House Resolution No. 1 protects voting rights and more

There are many urgent crises that are critical for the White House to address. The integrity of our nation’s democracy needs to be among the… Continue reading

Judge’s opinion of deputy prosecutor should carry weight

A recent story in The Herald recounted a 214-page report by Judge Anita Faris regarding a deputy prosecutor withholding evidence in a criminal case (“Excoriated… Continue reading

Community Transit should open commitee meetings to public

As a transit rider and also an open government watchdog, I want to register my public displeasure before the March 4 Community Transit Board regular… Continue reading

Lawmakers need to act on twice-annal time switch

In March 2019 the Washington state House by a vote of 89-7 passed a bill onto the Senate to remain on daylight savings time permanently.… Continue reading

Sign the petition to put Sheriff Fortney’s recall on the ballot

Every elected official and the community they serve should be concerned for the safety of 822,000 Snohomish County residents with Sheriff Adam Fortney in charge.… Continue reading

Sheriff can’t pick and choose among laws to enforce

In his letter of Feb. 17, John Van Dalen praises Sheriff Adam Fortney for refusing, like some other law enforcement officials, “to use their office… Continue reading

Tim Eyman says they’re not after me but after taxpayers

In 22 years, we’ve qualified 17 initiatives for a vote. They all limited the governments’ power over us and have saved taxpayers $46.9 billion (lower… Continue reading

If Gov. Inslee is 49th worst, that makes him second best

A recent letter to the editor said that Gov. Jay Inslee was ranked as the 49th worst governor in America. If he was the 49th… Continue reading

Great to get The Herald in print and online

I get The Herald delivered daily, as I have for years, along with the Seattle Times, because I have to know what is going on… Continue reading

Thanks to staff at well-managed vaccination site

After days and days of trying to get appointments for our covid-19 vaccinations my husband finally happened upon a site with openings where he signed… Continue reading

Neighbors of seniors should offer help with vaccination

In his recent letter to the editor, Langdon Moore of Camano Island makes good points about offering the covid vaccine at clinics and pharmacies. These… Continue reading

Sutherland should walk back words on election, Jan. 6

It is hard work to respect a lawmaker that still believes that Biden didn’t honestly win last November’s election for president and that Trump did… Continue reading

Vaccination plan didn’t consider seniors’ needs, abilities

The recent letter regarding covid vaccine distribution was very accurate and showed thought. The plan for vaccine distribution designed by Gov. Jay Inslee and the… Continue reading

$15-an-hour minimum wage will kill small businesses

Some people are making a big deal about the $15 minimum wage because they want a “family” wage. Wake up, people! Minimum wage at McDonalds… Continue reading

We need to reduce the use of plastics

I really appreciated Hannah Scholes’ advice on managing takeout trash (“How to keep your takeout trash from taking over,” The Herald, Feb. 12), especially that… Continue reading

Don’t weaken protections in state’s assisted suicide law

Assisted suicide threatens the most vulnerable in society, especially people with disabilities. I have Duchenne muscular dystrophy which, until recently, has been considered a “childhood… Continue reading

Effort to recall sheriff requests extention on petition deadline

The Committee to Recall Snohomish County Sheriff Adam Fortney (recallfortney.com) has requested an extension in its signature gathering efforts. We have been working diligently for… Continue reading

Trump was right about his supporters’ blind allegiance

In his original campaign Donald Trump bragged that he could go to Times Square and shoot someone and his supporters would still vote for him.… Continue reading

Boeing 777 that survived engine failure speaks to jet’s quality

What a great airplane to survive an engine failure as happened Feb. 20 (“Boeing: 777 with engine that blew apart should be grounded,” The Herald,… Continue reading

Reject politics, disinformation and get the covid vaccine

I’m grateful to have gotten my first covid-19 vaccination. I am a sole caregiver for my wife of 50 years who is recovering from cancer… Continue reading