Andrea Brown

Texan comes to defend Snohomish outlaw barber cutting hair

Bob Martin is defying orders to close. The man he calls his attorney didn’t go to law school.


Vandalism or art? Graffiti rocks at Howarth Park

It’s against the law to deface public property with spray cans, no matter how artful.


Anna Rohrbough

Help wanted: Mukilteo City Council has seat to fill

You can fill the vacancy for Anna Rohrbough’s sudden departure. Pay is $500 a month.


Peter Zieve wants to keep low-income people out of Mukilteo

The controversial aerospace owner and failed council candidate has launched another mailer campaign.

This ambulance has gone to the dogs, and the occasional cat

South Whidbey Animal Clinic vets primped up a 2007 Nissan Xterra for house calls and other services.

Check your lottery tickets: You could be rich (or less poor)

There are dozens of prizes worth millions unclaimed. Winners have 180 days from draw date.

Quarantini time! New state rule allows cocktails to-go

Enjoy a margarita or a Manhattan with lunch or dinner to go. At Buck’s in Everett, you keep the mason jar.

State says stop, but this Snohomish barber keeps cutting

Martin felt emboldened by Sheriff Fortney, whose office later served him a cease and desist order.

COVID dress code: Keep your germs, cover your face in style

Face masks make a fashion statement. It’s the dress code for Costco and now the White House.

Governor to Snohomish barber refusing order: Cut it out

Bob Martin estimated he’s done 150 haircuts, without gloves, since defying an order to close amid COVID-19.

Everybody knows Gary, a QFC checker on the front lines

He was honored in the “2 minutes of gratitude” Mukilteo parade for COVID-19 heros. He rode his bike.

Next year’s flu season could pack double punch with COVID-19

The push will be strong in the fall for flu shots, in the event the coronavirus pandemic comes back.

Costco shoppers, you gotta wear masks starting Monday

Whole Foods will offer free masks at the entrance and is “requesting” customers cover their faces.

From the boardroom to the bedroom, Zoom is everywhere

Smile — and wear pants. Virtual meetups can show too-candid moments if you’re not careful.

Inside Everett care home hit hard by COVID-19, life goes on

Michael O’Donnell, 81, is upbeat. He likes the room service. But good friends were among the COVID-19 deaths.

Ka-ching! The first round of $1,200 stimulus checks arrived

The payments showed up in direct-deposit accounts this week. Couples get $2,400, plus $500 per kid.

COVID home haircuts: A bad coif is better than a bad cough

Watch your ear, wear a hat: DIY hairstyles flourish with “non-essential” barbers and salons closed.

Please, don’t squeeze the avocados — or the Charmin

Under supermarket COVID-19 rules, touch only what you buy. Stay in the right lane. Don’t be a cranky pants.