Problem isn’t Arlington motel, it’s nearby drug use

Though born in Washington state I am a resident of Arizona, but I still spend the nice spring and summer months in Washington, staying at… Continue reading

Columnist Robinson sees everything as racial bias

I agree with a recent reader’s comments regarding columnist Eugene Robinson! I’ve said as much in my own letters to the editor. He is divisive… Continue reading

County Council, Dist. 1: Nehring prioritizes his constituents

I was very pleased to see that Nate Nehring won the County Council, District 1 primary election with what appears to be the largest vote… Continue reading

Everett Council, Dist. 1: Roberts cares for neighborhoods

I support Paul Roberts for re-election to Everett City Council District 1. He has extensive experience in city government. Paul is a honest, thoughtful leader… Continue reading

Rewrite building codes to make buildings all-electric

Since moving to Shoreline, I’ve witnessed climate change impacts from heat waves to “snowpocalypse.” Our inevitably hotter summers has me worried about greenhouse gas emissions,… Continue reading

Mandates protect lives and freedoms

There cannot be freedom without law. I’d like to thank you for obeying stop signs and traffic lights. I’d like to thank you for slowing… Continue reading

Mask, vaccine mandates there to protect all

An interesting AP photo on the Viewpoints page of the Sept. 18 Herald showed an anti-mandate sign reading “My Freedom Doesn’t End Where Your Fear… Continue reading

Incarceration isn’t the solution to crime

The recent Herald article about Republican opposition to prison closures was a balanced review of what the prison system is up against (“GOP senators want… Continue reading

Tired of the I, me, mine attitudes of vaccination opponents

I read with interest a recent letter to the editor call for those previously infected to be excused for vaccine mandates. I was again angered… Continue reading

Where’s coverage of M’s late-season success?

“My, oh, my! Get out the rye bread and mustard, Grandma;it’s Grand Salami time!”, as the venerable Dave Niehaus would say. I know this is… Continue reading

Election lawsuit like patching a leak that isn’t there

It’s hard enough having to deal with some of our stubborn and selfish neighbors unnecessarily putting other’s health at risk, but now they’re embarrassing, too.… Continue reading

Everett Council, Dist. 1: Roberts leads on climate, housing

We live in complicated times, in which technical knowledge combined with big picture thinking and an action agenda are keys to our community’s future. In… Continue reading

Name new state ferry Kalakala 2 for its famous namesake

Help name the newest Washington State Ferry the Kalakala II. Washington State Ferries is having a ferry naming competition to name the new boat. As… Continue reading

Arlington Schools, Dist. 5: Knapp shows integrity, concern

I met Erica Knapp who is running for Arlington School Board District 5 during a community education class called Stronger Together. The class was hosted… Continue reading

Don’t waste public funds on paranoia of election lawsuits

Oh please, not here! Washington sate has been a sanctuary of sanity. Let’s not start getting all paranoid about past elections (“Lawsuits claim 2020 ballots… Continue reading

Glad to see Herald can again publish county death notices

I was pleasantly surprised to see the publication of Snohomish County death records had recently returned. The Daily Herald has not published death notices since… Continue reading

Republicans suing over election because they can’t win

I see in the paper that some Republicans have filed in our county lawsuits claiming our elections are just not fair (“Lawsuits claims 2020 ballots… Continue reading

Democracy, more hinges on our ability to vote

Our world has been completely upended in the last year and a half. I am grateful we have a vaccine and a way forward for… Continue reading

Fight the bogus election fraudsters by voting

OK, the election infection has arrived in Snohomish County (“Lawsuits claim 2020 ballots in Washington were manipulated,” The Herald, Sept. 20). Susan Mischel, Art Corday,… Continue reading

Flynn best for Position 5, Snohomish City Council

I moved to Snohomish 30 years ago to raise my family and educate my children. What a great City! Lovingly restored houses, rivers, a lake,… Continue reading