Do most believe they’ll see tax cuts from GOP plan?

Here is a simple question for all of my Republican and Democrat friends. Do you truly feel you are smarter than a fifth grader? At… Continue reading

Herald columnists provide hope and guidance

Thank you for publishing Larry Simoneaux’s Oct. 23 column (“Our better angels have them outnumbered”) and thank you, Larry, for being the beacon of home.… Continue reading

Losing interest in Seahawks becasue of their lack of respect

I served in the military during the 1960s and definitely believe in standing during the national anthem. I am also very disappointed in seeing some… Continue reading

Online political ad reflected poorly on The Herald

I am a long time subscriber, most recently reading The Herald online. Prior to the recent election for a new Everett mayor, I was stunned… Continue reading

Tired of media’s political rants

Larry Simoneaux, in his Oct. 23 Herald column hits the nail on the head. He says emphatically that reporters should tell stories that promote goodwill… Continue reading

Bill Clinton wasn’t first to face allegations of harassment

So, according to Kathleen Parker in her Nov. 6 column, Bill Clinton is responsible for all the sexual misconduct going on among so many famous… Continue reading

Government not addressing stormwater pollution of Puget Sound

In response to the Nov. 10 article in The Herald, “Officials: Salmon, orca recovery important as ever,” as noted by the Puget Sound Partnership still… Continue reading

Senator disregarded native testimony on ANWR drilling

As a lifelong Alaskan, I listened intently to Arctic National Wildlife Refuge testimony in front of the U.S. Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee recently.… Continue reading

Tax increases by Democrats in Legislature could backfire

As an independent voter, I too welcome the opportunity for the Legislature to overcome much of the recent gridlock regarding improvements to our state’s needs… Continue reading

Texas mass shooting prompts some questions

Another day, another atrocity, more calls for thoughts and prayers. I’ll limit this note to thoughts. I’m listening to the radio at the moment, to… Continue reading

Correction for headline won’t undo damage to Tuohy campaign

I am writing to protest your Nov. 1 headline in The Herald’s print edition that was clearly intended to sabotage the mayoral campaign of Judy… Continue reading

Evidence of voter fraud is out there

I hear all kinds of things about voter fraud, some claiming it is real, others denying any such thing. So how come I have read… Continue reading

President Trump is undermining the justice system

I see good and bad in both of our major political parties, and I see politics in general going downhill for a couple of decades… Continue reading

Ending deduction for state, local taxes with hurt tax equity

In the Nov. 8 letter to the editor, “Scramble to save tax breaks,” the writer states his support for the elimination of the federal deduction… Continue reading

Robinson is wrong; violent people, not guns, are the problem

Ah, Eugene Robinson, what an easily-frightened little man you must be; needing to ban everything you are irrationally scared of (“Don’t fall for lie that… Continue reading

Time for the campaign signs to come down now

Driving into Snohomish the other day on the main strip I counted at least 65 signs from everyone running for something. At the corner of… Continue reading

Deceptive campaign ad on HeraldNet betrayed public trust

Every quarter at Everett Community College, I teach several dozen students about mass media. Central to that class is the important role the free press… Continue reading

We have the laws we need without curtailing Second Amendment

The Second Amendment continues to be under assault, why? We already have laws that prevent deranged psychotic individuals from owning a gun. We have no… Continue reading

We’re not safe from voters who approved ST3

For any clear-thinking taxpayer in the tri-county region, it seems clear that the Sound Transit board appears to be a corrupt (if not criminal) enterprise.… Continue reading

Both parties need a lesson in grammar

I got one of those political email surveys, which was in reality just another pretext to solicit a contribution. It asked, “Do you wish Hillary… Continue reading