Costco in Lake Stevens will save drive time, bring jobs to city

Here we go again. Some of Lake Stevens and Snohomish residents are against Costco. Just imagine how many cars it would take off the roads… Continue reading

Keep focus on inmate, staff safety at county jail

The recent dust-up between County Executive Dave Somers and the Sheriff-elect Adam Fortney is over whom wants to manage the jail in downtown Everett, convenient… Continue reading

Remember I-976 lawsuit at the next election

The government of the U.S. and the state of Washington is of the people and for the people. That is not what our Legislature and… Continue reading

County’s UGA plan not keeping rural areas rural

My neighbors and I have been subject to urban growth surrounding our rural neighborhood. For some reason the Snohomish County Council has chosen not to… Continue reading

U.S. now complicit in Israelis’ West Bank land grab

Criticism of the Israeli government is not anti-Semitism. Trump would have us believe otherwise. He is now saying that Israeli settlements in the occupied territories… Continue reading

I-976 legal challenge ignores will of the people

Well, here we go again. The lawsuits against Initiative 976 are claiming all sorts of wrongs, except the will of the people, again. Why do… Continue reading

Don’t put lies and truth on same footing

Because of societal norms, we always think that somehow both sides of a controversial issue have a point. This, psychologists tell us, is because we… Continue reading

Still work to do in the U.S. to fight HIV/AIDS

It is truly wonderful when both houses of our Congress can join forces with support for the Global Fund to Fight HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria… Continue reading

Lawsuit against I-976 seeks to silence voters

Cities are feeling the pinch of successful 1- 976 vote. They could also start collecting taxes from all multi-house projects that are scattered all over… Continue reading

Protect Everett’s single-family neighborhoods

I attended the Everett City Council meeting on Nov. 13. Item 19 on the agenda was in regard to the recommendation from the Planning Commission… Continue reading

Psychoeducation a family therapy for addiction

A recent article in The Herald, “Addiction blindfolds, not only addicts but their families.” recommends 12-step programs. Twelve-step programs are a wonderful community resource. However,… Continue reading

Can police set up temporary pedestrian crossing when needed?

Pedestrian safety Is temporary crossing possible? Recently, in the dark, my bus let me off on Broadway by the YWCA. There was a police crime… Continue reading

Hearing on Lake Stevens Costco too close to Thanksgiving

Many of us have been waiting since July for a public hearing on the proposed Costco in Lake Stevens. We recently received notice that the… Continue reading

Voters gave new sheriff job on jail managment

The people of Snohomish county have spoken. We elected Adam Fortney because we agreed with him. Elections have consequences. If we don’t like the job… Continue reading

Watch impeachment hearings and decide for yourself

I hope all Americans are watching the impeachment hearings being televised. It’s our duty, in my opinion, to watch and listen to the testimony, provided… Continue reading

A Costco in Lake Stevens will save miles of driving

I would like to thank Mr. Clay of Snohomish for his letter to the editor, sharing his concerns and sharing the time and date of… Continue reading

AG Ferguson can’t be trusted to defend I-976

How ironic after the majority of Washingtonians spoke out in favor of I-976 that our unscrupulous Attorney General Bob Ferguson may be required to defend… Continue reading

Leave management of jail with new sheriff

I’m writing to oppose the recent proposal from County Executive Dave Somers to transfer oversight of the county jail from the Sheriff’s Office to his… Continue reading

Why no off switch on troubled system for Boeing 737 Max?

For the life of me why isn’t there a switch in the cockpit to turn the MCAS system on Boeing’s 737 Max off? Why does… Continue reading

Don’t pave or widen Mountain Loop’s gravel stretch

Paving 14 miles of the Mountain Loop Highway from Monte Cristo access to Marblemount? (“Editorial: Pave Mountain Loop Highway with good intentions,” The Herald, Nov.… Continue reading