Bill would provide more oversight of hospital mergers

Affordable and accessible access to health care is a basic right, but hospital mergers threaten to raise prices and limit the number of patients that… Continue reading

California manages with property tax cap; we can, too

A recent Herald’s editorial favors an increase in local governments’ annual property tax cap from 1 percent to 3 percent (“Local governments need a fair… Continue reading

Thanks to voters for backing 7-member fire district board

Snohomish Regional Fire and Rescue would like to thank the community for its support to maintain our current seven-member Board of Fire Commissioners in the… Continue reading

Provide a look at what PUD has delivered in cost savings

I read with interest the article about the Snohomish County Public Utility District (“PUD eyeing conservation and innovation to meet growing energy need,” The Herald,… Continue reading

State legislation seeks to lock away carbon to help climate

The Snohomish Chapter of the Citizens Climate Lobby (CCL) applauds the recent letter by Kate Lunceford written in support of Senate Bill 5688, which has… Continue reading

Are the officials in Washington, D.C. really who we voted for?

We thought it was politics at its worst with House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s desperate giveaways for votes to win the speaker post but now the… Continue reading

Everett’s Fisherman’s Village Music Festival a real treat

Seven years ago in May of 2016, I was coaxed off the couch with the prospect of food trucks in downtown Everett that were part… Continue reading

‘Little things’ in traffic laws do matter for safety

In a recent commentary, Everett City Council member Liz Vogeli urges support for House Bill 1513 which, she writes “limits law enforcement officers from stopping… Continue reading

Herald changes devalue worth of paper for me

I have been a reader of the Daily Herald for over 34 years. I am an avid consumer of news, and have watched with great… Continue reading

Sending tanks to Ukraine risks escalation with Russia

In March of last year President Biden said that sending offensive military equipment to Ukraine would help start World War III with Russia. So, he… Continue reading

Equip all planes with cockpit video recorders

It’s time for the federal government to require real-time video feeds in all large planes, if not all planes. The National Transportation Safety Board recommended… Continue reading

If teens are driving, they can afford own training

Regarding a bill in the Legislature to help teens get driver’s education, “pay for it” is what is meant. Again, as we once did, until… Continue reading

Our priorities aren’t on world’s survival, climate change

At year’s end our Congress passed a massive and unprecedented $858 billion weapons and war budget that largely went unchallenged. This passage was not the… Continue reading

State not meeting its mandate to fully fund K-12 education

I am a parent of a recent graduate and two high schoolers in the Mukilteo School District. I have been hearing for years about how… Continue reading

Refer to Sound Transit light rail by Link name

It’s time to call Sound Transit’s Link by its name. Referring to it as “light rail” just doesn’t get it. Light rail is an awkward… Continue reading

A tax credit for renters is one option to make housing affordable

In regards to a recent letter to the editor in favor of more accessory dwelling units, I would agree with the comment made in the… Continue reading

By definition, bad news in Herald is news

The Herald published a letter to the editor on Jan. 11 about the newspaper’s focus on negative news. I’ve subscribed since the mid-’60s, and also… Continue reading

Islam condemns terrorism, violence

On Jan. 13, President Biden issued a proclamation on protecting religious freedom worldwide, including the rights of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Just two days earlier,… Continue reading

Legislation for carbon offsets from public lands a win-win

State Rep. Sam Low, R-Lake Stevens, said in his recent commentary (“State needs lawmakers’ oversight on public lands’ use,” The Herald, Feb. 11) that State… Continue reading

Regulation means ‘safer’ homes at unaffordable cost

A 2021 study by the National Association of Home Builders concluded that federal, state, and local regulations added roughly $94,000 to the price of a… Continue reading