Congress needs to make oral chemotherapy more accessible

As a cancer survivor I have heard the words “You have cancer.” I know the uncertainty and fear that a person faces. Hearing those words… Continue reading

Costco’s mask policy demonstrate its responsibility

Kudos to Costco for quickly stepping up in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic. Its reasoned response includes canceling product demonstrations, putting Plexiglass between employees… Continue reading

What lessons will we take from pandemic?

The corona virus is a looking glass through which every human will pass in the next one or two years. Some, for reasons not yet… Continue reading

Where Trump went wrong with pandemic response

President Trump has made some “bigly” missteps along the way. Having said that, make no mistake about it, if Clinton and or Biden had been… Continue reading

Consultant report argument against City of Snohomish rezone

The City of Snohomish planning director has released a project update on the city’s newly created Midtown Planning District. (See pages 69 and 70 of… Continue reading

Disease screening should be required for imported dogs

More than one million dogs are imported into the U.S. each year according to the CDC, yet only about 1 percent of these dogs are… Continue reading

State action on dams is good news, but more action needed

In response to the recent editorial (“State gains keener watch of dams to protect salmon,” The Herald, May 19,) the Herald editorial board is correct:… Continue reading

Herald Homework: Some riddles for readers

Here’s some jokes that I was hoping you’d put in the paper. Question: What’s a plumber’s favorite food? Answer: A plum! Q: Why are popular… Continue reading

Home Depot ignore advice on masks

To ask a rhetorical question, why did I see during my last and recent visit to Home Depot, mostly unmasked employees not only not social… Continue reading

Stylists, other personal services should be in Phase 4

I am a cosmetology instructor currently working as a stylist is Seattle. Currently, Washington is set to reopen personal services in Phase 2 possibly on… Continue reading

Constitution not a suicide pact, allowing us to ignore duties

In 1949, U.S. Supreme Court Justice Robert H. Jackson asserted that “The Constitution is not a suicide pact.” His perspective reflected concerns of government officials… Continue reading

We don’t want a resurgence of COVID-19

I was appalled by the 200 protesters regarding Gov. Inslee’s stay-home orders (“200 Snohomish County protesters rally against COVID order,” The Herald, May 16). They… Continue reading

Dam on Chehalis River would harm salmon, orcas

The Southern Resident orcas have captivated us for decades. To many of us, they feel like family. Yet, we have poisoned their waters and destroyed… Continue reading

Mount St. Helens’ eruption offers COVID parallel

Recently I saw a TV interview with a woman from May 17, 1980, who was saying how ridiculous the government regulations were that were keeping… Continue reading

Snohomish barber has no right to threaten others’ health

It amazes me the intellectual ignorance of the citizens of our country and county. Our sheriff says he will not enforce law, a barber says… Continue reading

Don’t want to wear a mask? Don’t shop at Costco

I am responding to a recent letter to the editor from a couple who want to go mask-free. To them I say, “ I claim… Continue reading

Snohomish barbershop could be superspreader of Covid

I find it ironic that recently in The Herald, the article about the barber who opened for business against the Covid restrictions was on the… Continue reading

State, local leaders have priorities correct

I am the wife of a severely immune-compromised husband, the daughter of a beloved grandmother and daughter-in-law of another wonderful grandmother (both 80-plus), sister-in-law to… Continue reading

True patriots aren’t defying law, risking lives to cut hair

This is a thank-you to the real patriots out there. The ones that, through their sacrifice and intelligence, their sense of community and their vision,… Continue reading

Costco mask policy protects shoppers, employees

Bravo to Costco for requiring their members to wear masks! I was happy to read that some Herald readers are not renewing their memberships because… Continue reading