Jon Bauer

Editorial: Editorial cartoons in the time of Trump

The first criteria: Is it funny? Among my responsibilities as Opinion page editor for The Herald is selecting the editorial cartoons that run daily on… Continue reading

The Buzz: 12 Angry Fans

Cheaper by the dozen: The Seattle Seahawks will begin phasing out use of “12th Man” to refer to fans under terms of a new licensing… Continue reading

The Buzz: Bring your swim trunks

Bring your trunks Weekend at Bernie’s: Former Democratic presidential candidate and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is facing charges of hypocrisy on social media after the… Continue reading

The Buzz: Grab a labcoat

Safety goggles on! Facebook engineers have stocked a workshop with industrial tools to work on gadgets, including virtual-reality headsets and drones that will deliver the… Continue reading

The Buzz: Sesame succeed, hon

Elmo happy now: After an outcry by parents and fans, the producers of “Sesame Street” say a miscommunication led to the story that three longtime… Continue reading

The Buzz: Xfinicky

Xfinicky That’s Comtastic: The state attorney general’s office has filed a $100 million lawsuit against Comcast, claiming the cable giant violated the state’s Consumer Protection… Continue reading

The Buzz: Geronimo!

Geronimo! First step is a doozy: A Tacoma skydiver became the first person to survive a jump from a plane without a parachute, landing in… Continue reading

The Buzz: Spy games

Spy games Bourne to run: Herald film critic Robert Horton has his review of “Jason Bourne,” the fifth in the series starring Matt Damon that… Continue reading

The Buzz: Gotta win ‘em all

Let’s make this interesting: Shall we, gentlemen? A rough day on Wall Street changed some fortunes for the world’s three richest men; Bill Gates stayed… Continue reading

Blocked that shot

Shot blocked My aim is true: An off-duty Colorado sheriff’s deputy confronted two robbery suspects who then fired on him. The deputy fired back, and… Continue reading

I like to move it, move it

I like to move it Anything for a Guinness: The historic Weyerhaeuser Office Building was moved to its new home on the Everett waterfront. The… Continue reading

Prime ribbing

Prime ribbing All you can consume: Amazon says it had its biggest sales day ever during Tuesday’s Prime Day, where members who pay $99 to… Continue reading

Freedom of Information reforms aid government transparency

By The Herald Editorial Board Perhaps with the same reluctance shown by President Lyndon Johnson when he signed the Freedom of Information Act on July… Continue reading

Make sure your ballot arrives in time to be counted

By The Herald Editorial Board The term “snail mail” to describe the U.S. Postal Service seems a little unfair. Sending a letter across the country… Continue reading

Keep America’s songs alive; sing to your kids

By The Herald Editorial Board A story Sunday on National Public Radio’s “Weekend Edition” noted that fewer children are familiar with some of the patriotic… Continue reading