Aviation and space

Growler flown from Whidbey left pilots blind, freezing

The Navy is investigating this latest example of cockpit problems in its high-performance aircraft.

Delta tax break at stake in spat with Georgia GOP over NRA

One state official said Delta had taken “punitive” action against defenders of the Second Amendment.

Airlines’ foreign buying spree raises competition questions

“They see that as a way of solidifying their presence in these other markets.”

White House has $3.9-billion deal for 2 Air Force One planes

The new planes will replace the VC-25A aircraft, specially modified versions of the 747.

Stowaways hide in 767’s landing gear, fall to their deaths

It was speculated they were either forced out by the mechanics of the gears or they jumped.

An Alaska Airlines Embraer 175. The carrier plans to use this model on routes to and from Paine Field in Everett. (Alaska Airlines)

Alaska Airlines hopes to be a decent neighbor in Everett

Diana Birkett Rakow shared aspects of the company’s philosophy as keynote at an Economic Alliance event.

An Alaska Airlines Embraer 175. The carrier plans to use this model on routes to and from Paine Field in Everett. (Alaska Airlines)

Get ready for the era of hypersonic flight — at Mach 5

The Pentagon sees hypersonic weaponry as a potential game changer.

Budget: Lockheed gets almost as much as State Department

Boeing is in second place with annual sales of $26.5 billion in 2016.

More than 60 Boeing 737s per month: Can suppliers keep up?

There was lots of talk this week about the prudence and pressures of soaring production rates.

Airbus expects strong growth, looks past plane troubles

The company delivered a record 718 aircraft last year and expects that to rise to 800 in 2018.

Air passenger traffic growing faster than airplane capacity

“Our customers are in a good place,” a Boeing marketing executive says of the airlines.

Aerospace analyst explains how he’ll help state’s Boeing bid

Richard Aboulafia will deliver a report on Washington’s strengths and weaknesses in landing the 797.

Stealth bomber to replace B-1s and B-2s; B-52s keep flying

There have been several discussions about replacing the B-52’s engines to decrease maintenance costs.

Pilot killed in crash of plane that departed Paine Field

Officials identified the pilot and speculated he may have had a medical emergency during the flight.

Venerable B-52 might outlive snazzier, younger bombers

It is expected to remain part of the combat force until mid-century.

WestJet sees slow-selling Boeing 737 Max 7 as key to savings

The Canadian airline next year will become the second carrier to operate the smallest 737 model.

Will Everett service affect Bellingham’s once-busier airport?

Officials there expect little impact, but they’re offering incentives to lure another carrier.

Pentagon reaps a windfall in latest US budget

It will get $94 billion more this budget year than last — a 15.5 percent jump.

New director must chart the future of the Future of Flight

The popular Paine Field attraction faces uncertainty as the county seeks a new operator.

Boeing approaches Woodward as services unit hunts for deals

Boeing has been looking to joint ventures and acquisitions as it works to beef up a new division.