Bridging political divides is difficult, important work

How delighted I was to read in a Herald editorial that you intend to seek wider reader input (“Restating our commitment to discourse and debate,” The Herald, Jan. 18). Also delighted that you intend to promote civil discourse. As a pandemic-new subscriber from the region surrounding Snohomish County, I have been distressed by some of the harsher diatribes. I wondered how and whether I could comment and now I see that I can.

My view is that divisiveness has bloomed from an understandable discomfort at addressing superficial differences such as gender, race, color etc. in present day society. Of course as you say President Trump took many actions to worsen the divide, but it was easy to do. That is because in spite of our big brains, our lizard brains just naturally hate and fear anyone who does not look like us. It is hard and necessary work for our big brains to overcome our lizard brain predilections, and who wants to do hard work? It is like the work required overcoming a bad habit!

“How you look is not who you are.” Repeat as often as necessary until there is no room for a dividing shoehorn wielded by any party. Thank you.

Mary Hollen


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