If I-1631 doesn’t pass will we ask, ‘What were we thinking?’

I’ve been wondering what those in the Carolinas who had been warned repeatedly to evacuate but decided to stay were thinking. What was their argument… Continue reading

Rep. John Lovick has shown himself as man of good character

Politics hit a new low (“Election rival: Lovick was sex abuse suspect in ’90s,” The Herald, Sept. 13). I have had the privilege to live… Continue reading

Thanks for support of Everybody’s Closet community aid

On Sept. 15, Everybody’s Closet put on another event at the Carl Gipson Senior Center. This project is staffed by members of the center. It… Continue reading

Greet election volunteers with respect at doorstep

Election season has arrived, which means an uptick in strangers ringing your doorbell. You may have already had a visit from your plucky neighborhood door-knockers… Continue reading

Letter was an attack on Snohomish government critic

Regarding Karen Crowley’s Sept. 5 letter to the editor (“Decision made on Snohomish Carnegie building; move on”), I am baffled by her incoherent statement that… Continue reading

Reject Sax’s dirty political ploy

I am wondering why Jeff Sax hasn’t retracted the lies he is telling about Rep. John Lovick, as requested by his daughter, the so-called victim.… Continue reading

Reps. Norma Smith, Dave Hayes valued advocates for children

As a child advocate and non-profit administrator for the past 24 years I have seen both the positive and negative impact legislators can have on… Continue reading

Stand up for student safety by going to next game

Two of my nieces were at the recent Kamiak-Mariner game at Goddard Stadium (“Stadium emptied after gunshots outside Mariner football game,” The Herald, Sept. 15).… Continue reading

Herald coverage provided Sax with ‘free ad’ to smear Lovick

I was shocked to read your recent article regarding the 20-year-old allegations against Representative John Lovick which were brought to you for publication by his… Continue reading

I-1639 infringes on our firearm rights

This household will vote Initiative 1639 down. It’s the infringement of the lawful majority by a fearful and firearm-ignorant minority. Rompa Collioni Lynnwood… Continue reading

Sax has used dirty tactics before

The headline on the front page of the Sept. 14 Herald (“Election rival: Lovick was sex abuse suspect in ’90s”) was an unfortunate gift to… Continue reading

Teachers’ main interest is students not money

Regarding Tina Solium’s Sept. 14 letter to the editor (“Striking teachers should quit, find other work”), a cursory search of public and private costs for… Continue reading

Are baseless charges all Sax has to offer?

I was fascinated by the revelation by Jeff Sax’s campaign for state representative concerning the alleged sex abuse case against Rep. John Lovick, D-Mill Creek.… Continue reading

Opponent should follow Rep. Lovick’s example as leader

The recent smear campaign by the opponent of Rep. John Lovick says so much more about him than it does about Lovick. The fact that… Continue reading

Save taxpayer money by consolidating transit agencies

Thanks for your thoughtful editorial on Everett’s budget (“Everett budget cuts will be felt but are necessary,” The Herald Sept. 18). We need more focus… Continue reading

Smoking, not target shooting, should be banned if fire risk

Why was it determined by the state Department of Natural Resources to ban all outdoor target shooting statewide for two months, regardless of possible rainfall?… Continue reading

Americans can live by example of Sen. McCain

I want to thank Conrad Thompson for his heartfelt letter to the editor (“May Sen. McCain always serve as an example for officials,” The Herald,… Continue reading

Jeff Sax has borne false witness against opponent

I am so offended and shocked at the dirty politics being practiced by candidate Jeff Sax, quoted in the Sept. 13 Herald (“Election rival: Lovick… Continue reading

PUD official’s hiring should wait for election

In August, the voters of the Snohomish County PUD’s 2nd District declined to advance their incumbent commissioner, Kathy Vaughn, to the general election. In the… Continue reading

Former presidents haven’t stayed mum on politics

Marc A. Thiessen’s Sept. 12 column in The Herald, “Obama breaks norms as well as Trump does,” presents George W. Bush as an ex-president who… Continue reading