Columbia Basin pact carries on work of Billy Frank Jr.

In the recent editorial (“Two works in progress to save Columbia Basin salmon,” The Herald, Feb. 29), thank you for bringing to light the ever-present… Continue reading

Littering fines need more signs

I live in south Everett and I walk as much as I can, and one of my walks takes me from Cascade View neighborhood through… Continue reading

Which side is defending democracy?

I was checking out the daily editorial cartoons on HeraldNet.com this morning and one stuck out because it mentioned a weaponized justice system. This expression… Continue reading

Is support for Trump based on Bible?

The column by Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne in a recent Herald, “Using the Bible to fully guide our priorities,” inspired me in church today.… Continue reading

Lawmakers missed chance with free tuition bill to help many

As the 2024 session comes to an end, the state Legislature missed an opportunity to pass free community college policy. Nineteen other states within the… Continue reading

Why does Everett’s State of City address have sponsors, tickets?

As a resident of Everett, I took interest in the advertisement for the Everett Mayor’s State of the City address. Clicking on the ad I… Continue reading

Agreement can reverse damage to salmon caused by dams

It is satisfying to see the attention given to tribal fishing rights and commitments made by the U.S. government in treaties that cannot be ignored,… Continue reading

Universal health care bill again ignored by state lawmakers

I have to say that I am utterly appalled that our state legislators would focus on trying to make “The Evergreen State” the official nickname… Continue reading

Volunteering offers a path toward seeing results

It’s very impressive that a high school junior is aware of the “numerous benefits of volunteering” (‘Looking for a late resolution? Consider serving as a… Continue reading

Thanks to lawmakers for passing octopus farming ban

I am thrilled to celebrate the passage of House Bill 1153 in the state Legislature, which prohibits octopus farming in our state. This landmark legislation… Continue reading

Columbia Basin pact will aid salmon, tribes, clean energy

I’m writing to affirm the importance of the Columbia Basin Commitments recently highlighted in a recent editorial (“Two works in progress to save Columbia Basin… Continue reading

Unpermitted gravel yard near Mukilteo school violates county code

Just as zoning codes prohibit marijuana vape shops or adult entertainment establishments adjacent to elementary schools, Snohomish County’s zoning code also explicitly prohibits uncovered aggregate… Continue reading

Editorial’s focus on treaty fishing rights was correct

Breach the dams, or breach the treaties? That’s the question that arises from the Herald’s thoughtful Feb. 29 editorial, “Two works in progress to save… Continue reading

Work of legislators, groups to protect animals appreciated

I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to Washington state lawmakers for their forward-thinking and compassionate actions in passing bills that protect our clean economy… Continue reading

I don’t see Christian nationalists in churches I know

Herald Columnist Tom Burke’s ignorant and vitriolic accusations against so-called Christian nationalists should not go unanswered. I’ve been a Christian for over 50 years now… Continue reading

If AquaSox stadium is built downtown, where will people park?

The Herald did a wonderful job of presenting information on the proposed new AquaSox stadium in Everett and the location and names of the business… Continue reading

Lawmakers missed chance to stop time switch

For nearly 20 years, twice a year I have written a letter to The Herald regarding the dire consequences, as well as the nuisances, of… Continue reading

Everett Events Center has been economic boon to city

I write in response to the assertions made about alleged mismanagement of Angel of The Winds Arena in the recent article about business impacts resulting… Continue reading

Herald story led to stop work order for gravel pit near school

Why do we need competent local journalism? This headline (“Mining company ordered to stop work next to school south of Everett,” The Herald, Feb, 22)… Continue reading

Republicans blocked fix at border

Recently, a letter to the editor asked Herald Columnist Sid Schwab to interview U.S. Border Patrol agents to learn who is to blame for the… Continue reading