10th LD, House, Pos. 1: Shavers has credentials to serve

I urge you members of either party to vote for Clyde Shavers for the position of State Representative for the 10th Legislative District, Position 1.… Continue reading

Court case threatens popular vote for presidents

Donald Trump’s intention to steal the 2020 election has been clearly proven by the Jan. 6 committee. His intention to steal the 2024 election is… Continue reading

Rep. Rick Larsen a leader many issues besides World Cup bid

Not surprised to see U.S. Rep. Rick Larsen, D-Wash., being a part of the effort to bring the 2026 World Cup to Seattle. (“How Rep.… Continue reading

Hog, prairie dog theat justifies military-style firearms?

Only by addressing the concerns of assault-weapon lovers can we have a ban on weapons of war. Those in opposition want the right to have… Continue reading

State should move to ranked-choice voting

We all do better when our government is accountable to us. While we’re proud here in Washington of how civically engaged our residents are, if… Continue reading

Both parties’ fringes only concerned with own rights

Excellent essay from Marysville’s Ron Friesen (“If this doesn’t feel like America, what do we do?” The Herald, July 9). I would add that too… Continue reading

Herald’s food writer is a great addition to paper

Three cheers and a tiger to Herald food writer Taylor Goebel. She’s really hit the ground running: Lots of content, great local feel, and honesty… Continue reading

Make penalties tougher when guns involved in crimes

Since Congress has shown no interest in meaningful gun violence control, and since the Supreme Court apparently is unable to understand the words “a well-regulated… Continue reading

Studies show removing Snake River dams can aid salmon

It’s true there are several factors affecting salmon and steelhead populations (“Editorial: Waiting could force bad choice on dams, salmon,” The Herald, July 3). The… Continue reading

Two other dams on Snake River are the problem, not lower dams

The Herald Editorial Board needs to be applauded for its recent editorial about the lower Snake River dams and salmon (“Waiting could force bad choice… Continue reading

Focus on more than guns to address mass shootings

Mass shootings have become tragically common these days, accompanied by much impassioned debate about the gun culture and what should be done about it. It… Continue reading

Not trusting Sheriff Fortney on his crime data claims

As a “leader” Sheriff Adam Fortney claims that he didn’t even read the crime statistics that his office puts out and then revels in and… Continue reading

Supreme Court decision wasn’t justice for women

I do not know why Supreme Court justices are called that because they are not giving justice to women. Why are they discriminating against women?… Continue reading

Are we too divided to escape fate of ancient Rome?

It’s easy to answer the commentary comparing the Jan. 6 investigation to a similar prosecution in ancient Rome (“Where Rome failed can we succeed?” The… Continue reading

Sheriff Fortney more interested in self-promotion

I read with interest the front page story about Sheriff Adam Fortney’s convoluted questioning of crime statistics and his feeble excuses for not generating annual… Continue reading

Agencies not to blame for car driven into Sauk River

A recent letter critical of the response to a vehicle in the Sauk River seemed very naïve and misdirected. First off, the Sauk River continues… Continue reading

Proposed pallet shelter site too far from services

In the recent about a new pallet shelter village (“Everett eyeing Sievers Duecy city land for new shelter village,” The Herald, June 30) it reads:… Continue reading

There’s no sane reason to own military-style firearms

When will it be enough? When will this country wake up and be reasonable about guns? Our nation is simply insane about firearms. We seem… Continue reading

Congress, District 1: Cavaleri will represent our interests

Those of us living in Mill Creek have been fortunate to have Vincent Cavaleri looking out for us, both as a sheriff’s deputy and as… Continue reading

Herald editorial on separation of church, state made good points

Kudos to the The Herald Editorial Board for its recent editorial (“Court majority weakens church, state separation,” The Herald, June 30). What a well-written article!… Continue reading