Eric Degerman and Andy Perdue

Northwest Wine: Petit verdot a rare delight in Washington

Usually used in blends, the bold grape is getting a starring role in some spectacular wines.

Think pink: Provence-style rose is the drink of the summer

This time of year, it’s a good idea to keep a couple of bottles of dry pink wine in your fridge.

Cabernet sauvignon blends part of a growing Washington trend

The state’s signature grape in Bordeaux-style blends often represents local winemakers’ best work.

Northwest Wine: Summer shines alongside vibrant Northwest white wines

Pro tip: Don’t drink them straight from the fridge. They’re best at between 50 and 60 degrees.

Event at posh new lodge gathers 20 winemakers who entered Cascadia contest

The event at new luxury hotel in Richland pays tribute to a wine industry visionary.

Refreshing pinot gris goes perfectly with Northwest cuisine

Keep a few bottles chilling in your fridge to enjoy with seafood like salmon, crab and oysters.

Red Mountain among Washington’s most important wine regions

Over 90 percent of the 4,040-acre ridge of Yakima Valley is planted to red-wine grapes.

Spanish grape earns gold at Cascadia for full-bodied wines

Only 5 percent of the 9,000 wineries in the U.S. produce a tempranillo, including 54 in Washington.

Washington turned 20,000 tons of syrah into wine last year

It continues to grow in popularity as the state’s No. 3 red grape after cabernet sauvignon and merlot.

Northwest Wine: Southern Oregon a region not to be overlooked

The area opens up opportunities for warmer-climate varieties such as syrah and cabernet sauvignon.

Oregon’s signature wine will shine at pinot noir conference

Here are seven examples to try — four which will be poured at the festival.

Cabernet sauvignon shows its diversity in Washington’s wines

The noble red grape of France’s Bordeaux region is the state’s most important variety.

Best-of-class winners highlight Cascadia region’s top wines

Here are some of the wines named best of class in this year’s Cascadia Wine Competition.

Wild Goose soars again: B.C. wine tops Cascadia Wine Competition

Wild Goose Vineyards in British Columbia won best of show at the sixth annual wine competition.

GSM: Red blend among Washington’s most interesting wines

The red Rhône varieties of grenache, syrah and mourvedre make for a fascinating blended wine.

Here’s what it takes to make top-rated Northwest wine

Only 1 in 10 wines earn Great Northwest Wine’s top rating — and it depends upon myriad aspects.

State’s merlot second only to cabernet sauvignon

The red grapes grown in Washington make a sturdy wine, with tannin structures that often rival cab.

Walla Walla nearly as famous for its grapes as for its wines

More than 130 wineries call the valley home, making it a destination for wine tourists.

America’s favorite wine is well-represented in the Northwest

Chardonnay is, and continues to be, America’s favorite wine. Of course, California leads the way, and with 675,000 tons crushed in last fall’s harvest, chardonnay… Continue reading

Oregon has retained its laser focus on bottling pinot noir

The red grape is famous in France’s Burgundy region and Northern California’s Russian River Valley.