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Small local suppliers flying blind through 737 Max crisis

Unlike Boeing, makers of components and parts cannot easily absorb the cost of an assembly shutdown.

Boeing’s new CEO takes reins with company integrity in doubt

Dave Calhoun is entrusted with turning around a company that has been widely censured for arrogance.

Beyond pilot trash talk, Boeing documents show focus on cost

The newly released emails suggest a troubling culture that prioritized saving money over safety.

Boeing worker on Max: ‘This airplane is designed by clowns’

Apologetically, the company released communications that also reveal contempt for regulators and airlines.

Spirit lays off 2,800 in Wichita due to Boeing production cut

The company expects to conduct further layoffs “later this month” at two factories in Oklahoma.

FAA seeks to fine Boeing $5.4 million over faulty Max parts

At issue are tracks that guide the movement of control surfaces on the front of the wings on 737s.

Coyote on runway briefly delays flight at Paine Field

By the time airport authorities set out to investigate the errant coyote, it had taken off.

Boeing papers show employees slid 737 Max problems past FAA

In one exchange, an employee told a colleague they wouldn’t let their family ride on a 737 Max.

Iran denies downing plane, invites Boeing to investigation

Iranian officials asked the U.S. and Canada to share their evidence of a missile hitting the jetliner.

Iranians shot down airliner, Western leaders declare

The crash happened just hours after Iran launched a missile attack against bases housing U.S. troops.

Boeing faces $5 billion tab on 737 Max simulator training

It’s nearly double the $5.6 billion Boeing had committed to cover costs from the jetliner’s grounding.

Iran says engine fire brought down Boeing 737, killing 176

The flight was en route to Ukraine when a fire apparently struck one of its engines.

Boeing now saying pilots need simulator training for 737 Max

The recommendation is based on changes to the plane, test results and a commitment to the safety.

Boeing’s checklist of 737 Max fixes grows with wiring issue

Electrical wires were found too close together, raising the potential for pilots to lose control.

Boeing will reassign some Renton employees to Everett plant

As 737 production comes to a halt, workers will be temporarily transferred to the 767 and 777 programs.

Boeing training pilots ask to decertify union

The company gave a 25% pay raise exclusively to its nonunion pilots. Union pilots didn’t like that.

Boeing considers taking on more debt to cover 737 Max costs

The Wall Street Journal reports that costs stemming from the Max grounding are increasing.

American Airlines vows to share Boeing proceeds with workers

The airline estimated that the grounding of the Max 737 will cut its pretax income by $540 million.

737 crisis leaves Boeing badly behind in race with Airbus

With loss of a previous strategic advantage, this disastrous year will be followed by a precarious 2020.

Another executive departs as Boeing tries to correct course

Mike Luttig was Boeing’s general counsel from 2006 until this spring.