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Amtrak Cascades train 517 from Vancouver to Portland arrives at Everett Station Thursday, March 9, 2023, in downtown Everett, Washington. (Ryan Berry / The Herald)

Forum: Taking the train must be made better travel alternative

State officials need to make the Amtrak Cascades route faster, increasing its value as an option to I-5.


Forum: A come-backer line drive no match for the Comeback Kid

There’s no scarier moment for a parent than to see your child injured, except for the thoughts that follow.


Forum: You get one shot at ‘first reaction’ to a song; enjoy it

As good as music was in the ’70s, and as much as I listen again and again, it can’t match your first time.


Sauk-Suiattle Chief Jim Brown, a young granddaughter, and daughter Ellen near Packwood, Wash., circa 1910. (Photo courtesy of Kara Briggs)

Forum: Setting record straight on Sauk-Suiattle chief’s daughter

A recent Herald article misstated a dowry paid for my great-grandmother as her being sold into slavery.

Sauk-Suiattle Chief Jim Brown, a young granddaughter, and daughter Ellen near Packwood, Wash., circa 1910. (Photo courtesy of Kara Briggs)

Forum: Energy efficiency needs emphasis from utilities, agencies

Snohomish PUD has been a leader in energy conservation, but more work is needed as electricity demand grows.

Ron Friesen

Forum: Consumers have power to direct a moral capitalism

Capitalism works best when it recognizes its responsibilities. That’s where our money should go.

Ron Friesen
Dan Hazen

Forum: Growing potatoes proves value in ‘reinventing the wheel’

You can get ‘em cheaper and easier at the store, sure, but then you miss out on spuds’ real perks.

Dan Hazen

Forum: Supreme Court shouldn’t allow punishment for homelessness

Regardless of the outcome, communities should seek out solutions, not penalties, for homelessness.

Forum: Question for Trump supporters; where lie your loyalties?

Those who would vote for a would-be dictator need to consider their bond to their nation’s ideals.

Forum: What if Dumbledore supervised Boeing’s production line?

The professor’s advice to Harry Potter was to chose right over easy and quick. Is that what Boeing missed?

Forum: In praise of student athletes’ character on, off field

Sure, Snohomish High’s football team are ‘big, stinky kids,’ but they have kind, accepting hearts.

Cory Armstrong-Hoss

Sports Dad: Young athlete’s progress measured in seconds shaved

It can take a long time, many meets and discipline for a swimmer to trim seconds off his finish time.

Cory Armstrong-Hoss
Matthew Leger

Forum: Critic worried about bike trails in an suburban forest?

Rather than criticize Japanese Gulch’s mountain bikers, view them as a promoters of forest enjoyment.

Matthew Leger

Forum: Waking yard from winter slumber a wheelbarrow at a time

After days of work, it’s a delight to revel in your spring sprucing. Until a certain visitor happens by.

Forum: Better planning by PUD could have avoided rate increase

The utility’s 5.8 percent increase appears to use PSE’s 17 percent increase as cover for its rate hike.

Dan Hazen

Forum: We don’t have to be satisfied with society’s binary divisions

Your choices aren’t limited to oppressed and oppressor. Here’s how to find a fulfilling third way.

Dan Hazen

Forum: Trooper’s death stresses need to repeal cannabis law

The trooper’s death, caused by an impaired driver, should prompt lawmakers to reconsider its legalization.

Forum: Website invites ‘crowd’ to add to New Deal’s living history

The website is cataloging the art, architecture and parks built across the country during the New Deal era.

Cory Armstrong-Hoss

Sports Dad: What a parent sits with when a kid is on the field

Other fans can enjoy the game, but athletes’ parents are playing out countless scenarios in their heads.

Cory Armstrong-Hoss
Sid Roberts, mayor of Stanwood

Forum: Reliance on social media leads to antisocial outcomes

The interaction via phones and screens is easily abused and limits the context of a face-to-face talk.

Sid Roberts, mayor of Stanwood