Decision on Dr. Seuss books wasn’t PC, it was about respect

Why the current Dr. Seuss controversy? The controversy concerns the fact that there is a difference between using words as objective and legitimate adjectives or… Continue reading

End time switch; just set clocks to sun’s zenith

If there were good reasons for setting the clock ahead one hour, they are long forgotten. Now the only reason is to enjoy more sunlight… Continue reading

Sheriff Fortney is defending rights of the people

Snohomish County has a sheriff who understands, upholds, and defends the Constitution of the United States of America and the rights of We the People.… Continue reading

Shouldn’t state Supreme Court weigh in on Fortney recall?

Sheriff Adam Fortney’s situation is concerning. We just survived a powerful president who fired the top cop for disloyalty while he was under investigation. We… Continue reading

Comment: Speak up now on future of Baker Heights housing

Everett residents can complete a survey and show how they would redesign the property’s layout.

Decision will create demand for Dr. Seuss books

The furor over the Dr. Seuss books and the ending of printing of six of his works reminds me of the unfortunate experiences of a… Continue reading

Everett ordinance will force homeless elsewhere in city

Why no conversation about letting homeless folks stay on Smith Avenue if they keep the area clean? (“Everett should wait on ‘no-sit, no-lie’ ordinance,” The… Continue reading

Shouldn’t Inslee already know his reopening plan?

IIf everyone in Snohomish County didn’t read Jerry Cornfield’s report in the March 7 Herald they should. According to Cornfield, which I have absolutely no… Continue reading

State is mismanaging vaccine distribution

Thursday’s front page noted that state officials only ordered a third of our allocation of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine (“Inslee OKs use of single-shot… Continue reading

Carbon dividend act would protect from climate damage

I’m appalled by the media silence less than a month after the ice storm disaster in Texas. As if the multi-thousand dollar power bills have… Continue reading

Change law to end Roe v. Wade

I agree with the author of a recent letter to the editor, regarding placing a buffer zone around the Everett Planned Parenthood location. The buffer… Continue reading

Marysville Pilchuck Tomahawks name was at request of Tulalips

I am a 1977 graduate of Marysville Pilchuck High School. Like most of my classmates I was a student when Marysville had two high schools.… Continue reading

People should work on their own problems, first

I think a lot of the problems people make are due to the fact that they always question other people, but not themselves. People need… Continue reading

Restore Endangered Species Act protection for gray wolf

During the 19th and 20th centuries, hunting, trapping, and habitat loss drove gray wolves to near extinction. Conservation efforts made possible by the Endangered Species… Continue reading

Sheriff’s rehiring of deputies warrants recall

The deadline is rapidly approaching for completion of signature gathering in the petition drive to recall Snohomish County Sheriff Adam Fortney. If you are hazy… Continue reading

Herald must honor pledge to impartial reporting

I appreciate the need for a well-informed public. I also understand the need for a “free” press. I assume the definition of a “free” press… Continue reading

Sounders have lost good players to bad decisions, too

In regards to the recent sports opinion piece (“Is Wilson next superstar to leave Seattle on bad terms?” The Herald, Feb. 12), I noticed while… Continue reading

Shift the school year to get around worst of covid

It’s time to change the school year. The covid pandemic has illuminated what we already knew about the pandemic: winter and the holidays are a… Continue reading

Vaccination site at Arlington Airport was well run

I want to thank all the people who are involved in make the Arlington Airport vaccination site run so smoothly. I appreciate your time and… Continue reading

Do we really need to see video of people getting shots?

I just turned 80, and I still hate needles, and I still hate shots! Athough I have received my two. So why does everyone on… Continue reading