Fish net pens should be barred from federal waters

Growing up, my parents ran a small business. I grew up seeing the importance of keeping our dollars local and supporting the businesses in our… Continue reading

Herald’s local journalism too important to miss

When I moved to Snohomish in 2002 from West Seattle there were definitely adjustments to made in pace and style of life. For example, I… Continue reading

Ranked-choice voting would improve election outcomes

As a first generation immigrant and as a woman, I am deeply familiar with the importance of being able to choose. I am grateful to… Continue reading

Still enjoying Herald, just with different beverage

I want to thank our Herald delivery person, Tatyana Senchenko, for years of exceptional delivery of our paper. Except for printing issues and regardless of… Continue reading

Graphic ads for online games ruin G-rated games

Good for the Seattle and Kent school districts for taking on the social media giants for the latters’ role in the mental health issues of… Continue reading

Herald should provide more coverage regarding Marysville school levy

Only two adults not part of a rally attended a recent meeting about the Marysville School District’s levy. The speakers, which included the superintendent of… Continue reading

Rising property values are pushing up rent, not taxes

I skimmed an article about how first-time home buyers are in a tough place due to the prohibitive prices. They talked about under building as… Continue reading

Medicare should cover new drug for Alzheimer’s

As a past caregiver for three relatives that had Alzheimer’s disease, access to treatments that can change the course of the disease in a meaningful… Continue reading

Reach out to your influential federal lawmakers

Alicia Crank does a good job illustrating the importance of listening to each other (“Alicia’s View: Our differences can describe and not divide,” The Herald,… Continue reading

Voting no on Marysville levy because of official’s salary

Regarding the school levy proposed for Marysville School District residents, I will, as I previously did, vote no on this issue. The reason for this… Continue reading

Back bill to allow more accessory dwelling units in neighborhoods

We are all well aware of the unaffordable housing costs for many in our region, particularly in urban areas. I urge you to think beyond… Continue reading

Strong schools imporant to city; vote yes on Marysville levy

As a concerned parent of three and citizen of Marysville, I ask you to join me by voting yes on Feb. 14 to reinstate the… Continue reading

What about the Herald carriers who lost their jobs?

In all the pros and cons about The Herald’s switch to U.S. Mail from carrier delivery, I haven’t seen a great deal from readers about… Continue reading

Ban net-pen fish farms in federal waters, too

As we go into 2023, we all want to start the new year with new resolutions and better habits, whether that means starting to work… Continue reading

HeraldNet app allows me to keep up with news

First I was pretty miffed. I’m 76, my wife says I’m a borderline curmudgeon. I’ve read the morning paper for five decades, so it’s been… Continue reading

Marysville schools working hard to improve, help them with levy

As an educator in Marysville, I feel compelled to share how important it is for Marysville residents to pass the upcoming school operations levy. This… Continue reading

Don’t dig hole any deeper; vote yes for Marysville schools

Apathy and lack of support has consequences. Misunderstandings and digging in heals about past mistakes continues the negative cycle. Let’s move forward and in a… Continue reading

Herald bet on wrong horse with postal delivery

The post office delivery of The Herald is working for me. I just received Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday’s papers on Saturday. I imagine my Thursday… Continue reading

Your support helps Kitty Young Auxiliary aid county’s youths

On behalf of Kitty Young Auxiliary (a part of Assistance League of Everett), we would like to thank all the community members who attended the… Continue reading

Allegations against doctor don’t square with doctor I know

I am conflicted regarding this situation but must respond from what I know. Dr. James Grierson was my doctor for many years at Skagit Regional… Continue reading