Bloomberg best prepared to defeat Trump

After decades work as an objective journalist, the urgent need to remove the current resident of the White House has inspired me to use my… Continue reading

Water fluoridation poses no danger to salmon, steelhead

It is unfortunate a recent letter published in the Daily Herald is using steelhead and salmon recovery efforts to spread disinformation on water fluoridation. Studies… Continue reading

Allow teachers to do their jobs, not prep for tests

It is so disappointing to see district after district work so hard to pass bonds or levies and not find the community support they need… Continue reading

If Navy must leave Whidbey, end reserve status of Ebey

Last time I wrote, I warned what Sound Defense Alliance wanted to do to Naval Station Everett and NAS Whidbey Island. Namely when a Sound… Continue reading

Letter overstates Trump’s accomplishments

I’m not sure where to begin to respond to all the half-truths and exaggerations in the letter from the gentleman critical of Tom Burke’s column.… Continue reading

Trump isn’t draining the swamp; he’s stocking it

When Donald Trump was running for office he said he was not a politician and wanted to drain the swap of Washington, D.C. Since he… Continue reading

Take a look at what’s coming for Snohomish Carnegie building

Mark Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2020, as an historic day. The city’s oldest publicly owned building, the 1910 Carnegie Library Building, just received its first shot… Continue reading

There’s nothing pro-life about president’s actions

So the Republican Senate has stuck with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and our irresponsible president. it is dangerous that the Senate has chosen the… Continue reading

Time for all involved to move past sheriff controversy

It has been interesting following the commentary concerning the sheriff situation. It appears an article that appeared in the Herald around mid0September said it all.… Continue reading

How about requiring firearms training for all students?

If the Legislature wants to do something about gun violence, then I suggest they begin with education! Just as the Legislature enacted legislation to require… Continue reading

State climate legislation is our responsibility to kids’ future

By opposing bills HB 1110, SB 5412 and HB 2892, Michael Scott in his Feb. 20 letter to the editor abdicates the moral responsibility that… Continue reading

What’s so radical about Sanders’ plans for country

Sen. Bernie Sanders went to San Antonio recently and spelled out clearly the mainstays of his candidacy: raise the minimum wage, promote renewable energy and… Continue reading

Action on climate change must come from all levels, even us

Dr. Jonathan Witte’s Feb. 19 guest commentary very cogently addresses the need for climate action, locally, nationally and internationally. Everett City Council’s implementation of a… Continue reading

Don’t make global warming a political issue

In the last 100 years, the average air temperature has increased by 1.5 degrees Celsius. Hardly enough gradient to energize global weather change. We must… Continue reading

Fluoride and Roundup are harming salmon, steelhead

Regarding the article in the Feb. 17 Herald about the Sultan River’s declining steelhead run: There is overwhelming evidence that fluoride repels and kills anadromous… Continue reading

Minimum wage laws violate rights and hurt workers

though approved by higher courts — violate certain citizen’s rights! These include: Free trade, exchanging jobs for wages; the right to… Continue reading

Best you can say is that Trump maintained Obama’s successes

In his Feb. 17 letter to the editor, Phil Beardsley credits Trump with a number of successes and asks for a list of “positive items… Continue reading

Bloomberg best candidate to defeat Trump

As a long-standing Democrat, I support the candidacy of Mike Bloomberg as the Democratic nominee for president. I began this primary season with donations to… Continue reading

State Supreme Court needs to be cleared out

Did anyone anywhere in the state believe that the Supreme Court of this state would rule in favor of voters and taxpayers? (“State high court… Continue reading

Affordable housing report’s statistics are accurate, troubling

This is in response to the letter to the editor that criticized statistics in the county’s affordable housing report as outdated. I went online and… Continue reading