Trump to blame for divisions over covid, mask use

The Herald recently printed an article about the division, unrest and danger amongst people regarding mask use. I have written before that our country is… Continue reading

Port broke agreement over crane’s color, not Bargreens

I have seen this happen over and over. A large business or government agency reaches an agreement with a community or neighborhood group which includes… Continue reading

There are better things on which to spend $590,000

It is hard to understand how much $590,000 actually is. It is the settlement amount that was paid because the cranes seen from a resident… Continue reading

GOP hiding its own actions behind ‘Stop the Steal’ allegations

Pre-emptive accusation is a crafty tactic. “Stop the steal,” scream Republicans as they proceed with I.D. requirements, voter registration purges, gerrymandering, vote challenging, sabotaging vote… Continue reading

How to navigate the circumstances of covid restrictions

It is the best of times and also the worst of times. The covid guidelines are largely self-determined as to who conforms and who does… Continue reading

We won’t be getting coffee from Bargreens now

As residents of Everett, we try to support local businesses whenever possible, from restaurants to auto repair shops to coffee. Because of this we chose… Continue reading

Jack Arends is a distinguished representative of democracy

Please send my heartfelt thanks to Jack Arends for his serving as an elector and casting his votes for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris (“His… Continue reading

Talk of boycotting Bargreen’s Coffee hurts employees, others

This has been a hard year,; pandemics and politics have ruled the headlines. How exciting that there is a new subject to carry on about… Continue reading

Where’s our respect for science and fact?

I read something recently that has stuck with me: We are in the new Dark Ages. I can’t help but wonder why so many Americans… Continue reading

‘Green economy’ will be healthier for us all

Thank you for your recent editorial (“Getting climate change and the economy right,” Dec. 6, The Herald). Pointing out that within the unfolding climate crisis,… Continue reading

Why was approval of covid vaccine delayed?

According to the Associated Press article I read in The Herald recently, a U.S. government advisory panel endorsed use of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for covid-19.… Continue reading

Parties won’t allow ranked-choice voting to be used

described in a recent letter to the editor — back to when a similar system was called “Instant… Continue reading

Political divisions over covid vaccine unhelpful

As a scientist who spent many years in virology research I feel the need to express this opinion. The political need to disparage the other… Continue reading

Port’s payout over crane color an affront to taxpayers

My family owns a small business in Everett and our property tax was increased by 82 percent in one year and then a yearly increase.… Continue reading

Color of money soothing to Bargreen family?

It was only after reading the report of the $590,000 settlement with the Bargreen family over the color of the Port’s dockside cranes that I… Continue reading

DNR managed timber sale near Wallace Falls well

The Washington Department of Natural Resources deserves praise for the agency’s thoughtful planning and management of working forests in the Reiter Foothills area. DNR’s trust… Continue reading

Nation’s democracy needs the press more than ever

A gentleman from Lake Stevens asserted in a recent letter to the editor that the destruction of a free press would make us “a better… Continue reading

Cyclists, equestrians, others at Lord Hill Park getting along

In response to Scott Lee’s Dec. 9 letter to the editor regarding mountain biking at Lord Hill Park: I love Lord Hill Park for many… Continue reading

Trump Republicans will never win a statewide post

I am old enough to remember when Republicans could actually win statewide elections here in Washington state. I don’t recall Dan Evans ever loosing a… Continue reading

Trump’s actions in 2020 not what happened in 2000, 2016

Don Thompson of Lake Stevens in a recent letter to the editor complains about “relentless and ruthless” attacks on the sitting president. What about the… Continue reading