Is Boeing’s HQ too distant from its workforce?

In watching Boeing struggle to fix and recover from the two 737 Max crashes, it has occurred to me that perhaps this was all set… Continue reading

Let U.S. billionaires fight it out for control

Seems to me that lots of smart people want to change lots of things. It’s too complicated, and I suggest that we simplify the mess… Continue reading

Why vote if our laws keep getting overturned?

So the people have spoken on Initiative 976. A majority voted to have $30 car tabs restored because we didn’t want to continue to be… Continue reading

Would you keep Trump as employee with this job review?

Suppose your company has a new employee named Bob. Bob lies on the average of 25 times a day. He alienates your customers and suppliers.… Continue reading

Allow voters to decide if Trump should leave office

In my neck of the woods, there are immigrants from Eastern Europe. Over the last 20 years, I’ve talked to at least four, one from… Continue reading

Call you state lawmakers to demand I-976 takes effect

I hope everyone out there is paying attention. Especially you big-government-loving liberals. Citizen voters have spoken and have passed I-976 for a $30 car license… Continue reading

Cut road projects where I-976 won approval

After reading how Sultan has too much traffic, I looked at I-976 election results by county (“Gridlock keeps many in Sultan feeling trapped in homes,”… Continue reading

A prayer for President Trump

Thank you, God, for giving us President Trump as our leader. Thank you for his integrity, humility and for his faith in you. He has… Continue reading

Trump and Republicans are threat to the nation

As I have listened to some of the testimony at the recent impeachment hearings, and as I have heard the analysis of journalists, diplomats and… Continue reading

Voter support of North County Fire levy appreciated

North County Regional Fire Authority (known as North County Fire/EMS) wants to thank voters for approving our recent fire levy lid lift request. Funding will… Continue reading

Legal challenge of I-976 is a message of disdain for public

I hope everyone understands the lesson of the current I-976 response from Seattle, King County, and others: We voters are too stupid to issue such… Continue reading

Sugarcane, canary grass can be used to capture carbon

Earlier this year a letter to the editor recommended planting trees and bamboo for carbon sequestration. For many years I researched sugarcane and “allied tropical… Continue reading

Voters’ will was ignored in 2016; electoral college made call

In Debra J. Saunders’ Nov. 18 column, “The conceit of courage during impeachment,” she states: “I’m all for leaving Trump’s fate to the voters in… Continue reading

State law banning ivory sales won’t save elephants

Illegal ivory sales State law won’t save elephants I read the recent article about the arrest and conviction of Mr Rooney for selling some ivory… Continue reading

When will lawmakers listen to voters on car tabs?

Thanks to Tim Eyman and the voters of Washington state. Without your efforts, we may not have noticed the car tab evaluation scam hidden in… Continue reading

Does Mr. Dad understand boys and girls?

In the Nov. 11 Mr. Dad column, he writes: “Let’s start with the ‘only-one-thing-on-their-mind’ idea. Do you really believe that?” As a high school automotive… Continue reading

Facts, science and truth of climate change matters

I’m not sure it will ever be possible for us or even future historians to calculate the true amount of damage inflicted both on the… Continue reading

Take steps to reduce noise from planes at Paine Field

The recent article regarding bogus noise complaints at Paine Field was lacking coverage of the noise problem itself (“Fake noise complaints inundate Everett’s Paine Field… Continue reading

Thanks for care provided by fellow passengers on flight

On Nov. 2, I was on a flight departing from Everett to Denver. About an hour into the flight my daughter called for help because… Continue reading

Treating people with kindness leads them to do same

Life lessons The places I’ve been and the people I’ve met, I have always noticed the same human trait. It is the fact that if… Continue reading