Janice Podsada

United flights at Paine Field bring the world to Everett

The carrier began service Sunday with six daily flights from the new terminal to San Francisco and Denver.

Judd & Black Appliance cuts the ribbon on new Everett store

Judd & Black opens a new flagship store in Everett six months after fire gutted its former location.

BoltBus links Everett to Seattle and other big I-5 cities

The private service begins Monday. Destinations include Seattle, Tacoma, Portland and Bellingham.

Over the decades, these Lynnwood plumbers have seen it all

The Davises started with one truck in 1986. Many rescued wedding rings later, they have stories to tell.

Here are 6 local businesses that have been around forever

Your grandpa patronized them. Snohomish County is home to scores of longtime, locally owned enterprises.

It’s as rare as a carburetor: an independent auto-parts store

Greg Ouellette still enjoys the business his family bought in 1971, but the future is not bright.

An Everett restaurant has defied the odds for 43 years

The Vintage Cafe’s third-generation manager has taken over the restaurant and bar.

Werner Furrer needed a paddle, so he made one — then another

That was in 1965. Today Monroe-based Werner Paddles is still innovating, though not so much with wood.

You’ll forget you’re at an airport Monday in Everett

Meet the new Paine Field terminal with its Italian marble countertops and glass jet bridges.

Guests tour the departure lounge of the Paine Field terminal on Tuesday. (Andy Bronson / The Herald)

So far, airport earns Everett no respect

Paine Field airport opens Monday, but please don’t call it Seattle’s second airport, locals say.

Guests tour the departure lounge of the Paine Field terminal on Tuesday. (Andy Bronson / The Herald)

If you work outside, you likely know this longtime outfitter

An Everett father and his daughters have grown Work n’ More into a retail chain with five stores.

This might be a ‘boring business,’ but it sure has longevity

When Jerry Murphy bought Greenshields Industrial Supply, he was careful to change very little.

Paine Field is cleared for passenger takeoff, FAA says

After years of planning and litigation, airlines can begin service at Everett’s new terminal.

What will the 797 look like — and will Boeing even build it?

The company’s consideration of an all-new airplane was all the buzz at an aerospace conference this week.

Snow business can mean good business — or very little business

The weather has stalled customer traffic for some local firms — and created a boon for others.

50 years after the 747 first flew, a 797 is on the horizon

With eyes on the future, Boeing’s commemoration of an iconic but fading jumbo jet will be low-key.

They know how to get your food product on grocery shelves

The city of Snohomish is bringing expert advice to entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Everett-made smart mirrors are now a consumer product

Electric Mirror first rolled out tech-infused mirrors for the hotel industry. Now there’s a new market.

Passengers and workers await first Paine Field boarding call

“For 10 years I’ve been promising myself I would be on that first flight,” says a reservation holder.