Lay wreaths, blame for shootings at feet of NRA

When the framers wrote the Constitution they had no knowledge of assault rifles with unlimited ammunition firepower. Who is directly making money from the sale… Continue reading

Schools must be hardened against armed attacks

Maybe this is the one that will make people realize we need to turn schools into hard targets. Stop just watching this happen again and… Continue reading

Take steps to save salmon; remove Snake River dams

I was happy to read the recent commentary by Amy Gulick (“Our cultural survival is tied to salmon’s survival,” The Herald, May 14). We need… Continue reading

NRA has encouraged our glut of guns

The NRA more than any other has taken on the defense of our second amendment. They either believe passionately in a constitutionally mandated right to… Continue reading

Remove those from Congress who oppose will of people

Thank you for the perspective in your recent editorial (“A mindless loyalty holds back action on gun deaths,” The Herald, May 29). An objective disclosure… Continue reading

We must make informed choices this election

As I reflect upon the tragic events in our country of the past few years, months, weeks and days, I am reminded of conversations that… Continue reading

Greed is foiling sensible policy on guns, ammo

I’ve owned a gun or guns now for more than 75 years. I hunted big game for about 50 of those years with a Remington… Continue reading

Local taxpayers need to pay for school safety measures

Our schools are no longer safe because our society is no longer safe. I’m not sure we can control or do much about the latter,… Continue reading

Mall, Starbucks in wrong over Turkish cafe’s eviction

After reading about Kismet Turkish Cafe and it being forced to leave Alderwood mall, I have to say that Starbucks along with mall management is… Continue reading

Supreme Court whistleblower alterted nation to crisis

First of all, Roe v. Wade didn’t endorse abortion, it passed responsibility for regulating abortions covered by a woman’s constitutional right to privacy to the… Continue reading

Voters need to remove weeds of authoritarian lawmakers

There are state governments that recently have stated that our present administration is ruining America. These statements are not backed by examples of this ruin.… Continue reading

Is the U.S. ready to work together in any crisis?

I thought Michael Gerson’s May 23 column in The Herald (“Complacency, ideology had part in deaths”) was unusually interesting. For instance, he writes: “Now imagine… Continue reading

Snohomish official underestimates width of road shoulders

Snohomish city engineer Yosh Monzaki needs to learn how to use a tape measure! In a recent Street Smarts column about the Bickford Avenue/Hiway 9… Continue reading

Providence gift shops are open and looking for volunteers

A huge thank you to Herald writer Andrea Brown and photographer Ryan Berry for the article and photos featuring our Providence General Children’s Association gift… Continue reading

Thanks to those who made Rotary fundraiser a success

On behalf of the Rotary Club of South Everett-Mukilteo Rotary, I want to thank everyone who supported our Dueling Pianos for Rotary fundraising event at… Continue reading

End covid vaccine mandates for public safety workers

Abortion controversies rise, the war rages in Ukraine, and inflation hits Americans hard; have we forgotten about covid? Covid policies and mandates continue to shape… Continue reading

Herald, other newspapers provide vital coverage of news

Regarding a recent letter to the editor regarding the writer’s Herald subscription renewal, the decline in newspaper subscriptions across the country is cause for concern… Continue reading

Wasn’t the market supposed to prevent baby formula shortage?

Have you listened to the outrage regarding the baby formula shortage. At FDA. At Biden administration? How many of the outraged people are usually anxious… Continue reading

Edmonds expects other cities to solve its homelessness?

I wonder if other local municipalities are aware that the poor city of Edmonds is relying on all their neighbors’ generosity to provide shelter services… Continue reading

Not just moms scrambling for baby formula; dads worried, too

The recent headline regarding the shortage of infant formula read. “Local moms scrambling to feed babies” (The Herald, May 18) Oh really? So the dads… Continue reading