Jon Bauer

Comment: U.S. Capitol riot was no propaganda gift to Putin

Every crisis of the Trump reign has only ended up demonstrating the resilience of U.S. institutions.


Vote Jay Inslee out and let him wait for his jobless benefits

There was a recent letter to The Herald praising Gov. Jay Inslee…


Don’t dismiss utility of written tests for students

The Herald’s recent feature inviting students to write to the editor has made for some interesting reading. It was surprising, though, to see the almost… Continue reading

Address the impacts of NAS Whidbey Growlers as neighbors

Recently, Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson filed a lawsuit against the Navy, alleging that the Environmental Impact Statement process used in determining the local… Continue reading

Moves by county officials on tourism are puzzling

Snohomish County Executive Dave Somers is being short-sighted about the need to expand the role of tourism in Snohomish County. I have been a volunteer… Continue reading

Shall we take up arms against socialist Sweden?

First off we all should thank Mr. Roulstone for his service and those who put their life on the line for democratic freedoms. Yet his… Continue reading

Commentary: Many to be held accountable for Amtrak tragedy

Echoing the Boeing 737 Max crashes, oversight and other failures contributed to the 2017 derailment.

Providence could donate parking revenue to homeless charity

Regarding Providence Regional Medical Center’s planning to charge a parking day rate of $4 for patients and visitors, I understand to a point, however, officials… Continue reading

Commentary: Congress considers bills to rein-in robocallers

One would update wording that autodialers take advantage of. The other would crack down on spoofers.

Trump’s pull-out of troops from Syria is meant to distract us

commander in chief — does not confer any military experience. While he clearly believes his judgment… Continue reading

Story honored a true hero of WWII

Thank you to Julie Muhlstein for her great story about Ralph Lower and also for remembering Pearl Harbor Day, as too few do (“With his… Continue reading

Commentary: Solar probe extends quest to answer, ‘Why?’

The Parker Solar Probe, launched Sunday, could help answer intriguing questions about our star.

Commentary: Democrats don’t need to unify their factions

The party will find no one ‘unifiying message,’ but it can get behind MLK Jr.’s ‘constructive tension.’

Commentary: WSU player’s death raises new brain trauma concern

That Tyler Hilinski suffered from CTE should change some assumptions about concussion injuries.

South Korea repays U.S. aid with insult of Pence at Olympics

The liberal news media is simply gushing over the love fest, Olympics in Pyeongchang. It would appear that they were aghast that Vice President Pence… Continue reading

Other Voices: Eatery owners need to keep mitts off of tips

Pooling tips is fine when it shares tips among workers; but restaurant owners shouldn’t take a cut.

State’s gas tax is high because we don’t pay state income tax

Regarding the Dec. 7 letter to the editor asking why gas taxes are so high in Washington state: Seven states don’t have a state income… Continue reading

Commentary: GOP tax plan will make college more expensive

What the Republican tax plan will do to college students should worry every American parent.

Viewpoints: What’s behind Robert Mueller’s poker face

Viewpoints: What’s behind Robert Mueller’s poker face

For now, Mueller holds all the cards. And he has the latitude to play them as he chooses.

Viewpoints: What’s behind Robert Mueller’s poker face