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Editorial: SnoPUD seeking balance for its solar incentive

but not our unprotected eyes — are focused on the sun for Monday’s eclipse, let’s consider… Continue reading

Editorial: Finding our voice to oppose bigotry, hatred

By The Herald Editorial Board There’s a rally Sunday morning in the plaza of the Snohomish County Courthouse campus in downtown Everett. We should go.… Continue reading

Editorial: WSU’s new home fulfills a dream, extends a promise

By The Herald Editorial Board T.J. Hancock, a 9-year-old student at Granite Falls’ Monte Cristo Elementary School, patiently followed his grandmother as they toured Washington… Continue reading

Editorial: A chance to protect a ‘jewel’ of Lake Serene hike

by the looks of the parking lot on some weekends — the state’s most… Continue reading

Editorial: Facing 37 opioid overdoses in one week

By The Herald Editorial Board It’s a chilling snapshot. A week’s worth of data that is both frightening and illuminating. Working with hospital emergency rooms,… Continue reading

Editorial: Changes at Delta Dental would benefit patients

By The Herald Editorial Board Corporate board meetings, especially one attended by dentists, might not usually attract a lot of interest from the public, but… Continue reading

Editorial: ‘Tweaker’ cam not helping homeless; just shames them

By The Herald Editorial Board It started with a business’ digital sign where I-5’s northbound carpool lane exits onto Broadway near 41st Street: “Welcome to… Continue reading

Editorial: Capital budget failure mars lawmakers’ busy year

By The Herald Editorial Board Having run out the clock three times on one 105-day regular session and three 30-day special sessions for a record… Continue reading

Editorial: How Everett can move forward on council districts

By The Herald Editorial Board In the run-up to this week’s primary election, the issue of whether to elect representatives to the Everett City Council… Continue reading

Editorial: Capital budget delay costs money, opportunities

By The Herald Editorial Board Schools aren’t getting built. Roofs aren’t being repaired. And wells aren’t being drilled. No one’s getting what they want. And… Continue reading

Editorial: Repeal, replace is over; bipartisan fix is needed

By The Herald Editorial Board The predominate attitude among Democrats in the U.S. Senate was not celebration but relief, said Sen. Patty Murray, D-Washington, following… Continue reading

Editorial: Recap of Herald endorsements for primary races

By The Herald Editorial Board Tuesday is the deadline to return your ballot for a primary election that will determine the two candidates for a… Continue reading

Editorial: Elect Cassie Franklin as Everett’s next mayor

By The Herald Editorial Board Everett Mayor Ray Stephanson, leading Snohomish County’s largest city since November 2003, will leave office in January as its longest… Continue reading

Editorial: Roberts, Moore, Murphy for Everett City Council

By The Herald Editorial Board Along with electing a new mayor, Everett voters also are considering candidates for three positions on the city council. Each… Continue reading

Editorial: Nehring and Low for Snohomish County Council

By The Herald Editorial Board Three of the five seats on the Snohomish County Council are up for election this year. And each of the… Continue reading

Editorial: Editorial board picks for Snohomish mayor, council

By The Herald Editorial Board The city of Snohomish faces many of the same issues as any other local government in the county, but following… Continue reading

Editorial: Lack of capital budget, deal on wells a poor end

By The Herald Editorial Board “Whiskey’s for drinking; water’s for fighting over.” Although Mark Twain is often credited with that observation, there’s no evidence the… Continue reading

Editorial: Primary picks for Stanwood, Lynnwood councils

By The Herald Editorial Board Continuing with The Herald Editorial Board’s recommendations and endorsements for the Aug. 1 primary: Because of the number of races… Continue reading

Editorial: Lawmakers, back away from capital budget cliff

By The Herald Editorial Board Once again, to the brink at the state Capitol. This time the consequence of not forging a last-minute agreement among… Continue reading

Editorial: Get used to leaving the phone alone when driving

By The Herald Editorial Board Now would be a good time to start developing your phone-ignoring skills while driving. As of July 23, holding your… Continue reading