a Marine, always a Marine”) barber Bob Martin in Snohomish isn’t going to put up with this “crap” and is going to violate… Continue reading

If you want to keep businesses open, wear a mask

I know that this “stay home, stay healthy” order from our governor has been difficult for many people, but things are beginning to open back… Continue reading

Sheriff Fortney’s problem was stating the implied policy

I have long known that right and wrong are views that can be subject to a persons’ political viewpoint. Case in point: Sheriff Adam Fortney.… Continue reading

Commentary: Everett Central Lions Club marks 100th year

The service club, the first in the Northwest, continues its vital service work locally and globally.

Schwab: Trump is ‘transparent,’ just not how he believes so

Except for his base, most can see his actions for what they are: protection of his own interests.

Commentary: Trump’s firings meant to silence the watchdogs

More than dismissing valued inspector generals, he’s sending a chilling message to those who remain.

Electoral College delegates should honor their pledge

I couldn’t believe the article regarding Electoral College delegates who were chosen to represent Americans and took it upon themselves not to follow the votes… Continue reading

Medical opinion supports stay-home orders

To the people who think that we can reopen this state for business immediately, a word of caution. I would like to see life normal… Continue reading

Provide funding for global health efforts

The House of Representatives failed to include any real international response to coronavirus in its new bill. This is a gaping hole. In dozens of… Continue reading

Reject the tyranny imposed on us this November

I am amazed at how many residents of Snohomish County, indeed the entire state and the nation, are blindly willing to go along with the… Continue reading

Don’t discount the economic impacts of stay-home orders

Let us have more respect for those who disagree with the pandemic precautions. People are facing loss of their livelihood, hunger and despair. The evidence… Continue reading

Don’t trade my safety for a hair cut

Earlier this year I retired after 40 years serving communities as a public transit professional. Bus and paratransit operators are unsung essential workers during communicable… Continue reading

Let boomers make own decision on when it’s safe to go out

As a person over 65 who used to be active and involved in the community until Gov. Jay Inslee’s draconian chart of four phases went… Continue reading

Herald Homework: Social media keeps us connected

Social media should not be banned because it can help children communicate with their cousins that they haven’t talked to in a long time, people… Continue reading

Going ‘back to normal’ too soon could be catastrophe

People, I don’t think, realize how dangerous the pandemic situation is. They’re clamoring for a lock-down ease without fully appreciating how finely balance we are… Continue reading

How do Snomish County’s suit settlements compare to others?

The Snohomish County Council will not respond, or it is still calculating, my inquiry regarding the amounts paid out in settlements over the past four… Continue reading

President can’t have it both ways on his taxes

When it comes to Trump’s tax data, he’s attempting to play both sides: president and private citizen. The Treasury refuses to comply with providing the… Continue reading

Criticism of Sheriff Fortney shows ignorance

In the United States, the Oath of Office requirement of a sheriff is “that he will support the Constitution of the United States and the… Continue reading

Federal government’s pandemic response is inept

The United States is the world’s greatest country. We are strongest, richest and have incredible scientific and industrial might. Our leaders say we are strong… Continue reading

Price Johnson has experience to serve as 10th LD senator

I am supporting Helen Price Johnson’s candidacy for state senator for the 10th Legislative District and encourage others to do so as well. Helen is… Continue reading